Somali Muslim Migrants Protest Welfare Reform in Maine


Maine’s Somali Muslim settler problem is growing worse with gang violence and welfare abuse threatening the state. Governor LePage’s efforts to make Maine’s generous benefits system less attractive to Somali Muslim migrants who have swarmed the state seeking taxpayer handouts has led to protests from those same Somali Muslims.

Immigration advocates and migrants to Maine rallied at the State House Friday against a proposal that would prohibit hundreds of asylum seekers and some other immigrants from receiving General Assistance while waiting for their work permits.

Advocates estimate that as many as 1,000 immigrants who are seeking asylum in Maine would lose access to General Assistance.

In fiscal year 2012, Maine communities provided a total of $17.5 million in General Assistance, $13.2 million of which came from the state budget, according to the DHHS. Portland provided $9.6 million in General Assistance to 4,376 individuals and families in the last fiscal year, with 90 percent of that money spent on food and shelter, according to the city.

Of the total spent, $2.4 million came from property taxpayers and $7.2 million came from the state.

Opponents of the rule change were bused from Portland and Lewiston, cities with significant immigrant populations, for a hearing Friday before DHHS officials in Augusta.

Opponents said the bill would cut off a lifeline for many people who arrive in Maine and apply for asylum.

“This proposed rule will result in increased homelessness and hunger for immigrant women and their children,” said Fatuma Hussein, the director of the Somali Women of Maine.

“It’s a moral and human act to provide assistance and meet the vital needs of this population,” said Hussein. “The face of Maine is changing and so are our communities.”

“There would be hundreds of people unable to pay their rent,” said Merrill. “A lot of general assistance goes in the form of vouchers to landlords. People would be on the streets.”

The rule change is being proposed by Gov. Paul LePage’s administration, which has made welfare reform a priority in his three years as governor. Welfare reform has also emerged as major theme of LePage’s re-election campaign.

I’m sure the rent will be a lot more affordable back home in Somalia. There’s no reason why working people in Maine should be forced to subsidize the transformation of their state into another Somalia.

Anyone acquainted with Somali pirates already knows how those generous folks treat visitors.

The pro-welfare pushback is predictably centered around accusations of racism and talk of all the incredible economic benefits that subsidizing welfare for thousands of Somalis from a violent backward Muslim country in the throes of a perpetual civil war will bring.


  • SDLakeshore

    If they don’t like it here anymore, they have every right to return to their home of origin. It is absolutely irresponsible anymore for people to immigrate to this country and demand to be offered everything while having nothing to offer. For example, look at Canada’s requirements for citizenship: you have to have some vocation, education or skill to contribute. These people bring nothing but their open mouths and hungry bellies. More Welfare rants of all take and no give.

    If they were hollering about help for vocational training and relevant education in the pursuit of finding jobs and employment, that would be another issue. Except that Muslims do not permit their women to work. So Mr. Hussein is admitting that the men cannot or will not work to take care of those hungry women and children and therefore it is the moral responsibility of the American taxpayer to do it for them. What a hypocrite.

    • Ben

      I had an uncle, who complained about 1960s California. He had crossed the border before the wall was built between East and West Berlin and subsequently emigrated to America. He was told he could leave and he did. Germany wasn’t any better so he came back to California.

  • blert

    One of the highest total fertility rates in modern times…

    What could go wrong?

    • Ty

      Look on the bright side, we won’t have to go so far to have our soldiers dragged through the streets.

  • MarilynA

    You can thank Bill Clinton for this mess. He brought in hundreds of thousands of “muslim refugees” from Somalia during the 1990s. 200,000 to Atlanta alone. 200,000 to Dearborn-Detroit area, 200,000 to Maine, same for west TN and other predominately black areas of this country. My question is, “Why are we accepting Muslims as refugees when Muslims are the people who are responsible for the problems that create refugees.” It looks like we have created a fifth column of voracious parasites who are bent on destroying this country from within.
    If they can’t afford rent, let them live in the streets like they did back in Somalia. Assuring that they can live on easy street at taxpayer’s expense is nothing more than a magnet drawing more and more of these parasites who hate our guts into this country. American citizens must surely have a death wish or they wouldn’t’ be electing politicians who tolerate this kind of crap.

    • PMP

      Clinton brought them in because he is a caring and compassionate person, he was feeling guilty over the Rwandan genocide that he failed to prevent after a U.S. ambassador warned him of it and maybe he was looking for some variety.

      After all he was sure that we had the War on Poverty licked so why not do some more good works?

      • PMP

        So what is not to like about my posts or what is false?

        “The Clinton Administration ignored powerful warnings of impending genocide, including a Central Intelligence Agency study saying half a million people could die if Rwanda …”

        “The report recalls that after the genocide began the Clinton Administration refused “to accept publicly that a full-fledged … genocide was in fact taking place.” Under the 1948 UN Genocide Convention, once a genocide is recognized, the nations of the world are obligated to prevent the killings and to punish the murderers. But the Clinton gang did not want to become involved in Rwanda — after 18 American soldiers had been killed in Somalia six months earlier.’

        So it was Somalia? Nay, the lesson to be learned was not that we got hurt. The lesson was that we had a ‘yella’, cut & run Commander in Chief who was more interest in getting a BJ than in US and World security.

        • Drakken

          The lessons learned are very bloody simple, do not attempt to save the two legged animal life, because no good deed goes unpunished and don’t bring them here.

        • Raymond_in_DC

          Neither George W Bush nor Obama were willing to declare a genocide in Darfur or Sudan for the same reason. Then they’d have to do something about it.

          • PMP

            Judicious use of lead against those wielding machetes to butcher or enslave other humans, keeps your own casualties low, obviates the need for humanitarian refugee assistance and the need for hand wringing.

            It is a lesson impossible fr a Liberal to learn.

          • Drakken

            Darwin loves libtards, because they actually believe that these savages won’t kill them and theirs if they just give them enough hugs and sing kumbaya.

    • HardWorkingMan

      Are we sure Clinton didn’t make this happen because he was distracted by what was happening under his desk while he was supposedly alone in his office???

