Saudi Arabia Beheads Man for Being a Sorcrerer


If you have magic powers of any kind, avoid Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of good things about Saudi Arabia, like the distance between it and the civilized world or its rate of cousin marriages, but it’s not a good place to pull rabbits out of hats.

A Saudi national was executed in the northern city of Qurayyat for practicing black magic and sorcery, SPA reported.

Muhammad Bakur Al-Alaawi confessed to his crime and the death sentence was upheld by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Judiciary Council.

Sorcery is much worse than murder in Saudi Arabia, because if you murder someone you can always pay a blood price to the family to get out of it. But the Saudis have no tolerance for Harry Potters.

While Muslims in the US frequently accuse us of witch hunts, their countries are the ones that actually hunt witches.

While the Saudis operate a revolving door for Islamic terrorists, including the ones we send over to them for rehabilitation, they take important things like witchcraft seriously. A Saudi Al-Qaeda terrorist can expect to spend a little time at a plush rehabilitation facility before being set free to head off to the next conflict zone. But Saudi witches and sorcerers mercilessly have their heads chopped off in car parks.

A Saudi witch hunt is not a committee hearing; it is an actual unit of the Islamic religious police which is tasked with fighting witches and sorcerers, who according to the authorities, in the absence of the Jews, are responsible for most of the problems in the land. While American liberals insist that Islam is as modern as microprocessors and as moderate as vanilla ice cream, in the holy land of Islam, Sharia thugs are storming the dens of palm-readers, faith-healers and old women with too many cats around the premises in a 7th century witch hunt conducted with 21st century technology.

Black magic is also a serious problem in the United Arab Emirates. In non-Muslim countries airport security personnel screen for Muslim terrorists carrying explosives and weapons; but in Muslim countries, the local equivalent of the TSA searches for magic wands and potions. Vigilant security personnel at Abu Dhabi International Airport caught one such would-be Harry Potter trying to enter the UAE.

“The airport staff suspected the passenger, so they inspected his luggage and found books that contained spells, mostly in unknown languages, and some suspicious tools which seem to be used for black magic,” said Colonel Rashid Bursheed, the head of the organized crime section at the Criminal Investigations Department.

In Qatar, home of Al-Jazeera, the police are also on the lookout for rogue magicians. The same goes for Oman, where dedicated enforcers keep watch for magic amulets, bones or love potions. While the police forces of the Muslim world are not terribly good at combating terrorism, they spring into action when someone claims that a witch cast a spell on his goats. Most of those arrested are usually foreigners; many of them are Africans, which is not surprising in the racist tribal heartland of Islam.

The difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS is smaller than most in Washington would like to admit.

  • glpage

    Yep, Islam is still stuck in the seventh century.

    • Sharps Rifle

      You’re too charitable. They’re stuck in the Paleozoic!

  • Americana

    When the Muslim world finally realizes it’s the 21st century and witches are disproven is anyone’s guess. However the Muslim world is not the only part of the world that has this problem. Large parts of Africa, not just the Muslim countries, still remain convinced of witches and the benefits of sorcery. Africa has had issues w/African albinos of several countries being taken for their body parts to be used in black magic. I’m sure the Saudis would find my luggage to contain all sorts of questionable stuff from beautiful rocks to animal bones and pieces of wood. But their cultural trajectory to banish this thinking is something we can only facilitate. Likening it to political events is not terribly productive.

    So, let’s be aware of the reality of what you’re implying when you make the following statement: “The difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS is smaller than most in Washington would like to admit.” Cultural artifacts like a belief in sorcery don’t equate w/the political intentions of a Muslim faction like ISIS.

    • Webb

      Yeah, there would be no question for them about the “questionable” items in your suitcase. Chop-chop and you’d no longer have any input as to their cultural trajectory. Stupid Witch.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Tellingly the obsession with witchcraft is most present in the most traditional Islamic countries… so yes it does accord with Islamism.

