Rioting Muslims in Israel Burn UN Cars


Muslim terrorists killed three Israeli teenagers. Then a clan war led to the murder of a Muslim teenager. Naturally this led to a whole lot of riots, including an attempt by Muslims to storm a Jewish school, leading the students to fight back with chairs, boiling water and hot stew.

They attacked a woman… but then ran away when her husband opened fire. (Yes, it does take a good guy with a gun.)

UN vehicles however are much easier targets… because the UN doesn’t fight back.

In the Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Tzuf, near Jabel Mukaber, Arabs threw firebombs at a UN cars parked on the street. The UN car, and a second car parked nearby were completely destroyed.

The Arabs also threw firebombs on a building’s fuel tank in an attempt to blow it up. The building’s facade was lightly damaged from the fire.

The UN will of course blame Israel. Which is another reason why it’s safe to torch UN vehicles.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The UN is a cesspool of Marxist totalitarians and Islamic totalitarians, and each faction intends to replace our constitution eventually. Marxist totalitarians plans to replace our constitution with Marxism and Islamic totalitarians plan to replace our constitution with Sharia. In other words, we need to get out of the UN ASAP. Hence, Muslim jihadists, (not terrorists), burning UN cars in my opinion is wonderful, as they are just biting the hand that feeds them.

    By the way, Muslims aren’t terrorists, because they are not radicals and extremists that are perpetrating terrorism for various grievances, as all Muslims, in stark contrast, are jihadists in one form or another, either violent or non-violent, fighting jihad, which is a holy war waged by all Muslims in the cause of Allah against infidels to ultimately make Islam supreme. Otherwise, they are executed for apostasy and blasphemy according to the dictates of Islam.

    Indeed, Islam by far is more an extremely rabid form of totalitarianism that aims to make itself supreme than it is a so-called religion, and similar to the way the old Communist Soviet Union sent all non-conformers to the Soviet Gulags, Islamic totalitarian society executes all non-conformers for apostasy or blasphemy.

    Thus, it’s kind of hard for Muslims to be terrorists that are also radicals and extremists, since all Muslims in the world are jihadists, i.e., Mujahideen (holy warriors), in one form or another, either violent or non-violent. Indeed, the word terrorism is also a euphemism for radicals and extremists, and since all Muslims are jihadists, it is impossible for them to be radicals and extremists.

  • CaoMoo

    Muslims dont like when people fight back it reminds them they suck at fighting, and thats supposed to be their forte.


      Infidels fighting back is “Islamophobia”.


    Setting the kids body on fire is a Arab tactic.

    I’m skeptical that Israeli Jews did this. Seems more like an honor killing, klan dispute and taking advantage it by blaming Israelis.

    The 160,000+ dead in Syria, Arabs killing Arabs, prove the point that Arabs are more than willing to kill Arabs.

  • Drakken

    UN hahahahahahah Cars hahahahahahahahahah on fire hahahahahahahahaha and the bloody UN will call this a work place accident and tell everyone that islam is peaceful. Israel time to give those goddamn inbred bloody savages what they deserve, CARTHAGE!