      • Katie Smith

        Clinton also master-minded the building of dozens of mosques across America as a deal brokered with the Sauds in exchange for cheaper oil during his terms. The entire Bush family is also in with the Sauds. The growth of Islam and of the Muslim ummah in this country is not something organic. It is a direct result of the actions and policies of our criminal and traitorous elected leadership.

        • Barbara’s Political Rantings

          Talk is cheap, back up your “its Bushes fault” statement.

          • Katie Smith

            Actually, your reply is cheap. I never “blamed Bush”.

      • Gillian

        I have told that Clinton did a presidential order to allow thousands of Muslims in a year and I know that Obama did. Clinton was with the 2 Bushes in oil deals including Bin Laden! Nice to know that your presidents care so much about their people. Surely it is time that they were all investigated for treason, especially Obama. When you look at previous presidents, good or bad, they didn’t abuse the people!

    • WeJoTu

      These immigrants came to Maine under complete democrat control. They are destroying everything. These people think they are a superior race. They suck up every benefit they can and then some. Theyll go to Walmart,load up their carts and just walk out the door with it. Dont let them colonize in your states.

      • defcon 4

        It’s the pirate/raider mentality of islam. Everything the najjs kaffir worked to obtain — should belong to the muslime.

      • Kay Sellati

        So they will vote demobrate

  • The_Questman

    Our welfare system as a whole is the #1 reason people want to migrate to the US. THEY DO NOT want to melt into American society. If they want handouts I suggest free tickets back to Somalia.
    Ask Europe about their migrant problems… We’ve just begun to see the problems. IT will get worse.

    • disqus_32UlY7lW3f

      you only have to look at the UK and see the state we are in this country is F***ED up i pity you having a Muslim AS YOUR PRESIDENT says it all.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        I pity you for not knowing the difference between an avowed Christian and a Muslim (even characterized). We do however have a Muslim Senator in Minnesota.

        • Softly Bob

          I pity you for being a clueless idiot.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            LOL. Softly Bob, I love how any detailed debate here is soon reduced to name calling and “bounced off me and hit you” kindergarten logic. What, am I an idiot for thinking that a man’s faith from his lips is his own, or that I know who the senator in Minn. is?

          • Kim Myers

            I believe you are one of them making money off of their refugees that are coming here in the droves. Why else all the sudden did we get soo many of them? Why must we all live together when they will destroy what we have built within a few months?

          • Steve

            I think it’s appalling what’s going on. This is outrageous!!

          • jack

            Bob the dude unless he is using someone else’s personal is not going to get it.

            He lives in a 2nd or 3rd ranked city based on population and is as farm from the troubles cause by the policies he supports as it is possible to get.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Yeah, I live in MO now, and the rednecks here ire me. I miss the city too. San Diego especially, with its large Somali population and the smell of Sambusa and Shwarma mixed with McDonald’s and BBQ.

            I do go to little Mogadishu in Kansas City for mosque when I go to KC. Now that is a town with some serious problems. For being Midwest and by population, it is extremely violent compared to many US cities. And the Somalis have nothing to do with it.

          • jack

            So you are Muslims and married to a Somali woman?

          • Drakken

            You know who and from what population that is making it violent right? Or would you like to ignore those niggley little facts as well?

          • Timothy W. Crane

            You mean the poor blacks and poor whites? Or would prefer to say runaway slaves and absent sharecroppers?

          • Drakken

            Poor has nothing to do with it, and your libidiot thought process is on full display. Take a look at every black dominated city in the US, no different than Africa except in the US they survive on western largess. Sorry to burst your kumbaya moment but facts are in evident, not your feelings.

          • Kim Myers

            Why are you trying to turn this into a race war? It is our Country and these ppl are violent and want nothing to do with our way of life.

          • Darryl Sleeman

            Wow – to you multiculturalism simply means food variety…wake up. Islam is the biggest threat to western society since nazism. Islam has more in common with nazism

          • David Johnson


          • Timothy W. Crane

            Yep, right off of paseo, katy corner from the Aldis. The shopping center area for the Somali community is actually called the “Somali Mall” by those here. Only those opposed to the community usually refer to it as little Mog however, as “gentrification (yuck)” is not yet rampant here, so the community is spread residential wise all over the city.

          • commonsense4sure

            Please move back to San Diego and go swimming! You are duped by a false religion that is anything but peaceful!
            Immigration needs to stop and the UN has NO business dictating who goes to what countries!

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            hmmm…whats the demographics there. just wondering.

          • Kim Myers

            So I guess it is ok with you that they suck our system dry? Have 12 or so kids and we are supposed to foot the bill when our own Americans can not find work, American who are qualified and their unemployment got cut off because we are TAKING CARE OF OUTSIDERS. Not our problem..

          • Kim Myers

            no answer I knew it

          • Kim Myers

            They never do, do they?

          • GuestTwo

            And the smell of feces, dmitry robes and towels on their heads. Deport them all!

        • Herbert

          I believe you are a troll. But if you are not why don’t you go to live in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro area next to the Somali community.

          Right next to them. You would have to do so to live under your vaunted Muslim senator. Because there is no Muslim Senator. They do have a Muslim representative, Keith Ellison. Maybe you can get a Muslim state legislature and state senator too.
          Somehow I think if you are not a troll I do not think you would like the public schools.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            You are right, he is a representative. I misspoke in haste and thank you for the correction.

            I went to excellent public schools. America has a great education system (though it is slipping). I actually would like Minneapolis, and I probably would settle around Somalis. Here’s why. I find most of them I have met to be non-fanatical, though very devout people who have a normal life and ambitions. Few are petrol-trust babies, and not being from an upper class background (Dad was a welder, mom worked at the local hospital as an aide) I can relate to that on a personal level better than I can other immigrants who are more affluent that I meet in the mosques.

            As for being married to a somali woman, no I am not. I am married to an American who converted (dad from the Bronx, Mom was latin – I think from Venezuela – though adopted and raised in the US) to Islam shortly before we married. Contrary to popular thought might be, it was her that converted to Islam to be with me and not the other way around as some might assume.

