Socialists Sabotage Dem Frontrunner in PA Governor’s Race

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Never underestimate the left’s ability to eat its own. That is what usually wrecks its revolutions one way or another.

In eight days, the voters of Pennsylvania have a chance to make Schwartz the first female governor in the state’s history. Last year, the five-term congresswoman and political powerbroker from the upper reaches of Philadelphia and its wealthy northern suburbs was up by as much as 25 points and looked like a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination. With Republican incumbent Tom Corbett notching some of the lowest approval ratings in the country, Schwartz could have been forgiven if she had started to measure the drapes in Harrisburg.

Now she is down by nearly that much. While her campaign was buried under an avalanche of gauzy television advertisements from wealthy businessman Tom Wolf, who now holds a commanding lead in the polls, the Schwartz campaign was knocked off course by a surprising incident toward the end of last year.

In an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, two leaders of Third Way, a pro-business, centrist Democratic group that listed Schwartz as an “honorary co-chair,” warned the Democratic Party against following the example of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose elections the previous two Novembers seem to herald a new, emboldened left flank.

De Blasio’s and Warren’s ideas were “a fantasy-based blue-state populism” that would lead the party over “the populist cliff.”

Progressive groups and bloggers were outraged, and Schwartz’s rivals, seizing on the dust-up, hammered the congresswoman for her association with the group. The campaign, her advisers acknowledge, was rattled. Schwartz eventually dropped her association with Third Way, but the polls have been trending downward ever since.

Schwartz is about as right wing as Michael Moore. Her liberal creds are excellent.

Before Schwartz entered politics, she operated a women’s clinic where abortions were performed, and she has been an unapologetic advocate for abortion rights in the years since. She was one of the earliest supporters of same-sex marriage in the Pennsylvania legislature, and she has a perfect record from a local gun control group on curbing restrictions to firearms.

So what’s not to like? The Dems have become the radical far left…

How much has the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania moved to the left? Consider this: When Schwartz won her seat in the suburbs in 2004, it was carved out to elect a Republican. She beat one and held the seat for 10 years, and now a front-runner to replace her is Daylin Leach, a state lawmaker who proudly calls himself “The Liberal Lion of Pennsylvania.” Leach received the endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders and is threatening to hold a sit-in in Gov. Corbett’s office to bring attention to the issue of medical marijuana.

More like liberal turkey of Pennsylvania. So what were Schwartz’s crimes against the People’s Republican of PA?

She also thought the Bush tax cuts should be extended for everyone making less than $500,000, double what many liberals called for and more than what President Obama favored.

The government, she adds, “has to create the environment for private-sector growth. Now, some progressives are critical of that. On the federal level, I have been clear: The country needs to balance its budget and deal with its debt.”

So what’s happening in PA?

They listened as a political science professor at a local college explained how changing demographics were changing the region’s politics, making it less “labor liberal and more progressive liberal.”

What’s the alternative to labor liberal? College grab liberal and welfare liberal.



  • Habbgun

    Not a mistake by the Left. She’s Jewish and they have been actively purging the Jewish liberal old guard. They got rid of Lieberman and after Boxer, Schumer and Feinstein there isn’t much left. Not a loss for anyone.

    I imagine the argument will soon be that the Jews should vote liberal because if they did maybe there might be some Jews in the Democratic Party.

    • Etu Brutus

      isn’t that what happened in the ussr back in the day?

  • Abberline

    Hey Republicans eat their own too (alas). This is what happens when ideologues rule.

  • Facebook User

    Schwartz is a weak candidate! She tries to say shes for women but has never done a thing to show it! She thought being a wan would be her selling point and it hasn’t been!
    She hasn’t reached out to western pa and isn’t helping herself by saying she’s been a part of or supports Obamacare! At least not in the western part of the state.
    And now her signs are showing up with Mark Critz signs who is running for lt gov! Democratic women have not forgotten his rape jokes from two yrs ago!
    If Schwartz is backing Critz good luck!
    Maybe she needs to see that site up about him

  • DB1954

    It couldn’t have happened to a more shameless, self-serving, female Democrat … well, except one.

  • carl johnson

    Laughing out loud…the left’s ancient ancestor’s eat each other as well! They were, “those that fell favor to the daughters of men”,…the most vial creatures in this universe.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    I cannot believe how the Democrats can find and drudge up the most evil people in our society to run for office.

    • Habbgun

      Hayek said years ago in The Road to Serfdom. Under socialism the worst rise to the top. Least intelligence so they don’t form their own ideas, least morality so they are free to do what it takes.

      • SmarterThanTheseFucks

        Except the Dems are center-left liberals, not socialists. Your point isn’t relevant.

      • brickman

        Hayek, thought capitalists better but never worked one day in a private sector job in his entire life

        • Habbgun

          Nice try at an ad hominem attack on Hayak. He did work as an economist and he was a socialist economist first. What he found was that working for the central planners was useless but that capitalism didn’t work. He was a lousy investor though. Many economics are. Then again that is just proof that socially planned economies won’t work even in the hands of the best and brightest (and not the thugs that eventually take over). Thanks for playing.

          • brickman

            It is not an ad hominem attack. It is fact.I remember reading a story about Hayek and Keynes discussing some aspect of business when Keynes realized that Hayek had never worked for a profit making enterprise.Hayek confirmed that it was true.if the Road to Serfdom was a book dealing about road construction, I think it would be relevant to ask if he ever worked on a road crew.

          • Habbgun

            The Austrian school economists had worked as practical socialists trying to make socialism actually work. They couldn’t and form there developed theories why socialism, didn’t work and wouldn’t work.
            Obviously those who were committed and connected socialists are quite relevant when it comes to critiquing socialism. It is no secret that some of the most ruthless capitalists are socialists (think George Soros). We are not debating about how to make a business work we are debating which system works for the greatest amount of people and treats them decently. Socialism fails the test.

          • brickman

            I’m not a socialist so I don’t know what you are replying too. I just pointed out a fact about Hayek that I think is interesting.

          • Habbgun

            Hayek is right now being attacked by Socialists so that was what I was replying to and that really is his specialty. Evaluating socialism.
            As for what you are saying it is true and he even admitted it. The Austrian school economists were lousy investors and really didn’t know how to make a business run. They are different skills. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t write books where he used extensive evidence to support his point of view. He did. Politicians and lawyers are often the worst businessmen. Its usually an eye opener to them when they try it.

    • Gin1234

      LOL. Exactly the same thing that Democrats say about republican candidates, only the Democrats know what they are talking about.

  • brickman

    I live in the Philly media market and every ad that I see is each candidate running as far left as they can.if they defeat Corbett they will have a liberal mandate.