Rogue Libyan General Bombing Benghazi Militias that Attacked US Mission


The US could have used a rogue commanders while Americans were being murdered in Benghazi. That doesn’t necessarily mean this is a good thing. But it may not be a bad thing.

General Hiftar has lived in the US for decades and has ties to the CIA and the State Department that go back for some time. I don’t believe that the current administration would back this type of action, but Hiftar may be demonstrating to the US why we should back him.

After Obama’s illegal regime change attack on Libya, the country is a mess. There are two prime ministers, one is a Muslim Brotherhood man, the other is in exile. Much of the country is run by various militias with ties to Al Qaeda and the Brotherhood.

This looks like a strongman’s bid for power by showing that he can control the country. Muslim countries in the Middle East invariably revert to strongmen. Now Libya may have found its strongman.

The heaviest fighting in Libya since the Arab spring revolution broke out in the eastern capital of Benghazi on Friday as forces led by a retired general attacked militias on the ground and with jets.

Air strikes pounded militia bases at dawn and 6,000 troops converged on the city, storming a series of bases and checkpoints.

Eyewitnesses described a city in chaos, with jets streaking low over rooftops, tanks on the streets, heavy detonations and aggressive fighting.

“The fighting is close to my house,” said one resident in the Hawari district. “Planes are going very low, there are explosions, there is fighting around the February 17 [militia] base.”

The Feb 17 militia was hired by Hillary’s State Department to protect the US mission. And then State stopped paying them. The militia is loosely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and even to Al Qaeda. It may have also played a role in the attack.

The attack is led by Khalifa Hiftar, a former commander of the 2011 uprising that deposed Muammar Gaddafi. Hitfar announced the operation was launched to clear Benghazi of Islamist militias and restore Libya’s dignity.

Hiftar, who called on the army earlier this year to mount a coup against the government, appears to have the support of a significant proportion of Libya’s armed forces. He insisted the operation was sanctioned by army commanders, saying: “All reserve forces are mobilised. If we fail today, the terrorists win.”

But Libya’s government insisted the operation had no official sanction, with the chief of the general staff, Abdul Salam Jadallah, branding Hiftar a criminal and ordering Benghazi’s militias to fight back.

Air force planes struck the bases of the Rafalla al-Sahati and Ansar al-Sharia militias, the latter blamed by Washington for the attack two years ago on the US consulate that led to the death of ambassador Chris Stevens.

Abdul Salam Jadallah (Major-General Abdulsalam Jadallah al-Salihine al-Obeidi) is from Benghazi and was appointed last year.  He defected from Gaddafi’s forces, but then went rogue refusing to follow the orders of the former Prime Minister. He’s calling for Benghazi militias to fight back which is rather revealing of his ties to them.

Khalifa Hiftar obviously commands a sizable portion of the military which means that he can do what the government can’t.

In the Muslim Middle East that’s often all the qualification for running an otherwise anarchic collection of tribes that you need.

  • Steeloak

    Crush the Islamists and Libya has a good shot at being a stable, peaceful country.

  • nomoretraitors

    Good for him

  • timmysfriend

    So he’s doing what Obama won’t.

  • Chuck Robey

    As long as American Troops are not called in I am all for the Muslims killing each other off…

    • Davros11

      Ditto, let them kill each other all day…..

  • Drakken

    Sit back, grab a bourbon and watch the show. Nothing better when muslim is slaughtering muslim. Now watch as the State Dept have an absolute conniption fit and wanting an end to hostilities so people don’t get hurt.

    • truebearing

      They’ll try to stop this general. He’s threatening their Muslim friends. Who knows, if Obama doesn’t stop him, the jihadists who raided Benghazi may get angry and start telling some embarrassing stories.

      Do you suppose Putin will back this guy just to further humiliate MomJeans-bama?

      • Lea

        Actually, the general is no better than the rest, all he is doing is making attempt at unifying everyone under himself, much like Tamerlane did years ago. It is the normal goings on amongst muslims for centuries already. Read history.

        • Drakken

          A Islamic country is either run by a military strongman or a mad mullah, always let a military strongman run things, he at least keeps the mad mullahs at bay.

      • Drakken

        What is rather interesting, is you have two factions in the US govt that are at odds with each other, the General is spooks guy and the State Dept are for who ever is against this General. You could not make this up if you tried.
        Ole Putin is running circles around Obummer and his minions so anything to stick it to Obummer is not outside the realm of possibility where Putin is concerned.
        To add to the fun and games is the oil consortiums who are now fed up with govts who throw them to the wolves at a moments notice, have now hired their own security contractors to protect their assets and make the oil flow and unlike our current armed forces, are not afraid to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

  • Davros11

    Maybe we should have him as our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff! He has the courage to go and kill Islamists, when our own administration is to cowardly to do anything but appease these animals

  • truebearing

    Send him money and weapons. Maybe Hillary could be sent to Benghazi as a special envoy.

  • fpm

    Unfortunately that general may not last too long if Hussein or Hillary is in the office.

  • T800

    Tribal societies will never move on their own towards democracy,or stability. the various tribes will never trust each other enough to join as a nation. Thus it follows that a benevolent “strongman” is necessary to provide a stable and peaceful society.

  • worldwatchman

    Wow……never thought I’d like a muslim but, this man has changed my mind. He should go after this Jadallah and reduce him to rubble too. Hillary and her imbeciles should be imprisoned but, knowing our corrupt government…..she never will

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I wouldn’t get to like him too much. This is a region where everyone plays complicated games.

      • worldwatchman

        I agree Daniel but, as long as THIS government doesn’t do anything about it then let him have at it. And, this government doesn’t have the courage to go after the ones who left him to die. THIS Administration.

    • Drakken

      If the Genera takes power, your going to have to get rid of him and his family in a few years just to keep the corruption to a dull roar.