            I also have four kids who are perfectly happy in public schools. The assumptions you make of me are projected, I am sure, but forgiven.

            I have little taste for racial preferences or dislikes and yes I am a muslim, Ibadi in fiqh. Neither Sunni nor Shia, but part of the first school of religious thought before the split into Shia and Sunni. Our collection of Hadith is much smaller, as it was collected accurately (I know this is a subjective idea but with factual basis) shortly after the prophets death (the collections of Hadith by Sunnis and Shia came some 100-300 years after this). Our formulation of law to this day comprises of both faith and fact, and legal decisions can still be made (not fossilized in the stone age as the Sunnis or cloaked in Mystic Authoritarianism like Shia). Most Ibadis are now centered around Oman, and there is a minority population in Algeria still. They are quietist, no extremists.

            If you tell me to go to Oman, I would love to. It is the most Peaceful of the ME countries not reduced to a shopping mall and the people are multicultural and non sectarian for the most part. (they have their Democrats and Republicans too).

          • Drakken

            I think you would much happier and fulfilled living amongst the 3rd world in the 3rd world, good luck with that. I find it fascinating how a working class individual could ever lower him/herself to follow humanities worst excuse for a human being and forging the worst blight that humanity has ever witnessed. Your parents must be so proud to witness a man being brought down to the lowest form of life on the planet, Bloody pathetic. You and you ilk are nothing more than cannon fodder for islam and a Quisling to us westerners.

          • Kim Myers

            I would like to know if the FBI is on to this guy??
            Timothy Crane? You worry me I believe you are against the American pp the real Americans that have been here for decades.

          • Kay Sellati

            So do you want sharia law in America? and honor killings

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Shariah law already has application to non-Muslim countries. In any country a Muslim is in, especially as a resident or visitor, he is obligated to follow its laws unless he is involved in a popular revolution due to oppression or neglect of the autonomous Muslim polity and an inability to practice their faith.

            I am also bound by Shariah to only fight those that fight me first, even during political maneuvering, so the idea of a violent jihad against an inclusive Democracy that allows for political participation and religious freedom is not only prohibited, but according to common sense (something we do in deed value) is just a lame excuse to be barbaric and backwards, with no value in this world or the next.

            I am guessing that your idea of Shariah is very limiting. Just as Talmudic law and Christian law is neither monolithic or simplistic in legal nature. Its not just a list of punishments. It has over the centuries, in each school, been transformed by precedent and circumstance, as with any constitutional law.

            The application of Sunni or Shia law would be far from ideal in my mind, as one, (Sunnism) closed the doors to legal inquiry into the texts (itjihad) literally to struggle with the texts (see the application of the word jihad there, in intellectual and not violent pursuit?) , centuries ago, and the (Shias) law is still allows for fluidity, but is based on Messianic message and chain of God inspired leaders (their Imams) which ends at a 5 year old dead kidnapping victim. Current legislation in Iran is very intellectual and humanely based only to the extent that those alive (judges) can negotiate with the Supreme leader and his interpretation of Islamic law as he is seen as holding the divine spot for the 5 year old to come back and bring mankind to perfect peace.. This is an unneeded authoritarian layer that even Sunnism did not recognize (calling such leaders who were interpreters of the law instead of followers of it by the moniker Sultan instead of Caliph).

            I do believe in a religious based law for those of my faith. I also believe that for other than public safety and criminal legislation between others of all faiths or belief legal traditions, a true multicultural legal system should be acknowledged in interpersonal civil law and contracts.

            Freedom for all under your own democratically chosen system, democratic or not, shared with others of your inclination.

            The only lines you could never cross would be the violation of another groups rights as agreed upon between you, murder, public criminal acts ,or public mischief in the land.

            Private criminal acts could either be handled by your chose governance or Islamic courts, if the plaintiff and defendant wishes (though there is disagreement as to the need for a defendants agreement…. who want to go to jail and court?)

            If you were to say try to burn a church down. punishment – death – not encouragement.

            Drink beer and eat swine all you want. Fornicate in private The public fornication law supported with legally admissible evidence is actually a lot more strict that in the US. One cop walks up to you two doing whoopy in the park and its done. It takes 4 witnesses in Islamic law…the basis of all laws are to be justice, balance, and equity and a presumption of innocence.

            Follow any faith you want.
            Apostasy for Christians, Jews, and others is a private matter.

            There is no compulsion in faith.

            Tribal theocracy over all was establish by the Umayyads, and when they formed it all but those today called Sunnis remained its supporters.

            Clerical theocracy over all is a Shia concept, and also repugnant to the egalitarian tradition of the Islam. Previous Shia government were run by an Imam (leader) who was considered to be divinely appointed. There were twelve of these in Shia tradition and political (if you count it right…) history, thus the “twelver” name used for most of today’s Shia.

            We see a human and valid leadership (no divinity or perfection is pretended) by Abu Bakr, and Umar, Uthman (though we had to turn from him as an extreme nepotist) and Ali (before he almost negotiated our electorate ability away with a competing governor (who later went on to rule the Umayyads after his murder anyway).

            Our rulers are selected by the people and are not holders of divine selection or perfection in any way , can be from any color or tribe.

            Islamic judiciaries are to be open for the use of those that want them… if they choose, but required for Muslims dealings who are minors or after the age of maturity choose Islam as their way of Life.

            And honor killing are by a consensus of ALL Islamic sects of traditional or catholic nature to be a cultural scourge and in no way honorable, but a shameful act of murder.

          • erin4ever

            You’re using this page as a pulpit and a classroom. Most of us want nor need either. Sounds like you might have been raised Christian. Yet you abandoned Christ for that evil joke of a belief. Wake up before it’s too late and you and your family are left behind. The only thing I can do is pray for you. But I do not want to read your nonsense.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            then don’t read my words. I have been conversing with others, not posting threads. The web is a big place after all.

