Social Justice Teens Carve Swastika into Teen Boy’s Head for Calling Them “Gay”


The war on bullying is really going well. It’s getting better in Portland where the Red Guard appears to be working overtime.

Three teenagers accused of torturing another teenager in a backyard shed appeared in court Wednesday.

Jenna Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, and Blue Kalmbach, 15, face a long list of charges, including kidnapping, robbery, assault and menacing. Another teenager, a 14-year-old boy, is charged as a juvenile.

Dustyn Murrain was lured to the shed in the backyard of a S.E. Portland home, beaten over the head with a crow bar and shot with a bb gun in his chest and groin. One of the four teenagers charged in the attack is also accused of carving a swastika into Murrain’s forehead with a box cutter.

Before the attack was planned out, at least one day before it transpired, the victim allegedly called one of the other teens “gay,” possibly fueling the senseless abuse, KATU reported.

Murrain’s mother said she can’t understand how anyone could think it was OK to kidnap and torture her son regardless of what he might have said about them.

She’s the first to admit her son is no angel – she said he’s struggled academically.

But she doesn’t buy the accused teenagers claims, that Dustyn had bullied them by calling someone gay.

And even if it were true?

“I’ve been called lots of names and I never went out and shot anybody or beat them in the head with a crowbar,” she said.

But we’re in the gay rights Renaissance and in Portland, it’s a whole other game. Here’s a picture from Kalmbach’s Facebook profile.


Murrain says her son had emergency surgery Monday night for the BB shot that went through his groin area. He has staples in his head from getting hit with a crowbar.
Alex Montoya will never forget seeing Dustyn walk into his auto shop on S.E. Powell.
It was Montoya who called 911.
“There was like a BB gun little bullets all over his body, and scratches and bruises on the head. They beat him without compassion,” Montoya said.
Compassion isn’t a trait inculcated in liberals except for official oppressed minorities.

  • UCSPanther

    Political correctness crusaders are generally all talk and no action, but these ones definitely were crazy enough to act on the rhetoric.

    • laura r

      they were just violent kids. they are just following what they heard last, maybe on TV. they would also attack anyone @ anytime. ideology is not the reason. call them a nazi & they would do the same.

    • MK

      I think you are confused. These attackers clearly don’t believe in the sort of values you call “political correctness,” even if they claim to believe in them publicly. They have been exposed as hateful, violent, anti-semitic children who apparently think being called gay is so shameful that they need to retaliate with violence. This is all very horrible, but it’s a lesson on we why need to teach children not to hate (and not to be violent for any reason). I don’t see it as a lesson that “political correctness” is a problem. That’s quite a stretch. (Btw, why do conservatives and libertarians talk about “political correctness” so much? More specifically, why do they talk about it as if it’s something that liberals specifically advocate? Liberals do not talk generally (if ever) about “political correctness”; it’s a boogeyman perpetuated by far-right-wing and anti-LGBT groups.)

      • laura r

        far “right”??? been to a university lately? where have you been for the last 20yrs? been around the kids? i have…..they’re nuts. spoken to professors? more nuts. how about the gay lobbies, the blk groups, trans groups, gender whatever groups. this is hardly a right wing dream up. i read the PC online papers & listen the vids. yes the right can be manipulative, i agree. this artical may have been a stretch. i would have worded it differently, but there are some valid points.

        • carpe diem 36

          america does not need outside enemies, we are raising enough of them inside. they will bring the end to this beautiful country.

      • truebearing

        you are delusional or dishonest. the Left, gays included, are the ones who started political correctness and are the ones who decide when someons deserves to be condemned for political incorrectness. You couldn’t be more wrong.

        • Judahlevi

          I have to agree. The homosexual community built itself on ridiculing those who did not agree with it and labeling them “homophobic.” That is hate-speech as much as any other name-calling is.

          Verbal assault by homosexuals on Christians and others who disagree with their lifestyle is only one step away from physical assault. In some ways, the name-calling is worse.

  • nimbii

    The sick thing about this is that the gay community will cry out that this kid had it coming.

    • MK

      If you see evidence of the “gay community” doing that, please let me know, and I will publish the commentary on my LGBT-inclusive blog. You can go to Of course, the “gay community” will not do anything remotely resembling what you say. See also my other comments above.

      • laura r

        i hope you are right.

      • truebearing

        You’re dishonest or unbelievably naive. Opponents of gay marriage have been threatened with death and even rape of their children by gays. Don’t tell me you’re unaware of that fact.

        • laura r

          there are crazy militant radicals across the board.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        There are comments to that effect on Towleroad

  • Judahlevi

    Yes, “Exterminate the Hate” by acting hateful. This is what I mean by so-called liberals being the opposite of what they say they are. Peace is war, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery according to the socialists of Portland.

    Portland is a bastion of this faux liberalism. Teachers and professors inculcate every child with liberal orthodoxy and ridicule any conservative thought. Children are not taught to think independently, but to conform to the Democratic and Socialistic agenda that is forced down their throats.

