Satanists and Democrats Compromise on Oklahoma City Statue

obama devil2

Satanists and Democrats have finally found common ground on a rival statue to the Ten Commandments, but Republicans continue to obstruct the process.

A satanic group commissioned a statue of the devil, raising money to pay a sculptor who it won’t identify, as a way of protesting the Sooner State’s placement of a Ten Commandments monument on the Statehouse lawn in Oklahoma City. The statue, being sculpted in a New York studio, is nearly complete, according to Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple.

“We’re really coming along fast,” said Greaves, whose group claims to have raised more than $20,000 for the project through an online crowd-funding site.

The statue of the Baphomet, or Sabbatic Goat, a figure that has been used to represent Satan for centuries, is to be made of bronze, poured over a clay mold. Images provided to show the hideous figure on a throne, with smiling children at each knee. Greaves’ organization seeks to force Oklahoma to allow placement of their statue or demonstrate what it considers an unconstitutional double standard.

After a minor tweak to the face of the statue, Democratic lawmakers have signaled that they might be ready to get on board.

(This is satire. The statue minus Obama however does actually exist.)

  • DogmaelJones1

    As an atheist, I find these antics hilarious, yet pathetic. I do object to the Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma City Statehouse lawn, as it certainly isn’t an expression of the separation of church and state. At the same time, there are a number of atheist organizations which, being as philosophically myopic as a fundamentalist Christian, insist on being equally asinine. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is one of those (and it’s run by and populated with Democrats). Satanic groups also fall into that category. I read a piece in the Daily Mail about how some group of Satanists, Witches and Warlocks (or whatever) put on their costumes and had a convention of sorts. Have these people nothing else to do with their time? And some time ago there was a minor “scandal” about an Air Force Academy chapel having to be shared with a witch’s coven. Sheer lunacy. This is more material for “Ghostbusters IV.”

    • Joe

      2 Timothy 3:1-9 might be an appropriate reply.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      cultural collapses aren’t pretty

    • oneteedoffpatriot

      Whether you believe in God or not, the founding of our country was based on the Bible. It has worked out very well even with all of the faults. We became the greatest country in history culturally, economically and militarily. That’s why the Satanists want to change every thing about America as it was founded. Satan wants no one to live any life but one of desolation. The Soviet’s threw God out. The Cuban’s threw God out. I never saw a flood of Americans trying to there.

      • Douglas Mayfield

        I disagree. The founding of our country was based on freedom, individual rights, and a crucial corollary, strictly limited government.
        The founders saw what happened in Europe, savage religious wars, executions for heresy, on and on, when you link the force wielded by government with established religion, so they separated church from state.
        I have no problem with anyone putting up ten commandments, as large as they like, as often as they like, with their own money, but I disagree virulently with using public money, grabbed at tax time, for the establishment of religion.
        As for the Democrats agreeing with the Satanists, both sides are merely proving that they are idiots. Unfortunately, the Democrats are malevolent socialist idiots who use their majority to dump their socialist poison into the law books.

        • Carl Johnson

          I am not mystical, but all those concepts came out of the teachings of Christ and the new testament bloggers; simple observations of how [then] blossoming conscious humans work in relation to the natural laws to their benefit. Check out David Barton’s; The Founders Bible. He is a leading expert on our founders.
          I say, let’s grow up and abandon our mysticism’s, but in all humility, appreciate the mystery.

          • Suz Just Suz

            David Barton is laughed out of the room by real historians. The only people who believe his drivel are the people who prefer to debate in an echo chamber.

          • Veritas

            Tell us about your vast time in the echo chamber.

        • Rüdiger Plantiko

          James Madison, A Primary Author of the Constitution of the United States of America:

          “We have staked the whole future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments.”

          • Peter Grenader

            It doesn’t matter what his personal quotes were. He and that other guy…ever heard of him… Thomas Jefferson…the two that wrote the Constitution were clear about the separation of church and state. Crystal clear.

        • Vertias

          Mr. Mayfield:
          I suggest you get an education. The Founders never seperated the church and state. Their first concern above all others was the freedom of religion, not what you assert. Perhaps you can tell us what religion would be established with this monument, would it be Catholicism, Lutherianism, Baptist, Anglician. CLDS, Judisim, Islam? Not one of the founders would have accepted your assertions nor entertained such nonsense.

          • Douglas Mayfield

            I have an education.
            If the founders did not separate church from state, then I wonder where the First Amendment came from.
            From Wikipedia ‘The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion,…’
            Note that it does not say establishing Catholicism. Lutherianism, or any particular religion. It says the government shall not make laws establishing religion per se.
            Is not grabbing money at tax time to erect religious monuments, including those to the 10 commandments, the ‘making of a law respecting an establishment of religion’?
            The law operates on precedent. Once you establish the precedent that tax money may be used to put up religious monuments, then you have established the legal precedent that the force wielded by government may be used on behalf of religion.
            After that, it’s a short step to Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and every other country in which religious groups fight bitterly and endlessly for control of government, so they use the force of government on behalf of their own particular religion or sect.
            Let people worship as they choose. Do not grab money at tax time to pay for their religion.

