Sheila Jackson Lee: “American People Crying Out for… Climate Change”


I know how Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee feels. I spent hours outside today in the cold and I’m crying out for climate change myself. But despite Obama’s notorious ocean lowering skills, I don’t think he can deliver this one.

At the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday evening, asked Rep. Lee,  “What about the Republicans criticizing the use of executive orders when it comes to climate change and minimum wage – his use of executive orders?”

Rep. Jackson Lee said, “As I was saying,  [the address] was appealing to the needs of the American people. And, frankly, if the American people are crying out for relief – they’re crying out for unemployment insurance, or climate change or the Affordable Care Act and the president is mandated to do what he can on behalf of the American people – executive orders are legal and they will be addressed by the legal system if they are overreaching.”

Jackson Lee also said that the president “knows the Constitution.”

Sheila Jackson Lee thinks the Constitution is 1.) a retired professional wrestler 2.) a Dupont Circle bar 3.) a rap song by Jay-Z

So when Sheila Jackson Lee says that the guy in the White House is mandated to do what he can, instead of following the law, she shows as much familiarity with the Constitution as she does with the English language.

The American people are certainly crying out for relief from ObamaCare. The majority of them want it repealed. Somehow I don’t think Obama will be tackling that one with phone and pen.

And the American people prioritize Global Warming right up there with finding Bigfoot. Except Bigfoot comes first.

“Frankly, the president knows his confines,” Jackson Lee said. “He knows the Constitution.”

Sure. You’ve got to know the rules to break them.

“Let’s create job legislation that puts people back to work,” she said. “Technology. Energy.  Putting people back to work rather than criticizing work on behalf of the American people.”

Technology? Energy? That covers a lot of ground. But Sheila Jackson Lee is probably referring to the 80s hair band, Technology Energy.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee praised President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, calling it “one of the greatest speeches the president has made as a State of the Union.”

Almost as good as the short speech he made after he dropped a briefcase on his foot.

  • Zardoz1313
  • SoCalMike

    Next to the word Ignorance in the dictionary is a picture of Sheila Jackson Lee.

    • BS77

      Should be a picture of those who voted for her.


        Her district (TX – 18) is mainly inner-city Houston, and residents of the inner cities are tragically incompetent as citizens.

  • A Z

    ‘All those who wore sheets a long time ago have now lifted them off and started wearing, uh, clothing, uh, with a name, say, I am part of the tea party.”

    -Sheila Jackson Lee 2010

    Mrs. Jackson though the Mars Rover could drive over to where the astronauts planted the American flag.

    “Is it gonna go to where the astronauts planted the flag?” – Sheila Jackson Lee

    Rep Sheila Jackson Lee suggested martial law to end the government shutdown

  • DogmaelJones1

    I took Zardoz1313’s advice and took a look at the Examiner, and found this Jackson gem: “On a visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2005, Rep. Lee made
    embarrassing news by asking if the Mars Pathfinder had taken an image
    of the flag planted there in 1969 by Neil Armstrong.” The problem is that Jackson is not embarrassed by anything she says. She would probably spell “embarrassed” with three r’s and four s’s. Embarrassment, after all, implies that one knows better after the fact. I’m assuming that a U.S. Representative has a staff, one of whose duties is to vet and edit their employer’s pubic statements. Does Jackson have a staff, or is her staff literacy- and logic-challenged, as well?

    • truebearing

      She’s too stupid to get embarrassed. There is probably a study somewhere that identifies the threshold of intelligence, below which one is too dumb to realize that they are dumb. Jackson is at least 20 points lower than that threshold.

      • A Z

        Incompetent People Too Ignorant to Know It

        Rush Limbaugh reported on this, when it came out also.

        • ZZ

          Thank you Dunning/Kruger for belaboring the obvious. Dummies are oblivious. Who knew?

          I would laugh at your claim of “climate change denialism” but I’m much too dumb to know I’m not funny.

          • A Z

            I would say it is important work. There was a field of mathematics, “Differential Geometry”, where they were making great strides. But they were sloppy in their work. A lot of what they thought they knew was false. The field then lay dormant for a few decades because no one wanted to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

            The mathematicians were Italian. That is neither here nor there, but it might make it easier for you to look up and verify my post.

            So, yes it is obvious, but you still have to document it with experiments that can be replicated. What you find has to mesh with everything else. That is where leftists are going to go wrong with their models. It won’t mesh well with psychology, neuroscience or what computer scientists know.

            Dunning or Kruger going off on the AGW tangent is a bummer. I wonder if he know stochastic series or he is merely taking Michael Mann’s word for it.

            Rush already demolished their advocated policies. 1. Basically if we do not cut CO2 production by x amount we are doomed.

            2. But the Warmers want the the developed world to cut CO2, but they will let the developing world make up for it and then double down.

            3. So according them we are doomed.

          • ZZ

            Look, AZ, I agree that pointing out the obvious is important because of the oblivious nature of morons and their apologists, but conducting a study to do it is a waste of money because it wont convince the dummies.