          • Kim Myers

            They can not get along with each other and in case you have not noticed they are fighting with the Born African Born Americans. I read one artical they called them stupid and ghetto like no class, no heritage but Martin Luther King. Then they taunted these kids in their own neighborhood haha we out number you what are you going to do? Now I have friends of all colors but these maggots belong back where they came from, why should we pay for them and their 12 kids to live here???When we have fellow American out on the street with no homes?

          • Angela Heslip

            This all sounds so lovely now if only it was what actually happens. I’m o tired of all this religion crap… A cult that believes that stoning women and cutting off their clitoris so that they are unable to ever experience sexual pleasure because a man says it’s wrong is disgusting and any so called man that would support it or any other filthy act like it is nothing more than pure evil,

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Clitoris removal is disgusting. It is also prohibited in most countries other than places where the tribal custom is recognized. We used to do it in the US till the 19th century to cure of all thing “mental illness”

            It is nowhere mentioned in the Quran, and the part of the legal history of it in Islam is that it has been allowed for “customary” reasons (when a tribe says that is a hallmark custom that they can not give up).

            So is to kill a woman or man simply because they have consensual sex in private. Give me four people who actually see penetration. It is almost if the custom of making accusations against women to sully their name or do away with them was made almost impossible to prove on purpose.

            Yeah I wish that currently purported Islamic custom was actually Islamic. Especially in the areas of sexual law and privacy. Privacy laws in Islamic communities are non existent, and authoritarian policing seems to now be accepted and sexual witch hunts prevail. The Islamic law in general says stay out of my bedroom and I will keep my privates out of your public.

          • Drakken

            I haven’t read so much bullsh*t since I read the devils book the Koran, you don’t understand your own religion and then have the audacity to compare it to western thoughts and traditions with moral equivalence when there isn’t any, you brain dead fanatical converts are a clear and present danger to all of us infidels.

          • commonsense4sure

            Clitorectomy has NEVER been a practice in America and islam was NEVER been part of our American history except that Thomas Jefferson formed the marines to kick your butts back to Timbuktu because those wretched Somali pirates were kidnapping our trading ships.. raping women, enslaving/beheading the crew and turning the children into slaves! If only Americans KNEW the the true history of islam and why the crusades were fought etc… Ignorance is a bad thing… and the way you all want to rewrite history and say the holocaust never happened is beyond disgraceful!! You are as full of BS as the proverbial Christmas goose!!

          • manthelifeboats

            I’m with you on this history and origination of the so-called “leather necks”, but it wasn’t Somali pirates at that time. I believe it was a different Muslim population off the coast of Tripoli.

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            its not mentioned in the Qu’ran but it is in the hadiths. Mo. saw a woman cutting her caughter and he advised her not to cut so deep. if he really cared about women then he would have banned. but he didn’t.

          • Kim Myers

            Not much better than our Mormon Cult that hide in the Mountains of Utah . Do what I say not what I do?

          • Gillian

            Having actually read the Koran (it took me a while to recover having been violently nauseous) I can tell you are talking taqiyya or are just plain ignorant of your own religion. Muslims are NOT allowed to interact with non-Muslims are they are supposed to be dominant. In fact, Islam means submission and that is to Allah. ALL Muslims are required to kill or convert non-Muslims, take their women as slaves and collect jizya ie the tax for the right to live.

            Yes, you are required to destroy churches, “All churches should be destroyed…” says Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia in March 2012. If you look back through history you will see many places of worship have been taken over and converted into mosques or mosques have been built on the site. The most infamous is the Al Aqsa Mosque which was built on the site of the Second Temple. This mosque is so highly revered that it is often destroyed in a temper tantrum Muslims in various Middle Eastern countries are ethnically cleansing Christians from there and are destroying their churches whilst raping their daughters and forcibly converting them.

            This link gives various Surahs (there are 109 against the kafir or non-believer)

          • Drakken

            It is quite clear that a brain dead convert like you is a future suicide bomber, why is it that western converts to the devils religion are more fanatical than a foreign born muslim? The Catholic church even on its worst day has never sanctioned or condoned honor killings moron.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            It is even more clear that you have not read what I have written with a clear mind. I have made it very clear that honor killings are not in line with the Shariah, in spite of what the rebellious to the law have stated in the name of faith. The Quran is very clear that no man or women is to be killed except in the cases of the taking of life or terrorism.The grand mufti of the Saudi state (the state is named after the family and not the faith even if that does not show their ingratitude to that which they claim to uphold) is not only wrong on this issue in light of the religion but many others. Rape and the idiocy that women can not drive being amongst them.

            As for those muslims that feel that a women has the right to be raped or that they should blame the women for encouraging behavior; (as this has come up several times here), and as honor killings are usually based on the fact that honor must be protected due to a womans interloping with men;

            Waa’il ibn Hujr reported that a woman, in the life of the Messenger of Allah, [left her home] intending to go for Prayer [in the mosque] when a man seized her and had sexual intercourse with her. The man fled, and she told a passing man what had occurred. A group from amongst the Muhaajirin ((those who emigrated to Medinah with the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca )) were told of this and they chased the man down eventually capturing who they thought it was, and took the man to her. She said that it was the man who did it to her. They took the man (and the woman) to the Messenger of Allah, and the man asked ‘who is the man who did this to her’? The man confessed saying, “I am the one who did this to her, Oh Messenger of Allah!” The Prophet Muhammad said to the woman, “You can leave, for Allah has forgiven you!” The Prophet said to the man, “Your words are sound (hasnan can also mean good – what is meant here is that his confession to this crime is a good thing).” So he said regarding the man who had raped her, “Stone him”. He added, “This man has [sincerely] repented a type of repentance that of the people of Medinah would perform, Allah would accept it from them.”

            This tradition proves that not only the rule of God to respect the testimony of a single woman in regards to her rights, but to kill the man that violates her.

            This is not based on some crap I made up, but is the Sunnah, and a leading basis of law in Islam.

            As for why you think I would be a suicide bomber is beyond me. Point out anything I have said that is fanatical or antagonistic to the point of condoning the ill treatment, let alone the hurting or murder of others.

