Saudis Demand Blood Money from Prison Gang Rape Imam


On this episode of Imams Behaving Badly, a Saudi Imam who was already serving time for murder participated in a gang rape leading to a messy situation.

The Saudi justice system is essential tribal which means that it accepts blood money that can be paid to victims or family members. And it may now be up to the Imam or his family members to cough up enough blood money to cover a gang rape.

3 inmates rape prisoner after drugging him

Three prisoners, including the prison’s Imam, raped another inmate at a central prison in Saudi Arabia after drugging him.

Prisoner guards said they found the 20-year-old man drugged after the three took turns in raping him inside their cell at the prison in the northern Saudi town of Arar.

Sada newspaper said the prison’s Imam is the oldest-serving prisoner as he has been in jail for nearly 19 years after he was convicted of killing another man during a fight.

It said the court had given the Imam until the end of this month to pay diya (blood money) to the victim’s family or he would be executed.

It’s rather telling that the prison’s Imam is apparently also its longest serving prisoner. American prisons have major Imam chaplain problems, but at least our prison chaplain Imams aren’t already in prison, though some of them are ex-cons.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    It would be comic if it weren’t so sorry and so pitiful. But, hey, it’s Islam. you know… another day, another life. One thing about Islam that is never raised is that they are willing to pay the price, but they will not count the cost.

  • herb benty

    The Islamic attempt to mitigate this evil through blood money is futile. Their sin is still on their heads. Only the precious blood of the Son of God removes sin, which they deny.You cannot buy your way out of hell.

    • Manny Hundal

      unless you buy indulgences………

      • herb benty

        The Roman Catholic “Church” isn’t Christian. John Wycliff printed the Holy Bible for the common man, Rome had him killed, then dug up his bones and burnt those. INquisition etc., millions of real Christians slaughtered- all over Youtube for the seeker.

        • Carlos_Perera

          You certainly are entitled to your opinion regarding the Catholic Church, Herb, but, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan remarked, you are not entitled to your own facts.

          Your first allegation is easily disposed of: Wycliff died of a stroke at age 64 (a rather advanced age in the 14th c.). He was not killed on anyone’s orders.

          As for the Inquisition, it was a process under strict Church rules for determining whether heresy had been committed by a baptized Christian; it could not carry out a capital sentence, as that was the province of the state (which usually did treat heresy as a crime, if the heretic was unrepentant). Incidentally, this was also done post-Reformation in Protestant polities, like Calvin’s Geneva, where church and state were closely aligned. And, yes, unrepentant heretics were liable to execution in many instances . . . but these were rare. (Please list your source for the “millions of Christians slaughtered,” if you have one.)

          Really, before you attack the Catholic Church, you ought to do some research beyond reading Chick Comics. You might begin by reading _Characters of the Inquisition_, by William T. Walsh.

          • herb benty

            They dug up his bones and burnt them. Tyndale, another publisher, burnt at the stake at the behest of Rome. The Inquisition killed Jews and Protestants, for hundreds of years, yes the government did it at the behest of Rome. Calvin? Weird how you would use another RCC victim as an example. Read “Foxe’s book of Martyers” as a small evample. I am not attacking anyone, I just am interested in history. “50 years in the Church of Rome”- Charles Chiniquay ( an RCC priest). Anyway, the real Christians don’t do this sort of thing.

          • Carlos_Perera

            Well, Herb, like you, I’m not attacking anyone–I like most of my Protestant neighbors and acquaintances, and I deeply respect several Evangelical and Fundamentalist pastors who are leaders in the local Pro-Life Movement. But, like you, I’m just interested in history (and in setting the historical record straight). Here’s some:

            Yes, Wycliff’s bones were dug up and burnt (but remember, your original assertion was that he had been “killed by Rome”), and Tyndale was indeed tried for heresy and executed in Antwerp by the Hapsburg government . . . certainly shocking by the standards of our own religiously tolerant age (in the West), but I’ll see your Tyndale with Calvin’s execution of Michael Servetus (Miguel Servet) and raise you the torture and execution of Jacques Gruet. Calvin, by the way, was not “another RCC victim,” he died in bed after a long reign as the tyrant of Geneva. As for Foxe’s _Book of Martyrs_, I’ll counter with Pullan’s _The Lives and Times of Forty Martyrs of England and Wales 1535-1680_.

            You end your disquisition, above, by stating that “real Christians don’t do this sort of thing.” I would modify that by saying that they _shouldn’t_ do this sort of thing. But Christians don’t stop being flawed human beings by the act of conversion; even St. Paul, who was personally converted by Jesus in as dramatic a fashion as possible on the road to Damascus, was capable of bigotry, e.g., his comments on Cretans in Titus 1:12. As a popular bumper sticker in my neck of the woods has it, “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.” Salvation is a process fraught with sinful lapses, repentance, and God’s forgiveness.

      • Carlos_Perera

        If you are going to make bigoted comments about Catholicism, you should at least take the trouble to educate yourself as to what Catholic doctrine on indulgences actually says. They do not allow you to buy your way out of hell; you cannot purchase God’s grace; it is given freely, through the agency of Jesus’ passion, sacrificial death, and resurrection, to those who sincerely repent of their sins. Indulgences–which are generally obtained by performing devotions, spiritual exercises, or spiritual or material acts of mercy–grant a partial or complete remission of the temporal punishment, that the sinner owes to God’s justice _after his sins are forgiven_. They do not allow the sinner to buy forgiveness.

      • CaoMoo

        INdulgences are not a practice supported in scripture but are an adopted practice of Catholicism. Jesus the Apostles the first century congregation did not have this practice. They also did not venerate the cross teach a trinitarian doctrine or an immortal soul. Mohammed on the other hand taught all those things about christianity, taught hellfire and damnation to his people to get them in line and blood money and put it in the koran.

        Moral equivalence fail

  • jakespoon

    “The Religion of Pimps”- Pay for it up front and no body gets hurt.

  • truebearing

    Apparently, this Imam isn’t very smart. if he would have claimed his original crime, and the rape, were to glorify Islam, he would be free.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I think figuring a way to show that gang raping a Muslim man glorified Islam taxed the abilities of this Imam

      • CaoMoo

        He could have just said both victims were secret jews I guess or converting to Christianity, or called mohammed a dirty name, or ate a ham sandwich in his presence or defiled a koran (Hell carry a defiled one with you and plant the evidence). etc. etc.

  • Dallas25305

    Execute and the world is a better place. No loss here.

  • blert

    Time for a jailhouse fatwa… fat all chance it’ll get a reprieve.