Rich Communist Labor Leader Who Lived in Subsidized Housing Dies


Bob Crow, a Communist Party member who made out like a bandit with union politics died. There are many things to remember Bob Crow for.

Like this.

On being criticised for taking a £10,000 holiday to Brazil days ahead of a crippling two day London Underground strike, earlier this year:

“What do you want me to do? Sit under a tree and read Karl Marx every day?”

Or this.

Mr Crow, from Essex, was also unrepentant in living in a council house despite his high income, saying: “I was born in a council house, as far as I’m concerned I will die in one.”

Last year Mr Crow claimed he had ‘no moral duty at all’ to move out of his rented council house, despite suggestions from ministers that wealthy tenants should quit to free up space for the poor.

Mr Crow, who was interviewed over a three-course lunch at Westminster’s fashionable Inn the Park restaurant, claimed to be a ‘communist socialist’ who believed in ‘a society that is based on need rather than greed’.

He argued that if he did move he would be seen as having deserted his working class roots. “If I moved out of my house tomorrow the first thing you’d say is Comrade Crow leaves his roots,” he said.

‘Where does it say that a socialist can’t live in a council house? Did Karl Marx write that?’

Or this.

Mr Crow regularly faced criticism over his £145,000-a-year pay packet, but in an interview broadcast yesterday he insisted he deserved the money. “I am worth it, yeah.”

On MPs’ pay, he added: ‘Anyone in the public sector, we are all civil servants, we are serving civilisation.

‘That is what a civil servant does, and they should be paid accordingly. I do believe they [MPs] should have a pay rise.’

And finally…

‘I’m not going to be hanging around for ever. I won’t be one of these people like Lenin in a mausoleum’

So no mausoleum for Bob Crow. That’s a relief. But the economic damage he inflicted on the UK can be his grave marker.

  • Edgar Davidson

    Bob Crow was also a ‘patron’ of the antisemitic and misnamed ‘Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’ (misnamed because its only interest is in the destruction of Israel). In May last year he was one of the signatories of a letter to the Guardian demanding the boycott of Israel from hosting the European Under-21 championship:
    Also within an hour of the London 7/7 Tube bombings he famously went on the radio to claim that any explosion was clearly the result of poor fire safety procedures that his union had been warning the bosses about.

  • alan johnstone

    “Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims.” – Marx. Nor did Bob Crow ever try to disguise his political position.

    You however, camoflage your fascism under the lie of freedom.

    • A Z

      How do you determine what is a need versus a want?

      How do you fulfill one person’s “need” of by doing so you lack the ability to fulfill another’s need. What are the hierarchy of needs?

      They don’t conceal their aims but they conceal their avarice under Marxist theology.

      As UCSPanther just quoted from Orwell: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” Bob Crow was just so very “MORE” Equal.

  • UCSPanther

    “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

    Another ironic and very true quote from Orwell’s writing with respect to communist aristocrats.

    • bdaniel230

      Two legs bad, four legs good. But it is the Liberals who Orwell described as the Master Pigs. The rest of us are here to provide for them. And remember what happened to the horse.

  • A Z

    London to Rio De Janeiro Flights

    From $950 to $3,343

    Now figure in food hotel and other expenses.

    Also, did he get the cheapest flight? What class did he fly in? How long did he stay?

  • Steeloak

    Seems to me he was just emulating the personal example set by his hero Karl Marx.

  • alan johnstone

    i guess you refer to the Economic Calculation Argument and Von Mises supposed rebuttal of allocation of resources in socialist society and it is all answered here for you, to read at your leisure.

    Animal Farm was indeed a critique of the Russian State and its foreign policy that Orwell had personal experience of but it was not written as a critique of socialism ( “nothing has contributed so much to the corruption of the original idea of Socialism as the belief that Russia is a Socialist country” – )

    After all, Orwell never regretting his enlistiment in the ILP/POUM to fight in Spain and it was there he discovered the truth about Stalinism and realised that others such as the CNT were not the counter revolutionaries the Communist Party accused them of being. I suggest you read his Homage to Catalonia, but strangely it is less cited than Animal Farm.

    Ad hominem attacks don’t really deserve a response.

  • Anamah

    He seems to be only a waste.

  • HenDanK

    When the great and good Margaret Thatcher died, he showed no class when he said he was glad she was dead and said “May she rot in Hell”. I’m not happy that he’s dead but I’m glad he’s no longer inflicting pain on others.

  • bdaniel230

    We have our own people in Congress that are living in rent controlled housing. Wasn’t it Charlie Rangel that had his campaign headquarters as well as his living quarters and his mistresses apartment in rent controlled housing, even after he sold his condo in the Bahamas. Not sure but I think it was Charlie.

  • alan johnstone

    “When the great and good Margaret Thatcher died, he showed *no class* when he said he was glad she was dead and said “May she rot in Hell”

    Actually he demonstrated he was truly working class, reflecting the spirit of spontaneous outburst of street parties that sprung up at the news of Thatcher’s demise!

    But perhaps a more honest portrait of Bob Crow is given by another man the right love to vilify for his work in revealing unwelcomed truths.

    But no doubt he will be condemned because he smokes bourgeois cigars (i am pretty sure they will be Cuban Havanas!!) and foreign holidays such as attempted but failed trips to the Gaza Strip.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You’ve never met a poor Marxist. They simply do not exist.