      Unfortunately Africa is still suffering from the impact of Muslim colonialism

      • Americana

        The issue of witchcraft is very prevalent in Africa and most African countries have issues w/witchcraft and black magic. This is not always the result of Muslim colonialism transference to Africa of Muslim beliefs about witchcraft. Instead, it’s the result of the African animist religions being hybridized by both Islam and Western religions as well as how much black magic and shamanist beliefs were in the base African religions themselves. There has even been a noticeable crossover of Western evangelism w/African animist religions resulting in new twists in witchcraft. This basic African belief in black magic is accompanied by a rise in capitalism-driven witchcraft of seers and magicians who are willing to provide all sorts of spells and black magic to gullible African clients for high prices.

        From the above link:

        When I first arrived in Nairobi, I saw the signs but didn’t know what they meant. Once I started understanding Swahili, I learned that the profusion of ads, nailed to fences, stuck on poles and printed on A3 paper, were for waganga (witchdoctors) offering assistance mainly in matters of business, money, loveand infertility. In just about every suburb of Nairobi, you’ll find at least one ad, hand-painted, on a little plate, nailed high up on a pole. For an average of around 6000 shillings (R600) you can get to see one of these mgangas but it is advisable to avoid those who advertise on paper. They are reputed to be con artists.

        There’s a distinct undertow of witchcraft to the interpretation of many unusual events in Kenya. Even Christians, confronted by some unexplained phenomenon, might exclaim “juju!” (black magic) in the middle of the conversation, and usually everyone will agree.

        There are two main ‘currents’ of witchcraft practised in the country. The first, often termed kamuti (kah-moo-teh), is attributed to the Kamba people. It is Bantu witchcraft, similar to that known in South Africaand involves the use of charms, ‘muti’ and spells to achieve the client’s ends. This type of witchcraft is heavily traded in the areas of Kitui and Kitale, not far from Nairobi.

        The second stream of witchcraft derives from the Mohammedan influences in East Africa – from the Arabs who landed here centuries ago – and involves the deployment of ‘genies’ (as in Aladdin) to achieve one’s ends. It is grounded in texts from the Qur’an and here, you ‘rent’ the services of a genie to fulfil your wishes for you. You can even buy a genie to work for you permanently and exclusively if you have a few hundred thousand shillings at hand. This type of witchcraft is heavily traded in Mombasa, at the coast, and is reportedly common among the Swahili people. It’s even more strongly associated with Zanzibar, and Dar es Salaam on the Tanzanian coast.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      Is it legal to criticise islam or its holey prophet in ISIS or Soddy Barbaria? I thought not.

  • DogmaelJones1

    I know why the Saudis fear sorcerers and witches: They’re afraid that they’ll use their magical powers to rid the “nation” of the parasitical Sauds, return all the expropriated oil fields to their Western developers, change the country into a real constitutional republic, ban the burqa, turn all the mosques into 7/11s or Wal-Marts or movie palaces that show films with half naked women, and auction off all Saudi and government holdings to bidders (but prohibit any renegade Saudi with lots of cash or a Swiss bank account from entering the bidding). So, off with their heads.

  • Chris Crocker-Baggins

    Leave. Gandalf. Alone.

  • JohnM96

    Forget this Article my western brothers and sisters. Saudi Arabia is our ally so they must be good. Iran is the real enemy. The might not kill people for sorcery, although that’s only because not many witches and wizards traveled to Iran so they don’t fear them enough to behead them.

    Saudi = Good

    Iran = Bad

    Its simple maths. The majority of terrorists, especially the brutal ones, might be Sunni like Saudi Arabia, might want to follow the same law as Saudi(Sharia), although its important to note that Iran is the bad guy.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Saudi = Sunni genocidal terrorists

      Iran = Shiite genocidal terrorists

      Both bad

      • Contemptuous Maximus

        Cutting the heads off each other
        Not so bad

      • IslamDownpressesHumanity

        I’ve heard some fantastical lies from Shi’a about Iran. One of them claimed Christians were treated “better than anyone” in Iran. Then there’s the old favorite about them respecting Yeshua without mentioning the fact their reincarnated Yeshua, Issa, is a genocidal psychopath.

