Secret Deal Keeps Weiner Away From Hillary Clinton


The only creepy lecherous politician with no self-control that Hillary Clinton wants to be photographed with is her husband. Huma’s husband however has to stay home whenever Hillary is out on the town.

Hillary Clinton has a “secret deal” with her top aide Huma Abedin to keep her troublesome husband Anthony Weiner out of the spotlight, sources tell Page Six, as the former secretary of state mulls a run for president.

Clinton aides have insisted Weiner “stay out of public life for two years,” and that he “avoid causing any further embarrassment to Huma or Clinton,” according to our sources.

Good luck with that.

I’m not too sure that Weiner could stay out of public life for two minutes.

The former sexting pol has been noticeably absent at recent public events attended by Abedin, including the Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner in Manhattan earlier this month. Nor has he appeared at the recent plethora of New York galas and awards dinners attended by the Clintons, such as the Wildlife Conservation Society Gala on June 12 and the Carnegie Hall Medal of Excellence Gala on April 24.

He has been put on notice by Clinton aides to keep a low profile and remain out of sight and out of trouble.”

It’s a little strange that Huma Abedin ended up marrying a man with so much in common with Hillary’s man.

  • Jason P

    An odd sort of wives’ club.

  • Webb

    The alternative for poor Huma is to wear the burka and be raped in the back of the tent every night by a bearded old fella soaked with camel sweat. Makes Carlos Danger look like a perfumed prince.

    • DogmaelJones1

      That’s a good description of Bill’s ideal alter ego. I’m betting he’d like to get his hands on Huma Huma. Why should Hillary have all the fun with her?

  • jakespoon

    Betcha there hasn’t been ANY weiner near Hillary in a looong time.

    • Webb

      Nyuk nyuk!

      • jakespoon

        My favorite Stooge.

  • Webb

    But maybe all would soon be forgiven and forgotten if Carlos would start tweeting a tattoo of Hillie’s face on the subject of his Tweets?