Saudi “Palestinian” Negotiator Claims His Family Was in Palestine for 9000 Years

erekat liar

Considering that no such name or term as Palestine existed 9,000 years ago, or for that matter much more recently, and that there has never been a Palestinian ruler or kingdom, that’s quite an accomplishment… for a compulsive liar.

Saeb Erekat, the chief Palestinian negotiator over the weekend again ruled out the notion of Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Speaking at a Munich conference, on a panel with his Israeli counterpart Tzipi Livni, Erekat said the demand was unacceptable: “When you say ‘accept Israel as a Jewish state’ you are asking me to change my narrative,” he claimed, asserting that his ancestors lived in the region “5,500 years before Joshua Bin-Nun came and burned my hometown Jericho.”

That darn Joshua.

In what conceivable sense was Jericho, Erekat’s hometown?

Erekat was born in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem. I found an interview with another Erekat who was born in Abu Dis, named Hussein Mohamed Erekat. He says that his family actually comes from the Huwaitat region of the northwestern Arabian Peninsula.

Indeed, this article about the dialects and clans of Saudi Arabia confirms the existence of the Erekat (sometimes spelled Areikat or Ariqat) families in Huwaitat, and they are one of seven clans that ended up in Palestine.

Is Saeb a member of this clan? Yes, he is.

This Facebook page of the Erekat family traces the Erekat family history, and this article confirms that the family came from the Huwaitat region, and it also that mentions prominent Erekats – including Saeb.

That article also says that before Huwaitat, their ancestors emigrated from Medina.

All of the Erekats are related. Most of their most prominent members have held positions in Jordan’s government or armed forces, but three PLO diplomats are from the family, including Saeb, the US representative of the PLO Maen Rashid Areikat, and the PLO’s delegate to the Ukraine Khaled Erekat

As the Hamas Interior Minister said, “Personally, half my family is Egyptian. We are all like that. More than 30 families in the Gaza Strip are called Al-Masri [“Egyptian”]. Brothers, half of the Palestinians are Egyptians and the other half are Saudis.”

The whole “Palestinian” scam is one of the more hilarious frauds in history. And topping that off, you have “Palestinian” reps claiming that Jesus was a Palestinian and that the Caananites were Palestinians. (You can claim one or the other, but not both) When they’re actually just Arabian tribes who invaded the land.

  • john spielman

    his claims that his ancestors were from Jericho are at odds with the Bible since EVERY ONE ( except Rehab the prostitute, who became an ancestor to the lineage of King David, and ultimately to Jesus) was killed!

    • CaoMoo

      The Koran is at odds with the bible, torah, talmud, common sense and the laws of physics it’s the world they know. It would be the funniest thing ever written if it wasn’t so damn scary.

  • Silver Gonzales

    Best thing is to deport all the Ahab the Arabs these European, Canada and America financed shirky sheiks of the burning sand, to Jordan, Saudi, the UK, Detroit and Syria. If Israel was a normal country it would have done so.

    But it will happen. Israel is smart, waiting for the currencies to implode and take out the garbage during the next major financial crisis that will make 2008 look like day camp.

  • Alisia S

    Learn it. Live it:

    Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian? We considered ourselves Jordanian until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians – they removed the star from the Jordanian flag and all at once we had a Palestinian flag.

    ~ Walid Shoebat, former PLO terrorist

  • blert

    He has a long form birth certificate to prove it.


    9000 dog years.

  • oldschooltwentysix

    And so many eat it up like candy or fall for it through sheer ignorance.

  • wileyvet

    The entire Palestinian narrative is one of shameless lies, half-truths and outright deception. A people who consistently call for the extermination of another deserve nothing but ostracization and scorn. After three full scale wars to annihilate Israel, each one to subsequently restore Arab honour, they propagate and perpetuate the myth of victim status. They are a people that have no honour, no decency, no moral standards of any kind. There can never be peace in The Middle East so long as Israel is expected to negotiate with the likes of Saeb Erekat and his perfidious ilk.

