Resurrected: Hamas Casualty List has 33 Duplicate Names


Either a lot of people with the same name are dying in Gaza or the same people are dying more than once. Maybe Hamas has a zombie army. Or maybe the casualty numbers are being deliberately inflated.

Aussie Dave of Isreallycool has gone through the casualty list and says he has found 33 duplicate names.

One 4-year-old girl appears to have died twice. So did a 26-year-old man by the name of Walid Suleiman Abu Daher and and a 37-year-old who goes by Mahmoud Shaaban Mohammed Derbas, perhaps not the most common name even in Gaza.

It’s probable that the list, as it currently stands, is at least partially legitimate.

If Hamas been faked the whole thing, it would have been full of small children. But terrorist organizations are not notorious for their management of civic institutions and the Gaza Health Ministry, which assembled this list, is about as dysfunctional as you expect.

Under the PLO and Hamas, civic institutions exist to solicit foreign aid and promote terrorism. And engage in various bits of corruption.

To top that off, Israel’s Muslim sector is notorious for various forms of welfare fraud, including inventing fake family members. This kind of thing also happens a lot in Europe and the US.

Some of these people who never lived, can also die when convenient. Especially if the people who invented them can cash in on their deaths.

Then there’s the problem of illegitimate children who are listed as having fake parents who don’t exist.

All this leads to population inflation and a lot of fake people who exist in the records, but don’t actually exist in real life. And this creates extra amounts of confusion even at the best of times and makes a lot of records worthless.

Suppose Abdul ibn Abdullah, who doesn’t exist, is listed as living at 123 Jihad Lane in a house that is really used to hold Hamas weapons. Abdul exists on the records, but he doesn’t exist in real life. 123 Jihad Lane gets bombed. Since no one can find Abdul and the house is rubble, it’s safe to assume that he’s dead. So add him to the casualty rolls even if his body never turns up. Or if the body under the house actually belongs to an entirely different Hamas fighters.

The same propogandists using photos of Syrian dead and passing them off as Gazans will find a photo to represent him.

  • Judahlevi

    Duplicity by Arabs is never a surprise. Anyone gullible enough to believe every list that Hamas puts out must lead a very sheltered life.

    By their moral code, they have the right to deceive – if not the obligation. It is so Western to think that honesty is important.

    • Gor Don

      Israeli/zionist journalists lie and spin constantly. You could say the exact same thing you said about fake-jew zionists. You think its ok to lie to non-jews and use and kill non-jews and now that is becoming more and more well known all the time. Israel is sharply losing respect globally because people are realising they have been deceived for decades. No trust no respect.

      • Gee

        We don’t want your respect – because we don’t like lying racist morons like you.

  • Frank Tillman

    Too bad that would be 33 more dealt with.

  • DogmaelJones1

    If you ask me, the whole population of Gaza is a zombie herd. They all need their heads whacked.

  • Contemptuous Maximus

    If they croak twice do they get 144 virgins?

  • Anukem Jihadi

    Probably the tip of the iceberg but it won’t matter to the media.

  • Arlie

    What a Osama zombie resurrected too?

    The biggest welfare scam on the planet..Gaza. They produce nothing but hate baby jihadis and death and get paid for it with working people’s tax $. Atrociously evil.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    “the same people are dying more than once”

    Reminds me of Richard Landes’s segment on Pallywood where the corpse keeps falling off the stretcher and getting back on.

  • notme123

    If the dead can vote, and a person can vote more than once, why should we believe that hamas is giving us accurate numbers of dead and injured. I, for one, have never believed them.

  • v

    I lived among those wretched people for 20 years. They cannot be trusted under any circumtances and I mean any circumstances, not the least bit, not even for a split second. Their whole being and religion is based on a lie.

  • Bobby

    Someone should check to see if any of these names appear on a similar list from 2012: