Rocket from Hamas’ Gaza Hit Children’s Summer Camp in Israel


Rockets, Hamas apologists insist on telling us, are completely harmless. (Unless they’re fired by Israel.) Netanyahu is just pretending to be upset. Israelis are just having hysterics. Everything is fine.

The small summer camp in Sderot, filled with young children, escaped injury and death by the grace of a bomb shelter door.

The Color Red incoming rocket alert siren had been wailing off and on all night – in fact, all week long. The way to the shelter was a familiar one and this morning the drills and routines paid off.

A Qassam rocket fired by Gaza terrorists at around 8:30 a.m. slammed into the private home that doubles as a children’s summer camp. The rocket blasted part of the home into rubble, but left the shelter intact.

Just seconds before impact, the air raid siren had sent the young campers racing for the bomb shelter.

Not a moment too soon.

All the children made it to the shelter in time and were safely inside when the rocket slammed into the house.

“I heard the first ‘boom!’ Tami, the owner of the camp, told an Israeli radio interviewer. “It sounded close, but we are used to that. “The second one sounded much, much closer though.”

That second explosion was a Qassam hitting another private home and car nearby.

The targeted children were treated for shock after their ordeal, although miraculously they were physically uninjured. Their future psychological condition remains to be seen. Their equally shocked parents have taken them home for the rest of the day – where they will likely be forced to make additional runs to their own private bomb shelters.

Late Wednesday night, a Qassam rocket barrage slammed directly into power lines, leaving the city of Sderot without electricity for at least 15 minutes. The rockets caused heavy damage to several structures and smashed into parked vehicles, shattering windows and more.

In a separate attack, a family was saved by its private bomb shelter after their home sustained a direct strike by another Qassam rocket the same night. The family, also accustomed to the nightly race for the shelter, managed to make it into the safe room in time — a victory that saved all of their lives. Two other rockets that landed in that same barrage exploded in open areas.

There’s no way to end this without retaking Gaza.

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    The arabs have been spending thousands of years trying to eliminate the Jews. It is time to turn the tables.

  • SoCalMike

    The Israel Desk of the US Diplomatic Corps and Hussein Obama are Jew-haters. Period.
    I’m sick of giving them the benefit of any doubt.

  • wileyvet

    Everyday the “Palestinians” plumb the depths of their despicable character and find new lows of depravity.

    • Jonathan Hughes

      That is because of this: Islam serves Satan trying to talk like God in the Quran not talking like God at all. God was Jesus with blood in him for a short time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nuke Gaza. Not with a terribly large one, just a smallish one, maybe a neutron bomb that kills the infection but leaves most of the buildings standing.

  • guest

    I think if the jews just whine a little louder, that will solve this.

    Just put some more nasal into it, push, push harder, yeah that’s it!

    They could whine. Or they could go to an IDF general, and say,
    ‘solve this’, then fire him and find another general. Then repeat
    this process until there are no more missiles.

    I’m out of sympathy for Israel.

    • fpm

      It’s easier to say than done, consider they rely on exports and foreign aids and almost all MSM’s are against Israel at this moment. But the situation will definitely be better if they can do it swiftly and covertly.

    • monicadashby

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      • The March Hare

        Flagged again.

  • Larry Larkin

    Not just retaking Gaza, but flushing the contents into the Sinai. Egypt spent almost 20 years creating the problem that Israel has been handling with kid gloves since 1967, it’s about time Israel give it back to Egypt.

  • Shiimon Peres

    I am negotiating with my dear Arab cousins and they have assured me it won’t happen again. I know they are basically good people and have a religion of peace, so I am happy with their explanations. I am a legend in my own time and mind, thanks to all who have let me live this long!

  • Johnny Palestine

    ” Netanyahu is just pretending to be upset”. Yes Daniel You are correct I am sad to say, as were the former leaders of Israel: Sharon, and Olmert. I am also sad to say that I once met this traitor and coward in 1990 in a trip to Israel to look for work as a CPA proficient in English/Sp/Fr/Portuguese but limited Hebrew.

    Tired of being depressed for Israel. Easier to change our name to Garcia, Rodriguez or Velazquez.

    The reality is that any Israeli who decides to be a patriot is putting his name and family at great risk. The Israeli press will destroy him. Ha’aretz is as hateful to a daring Israel as are the BBC, NPR, PBS, NY Times and Newsweek.

  • Cynthia Brown

    In any situation you work with what you have. I don’t agree with targeting civilians but, I refuse to call an occupied people terrorists for using any means to try and free themselves. If Israel wants to end the circle of violence they can’t continue to tragedy the Arabs they, at some point have to look at their tactics and change what is not working. Spewing hate and radicalizing more people into violent action only brings more tragedy to innocent bystanders. You can’t stand on one side yelling, “They refuse to accept our right to exist!” All the while refusing their right to exist. The aggressor and oppressor can’t also be the victim that’s just common sense but, I think until Israel exhaust their near perfect manipulation of the US media they will continue to do just as they have for nearly 50 years.

    • Johnny Palestine

      Palestinians are not an occupied people. U are a liar. Israel does not control the media. Again U are lying. ARAB MUSLIMS CONTROL THE MEDIA AND THE US GOVERNMENT.

      Carter backs Sadat’s demand that “every
      inch” of Sinai be returned in exchange for peace.

      – Carter backs the idea of a Palestinian state and worked to give the PLO the dignity of a government in exile. He also enabled them to get observer status at the UN and enabled Arafat to address the UN with a gun on his hip.

      The best thing and only thing for Israel to do is to deport ALL Arab Muslims to friendly countries such as Syria,
      Jordan, Egypt, Saudi
      Arabia, Lebanon,
      the UK, Spain, France,
      Cyprus, Detroit,
      Hollywood or Gibraltar.
      must build electronic surveillance systems to release missiles and activate
      machine guns and retake the Sinai. The Israelis need a separation from these
      savages. To think that by giving them land will appease them is foolish.
      Palestinians descend from invading Syrians, Egyptians and Saudis. At least 30
      families are named ” Al Masri” the Egyptian. Israel can do
      it, should do it and will do it.

      1989, with Dick Cheney leading the charge, the US began supporting a PLO state
      in the West Bank as supposedly the solution to the Arab-Israeli

      – In 1991, a critical year, George Bush Srs administration literally forced
      the Israelis — with threats — to participate in what became the Oslo so-called the peace process, the purpose of which was to bring the PLO out from Tunis and into the
      Jewish state, where it would become the government over the Arab population
      living in the West Bank and Gaza.

      – In 1994, the same year that Yasser Arafat was given a Nobel Peace
      Prize (!!), and which saw the debut of the Oslo peace process by bringing
      the PLO into Israel, Bill Clinton’s CIA was training the PLO.