  • Jason P

    I read a study that said almost everyone in northwestern Europe is a decedent of Charlemagne. The combinatorics make it a near certainty. Those of us from the eastern part of the Mediterranean are most certainly decedents of the 300 Spartans, King David, Alexander the Great, Cyrus the Great, and a few other greats.

    Frankly, I don’t give a damn. Arabs have land from the Atlantic to the Iranian border. Theoretically these are all brothers. How about moving in with a brother, Saeb? Try one that owns an oil well.

  • Isahiah62

    oh Saeb what a joker….The Israeli Ambassador at the U.N. began, “Ladies and gentlemen before I commence with my speech, I want to relay an old Passover story.

    “When Moses was leading the Jews out of Egypt toward the Promised Land, he had to go through the nearly endless Sinai desert.

    “When they reached the Promised Land, the people had become very thirsty and needed water. So Moses struck the side of a mountain with his staff and a pond appeared with crystal clean, cool water. The people rejoiced and drank to their hearts’ content.

    “Moses put down his staff and went to a solitary corner of the pond to drink, and meditate in prayer. But once Moses returned, he found that his staff had been stolen.

    “I have reason to believe ladies and gentlemen that the Palestinians stole the staff of our great Prophet Moses.'”

    The Palestinian delegate to the UN, hearing this accusation, jumps from his seat and screams out, “This is a travesty. It is widely known that there were no such thing as ‘Palestinians’ at that time!”

    “And with that in mind,” said the Israeli Ambassador, “let me now begin my speech.”

    • CaoMoo

      that made me laugh thanks

  • Hephie

    Dowty,Alan (2008). Israel/Palestine. London, UK: Polity. p. 221.
    ‘Palestinians are the descendants of all the indigenous peoples who
    lived in Palestine over the centuries; since the seventh century,
    they have been predominantly Muslim in religion and almost completely
    Arab in language and culture.’

  • Hephie

    Science over hate-filled, cherry-picked nonsense:

    ‘Palestinians are an indigenous people who either live in, or originate from,
    historical Palestine. Although the Muslims guaranteed security and allowed religious freedom to all inhabitants of the region, the majority converted to Islam and adopted Arab culture.’ Bassam Abu-Libdeh, Peter D. Turnpenny, and Ahmed Teebi, ‘Genetic Disease in Palestine and Palestinians,’ in Dhavendra Kuma (ed.) Genomics and Health in the Developing World, OUP 2012 pp.700-711, p.700.

  • Hephie

    Science over hate-filled, cherry-picked nonsense:

    David Ben-Gurion and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi claimed that the population at the
    time of the Arab conquest was mainly Christian, of Jewish origins, which underwent conversion to avoid a tax burden, basing their argument on ‘the fact that at the time of the Arab conquest, the population of Palestine was mainly Christian, and that during the Crusaders’ conquest some four hundred years later, it was mainly Muslim. As neither the Byzantines nor the Muslims carried out any large-scale population resettlement projects, the Christians were the
    offspring of the Jewish and Samaritan farmers who converted to Christianity in the Byzantine period; while the Muslim fellaheen in Palestine in modern times are descendants of those Christians who were the descendants of Jews, and had turned to Islam before the Crusaders’ conquest.’ Moshe Gil, A History of
    Palestine,634-1099 Cambridge University Press, (1983) 1997 pp.222-3

  • Hephie

    Science over hate-filled, cherry-picked nonsense:

    ‘While population transfers were effected in the Assyrian, Babylonian and
    Persian periods, most of the indigenous population remained in place. Moreover, after Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70 the population by and large remained in situ, and did so again after Bar Kochba’s revolt in AD 135. When the vast majority of the population became Christian during the Byzantine period, no vast number were driven out, and similarly in the seventh century, when the vast majority became Muslim, few were driven from the land. Palestine has been multi-cultural and multi ethnic from the beginning, as one can read between the lines even in the biblical narrative. Many Palestinian Jews became Christians, and in turn Muslims. Ironically, many of the forebears of Palestinian Arab
    refugees may well have been Jewish.’ Micheal Prior,Zionism and the State of Israel: A Moral Inquiry, Psychology Press 1999 p.201