San Francisco May Hand Out Free Crack Pipes


Forget wearing a flower in your hair, just bring your crack to San Francisco… where the crack pipes may be free.

Crack pipe distribution programs have been successful in Canada, said Laura Thomas, a member of the HIV Prevention Planning Council (HPPC), the group that recently suggested San Francisco consider a similar program.

Why give out free crack pipes? Unlike used needles, which pierce the skin and can immediately infect someone who shares it, the sharing of crack pipes doesn’t have that same likelihood of physical contamination of HIV.

Instead, officials said, the main focus of this program would be as an outreach effort. Crack users are a population identified as at major risk to have HIV and they often become disconnected from medical services and stop taking their medicine.

“It may seem counter intuitive, but it’s a great program,” said Thomas.  “Once you can bring people into your program, make them feel respected, taken care of, then they’re more likely to come back and get on HIV meds and want to be engaged and taking care of their health.”

So you provide outreach by handing out free crack pipes and asking the poor souls to take their HIV meds along with their crack.

And crack users are notorious for 1. being engaged and 2. taking care of their health

After this story went viral on Drudge, San Francisco politicians seemed less eager to jump on board the free crack pipe express.

Mayor Ed Lee was first with a statement, via an email from his spokesperson, Christine Falvey: “Mayor Lee is not aware of this exploration and is not supportive. There are many other HIV interventions that could and should be explored before ever considering this.”

Barbara Garcia, Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, elaborated in a phone call to KPIX 5.

“I would say ‘absolutely no, we are not going to distribute crack pipes.’ We have a lot of things to consider for those who are using crack for improving their health. And the distribution of crack pipes is not something I’m going to consider.”

So the free meth lab is also off the table.

Harmeet K. Dhillon, chair of the San Francisco Republican Party, voiced disapproval of the recommendation.

“Continuing the theme of San Francisco being the Utopian petri dish of America, this is the utmost of San Francisco absurdity,” Dhillon said. “There is zero evidence showing that handing out ‘clean’ crack pipes to addicts will do anything to prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases, and this just sounds like another pathetic idea to entertain viewers of ‘The Daily Show.'”

Crack does steal fewer IQ points than the Daily Show.

  • A Z

    There always going to be people who have addictive personalties and will fall pray to drugs. They are us, our families or someone close to us. You treat them.

    Society gets a much larger percentage of people on drugs when they can;t achieve their dreams. I submit this happens when an elite are trying to control everything (for the betterment of all of course). To keep the masses in line, they give out soma.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      If there is ever a “soma” like program, it will be justified by these progressive idiots that keep encouraging and rewarding drug use. It will be the “final solution” to the “drug problem.”

  • Crassus

    Isn’t it about time for another earthquake to hit San Francisco?

    • ES

      So brave

  • Imcominforyews

    Out reach for crack, right? More liberal nonsense. Never to think to stop smoking crack. These feel good morons know these crack heads will figure out a way to pass AIDS to one another “by cracky” one way or another. And of course CA Taxpayers will get another round of compassionate spending for the down trodden in the name of liberal feel good. WTF, over.

  • Veracious_one

    San Francisco already has a free needle exchange program…next on the list is free dope distribution..

  • Tim N

    “Harmeet K. Dhillon, chair of the San Francisco Republican Party,”
    Yow! That’s got to be a lonely job! My hat’s off!

  • UCSPanther

    Summer of Love: Meet the Winter of Addiction…

  • objectivefactsmatter

    And if it works, we’ll expand the program by providing the crack too. That should work even better.

    Strange to say, it works!! Trust me. Would I lie?