SEIU, Insane Leftists Protests $100 Mil Koch Donation to Hospital


Like its California counterpart, the New York State Nurses Association spends more time protesting things and taking smoking breaks than actually caring for patients. After protesting a bunch of hospitals in February, the Association then protested International Women’s Day or celebrated it with a protest against something or other.

Having run out of things to protest this week, the New York State Nurses Association and SEIU decided to protest David Koch’s donation of $100 million to New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

This seemed like a timely protest because last month, the New York State Nurses Association was protesting the closure of New York hospitals. Now it was off to protest the non-closure of hospitals.

Jill “Crazy Eyes” Furillo, the executive director of the New York State Nurses Association, tried to explain why her band of loonies were protesting a hospital donation.

While they seek to curtail or cut off healthcare for millions, they expand healthcare in their own back yard.  David Koch, the younger brother and New York City’s wealthiest resident, lives within blocks of a new, $2 billion healthcare facility going up on Manhattan’s East Side – a facility that will bear his name.  Hospitals in communities with pronounced need face closure, while David Koch helps fund a facility in a neighborhood already lined with clinics and hospitals.   Nurses see this as an assault on our patients.

The only nurses who see a new medical facility going up as an assault on patients ought to be hospitalized themselves.

But that didn’t stop SEIU, Jill, the NAACP and assorted lefties from making fools of themselves by protesting a hospital wing. They didn’t have demands so much as self-righteous chants. If the whole thing resembles an addled cult going about some strange ceremony, that’s because that is what it was.

Because he paid for it?

  • Tina Trent

    I have no use for the Kochs’ attempts to control the grassroots and press amnesty sleazily through CATO while telling the Tea Partiers to sit down and shut up about it — or they’re raaacist — through AFP.

    That said, they’re said to be terrific employers, very concerned for their employees, and very committed to arts and medical research philanthropy.

    Shame that these nurses cannot comprehend the difference between politics and charity. Disagreeing with someone’s agenda is an informed dissent. Ignorant scapegoating is just choosing to participate in a mob.

    The Kochs bring much of this on themselves via their disdain for the political movements they attempt to control. They are not much loved on the Right, due to sleazy tactics including list harvesting. But the left’s criticism of them simply has no content. It is pure character assassination.

    • Rob Hobart

      What “sleazy tactics” are you babbling about? Can you offer any proof for your bizarre assertions?

    • herb benty

      Nice BS there pinko! The Koch Bros. are FOR the Tea Party, The Koch Bros. are for Freedom. Do you really think the Koch’s are trying, or even could, control the Democrats that have Soro’s(Nazi) BILLIONS. The Koch’s are for Free Enterprise. “List Harvesting”…. that would be the Democrats you absolute TWIT.Mix lies with a little Truth….old trick. We see you coming when you get out of bed.


      “sleazy list harvesting”?

      You think that socialists don’t use sleazy list harvesting too? Names of donors to regressive progressive NGO and other cults?

      You think that socialists don’t use “social media” and other tech?

      If so then you are a progressive fool.

  • DogmaelJones1

    “Because he paid for it?” Great rejoinder, Daniel. But cause and effect are phenomena absent in most union mentalities.

  • pupsncats

    Loony left wing nurses make it obvious the disease of liberalism has infiltrated every profession in the country.

    You can bet if this was George Soros or one of the other billionaire lefties, the words of praise would be front page news for weeks.

  • Sheryl

    This is the DUMBEST protest I have seen in a while!


      DUMB people working in healthcare?

      What can go wrong?

  • glpage

    More proof that leftism is a detrimental mental condition.

  • pete

    now that’s just theoniondotcom quality satire right there… in fact, they must’ve blown the months budget for this sketch..


      Raise the seiu union dues to compensate.

  • Chris

    Looks like the Westboro Baptist Church is in NY today

  • Hugh Jass

    Since 2000, David Koch has given away more than $629 million to more than three dozen New York City institutions ranging from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the American Ballet Theater to Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Columbia University. In short, many New Yorkers have had their lives enriched by David Koch’s munificence, and some may even have had their lives saved. (Taken from NY Post Article).

    Shameful. How dare that man give so much money to charity. We need to protest!


      G-d Bless David Koch!

  • Fed Up

    Soooo, I guess any local members,their families and children of the SEIU, NYSNA, NAACP and assorted sympathizers will forgo the services of this hospital in perpetuity, right? I mean, out of holding to their high-falutin’ principles and all.

  • trickyblain

    “Because he paid for it?”

    No love here for the nutty nurses’ assn., but considering that he also pays for the content here at FPM, shouldn’t his name be on here as well?

    • herb benty

      Is Soros’s name all over the MSM, Media Matters,,etc., etc Pitiful sophistry, go get your bolts tightened.


        trickys head gasket is leaking.

        • herb benty

          THAT was a good one, ha! ha. Koch Bros. love America, want her to prosper and support the Right. Soros makes his money from sinking countries and supports the Left.

    • truebearing

      Do you have proof of your claims about the Koch’s paying for the content here? That seems unlikely since the Kochs tend to support libertarian groups.

      Generally speaking, people who donate sums like $100,000,000 to a project have it named after them, not necessarily by themselves, but by those who are grateful for the huge donation. I realize that gratitude and charity are hard concepts for a leftist cynic to fully understand, but do your best.

      • trickyblain

        Meas Culpa…I got the Koch brothers mixed up with the Bradley Foundation, who have donated $3.75 million to the DH Freedom Center. Horowitz himself told me that FPM and the Freeom center are categorized as 501c3 (“nonprofit/nonpartisan”), so right wing donors can further their opinions all while getting a hefty tax break. Of course this isn’t limited to the right, but there is some irony about DH’s book whining about left-wing donors while getting paid (and paying his staff) handsomely by right-wing donors.

        And I think it’s great that the Koch’s are building a hospital! I don’t recall expressing anything contrary to that notion. They can name it anything they want. And to your point, if FPM/Freedom Center had any class they would rename themselves as “The Bradley Opinion” or something.


          “Of course this isn’t limited to the right”


          – soros
          – ford foundation
          – saudis
          – ????


      I know that the Koch Brothers pay me BIG bucks.


      trickyblain is upset that the Koch brothers pay us more than Soros pays her.

  • jakespoon

    I’m just waiting for the day…

  • ricpic

    “Patients before profits” ends as patients before death panels. As many of us are about to find out up close and personal.

  • truebearing

    I’ll bet these humanitarian harridans…er, nurses, were really outraged at Michelle Obama’s patient dumping scheme at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She got a cushy job and a huge raise for steering poor blacks away so that wealthy people would have more access to care.

    i don’t remember hearing about SEIU or any deranged nurses protesting Michelle’s heartless treatment of poor blacks, but I’m sure they would have…if Michelle was white.


    Quality Care by Competent professionals.

    Not Socialist care by incompetent socialist union thugs.

    I wish the Koch Brothers, who also fund PBS Nova programs, would be lucky enough to fund a researcher who discovers a cure for some terrible disease, so the fascist leftists can stick to their ideals and reject the cure from the Koch brothers and succumb to their disease.

    That would be PRICELESS!

  • johnlac

    If the Koch brothers had stated they don’t like to give money to charities, they would have been roasted by the left as typical, greedy conservative richies who hate the poor and oppressed. So they’ve given more than half a billion to charities and they’re roasted by the lefties anyway. Heads I win, tails you lose.

  • carpe diem 36

    how did these people graduate first grade? they must be the stupidest people on earth.

  • Maineiac

    These people (?) are out of their minds.