Saudi Islamic Police Ban Women from Giving Birth Without Male Guardian


Saudi Arabia’s Islamic police have pushed girls back into a burning building because their hair wasn’t covered and they’re not about to let a little thing like childbirth get in the way of Islamic morals and Sharia law.

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) has officially prevented women from visiting medical clinics without male guardians.

This came after a member of the Council of Senior Scholars issued a “fatwa” (edict) prohibiting women from visiting male doctors without having male guardians present.

“Islamic law does not permit women to visit their doctors without male guardians,” said Qais Al-Mubarak, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars. “Women are prohibited from exposing body parts to male doctors in Islamic law, especially during childbirth. This does not include medical emergencies. Islamic jurisprudence makes exceptions,” he added.

Male guardians can only be the next of kin in Islam. They are sons, grandsons, husbands, brothers, fathers or uncles.

I’m sorry, if your husband isn’t available, you’re not allowed to give birth. There’s a Fatwa.

  • Veracious_one

    Male guardians can only be the next of kin in Islam. They are sons, grandsons, husbands, brothers, fathers or uncles.
    Rapists are not eligible except for marriage to the victim…

  • A Z

    Part of the reason we are so effed is because of Otebi and his seizure of the Grand Mosque on November 20, 1979. Afterwards the the Keepers of the Holy Places were embarrassed. To maintain control they authorized the morality police soon afterward. Now they cannot turn them off.

  • wileyvet

    Is it any wonder that Muslim countries, particularly Arab countries are a dysfunctional backwater? As Daniel Greenfield often mentions, the patina of modernity does not make them modern. Every modern convenience they have was developed by Western Civilization not by Islam. I have always been skeptical of the so called Islamic Golden Age, but it is clear that today Islam is an intellectual spent force. With the doctrine of Sharia Law there is no hope for these countries to ever right themselves. They may be able to build luxury hotels, and golf courses in the desert, but the stultifying effects of Islam will never advance their intelligence beyond that of 7th century tent dwelling Bedouin Brigands.

    • MarilynA

      The Islamic Golden Age is a modern day invention of Islamic press agents who are paid with US oil money to reinvent the World’s view of Islam’s history. Back in the pre politically correct time when I was in school, the time during which Europe was over run and controlled by Muslims was referred to as “THE DARK AGES.”

    • Softly Bob

      You’re right to be skeptical of the Golden Age of Islam, it’s nothing but a revisionist myth.

    • GopherNo83

      “They may be able to build luxury hotels, and golf courses in the desert”

      Wait a minute – they don’t build ANYHTING… They simply hire competence and HAVE things built. Dubaï and other “Modern” Arab cities are nothing more than Oil money given to American, Korean and European engineering firms to build their playgrounds…

      Aside from dreaming big, the locals have no core competencies…

  • Softly Bob

    More reproductive fatwas like this and hopefully they’ll make themselves extinct.

  • Veracious_one

    “Islamic law does not permit women to visit their doctors without male guardians,”
    Even Muslims don’t trust Muslim doctors…

  • billy

    for sick in Islum people are really stupid over there

  • truebearing

    When you look at these idiotic Fatwas, a number of things stand out. First, they are issued by beings possessed, whose humanity has been entirely expunged by their religion of death. Secondly, they don’t respect even other Muslims. Their religion sees all human beings, including Muslim adherents, as despicable scum. Small wonder then that Islam seeks to kill humans as a solution to every problem. Islam surpasses even communism in its rabid hate for humanity.

  • Softly Bob

    The face of evil. Stare into it’s eyes, learn it, recognize it, understand it, fight it!
    The Libtards can’t see it. They don’t recognize it. They’ll fall victim to it one day.

  • high treason

    They have finally done it! They have finally shown they are even crazier than the Nazis! To think the UN declared that Saudi Arabia came out #1 for womens’ rights!!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      We must trust UN findings. What do we know? We’re stupid and bigoted nationalists.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    FDRs great friends.

  • Mark Terrill

    A real combination of arrogance and blatant stupidity

  • Trey Wilson

    Just another day in Islam. This brutal, in-compassionate scrounge of a cult needs to be outlawed everywhere. F#ck Allah!

  • Ross A Lloyd

    Islam = crime against humanity!

  • Helene Kaminsky

    I suggest that all women in Islam burn their husbands while they sleep. There must be an end to women’s suffering in these regions. You may burn your fathers and brothers as well if this is the way they treat you. Just copy Samson, when he destroyed the temple at Beit Dagan: “Let me die together with the Philistines”. So if these suffering women have to die – THEN TAKE THE WHOLE MALE FAMILY WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marylou

    Whoever think this is even remotely possible has never tried to hold in a baby that is trying to fly out!

  • carpe diem 36

    who cares??? we have our problems to deal with, which are really life and death issues. i do feel sorry for the Moslem women, and I wish there was something we can do to rescue them, but it is beyond our power.

  • Mustafa

    When you see someone get things so horribly wrong,its either of the two things..1.The writer is prejudiced against muslims or 2.The writer is just plain dumb.