Saudi Arabia: “You’re Not a Real Man Unless You Make Your Woman Cover her Face”


This isn’t a sign calling on men to force women to wear Abayas, but forcing them to wear the right kind of Abayas.

Signs posted on the walls of several girls’ schools in Saudi Arabia have prompted concerns after they appear to suggest that the modesty of a woman is dependent on the men in their family.

With slogans such as “your manhood can be judged by kind of abayas the women in your family wear,” the signs have been seen as an offence to women by some residents in the kingdom, the Saudi Gazette reported on Friday.

Abayas are a traditional loose over-garment, essentially a robe-like dress, worn by most women in the Gulf.

The objection here is to Abayas that are overly fancy or women who wear them without entirely covering the face.

It’s telling that Saudi Muslims link manhood to forcing women to cover their faces. That is the real origin of the Hijab and other forms of repressive Purdah clothing for women.

Muslim masculinity is pathologically insecure. It’s burdened by a sense of paranoia about the chastity of a man’s mother, sister and daughters. The Muslim man goes through life terrified that his “honor” will be mocked when a woman disobeys him.

Islamic religion expresses itself in dominating non-Muslims and Islamic honor culture expresses itself in dominating women.

  • Gee

    Muslim males are not men at all. They are cowards and blowhards.

    • Softly Bob

      The fact that they think that seeing a bit of uncovered female flesh will tempt them is equivalent to a pubescent boy getting aroused by seeing the scantily-dressed models in the women’s underwear section of his mother’s mail order catalog.
      Which I believe I may have done when I was about twelve year’s old.

      Muslim men are perpetual adolescents. Real women scare them. They are like little schoolboys noticing that a schoolgirl’s skirt is a bit too short then pointing and giggling at it. Except, they don’t giggle – they get angry.
      Muslims are social and sexual failures.

      • liz

        Well put.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        There’s no ideological framework or guidelines in Islam to even suggest how or why a male would mature any further after reaching puberty.

  • John Barleycorn

    I hear that, who wants to look at those ugly Arab women anyway . . .

  • DogmaelJones1

    Muslim men are manqués, that is, almost, not-quite men, because their minds are not their own, and their masculinity, as Greenfield emphasizes above, depends on how obedient their women are. Disobedient women rob them not so much of their “honor,” but rather of their masculinity and their repressed sexuality, a repression that manifests itself in all sorts of horrors, such as honor killings and rape.

  • Aha

    Err….if you knew Arabic, you would know that there is nothing here about the covering the face. That’s the writer’s own (poor) deductions. And if you lived in Saudi Arabia, you would also know which Abaya says,”approach me and ask for my number”, and which Abaya says, “I am just a normal Saudi going about my daily business”, and which Abaya says, “am scared that you are a pervert so am wearing this to scare you off”..

    How a Musllim man being concerned about the modesty of his family can be translated as insecurity is beyond comprehension. But well, this comes from a society that believes a liberated woman is the one with the least clothes worn / most flesh exposed. Hmm…Interesting

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The source is Al Arabiya, an Arabic news service based out of Saudi Arabia.

      Would you like to try your taquiya again?

    • liz

      It’s beyond comprehension for you because you lack a basic understanding of freedom.
      What an Abaya “says” is beside the point. The point is that she is forced to wear it whether she chooses to or not. She has no right to make her own choices, and is basically a slave to men.
      Our society does not believe that “a liberated woman is the one with the least clothes worn”. We recognize that every individual, man or woman, has the right to make their own choices – no one else makes them for them. Most women in our society choose to make rational, moral, grown up choices, all by themselves, because they are not forced into being the mental midgets who can’t think or do anything for themselves that Islam creates.
      There is something seriously wrong mentally and emotionally with a society in which men value their own “honor” more than the lives of their own wives and daughters. Insecurity is just the tip of the iceberg. There are all kinds of pathologies disturbing the Muslim mind, in its own backward, barbaric way.

    • bribri

      A society where women would be safe walking naked is one that is raising men as opposed to raising chimps or wild dogs e.g. pre­-muhammad Arabia, many tribes around the world, western countries before massive third world immigration. If your pets are better behaved and more humane than your own society you have a serious problem and blaming women is not the solution but the most obvious SYMPTOM.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “And if you lived in Saudi Arabia, you would also know which Abaya says,”approach me and ask for my number”, and which Abaya says, “I am just a normal Saudi going about my daily business”, and which Abaya says, “am scared that you are a pervert so am wearing this to scare you off”..”

      Women have to change their clothes when they see a man they’re interested in? I think you’re delusional.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Well, you’re apparently just a thought-challenged Muslim, expert only at practicing taqiyya, or, as we call it in plain English, “let’s fool the infidels,” say one thing to us, another to your ilk. We’re not concerned with the details of Islamic dress codes. We’re concerned about your cult of death.

  • pete

    boy, sure hope they appreciate that i tie a keffeyah around my schvantz