  • William James Ward

    Sorcerers when found have their heads cut off, I wonder what they
    would do with Hillary, if she was ever in the White House as POTUS
    they would live in mortal terror, as would the rest of us and our
    little dog…………………William

  • YoshiNakamura

    Of course, Islam is stuck in the 7th Century, and it always will be stuck there because the Koran was written in the 7th century and it is considered to be the eternal word of Allah.
    As for executing sorcerers and witches, that is standard Sharia law. According to “Reliance of the Traveler”, a popular manual of Sunni Sharia law, approved by the highest Islamic religious authorities of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and America, there are six categories of “Unlawful Knowledge”: Sorcery, Philosophy, Magic, Astrology, “sciences of the materialists”, and “and anything that is a means to create doubts”.

  • JR Kipling

    Finally a place that knows what to do with that coke head David Copperfield

  • IslamDownpressesHumanity

    How do they conclusively prove someone is a witch or sorcerer? Do they at least insure they don’t float when thrown into the water? I can only imagine how fair and impartial the proceedings are as well or how rigorous the appeals process is.

  • liz

    The difference between all Muslims and the Stone Age is much smaller than most in Washington would like to admit.
    Why waste more money on weapons? We just need to put the word out on the Muslim grapevine that Chief Obamango’s got some powerful voodoo working on them.

  • Texas Patriot

    DG: The difference between Saudi Arabia and ISIS is smaller than most in Washington would like to admit.

    The greatest risk to the Saudi royal family is not being regarded as “too Islamic” but rather being regarded as “not Islamic enough”. If the Saudi armed forces ever get the idea that the Saudi royal family are hypocrite Muslims or apostate Muslims, we could see the same kind of mass desertions that we saw in Iraq. No Muslim wants to be branded a hypocrite or an apostate, and no one understands that dynamic better than Khalifa Ibrahim of the Islamic State.

    • Webb

      You’re right, Tex. Just don’t make the error in thinking that Obama is doing anything meaningful about it. That’s what Obama wants you to think, and your well-intentioned zeal to expose the truth is what Obama intends to use against you to gain your support for his smoke show. Keep in mind that the video you posted showing Bush sniveling about peaceful Islam is the exact same type of betrayal that Obama is perpetrating against you. Just like you pointed out about Nixon and LBJ. Betraying the powerless little people like us is child’s play because they use our hope against us brutally and mercilessly. Had Romney been elected he’d be every bit as bad as the rest of them, yet people long for what if would’ve been like “if only . . . ” he’d been the one elected to betray us. Save yourself from all of them, Tex, because it’s every man for himself. It’s staggering to contemplate how many little guys like us were killed while in uniform last century. Not to mention the number of civilians who perished. It’s practically impossible to escape betrayal of that magnitude.

      • Texas Patriot

        Webb: That’s what Obama wants you to think, and your well-intentioned zeal to expose the truth is what Obama intends to use against you to gain your support for his smoke show.

        I’m not sure what “smoke show” you’re talking about. My take is that no one in the West, including President Obama, has any clue about how to effectively respond to ISIS, except maybe by letting the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism and jihadism run its course and see where the chips fall after the dust has settled.

        Khalifa Ibrahim has indicated that he wants to deal with the of apostasy within the ranks of Muslims before turning his attention to conquering the West. Presumably that would at least solve the “Iran problem.” Why not let him do it? What does the West have to gain by defending Islamic heretics, hypocrites, and apostates?

        The bottom line is that the phenomenon Islamic fundamentalism and jihadism has been steadily building since the attack on the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972, and it’s probably fair to say that it’s not going away anytime soon no matter what any American president does.

