Samantha Power Delivers Lecture: “The War on Truth (and what we must do to win it)”


This is the same lecture that she promoted with her infamous Tweet, “Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence” which she later corrected after repeated criticism to say that she meant his journalism carried that message.

Apparently Samantha Power decided to deliver the Daniel Pearl memorial lecture on the topic of “The War on Truth (and what we must do to win it).”

The jokes rather obviously write themselves considering that Samantha Power is part of an administration that has been winning the War on Truth quite effectively.

While Daniel Pearl’s story that culminates with his murder at the hands of Muslim terrorists because he is a Jew has a rather obvious message, the Daniel Pearl Foundation’s message is the usual fuzzy content that Power’s tweet embodied.

The Daniel Pearl Foundation hands out Muslim journalism fellowships. Its honorary board includes the likes of Bill Clinton, Ted Koppel, the Queen of Jordan, Christiane Amanpour and Sari Nusseibeh. Its mission statement is the properly liberal mission to “address the root causes of this tragedy” and by tragedy they mean the brutal murder of Daniel Pearl and by root causes, they mean something other than Muslim anti-semitism.

While Daniel Pearl’s famous last words were, “My father’s Jewish, my mother’s Jewish, I’m Jewish. My family follows Judaism”… the word Jew or Jewish doesn’t appear anywhere in the foundation’s mission statement.

The Foundation’s mission is dialogue and tolerance and all those sorts of nice things that sound good to liberals but don’t amount to much. Judea Pearl means well, but in the process his son’s death has been reduced to a dialogue opportunity. So while it’s easy to jump on Samantha Power for idiotically covering up the meaning of Pearl’s death, she’s just echoing the same empty liberal nostrums that mean nothing.

When you determinedly try to be positive about a negative thing, it may make you feel better, but you’re denying the problem and you’re denying what happened.

The liberal approach to the Muslim world is built on this sort of calculated denial.

In an article on Churchill and Obama, I wrote that, “Chamberlain’s rejoinder to Churchill reduced a practical problem to a philosophical one.”

“It seems to me that there are really only two possible alternatives. One of them is to base yourself upon the view that… friendly relation… with totalitarian States are impossible, that the assurances which have been given to me personally are worthless, that they have sinister designs and that they are bent upon the domination of Europe,” he said, reciting true facts with the air of a conspiracy theory.

If that were indeed the case, Chamberlain argued, “There is no future hope for civilisation or for any of the things that make life worth living.”

Peace stopped being a rational program and became a philosophical one. A world where dictators could not be successfully appeased was not a world worth living in. The appeasement of Iran follows that same self-pitying mysticism.

For Churchill negotiations were a practical policy with a practical end, but supporters of appeasement had made negotiations into a moral absolute so that practical issues could be ignored and the dismantling of Czechoslovakia could be rationalized for the greater good of peace.

Any contradictory information was drowned in enthusiasm for peace with Hitler, which became indistinguishable from enthusiasm for Hitler.

Their modern counterparts substitute the Supreme Leader of Iran for the Fuehrer, or leader, of Nazi Germany, but otherwise they make the same mistake.

To believe in world peace, they must believe in Hitler, in Stalin and in Khamenei and believe that regimes which ceaselessly talk of war, build weapons of war and torture and murder their own people on a whim somehow share their hopes for peace.

That’s the underlying problem with Power’s response and the Daniel Pearl Foundation. When any alternative to peace and reconciliation becomes intellectually unacceptable, then denial and infinite intellectual contortions make it impossible to address what is actually taking place.

And that is how the War on Truth is won.

  • A Z

    Rush is on the radio now correctly decrying Samantha Powers stupid comments.

    We all need to pile on and take apart Samantha Power’s argument.

    Like Piers Morgan if she goes, there will be another spouting the same crap.


      Smug brit piers morgan had poor ratings because the American people did not like his message.

      The viewers have spoken.

      Bye, Bye wanker.

      • A Z

        America has plenty of elitists. We don’t need to import any.

  • glpage

    One of the things that bothers me most about people like Powers following in Chamberlain’s footsteps is that these people seem to be absolutely incapable of learning. Peace is an admirable and very desirable goal, but history has shown time and time again that certain types of regimes do not respond to offers of peace. Because of that there are only two ways to respond to those regimes, one, abdicate to them and either live in tyranny or eventually go to war to avoid tyranny, or, two, do the inevitable and fight the coming war from a position of strength. I guess to people like Chamberlain and Power living in tyranny is acceptable.

    • Trapnel

      Possibly. But more likely they have this supernatural or magical self-belief that they are the ones, the first ones to break the cycle of violence. How can they not be the ones? They are the bellwether prophets of a progressive messianic movement that will ultimately deliver redemption to humanity. They teeter on the edge of glory and have no need of the lessons of history, however much the bells may presage a tintinnabulation of wretchedness, despair and horror.

      • glpage

        For them I have a fabulous deal on beachfront property only ten miles southeast of Galveston. Beautiful clear blue water, wonderful temperatures, with only a very slight chance a hurricane might hit it.