            And don’t resort to that taqiyya BS. I far from hide my faith.

            I am even more fanatical that those born muslim in foreign lands? It seems that I am the only one out of the muslims you have acknowledged that has even talked in terms of decency and mutual respect. Why you cannot do the same is beyond me.

            You seem to think I am just some kid who became a muslim out of anti-Americanism or some rebellon. It is not logical or decent to make blanket assumptions of a person in direct contrast to everything they have shown you.

            Real application of law (as constitutional arguments prove in our current system) is much more complex than acting on emotion.

            The catholic church might not condone honor killings, but one not versed in biblical law might consider Lev. 21:9, 20:9 or Exodus 21:17 as the basis to do so.

            to use the argument often used against me here (though I do point out this is not my opinion but just for example);

            What part of “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him” do you not understand… of course a parent has the right to kill their child for disrespect.

            You find me moronic because you oppose me as a person with the right to differ in faith and thought with you, not anything I done to prove you right.

            You are hateful toward me.
            You slander me and call me names.
            You even go far as to say inevitably we will be at war with each other.

            I have done none of this toward you.
            Your arguement with me is a self delusion and illogical as you project on to me, not only the image of others, but only those select things about them that you despise.

            It is nice that everyone here TELLS THE MUSLIM THEY ARE REQUIRED TO HATE YOU AND ACT ACCORDINGLY, and then complain that some do.

            If I were to tell Christians (or Jews) that their bible (Torah or Midrash) says that they are supposed to kill their children by the example above I would likewise be ridiculed as I am doing here.

            As for American and other convert muslims (but also can be said of those in muslim countries)… By not growing up in a country that has politically motivated control over the ability to look at the scripture as it was actually written and applied by the original group, and having the ability to be free of the historical and political need to choose sides (or suffer for not doing so), we are the only hope for the RE-formation of the faith as it was, and should be.

            I do not claim to be the Islamic Martin Luther, but it is not me who is showing the sign of flat lining in the conversation.

            But I will concede to one point. I know futility when I see it.

            Good luck with your lynchings oh enlightened ones…

          • Samwise

            I checked you out on digitalpoint, linkedin, twitter, & pinterest

            I have my own Qur’an. It was given to me by the Iman at The London Central Mosque 146, Park Road, London NW8 7RG.

            But I don’t talk theology or history. I see from Disqus history that you are not a troll and appear to be fairly busy except for some reason you decided to post here which was unusual. What I want to know is how real is your business? Have you worked for Textbroker Intl?

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Yes I write for textbroker and do web development and IM campaigns/content for private clients. I normally do not speak out much either, but the virile hatred (and the continuous asking of further questions) contributed to my further posting here. It started with a small point and quickly turned into a complete hate fest simply because I am American and muslim. As I get email on responses, I replied in kind. I find it funny in a way… Shut up, by the way, answer this… so I did.

            The general attitude here seems to be that you should not walk a mile in another man’s shoes because everybody else’s shoes stink.

            It has been proven that no one here even cares about the opinions of others, or facts from more than one vantage point, in the very words of those who wrote to me and to others here. Yes, my business is real… and no I do not spend the money on fertilizer and unlocked sim cards. LOL.

          • Samwise

            Khārijite movement is also interesting.

            You might find walking hard. Oman is the largest and only Ibadi majority state. Near the tip of the peninsula very dry mountains separate UAE from Oman the rugged mountains near the tip of the peninsula. People live there in remote villages without water. The houses were built of mostly undressed stone with brightly painted doors. The word was they shot at visitors who took pictures of their houses. The government of Oman brought water up in buckets lifted by helicopters. It would look very much similar to firefighting efforts except at the end of the trip they are pouring eater carefully in cistern. The people moved there with their families to get away from the decadence of society.

            There was some farming in the incredibly dry mountains. Rain comes during the monsoon season and creates flash flood, but if a person terraces and is careful there are small valleys here and there where farming is possible.

            Writing this the book “The Geography behind History” by W. Gordon East would be worth reading in relation to Oman. Oman is bounded by the straights, the Indian Ocean, the Haudramaut, The Empty quarter and the inhospitable mountains. So they are relatively isolated, had fractious neighbors who thus did not pose much of a threat. Oman has been fairly peaceful except for the Jebel Akhdar War and the Dhofar Rebellion. It is a wonder if there will be continued peace will be possible due to continued Shia-Sunni conflict along the fertile crescent. Switzerland of the middle East anyone?

            I have said before of the Muslims I trust Ibadis, Sufis and Ahmadiya, but you would not know it since you are not a regular of FPM. You need more perspective. We are missing one poster who is peripatetic as yourself. Form his comments some would judge him to be a good ‘ole boy white racist. What to make of it when you learn he is married to an Indonesian?


            “Yes my business is real. I do web development/content creation for private clients and also write for TB, and contrary to opinions here, none of the money is spent on fertilizer and unlocked sim cards”

            “Yes I write for textbroker and do web development and IM campaigns/content for private clients.”

            Never met an Ibadi before. The point is to excoriate or berate. Reading textbrokers it does not seem that it would pay the bills. But you mentioned also doing web development and IM campaign also. I guess my question is how many bills does Textbroker pay? I saw you advertise on pinterest. what would be a better forum to talk? This is a political one and not a good one to talk about this, but all the post on pinterest seem 6 months old or older.

            Post under guest if you want. I have before. You need a thick skin to post here at times. I can get upvotes all the time, when I post under my handle. At times when I post under a pseudonym post things under a different angle I get flamed, which just happened yesterday in regards to Canadian who went to Syria and did not come back. Welcome to the club.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            A lot has happened in the way of development in Oman, though mostly around Muscat. Visiting the Sultan Qaboos University Area especially has changed. Naw, TB is more of a client pass through than anything, and I spend more time on my client account now than as a writer. I am on LinkedIn or Facebook more consistently. Pinterest does not really fit my business demographic overall.