    Very few have the courage to think on their own.

  • laura r

    daniel, why dont you write to the gay rights publiations & confront this issue? or write on the radical gay forums. this is what ben shapiro means about playing the left w/their own game. we must confront them @ any given opportunity, let them put their foot in their mouth. let them bury themselves.

    • 1stworlder

      When the San Francisco Gate published the “dirty little secrete” about bashings being that blacks committed a disproportionate & overwhelming majority of them, the queens cried out against that beacon of Republicanism for daring to notice.

      • A Z

        Do you have a link to the story or the title of the article?

      • laura r

        meanwhile gays know (both black&white) that they are targeted by blk thugs big time. this republican stuff is absurd. the attacks in NYC against gays this year were done by blk attackers.

  • truebearing

    This is the pathology resulting from the supplanting of Judeo-Christian morality with political correctness. Political correctness breeds groveling submission or violent lynch mobs.

    • MK

      This is delusional. Or maybe you are kidding? With all due respect, I think you are confused. See my comments above and below. If people in this story had the values you attack (the values you call “political correctness”), there would have been no violence. But the kids were full of hatred and also tragically thought that being called gay was so shameful that it justified violence. Horrible. But it has nothing to do with an excess of political correctness. Quite the opposite!

      • truebearing

        Practioners of political correctness are always threatening violence against those who violate the PC rules. It breeds intolerance, but never forgiveness.

        The kids felt justified beating and torturing this kid because political correctness has elevated criticism of gays or use of gay epithets to the level of a crime. You don’t understand what you believe in.

    • laura r

      its getting there, wait & see. i have had threats myself, including death threats. this was for much less that what that boy was accused of.

  • MK

    The topic of this article is very serious but the author’s editorializing is totally absurd. This terrible tale of abuse teaches us nothing about liberals, much less does it teach anything bad about liberals or about LGBT youth advocates. LGBT youth advocates, including many liberals, champion the sort of policies and legislation that teach children not to bully or harass or physically attack others for any reason, including for reasons of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Anti-LGBT groups, conservatives and libertarians often oppose the sort of policies that discourage the abuse and violence at the heart of this story. I’m not pointing fingers of blame for the violence (except toward those who are actually violent); but I do see many anti-LGBT groups and conservative/libertarian politicians trying to thwart solutions.

    The fact that homophobia and anti-semitism and other forms of hatred exist (and in the case of these teenagers, hatred and hypocrisy) is something that LGBT equality advocates point out all the time. It’s evidence to support LGBT-inclusive policies, not evidence against. Children who think being called gay is shameful (and who lash out violently in response) clearly need to learn that being gay is NOT shameful and that violence is never, in any event, the acceptable response to a personal verbal attack of any kind. These youth obviously do not share the same values as LGBT equality advocates and liberals who believe all children should be respected and safe.

    (BTW, all of the hate crimes laws and anti-bullying laws supported by LGBT groups and liberal advocacy groups cover bullying & hate crimes based on religion (which includes Christianity), so they cover anti-Christian violence too. This is a fact that religious opponents of these bills & policies & laws often forget.)

    The notion that “political correctness” is the problem here, as one commenter wrote, is totally delusional.

    I am amazed that somebody could read this story and think it somehow makes liberals or LGBT folks look bad. It’s fascinating to see that, but also scary and sad, especially for the young victims of violence.

    • laura r

      i partly agree. if these criminal kids were LBGT they would find nothing wrong in being “gay” it wouldnt be an insult. but i do agree w/greenfield about the hystrionics & violent tendenies of the PC radicals, how it can influence teens. these kids are proberly (just a guess) the opposite. most likely anti gay anti semites. they just look a bit PC nerdy.

    • Paardestaart

      Did you not see the picture of one the perps’ facebook page? “Kill the hate” in runic script?
      Who’s always labeled ‘haters’?? Isn’t it the homo phobic, racist, gun crazy, woman hating, anti abortian ‘religious right’??
      The fact that LGTB liberation is to be officially promoted even in kindergarten on the instigation of progressive activists has given these angry punks the notion that they were justified in teaching ta ‘homophobic’ kid a lesson.
      And about the pacifist methods of progressive activists: are you blind?
      Have you never wondered at their methods and mentality when they silence a reactionary woman-, gay- or black ‘hating’ speaker somewhere?
      That is always being done by social activist ‘progressives’!!

  • gawxxx

    what was “GOD” thinking when “HE” created mankind , this planet and its inhabitants ( human’s ) deserve to be exterminated .

  • 99rider

    Who wrote this? It was terrible thing but then to write a propaganda piece inferring some larger meaning is just nuts. Cons are freaking sick in the head, everything that happens in the world feeds their sickness.

    • laura r

      it was worth reporting. look@the facebok page of one of the criminals. i agree partly w/you. the point of the artical was to show how the radical PC can influence unstable people. yes, some of the pieces here are stretched.

  • Seek

    The lowest form of life, I believe, is a self-proclaimed “anti-racist” (i.e., anti-white) activist.