      • nancinger

        Many of the founding fathers of this country were Freemasons. Check out their belief system. Look at the Great Seal of the U.S. and the pyramid with the cap and eye. See the Eagle, which is really a Phoenix? (New Order arising from Old). It’s all based on Pagan worship of gods from the pre-Egyptian time. I’m not convinced that this country and it’s “New World Order” was actually founded on Christianity, but somehow, the majority of people believe in one God. Hence, the fight between “good and evil”, God and Lucifer. Things like In God we Trust were added later. It’s pretty scary when you think about the fact that all of it was foretold in the Bible.

      • Inhuman nature

        Biblical principles to include liberty, freedom of choice, etc.. Of course, making the right (moral) choices leads to positive outcomes. Today’s sad parody that is the US of A is a shining example of,what happens when moral rot sets in, and is encouraged, even codified as “law” by our “leaders”. Reap what you sow.

      • Guest

        That is hogwash! Ever heard of Congregation Mikveh Israel? No. of course you haven’t. It was a Jewish temple founded outside of Philadelphia in 1740. You know who a regular donator ($) was? Ben Franklin. Yup… see… unlike you guys he understood that the founding of America was based on FREEDOM OF RELIGION. As in ALL RELIGIONS.

        You guys really are getting annoying. Every other word out of your mouths is Constitution and you have NO idea what its about.

      • Peter Grenader

        By referring to the Bible you are referring to Christianity and saying that was primary in our foundry is hogwash! Ever heard of Congregation Mikveh Israel? No. of course you haven’t. It was a Jewish temple founded outside of Philadelphia in 1740. You know who a regular donator ($) was? Ben Franklin. Yup… see… unlike you guys he understood that the founding of America was based on FREEDOM OF RELIGION. As in ALL RELIGIONS.

        You guys really are getting annoying. Every other word out of your mouths is Constitution and you have NO idea what its about.

    • Dan Larrivee

      If my people pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again. 2 Chronicles 7:14, ** Its the only way that Americans could get back to the powerful and Godly country they were once, anything else wont work.

  • Jakareh

    Call me biased, but the Obama-faced Satan looks far more realistic than the original.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      the original as far too serene

    • Peter Grenader

      Instead of this bullshit why dont you spend your time constructively…lose the persecution complex…stop whining… and find a candidate that doesn’t scare the crap out of women and minorities that actually stands a chance of winning an national election. Ya think? Seriously…this Obama is Satin stuff is getting old tired and worthless. Get over yourself.

      • Jakareh

        I completely agree: Obama isn’t satin. In fact, I’ve always thought of him as sharkskin.

  • herb benty

    Western Law is based on the Bible not Satanism. The Ten Commandments are appropriate and fitting. Telling though how the left’s response is Satan, very telling.

  • tagalog

    I say let ‘em display it, and then let it be destroyed overnight by outraged religionists. Then, if the atheists want another, let them pay for it, only to see it destroyed immediately upon its placement. And so on. Freedom of expression. If we can’t get government to exercise a standard approving of religion, we will simply have to take things into our own hands.

    • Suz Just Suz

      I suppose the same could be said about every single religious icon that is erected.

      Ironic that the Prince of Peace’s followers are usually the ones espousing violence.

      • tagalog

        Well, your thinking on Christians espousing violence is about 400-500 years out of date. Christians during the past half-millennium are more sinned against than sinners in the violence arena, and most notably during the past half-century.

      • Veritas

        As opposed to those who advocate for Satan. Peaceful acceptance of evil. Your agenda is clear.

  • CaoMoo

    yes because the ten commandments arent say part of the legal framework of the united states laws. But anyone dumb enough to worship the devil probably doesn’t get it

  • fpm

    Animals with horns are used for sacrifice, the Democrats are really into killing their own. Another thought is that since no-display of any religious symbol is just government support of atheist religion therefore it’s only fair to display conservative symbol in every government building so no-display of supporting atheist and display of supporting conservative can then be said equally protected.

  • Suz Just Suz

    “It is our goal to separate religion from superstition. Religion can and should be a metaphorical narrative construct by which we give meaning and direction to our lives and works. Our religions should not require of us that we submit ourselves to unreason and untenable supernatural beliefs based on literal interpretations of fanciful tales. Non-believers have just as much right to religion—and any exemptions and privileges being part of a religion brings—as anybody else.” ~Lucien Greaves, Leader of the Satanic Temple

    If you can’t see that the Satanic Temple is about finding a way to spread around religious privilege to non-believers, and showing the world that religious privilege exists, then there is no hope for you.

    • Veritas

      Drink the Kool Aid Suz. Just drink the Kool Aid.

  • E Plobnista

    Put up a statue of Mohammed

  • Petr

    We have a saying in our country: “Do the Devil good and Hell will be your reward”.
    Those who support evil are destroyed by it.

  • Arlie

    By simply following the divine 10 commandments – man can temper his selfish desire nature and justly and humbly rule thru his higher, best self. No need for public laws or a earthly king. The out come is peace.

    Without divine guidance of a set of higher standards there is no trust in ones fellow man and the lower nature is given to mere survival and all the lusts of the carnal self trap the carnal nature and man becomes a slave to that nature just to survive. No contentment, only misery…so, the cry for an earthly king…then comes the battle…then there is war.

    Which way brings peace, a happy life, contentment and joy?

  • Jakareh

    It’s an interesting proverb. What country is that, may I ask?