            Yeah, being who we are is not always easy, for anyone, not just myself. I have been Muslim for over about 30 years now, so that doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

          • Samwise

            So you converted in grade school?

          • Timothy W. Crane

            When I was 13

          • samwise

            So far consistent.

            Did you know that the oldest mosque in America is not too far from were you live. It has been around for 100 years, no problems.

            There must be a problem with Islam now.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            The mother mosque as it is known? Yes I know of it. There are serious problems in International relations dealing with the US Britain Russia, and even to a lesser extent China ( not the citizens but past and present policies in the regons) especially in parts of the muslim world that are being enflamed through religious rhetoric on both sides. All muslims want to kill Christians, and All Christians (westerners in general) wish to starve the muslims homeland populations or slaughter them also. I know I have been told here that no one cares what africans, muslims, or other immigrants think or how they live.

            The problem is politically and economically motivated phobias, with reactive action turning them into realities. Close minded and protectionist thought encourages this.

            There is wisdom in the saying about keeping your enemies closer (even if just perceived). The absence of accurate understanding and the resort to the blindness that is encouraged here is not only bigoted, but is an intelligence and education failure, which in turn will lead to further political failures.

            The drone program is evidence of this on a military level. I Yemen recently we bombed a wedding party… Why? Is is because the West hates muslims? No. It was because our intelligence on the ground… was not. We took Saudi intelligence as our cue and hit a tribe that has had land disputes recently with the kingdom. We helped the Saudis kill to “fix” a local real estate dispute.

            Explain how this promotes stability not only in the area, but encouraging “the winning of hearts and minds” of the local population?

            Everyone is able to rush full speed ahead into the destruction of the other, fully self justified, as “we” are innocent by default, and “they” are flawed to the point of inhumanity.

            And the ones that raise funds for opposing organizations, gain politically from their formation and notoriety, and of course those that sell the tools of war (often proxies) gain, while those that get to feel justified in their ignorance and hatred lose in the end.

          • Samwise

            How did you find out about it? Did you go to school in Iowa?

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I used to live in Denison for a short time when I was younger, (worked for the IBP beef plant- Now Tyson) but I do not say that is where I found out about it. I really do not remember when I first heard about it. I have never been to the mosque. It is often talked about in US-Muslim discourse.

          • Samwise

            Sorry Pinterest was the wrong site. What I saw that interested me was your linkdln and this post at Digital forums.


          • Timothy W. Crane

            That post was in 2009. Wow, what a flashback. No that opp has folded due to a lack of quality writers I was able to get at the time. I thought you might have been referring to my current content biz I have been running for about two years. I am sorry.

          • Samwise

            Just asking because I am interested in making that kind of money.

          • Guest

            Not sure what happened to my comment, it disappeared.

            Yes my business is real. I do web development/content creation for private clients and also write for TB, and contrary to opinions here, none of the money is spent on fertilizer and unlocked sim cards. LOL.

            I learned here that some people feel that you should not walk a mile in another man’s shoes, because everybody else’s shoes stink.

            I replied here more that usual as I repeatedly had more questions asked of me, and only that. It was a conversation, although I will admit, followed the shut up…now answer me this…format.

            It is nice to know that my identity has now been established by others. I now know who I am, thanks to the people here. I now know what I believe because they say so.

            I can see why you rarely speak on theology or history, especially if this is the crowd you have to converse with.

          • Guest

            Very, and yes. 3rd time’s a charm? They erased my response

          • Timothy W. Crane

            My fault, I think my ISP logged off and made me a guest.

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            oh spare me the victim bullshit. muslims invented lynching, burnings and impalements. and don’t compare the teachings of the old testament to the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are different just as your Qu’ran is different. Jesus did not make it obligatory for his followers to rape, murder and plunder or kidnap those who didn’t follow his preachings. but Mo. did. Jesus didn’t get a hard on looking at little girls like Mo nor did he engage in sexual intercourse with a dead woman, wear woman’s clothes, or suck on the tongues of little boys or allow his men to rape helpless women after their men and boys were butchered. Islam is the anti Christ whose followers are the children of war.

          • KrazyChick

            It is very clear that you did not hear about the 21 terror camps they have found here? The only reason they backed off it to not bring too much attention to themselves, but when things cool off I am sure once all their brother and sisters are here on our soil all hell will break loose. You are putting people that have done nothing but fight with each other with the american citizens that are not use to such violet behavior. Now does that seem fair to you?

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            you’re a liar. Jihad is an offensive war. muslims are obligated to kill the non muslim since its dar al harb vs. dar al islam which means there can be no peace in the world unless the world converts to Islam or submits and pays the Jizya ( money non muslims pay to muslims so muslims don’t kill them. its a welfare in today’s terms. muslims are moochers by nature. most of the ones I have contact with are moochers, a people with no grace or class, and no dignity as they breed and breed and way to waste all lands they colonize.) Mohammed preached against traitors but thats what Islam attracts, that and attention ho’s and felons.

          • Mike

            You outed the ideological incompatibility between Islam and the west in your first sentence. The personal, metaphysical belief of an individual never exempts them from adhering to the laws of the west, nor does the belief of an individual obligate any country to making accomadations for their doctrine of belief as they pertain to the law. If you are “obligated to fight” then you have no place in the west. It has been demonstrated, over and over again, that Muslims will take this obligation seriously and act on it in western cities. You are absolutely incompatable with us.

            Your arrogant logic of social entitlement is outrageous, and can only come from an illogical, undiscipled mind. Our society owes Muslims, or any metaphysical belief system that diverts from our established system of law, nothing. Islam is a religion of the second and third world for several very good reasons that reside in its teachings. To state that you are obligated to violence proves that you should reside in the lawless or otherwise Sharia dominated desert, and not in San Diego.

          • Scott P Bienvenu

            You lose all credibility when you follow the teachings of a madman, rapist, mass murderer, childmolesting, hearing voices in his head, slave owner, that suffers from OCD.

