Report Finds Most Environmentalists are Rich White Men


You could just as easily swap out liberals for environmentalists or occupiers. It’s all reducible to the same thing. This is a movement of rich white men that cries racism at every opportunity while obsessing over nonsense that no working person cares about. (via Iowntheworld).

The report, called “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations,” is billed as “the most comprehensive report on diversity in the environmental movement.” It was compiled by a working group of thought leaders on environment and race called Green 2.0, led by University of Michigan professor Dorceta Taylor.

From Earth Day 1970 until today, the report says, the majority of the people directing, staffing, and even volunteering at green groups have not only been white men, but they also hail from wealthier households with elite educational pedigrees. A 1972 study of 1,500 environmental volunteers nationwide showed that 98 percent of them were white and 59 percent held a college or graduate degree. Compare that to Taylor’s more recent demographic profiling of environmental orgs where, based on data collected on 166 mainstream organizations from 2004 to 2006, she found that minorities comprised just 14.6 percent of their staffs.

Environmentalism isn’t actually relevant to anyone except the people getting abused by it.

It’s a silly little cult that has a niche profitability for some companies and a retired former V.P. It also gives college students something else to be angry about.

Beyond that it’s irrelevant.

And environmentalism has a fairly racist history. And we’re not talking Margaret Sanger era history, but much more recent. The influential 1975 environmentalist novel Ecotopia featured racial segregation with all the blacks living in Oakland, which they renamed Soul City.

It’s been suggested that Ecotopia was a major influence on The Turner Diaries.

  • Race_Dissident

    What this study suggests–and I’m sure it would make dear Dorceta blanch–is that minorities, and especially blacks, don’t give a dam’ about environmentalism. But I have no doubt she blames the dearth of enviro-ethnics on the “racism” of YT.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Because they’re oppressed by private capital. They’re excused until…

      Only international socialism can fix the world.

  • DogmaelJones1

    The white guilt of rich white guys, and this is how they practice penance for being well off. Look at Bill Gates, the arch type of of the mindset, who’s doing more damage to the country with his and Melinda’s programs by making it a goal to liquidate his fortune in all kinds of fruitless “give-back-to-society” gestures. It probably never occurred to him to ask: “If I’m giving back to society what I ‘took’ from it, where did society get it in the first place?” And that fits in very nicely with Obama’s “you didn’t build that” foderal.

    • trickyblain

      “It probably never occurred to him to ask: “If I’m giving back to society what I ‘took’ from it, where did society get it in the first place?”

      You are absolutely right. I’m confident that Gates has never asked himself that nonsensical question. He’s a billionaire for a reason.

      • truebearing

        Oh look! It’s Brown Nose Blain, defending yet another liberal billionaire. One can’t criticize a liberal billionaire when the Lickspittle for the Limousine Left is on duty. The Billionaire’s Bootlicker will have none of it. These are great men who might bestow fortune upon him for his ridiculous defense of their purchase of virtue and membership in the Philanthropist Hall of Fame.

        Why don’t they give all of their money away before they die? Or do it silently, without all of the grandstanding and self-congratulation? At least they could keep their mouths shut about what is fair taxation, since they dodge paying taxes themselves.

    • truebearing

      It never occurs to these fools that what they should be feeilng guilty about is their idiotic obsession with the environment, and their attempt to force it down everyone’s throats. If they want to do something for the environment with their money, fine, but they want to force everyone to believe what they believe, and then pay for it.

      I don’t see much guilt emanating from Al “the crazed s*x poodle” Gore. He’s flying his private jet all over the world, oinking up carbon-based fuel, in an attempt to make even more money on environmental fear mongering.

  • 4arepublic

    Al G(Wh)ore was not available for comment.

  • trickyblain

    “Rich, Very Educated White Men”

    Fixed your headline for you Mr. “artificial drought” Greenfield. After all, wasn’t the republic created by rich, very educated white men?

  • notme123

    with money invested in green energy….

  • roccolore

    Rich white liberals lecture on diversity, but live in the whitest neighborhoods in America.