            I agree with you about flat Earth hysteria, though. Liars and fools have been proclaiming that the sky is falling for what……….? Thirty years now? Every year they predict doomsday will come the next year…….but it never does. Forget the fact that they have nothing but fake science and money grubbing hysteria mongering to back up their claims……..the world was supposed to burn to a crisp with melted ice caps, flooded continents, superstorms and droughts thirty years ago. But hey, maybe this year Al Gore will be right.

            Sorry I called you an imbecile, by the way. =D

          • A Z

            People are subject to normalcy bias and confirmation bias. So there for the need for proof via experiments.

            If we did not have psychology than fools like Chomsky will try to define the world. Based on their linguistics, Philological, studies they would pontificate on neuroscience psychology, society and politics. Chomsky often does.

            We need these studies.

            NP, I have a thick skin. Besides I have gone off on people before here and the fault was mine. It’s all good.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Its more than that. It’s stupidity to be sure. But it’s also a healthy dose of that wonderful leftist inability to look back and consider possibly being wrong about something. Nope, for them it is all about “looking forward and not dwelling on the past” (unless it can score you a few bucks like slavery and Jim Crow) to make “progress”. It’s like they resurrected Bull-Shiite Bingo.

    • glpage

      I’ve got a feeling that, like Obama, Jackson Lee is not someone who likes being criticized or told she is wrong, so, her staff probably let’s things slide. Assuming, of course, that they might know she is wrong.

  • mindRider

    The sad part is that an ignoramus like Ms.Sheila Jackson Lee can get elected a US congresswoman.

  • truebearing

    Jackson is an extension of the IQs of those who elected her. We already have unending unemployment benefits and the Unaffordable Care Act. We’re all clamoring for climate change alright. It’s the end of January, February is a short month and spring is in sight. Sure, we’re sick of cold weather and want truly affordable health care, but only a complete moron would think Obama has the capacity or will to improve either.

  • glpage

    All in favor of amending the Constitution to require knowing the Constitution to get into the House, Senate, Supreme Court, or Presidency please say aye.

    • III J

      GLPAGE – you musts be a raysists!!! Why, our four fathers din’t need nobody knowin’ no Contricution ‘cuase they knew that would stand in the way of anyone wantin’ to be, what you call, electimicated to the officials of da Presinency. An jus’ so’s you know, I confirmedated this infromation with Congress Councilperson Senator Sheelna Jackson Lee an’s she said I was right on.

  • whadayakiddinme

    In the dictionary next to the word stupid fucking idiot, you’ll find her picture.

  • CowboyUp

    Is this twit wearing a t-shirt to address the US House of Representatives? Address may be too generous, it looks like she’s chanting, probably something along the lines of, “Show us the money!” I’m guessing she needs someone else just to change her light bulbs for her.

  • Lanna

    All this ranting about global warming while the US is in a deep freeze with subzero temps, snow, and ice, and the Global warming researchers had to be rescued from Antarctic Ice, who found more ice along their route than their research told them would be there. How utterly ridiculous Lee and other spokes people for climate change look to those who are trying to shovel out of their 3 feet snow drifts, and impassable streets.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    I can’t speak for Sheila, but I’m crying out for heat. And thanks to obama policies, heating oil is very expensive. Burrrr

  • ZZ

    Sheila Jackson lee crying out for……….oh, wait. That was a gorilla.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Sheila Jackson Lee — Eloquence don’t know no gender or racial binderies.

  • uptownsteve

    Sheila Jackson-Lee is a graduate of Yale University and holds a JD from the University of Virginia school of Law. She’s got more IQ in her little toe than most of you rightwing idiots combined. Pathetic racism on this board. Exactly why the Republican party is going the way of the dodo bird.

    • ZZ


      Didn’t your President Bush graduate from Yale? Without a free ride like Sheila Jackson Gorilla in the mist.
      And boy……..a White hipster pretending to be an angry Black man is seriously demented. Seek therapy.

      • uptownsteve

        Dumbass Bush got into Yale as a legacy. And what makes you think I’m white Jethro?

        • ZZ

          Bush paid for his education. That mouth breathing moron Lee used affirmative ape action.

          You are a pasty White racist pretending to be an angry Black racist. Just admit it, loser. Stop playing games.

    • Drakken

      Looks like affirmative action at its finest, she gots edumacated beyond her capability and understanding. The fact this ignorant ghetto rat has your support really says it all, dumb and dumber you two are a perfect fit.

  • worldwatchman

    Let’s all hope this crazy b*&^% gets hit by a car or a chunk of ice falls 10 stories on her head or a drive by. I cannot believe this idiot is in the federal government. And they wonder why we can’t stand the Democrats today.

  • carltjohnson

    It’s the SUN stupid! The sun controls our climate, not mankind. Although, ignorant humanoids can sure try to screw it up and that exactly is what these creatures are doing with chem trails. We are heading for a cooling period, ( a 400 year cycle) and the efforts of the humanoids are only making it worse. see;
    and they want to blame you!

  • Debra

    It is indeed sad that someone like this could get elected to the US Congress, but, you have to admit that she is endlessly entertaining.

    • Jeffery Rightmire

      So is Krusty the Clown–

  • III J

    I am taking a collection to have a custom T-shirt made for her next address to the gummint. It will read: EYE YAM SOFA KING STEW PIT.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Escapes me just how these types get in to any office–They should develop a test to check and see if you are capable of any decent thought pattern, before taking office.