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            if you’re a mussie then you believe in Jihad and therefore you embrace killing non muslims. you’re a hater and people like me have a right to fight against that hate. Everywhere that Islam has prevailed has turned into a shit hole full of violence and destitution. Sad.

          • Matt Dennison

            Mr. Crane,

            As your entire viewpoint is from the perspective of a Muslim, I feel it serves to invalidate your arguments to a degree. You’re not one of the “kufar”, like us fellow Westerners. While we are debating welfare benefits for Muslim Somali immigrants further taxing our system while scores of native U.S. citizens are living on the streets of America without a pot to piss in, Westerners in Muslim lands are not only at risk of, but being sold by Muslim “moderates” to the Islamic State for propaganda purposes and execution. Contrary to Obama’s comments, the Islamic State is, in fact very ISLAMIC as they are practicing Shariah Law to the very last detail. So yes, it does not at all surprise me that you take a stance in defense of Muslims, as you are one yourself. Your primary motivation is to serve the Ummah (Islamic community) above all else. Here you are sticking your head into the chat thread of an article which has little to do with you because you are not a citizen of the state of Maine subsidizing the lifestyles of people who view America as a country of dhimmis only fit for paying the Jizya tax to them through the welfare system. I choose to call it “Jihad Seekers Allowance”. Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim. That’s the reality in which we live, so forgive us non-Muslims for being wary of opening up the chicken coop to a pack of wolves. We all know what happens if only one wolf manages to get inside. There’s been enough terrorism in the world already, I suppose you weren’t aware one of ISIS’s fighters was Somali and had a residence in Lewiston. He died in Syria, but what if he had decided to carry out his Jihad out here in Maine, instead?

        • DonA

          Since you seem so full of pity, invite the unfortunate ones who lose their precious benefits to stay at your house. I’m tired of paying for everyone’s merciful deeds.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            You mistake pity for compassion and responsibility. I have let several homeless stay at my house over the years. I am my brothers keeper, not reaper.

        • Kay Sellati

          A Christian believes in Jesus as God, muslims do not,

          • Timothy W. Crane

            True. though some sects of Christians reject Deification and only validate him as God’s son.

          • Gillian

            Islam believe that Christianity and Judaism came from them instead of Mohammed stealing large chunks from them. You should remember that Judaism has been around for several thousand years, Christianity for 2 thousand and Islam for 1400 years and it hasn’t grown or changed as it is not allowed to be questioned!

          • Wolfy Ghalkhani

            as Mo. lay dying, he instructed his thugs not to bury him for three days as he would rise up like the Messiah did. for three days, they waited but nothing happened so they were forced to bury his body in an undisclosed area so those who hated him and with good reason wouldn’t dig up his body and desecrate it.

        • Kim Myers

          So why is gang violence up in Maine now? Maine never had a rough criminal past but it does now. Sweden the rape rate rose to an reaming rate and get this a serial rapist was let go because he did not know any better. Wake the fuck up and Stop this now..

    • Gee

      They’re too busy telling Israel how they must taken in more Somali migrants

      • Guest

        Israel should take in all of them, so the US won’t.

    • defcon 4

      You’re not kidding. I know a woman who emigrated to Minneapolis/St. Paul, she says that parts of it are called Little Mogadishu.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        There are little Mogadishus all over the US unfortunately.

      • Curt Lehman

        I work in the middle of Little Mogadishu in Minneapolis, and they are everywhere. No assimilation, and for the most part, bring with them the stink of Ismail and the wish for sharia law.

      • LookMoo

        Got the same problems here in Sweden, refuse to blend in among the general population, women can not take work because of their beliefs (social welfares seems OK).

    • jazzonfyre

      “Our welfare system as a whole is the #1 reason people want to migrate to the US.”
      True. And you can replace “US” with any country with generous welfare payouts. Best example I can think of is Australia. Boatloads of Afghanis and other Middle Easterners brave the high seas, stop over in Malaysia and Indonesia for supplies, then try to land on Christmas Island (Aussie soil). Neighboring Singapore is wealthy, but offers no welfare payout to non-citizens and doesn’t welcome those who are not economically productive. The boatloads don’t even bother to head there. Thankfully, the current conservative Australian administration is pushing back.

    • DonA

      Damn right. I loved the line in the article about how they would find the rents more affordable in their native Somali. Its about time someone is willing to tell the truth.

  • pfbonney

    Wow. Not often my original home state of Maine makes it into the news, except for Main’s two political RINOs, anyway (Sen. Susan Collins and former Sen. Snowe, not to mention Sen. Angus King, who replaced Snowe, when she retired, an “Iino” – Independent In Name Only – he caucuses with the Democrats, I understand).

    I was talking to my brother who lives just outside of Portland, ME (I live in the greater Houston, TX area) a year or so ago. I had mentioned to him of a news story I had read of the homeless flocking to Portland. He explained the reason for that was because the benefits for the homeless are so good that it has that reputation.

    Which is begetting more homelessness. It all goes back to the old axiom, “Whatever you subsidize, you get more of.”

    I knew there were Ethiopians in Maine. But this is the first I’ve heard of Somalis.

    And thanks, MarilynA, for explaining where they came from. I haven’t lived there since I joined the US Navy in 1981.

    And thanks for nothing, Bill Clinton.

    • Katie Smith

      Ethiopians are different. They tend to be Christian (true victims of jihad back in Ethiopia) and hard-working. Here where I live we have a good chunk of Ethiopians, and they run corner markets, Ethiopian restaurants, work as cashiers in the local health food stores, and other little businesses. They are very kind and always smile. I’m talking about numerous ones I’ve come across around town. You can tell almost immediately they are NOT Somali and likely not Muslims. It’s their friendliness and smiles that give them away. Somali Muslims are morose, unhappy, and cynical. That’s Islamic culture for you. It tears you down as a human being and steals your joy for life.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        Somalis are different. They tend to be Muslim (true victims of war back in Somalia) and hard-working. Here where I live we have a good chunk of Somalis, and they run corner markets, Halal restaurants, work as cashiers in the local health food stores, and other little businesses. They are very kind and always smile. I’m talking about numerous ones I’ve come across around town. You can tell almost immediately they are NOT British and likely not Christian. It’s their friendliness and smiles that give them away. American Evangelical Christians are likewise, however seem politically unhappy, and cynical toward all immigrants. That’s Protectionist culture for you. It tears you down as a human being with endless labels and steals your joy for life.