        • IslamDownpressesHumanity

          What would make you say that “islamic fundamentalism and jihadism” has been “laying dormant for hundreds of years”? What was the genocide of 2.5 million Hindus in Bangladesh in the 1970’s? What was the genocide of najjis kaffir in E. Timor in the 1970’s? What was the invasion and ethnic cleansing of Cyprus (also in the 1970’s)? What was the genocide/enslavement of 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians in Turkey in the early 20th century? What was the Farhud pogrom in Baghdad in the 1940’s? What was the Jerusalem pogrom in 1929? What was the Istanbul pogrom of the 1950’s?

          • Texas Patriot

            Those were all minor flareups. When we see a real tsunami of Islamic jihad, there will be hundreds of millions dead.

    • IslamDownpressesHumanity

      I don’t see any danger of Saudi Barbaria being regarded as being insufficiently islamic. In keeping w/the tenets of muhammud they have outlawed anyone Jewish from residing there, apostates have been executed, women are strictly regulated, heresy and blasphemy are crimes punishable by death. I don’t notice any “moderate” moslems complaining about the totalitarian, theocratic, religious and gender apartheid state of Saudi Barbaria so they must be doing something islamically right.

      • Texas Patriot

        You wil see. Compared with Khalifa Ibrahim and the Islamic State, the Saudis are major backsliders.

  • mackykam

    I didn’t know if it was day or night,
    I started hacking everything in sight,
    But when I kissed goat in Riyadh and vowed to make it mine

  • johnlac

    Islam is a religion that appeals to the stupidest, most violent males.These males control many governments in the mideast. They like to do what stupid, violent males around the world do…..kill people and treat women like garbage. Obviously, there are millions of Muslim males who do not fit this profile. But they don’t appear to run things in the Middle East.


    The so-called “prophet” muhammed was a sorcerer too.

  • Guano Genesis

    Too bad the same thing has recently happened in the Heart of Liberal America – Massachusetts. Just read about Gerald Amirault and his family business, the Fells Acres Day Care Center. Amirault and his family were convicted essential for witchcraft – such as raping children with magic wands etc., and as late as 2002, the mentally ill/opportunist Martha Croakley denied Gerald commutation of his sentence. The Massachusetts Supreme Court ultimately rejected his appeals literally because they didn’t want to hear any more about his case. When the Federal Courts finally threw out his conviction after he had already spent 17 years in prison, this did not deter the Massachusetts legal system which has continued to list the un-convicted, totally innocent man as a sex predator.
    His family was destroyed, he was only allowed to see his mother once while she was dying, and was forced to wear shackles the entire time. He was offered parol several times but only if he “confessed to all his crimes” but since there were no crimes, he chose not to lie. After the federal court ordered his release, the state chose not to retry him, since by that time every other witchcraft conviction case had long been thrown out across the US, and the charges found to be the creation/collusion of crooked DAs and a few sick “therapists,’ who would “treat and treat” the children until they confessed to some kind of abuse by someone. The people of his home town thew a Welcome Home parade for the man they had long known to be the victim of Croakley and the Massachusetts legal system, warmly welcoming him back.

    But “justice” is available still in Massachusetts for the right price. This same state strangely never charged Ted Kennedy for leaving a young woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, to suffocate in the back seat of his car – she apparently survived up to 2 hours in the overturned car in the dark waters alone. She almost certainly thought Kennedy, a strong swimmer, would try to rescue her rather than flee the scene and leave her to die a horrible death. Kennedy chose not report the accident until after the police had already found the car and the woman’s body the next day. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident but his 2 month sentence was suspended. It was reported that Kennedy made a settlement with the Kopechne’s, who unremarkably remained silent about the Senators actions. Kennedy would later to go on to obtain an annulment of his first marriage from Rome despite having had 3 children and 20 years of marriage. Isn’t money and power wonderful in the right hands?

    Today another witch trial has been going on in Ferguson, Mo., complete with nightly “black masses” and ritual rioting, looting, and burning. It is a spectacle that makes Saudi Arabia look rather civilized does it not?

  • Hellosnackbar

    One can empirically describe Islam as a source of idiotic sorcery .
    The culture of imaginary Allah related by mendacious Mo is just so!