Soccer President Admits World Cup in Islamist Country w/122 Degree Temperatures a Mistake

FIFA World Cup 2018 & 2022 Host Countries Announced

“Mine, mine, mine!”

Who knew holding the World Cup in Islamist hell would be a bad idea?

Some mistakes are minor. Others are really big. It’s estimated that as many as 3,000 foreign workers will die in Qatar working in preparation for the totalitarian Islamist country’s big event. Most of the workers who have died already, died of heart attacks.

And they probably won’t be the only ones because aside from being an Islamic dictatorship that sponsors terrorism, Qatar is also really hot.

Blatter had earlier suggested that gay people just shouldn’t do gay stuff, which is illegal under Islamic law. Maybe now he can propose that everyone just learn not to sweat.

The temperature in Qatar between May and September ranges between 30°-50°C (86°-122°F) with humidity of 90%.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has admitted that it was “a mistake” to choose Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.

Blatter said that the technical report into Qatar’s bid had warned that it was too hot but despite that, FIFA’s executive committee had voted for the Middle Eastern country.

I wonder why they voted for the parent dictatorship of Al Jazeera whose influence abroad is extensive through its investments.

But Mr Blatter insisted Qatar had not “bought” the World Cup: “No. I will never say they bought it,” he said.

Euphemism noted.

A statement claimed: ‘As explained in his answer to the journalist, the president reiterated that the decision to organise the World Cup in summer was an “error” based on the technical assessment report of the bid, which had highlighted the extremely hot temperatures in summer in Qatar.

So FIFA couldn’t spend 5 minutes on Google to check temperatures. Clearly the research here was of the first caliber.

In an interview with the Swiss television channel RTS Mr Blatter said: “We made a mistake. A mistake. You know we make lots of mistakes in life.”

Really, really big mistakes. But nothing will be canceled…

However, despite his admission, the FIFA chief will not change the World Cup’s destination, instead he will force through plans to run the 2022 tournament during the Qatari winter.

Good luck with that because…

The Frenchman who could follow Sepp Blatter as the most powerful figure in world football has promised that he will consider stripping Qatar of the 2022 World Cup if elected as the next FIFA president.

Frenchman Jerome Champagne, 55, a former diplomat and a long-serving senior FIFA insider until 2010, is the only person yet to make a formal declaration of candidacy for the presidential race next May.

Time for the Islamic tyranny to start spending a lot more money or its attempt at buying the World Cup will be as much of a failure as Al Jazeera America.


  • Football fan

    What is funny is that the FIFA committee won’t back down off of this, almost like a government who makes a bad decision and refuses to back off. The only rational reason to stay the course is that something worse will happen if the decision is reversed. Probably the truth about bribes being paid, perhaps even with veiled threats of “problems” at other venues, should this little hellhole of a dictatorship not be awarded the World Cup. Of course, these deluded FIFA types think that people will actually travel to a hot as hades place in summer to watch football for a few weeks. A place where a lot of behaviors regularly practiced are frowned upon, or are outright illegal in the host country. Can you see Brazilian fans in Qatar? Brits (who famously let hair down when out of Britian, of course they don’t hold a candle to their Arab brethren in this regard.) this is like one of those crazy experiments where you just pour chemicals into a beaker and hope it doesn’t blow up.

    • aemoreira81

      That is why I feel that there needs to be a permanent venue that can be used for the Summer Olympics and the World Cup, except for the marathon, golf, and tennis, which can be hosted in different cities. There should also be a permanent Winter Olympics and IIHF international tournament site.

  • Habbgun

    As usual Islam will probably get double. Not only Qatar but another World Cup.

    You can almost hear it now “The proceedings are now closed. We challenge the infidels of the world to come here in four years, submit to Islam, renounce their apostasy and maybe give up a child or two for the pleasure of the royal family. Then play your little infidel hearts out in a football match. Red cards means you have shed blood. For that you die by the way. Yellow cards are Zionist so you die for that by the way and corner kicks start with the same first letter as Crusade which means they are really Crusader kicks and you die for that by the way. Let the games begin!!!”

  • Softly Bob

    “Blatter had earlier suggested that gay people just shouldn’t do gay stuff, which is illegal under Islamic law in Kuwait.”

    What? Never! Where are the protesters? The Sochi Olympics had their protesters. So why aren’t thousands of Leftists taking to the streets. Where are the Gay Pride banners? Why is nobody suggesting a boycott of the Games?

    Oh, yeah… I forgot. Muslim countries get a free bigotry pass.

    • Porkys2istan

      Muslims get a free pass on almost everything, but it could also be that the only thing Americans care about less than the Olympics, is Soccer. :P

      • Softly Bob

        Yeah,but there were protests in Britain and Europe too against Russia, but nobody’s saying anything about Qatar… and in Europe they do care about soccer.

        • Porkys2istan

          Good point.

          If the rampant human rights abuses and 4000+ dead guest workers don’t wake the Euros up, then maybe the lack of beer and their favorite players dropping dead on the field might…

          Knowing how vapid our media is they will probably ignore all of that and instead make endless jokes about the ‘vaginadome’. ;(

  • Toni_Pereira

    And many of the matches will be held at 12:00 PM.I guess they will get 30.000 slaves from south asia to wag the spectators with palms…

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Hey, people! I have an idea. A really revolutionary idea. It packs a lot of punch. So, here it is. The Idea: just don’t attend the World Cup in the middle of hell. Just don’t go there. Easy, really. See? You understand now?

  • DogmaelJones1

    If the soccer games are played on an open-air field, the casualty rate among players will also skyrocket. They’ll probably be bad even if the games are played on an indoor field. And the anti-gay dictum is ludicrous, given all the stories of Muslims being bisexual (any port in a storm), and even bi-species (camel and goat love).

  • The March Hare

    Think of all the drunken fans stacked up like cord wood.

    • Toni_Pereira

      Not to mention the ones who are going to be whipped in the public square.

      • The March Hare

        By the Floggy Bottom Boys while singing Man of Constant Sorrow.

  • pete

    yeah, but it’s a dry heat…

    oh, and maybe they can blow their little horns at each other to help cool off

    • Hard Little Machine

      They will ban vuvuzelas, claiming they’re a Jewish Zionist Jewy plot about something or other.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Qatar should what they typically do- spent an eleventry trillion dollars to put a refrigerating dome over the whole country.

    BTW Qatar expects that no MORE than 4,000 foreign slaves will perish in the construction of their World Cup venues.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Whew. What humanitarians

  • aemoreira81

    That also cements the idea in my head that FIFA is by far the most corrupt organization in all of sports. Qatar likely doesn’t get the Games if it doesn’t give FIFA a huge payoff under the tabel.

  • darnellecheri

    Now, this is brain damaged. I just don’t know if these people are part of the human race? They are. So, this means that their souls are empty and frigid in the midst of an incredibly hot place.

  • conan_drum

    Did he change his name from Sop Blotto?