Saudi Arabia Against US Air Strikes on Al Qaeda in Iraq… Which it Does Not Support

Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Sa

Saudi Arabia is a big fan of air strikes on Iran and Syria. But it’s vehemently opposed to air strikes on Al Qaeda in Iraq. It’s not hard to figure out why… especially with its GCC weapons turning up in ISIS hands.

Despite the false allegations of the Iraqi cabinet, whose exclusionary policies have fomented this current crisis, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the preservation of Iraq’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.

Sure, sure.

We also absolutely oppose all foreign intervention and interference. So the call by the Iraqi foreign minister for President Obama and the US government to launch airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham (Isis) rebels is beyond our comprehension.

I’m sure Saudi Arabia’s call for US intervention during the Gulf War was also beyond Iraq’s comprehension.

The Saudi ambassador calls ISIS “rebels”. That says it all.

An airstrike will not just eliminate extremists – whom we do not support – but will effectively sign the death warrant of many Iraqi citizens, innocent families trapped and terrified by this crisis.

But Saudi Arabia is a fan of air strikes on Syria. Clearly no problem with signing death warrants for Syrian citizens trapped in the crisis. But that’s because those air strikes would be in support of Al Qaeda.

Not against Al Qaeda.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wishes to see the defeat and destruction of all al-Qaeda networks – and of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham operating in Iraq. Saudi Arabia does not provide either moral or financial support to Isis or any terrorist networks. Any suggestion to the contrary is a malicious falsehood.

Absolutely not. Perish the thought.

“It has been an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority,” read a cable from Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, dated Dec 30, 2009.

“Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” added the document.

Saudi Arabia. The peaceful home of the religion of peace.

  • Veracious_one

    ordinary Infidels are learning more and more about this Islamic doublespeak…

    • Pete

      “Then out of the blue, we rolled up a female Pakistani intelligence agent. The 10th Mountain captured her …” p 67 Operation Darkheart

      There were still Pakistani agents and others in north eastern Afghanistan after 9/11 as spec ops were working with the northern Alliance and battling the Taliban and al Qaeda. they were literally in the same besieged town working together.

      Bush or Cheney let them go.

      the Pakistanis effed us and the Saudi’s are effing us. Time to pull out and cease immigration from Muslim countries.


        Ceasing immigration is closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

        The pressing life or death problem lies with the mosques that preach wahabbi saudi terrorist religion and their leftard fan bois.

        • Pete

          Why add to the problem?

          It is like plugging a hole on a leaking ship. then you can start bailing, converting or something.

        • Pete

          “The pressing life or death problem lies with the mosques that preach wahabbi saudi terrorist religion”

          Those mosques are all over Africa, America 7 Europe funded by the Saudis.

          Since Obama wants disengagement we might as well roll with it and try to disentangle ourselves from them as much as possible and starve them. make them a back water.

          No violence, we just disinvest and do not do business with them.

  • Pete

    I would assume the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) would launder the weapons like criminal syndicates launder money for the purposes of plausible deniability.

    The CIA does. In fighting the Russians in Afghanistan they bought up old Russian equipment around the world to give to the mujahedin at least initially. Any thing the Russian captured form the muj would be Russian make. They could not say “Look we captured an AK-47 from the muj, this proves American involvement.”.

    But this fools only the low information voter (LIV) or prissy people. It does not fool fellow travelers, who are the butt end of influence operations. Many times the information breaks out of the Leftwing echo chamber into the regular press and the prissy & the LIV get all indignant and can swing elections.

    So what is the point of plausible deniability? about the only one we are fooling is ourselves in thinking we fooled many or enough people at all.

  • guest

    Operating on the principle that if a muslims lips are moving, they’re lying.

    The sauds must be very afraid. They must be wishing very hard for their blue eyed slaves to do a few airstrike runs.

    Yeah, if muslims were banned from immigration, this would really solve the problem rather quickly. All ‘students’ ejected, all non-citizens, all naturalized citizens, ejected. This would amount to the west saying ‘we find all of you morally repulsive, get lost’. And it would be peaceful in nature.

    But our genius leaders don’t want peace, not really, and they’re not moral, not really. They’d say, who’s morals? And stare blankly.

    What do we know? It’s now become a sunni-shia cage match, with very nasty weapons. Weapons that when moved become exponentially more dangerous with the attempted distance being moved. So, they will be used locally or at least regionally. Go long charcoal, go long atropine. Adios and good luck,


      sunni and shiite have used poison gas in the 8 year iraq/iran war and not long ago in Syria.

      Islam, like national SOCIALISM, has no place in a civilized society.

      Islam is not a religion – but a cult, a death cult, a death worshiping cult. See 9/11, 160,000+ dead in Syria, 8 year iraq/iran war, bombing of Pan Am 103, bombing of Boston Marathon, beheadings, stoning women to death.

  • sydchaden

    Basically, the conflict in Iraq is just another episode in the centuries old war between the Sunnis and the Shia. Each considers the other to be “infidels”, and they have been killing each other for centuries, for that reason. However, they consider all “non-believers in Islam” to be “infidels”, and they both have been killing them, as well.
    It is interesting that Obama, President of a nation of “infidels”, ignores the Islamic death sentence for the people he leads, and instead, fantasizes that “Islam is the religion of love”, and, “Islamic terrorism is the work of a tiny minority”. Any fool can see that the Sunnis and the Shia are not a “tiny minority”, and any fool can see that “death to infidels” is not a message of love. But, Obama is not just “any fool”. He has managed to get elected to lead the USA. Perhaps that, too, is why they call us “infidels”.