        I understand they believe that they, somehow, are so intellectually superior they can save the world from itself. And, I also understand, having been a bit left of center before I figured out teh BS, having studied psychology quite a bit, and supposedly being kind smart, that these people are probably egotistical and delusional and almost certainly not nearly as smart as they think they are. That makes them very dangerous.

  • James Foard

    The problem starts in liberal social studies classes in High School taught by Marxists, and continues on through higher academia. After eight to ten years of this, the product is someone with a PhD who is effectively brainwashed, stamped in a liberal cookie cutter mold, and ready for a job in the media or government,
    The universities roll them out every year by the thousands, like Stepford Wives.

    • Erudite Mavin

      In the recent decades, the problem starts in the elementary grades,
      the students are primed for the Neo Marxists – Samantha Power type
      teachers in Jr. High and High School.

    • fratdawgg23

      We were told for decades that Communists were making their way up through Latin America and the US responded with death squads. Rivers of blood flowed for decades. A very liberal world politics professor in my freshman year explained that the US had a propensity to call anything or anyone they did not like “communists.” Americans are largely incurious and woefully uninformed. Americans will chase a boogeyman just like cats chase laser dots. It was disheartening to learn that the communists in Latin America were mostly peasants making noise about better wages or a democratically elected leader wanting more profits from the American companies operating in the country. We weren’t chasing communists and Marxists are like unicorns: people paint them and make statues of them, but nobody has encountered a real live unicorn. On the bright side, the modern remake of Stepford Wives was much improved. Cheers.

      • James Foard

        Are you on drugs? I mean, that’s okay, just don’t drive in your present condition. Otherwise, I would suggest an MRI for possible contusion or aberration in the frontal lobe of your brain. I’m just trying to give you some good advice, honest. There is hope for you, go to
        You’ll find a lot of other people there with similar stories just like yours, and remember, your not alone. Good luck

  • wileyvet

    I’m not sure who said it, but Liberals are the only people who do not benefit from hindsight. One hundred years of history and its lessons completely escape them. Everyone of their ideas have been tried and failed, and yet they persist. How they can look at a set of facts, and either disregard them or come to a wholly different conclusion, is staggering. The last word on appeasement should have been Chamberlain’s Munich folly and yet, today, we have a dimwit like John Kerry doing the same thing, in Munich no less. The results of failing to learn histories lessons will not have any better outcome today than it did in 1945.

  • GSR

    This woman is a (scary) joke. Scary because she wields some power but she’s an educated idiot. She needs to be relieved of any office.

  • truebearing

    Power…what a perfect name for a deranged leftist with messianic delusions.

    ““Daniel Pearl’s story is reminder that individual accountability & reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence”

    Spoken like a true sociopath. She was saying that Daniel Pearl’s death at the hands of psychopathic Muslim terrorists was a useful, exploitable human sacrific — a “teachable moment” — to illustrate the truth of the Left’s agenda, not a brutal, cruel, senseless, bigoted murder by Muslims who have no individual accountability, reject any form of reconciliation, and have every intention of accelerating the cycle of violence. She sounds completely insane.

    Power wants to “break the cycles of violence” by sending in the military and attacking allies. She actually suggested sending our military into Israel to force a Palestinian state. She wanted Obama to bomb Syria without consulting with or informing Congress. That is her looney-tune idea of ending the cycles of violence? Unhinged doesn’t begin to describe Power.

    That this unhinged fool would be allowed to speak at Pearl’s memorial is nauseating.

    • herb benty

      Leaving the Wisdom of God and centuries of common sense that spring from that wisdom, is insane.

  • darnellecheri

    Uh, no. “The Prophet Muhammad’s story is a reminder that individual accountability and reconciliation are required to break cycles of violence.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Then we need to take her at her word and start our own ‘cycle of violence’ here. As long as that’s ok and it’s merely a matter of her understanding the motives then let’s start carbombing liberal and leftist places in America.

  • chelmer

    Truth is a tough opponent. Truth is patient, eternal, indifferent to numbers, immune to insults, scornful of mobs and the charlatans who lead them, Truth can’t be defeated. You can poison yourself and hope to kill it that way, but it doesn’t work. A billion people believing a lie doesn’t make it true, and the one person who knows the truth doesn’t have to fear for the truth, because the truth cannot be killed.

  • fratdawgg23

    Here we go again. The US starts wars so Americans can learn geography. We should drop Victoria Nuland in the middle of Ukraine and let her resolve the conflict. After all, she has been working so hard spending American taxpayer money to disrupt/destabilise Ukraine over the last few years. The US funds Islamic extremists to fight proxy wars in the MIddle East; now the US is paying neo-nazi nationalists, among others, to disrupt/destabilise Ukraine. Bullets will fly, blood will flow and the US will crow about Evil Putin. Wake me when Putin boasts about carpet bombing a sovereign country on the tee vee, calling it “shock and awe.”