        Those, them, they….. argghhh.

        Why you all espouse what you claim to hate so much (the intolerance of others) I do not get.

        The political right wing and al-qaeda make a great tango team. Too bad we all suffer for it.

        • Katie Smith

          Aw, poor Lefty loon. Did I strike a raw nerve with you? Too bad.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I guess that makes me a moderate Islamist then? Actually my skin is pretty thick. I don’t seem nearly as angry as many replying to me. But I guess here to speak out against hate or misunderstanding is hate, or some Islamic based treachery to my country. Maybe there is a mexican family in California taking welfare without the right. We should then kick all mexicans off of welfare? I know both Democrats and Republicans who would see that as short sighted, and am dismayed why that logic is lost on so many here.

          • Robert

            The Middle East is being bled white of Christians and Jews since before WW2 or WW1 and you want to pretend that Islam is moderate.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Actually I already stated that the Ottoman handling of the Armenians was genocide. I would also concur that placing the idea that Christians and Jews are the present Islamic enemy based on a much blown up version of the Christian Crusades (and even to some extent modern Israel) has been one of the biggest mistakes (though done on purpose – don’t mince my words here) the post Ottoman ME has made in the name of faith. The attacks on Christians all over the Middle East is as evil as it gets, just as the attacks on Jews in Germany were, evil. It is based on tribal superiority and not faith, period, just as the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. Propaganda by losers to make their populations think others were at fault.

            I as an Ibadi am a heretic to the extremist . We criticised Uthman for nepotism, and Ali for preparing to give his authority to another in arbitration (like the president allowing another non-elected official to replace him as part of a military agreement). To decry early leaders as not perfect to be blasphemous is nowhere found in Islam, but very expected from the two major sects.

            So I do speak from a perspective that is not held by many Sunnis or Shia. I do represent a moderate Islam. The Islam that existed before the infighting and return to tribal warfare that came after the prophet’s death. I distaste the Shia and Sunni conflicts the most, as when one won over the other, the fanaticism of both became deeper, and now they are theologically even very different from the initial muslim faith due to their distaste for each other.

          • Drakken

            There is no moderate islam period, there is only islam and there is no changing it, good luck with that complete utter stupidity of yours, weak minded converts like you are the bloody worst. In case you haven’t noticed, you muslims are pushing the infidel to one way or another deal with you with expedient means, God Bless the Crusades.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Do not think I am a weak minded convert picking and choosing. I follow an established school of fiqh. Let me guess, and enlightened worker for a government agency specializing in the ME does not know of the Ibadis or our historical or theological roots. Wouldn’t amaze me. It also seems there are no moderate Americans (I know there are as I am one, but these boards deny the fact).

          • Drakken

            Your naivety and arrogance is absolutely stunning! You don’t even understand nor comprehend the so called religion you follow. Islam is islam period and it is islam against the infidels. Get it through that bloody self righteous stupidity of yours. Do gooders, the death of us all.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            So in order for me to be an intelligent Muslim, I must be belligerent to those that do not fight me, as a non military citizen, with no authority to lead either this defensive or expansive campaign that you feel I should be on.. to I guess seek you out for death or conquer?

            The basis of the Islamic state is legitimacy and legality, not simple occupation or declarations of war and forced conversion and slaughter.

            Go read more Robert Spencer.

          • Drakken

            Intelligent and muslim in the same sentence is an oxymoron, and as a former American you should know that, but alas a libtard who believes all things are relative and all cultures, peoples and religion are equal, when it is as clear as day they are not, there is no helping you for where ever islam goes, the blood always flows, without exception. If it makes you feel all better about your conversion to pure unadultered evil, go put a COEXIST sticker on your Prius.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            If I was who you say I am, I would not have been here for a day and a half taking abuse in an effort to solicit a real dialog with anyone. I do not see all things as equal, but I do believe in equitable treatment of others.

            Anyway, I would much rather put a Coexist sticker on my rifle… It may be needed to save the ability of humans to coexist in the face of hatemongers, of any design.

            As for the intelligence issue…. المغفل

          • Drakken

            East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. You unfortunately are going to find this out the hard way.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Put the flat map down already, the world is round. Your statement also refutes the idea that the religion of Christianity or its influence could have ever reached the west in positive form, or Is Judaea and Samaria somewhere East of Jersey?

            You must not believe in Cyprus.

            Yes I am joking about Cyprus
            You do make an excellent argument for removal from ME affairs however (though I am not so black and white on inter nation involvement).

            Or are you actually quoting Kipling? you rote what he wrote but read not…

            The verse is on the equality of men, no matter where they may be from, a concept you have already rejected.

            Go ask a 4th grade English teacher (but she’s probably a Red and you wouldn’t believe her or him anyway)

          • Drakken

            Kipling did not believe in the equality of man, obviously your educated beyond your capability. Funny you should mention Cyprus since half of it is under Turk control since it was invaded in the 70’s. Let me make myself perfectly clear, not all people, cultures and religions are equal, period. In case it has escaped your liberal notice, but the population invasion from the east into our western nations is going to blow up sooner or later and frankly I don’t think the western man when push comes to shove is going to live under sharia law.

          • Robert

            We are talking more than just the handling of the Armenians.

            But since you brought up Ottomans, there is the whole Janissary travesty. Nit only did christian s have to pay taxes in money they had to pay with their 1st born sons.

            You proud of it.?

          • Timothy W. Crane

            The ruling on making a free man a slave (military or otherwise, muslim or non muslim) in a muslim society is prohibited. They used a twist – economic and political bait to compulse families into entering their children into the Ottoman guards. It was not only a slight to the letter of the law (but who opposes the military right) but also one of their biggest political-military mistakes in the end. A non muslim who pays jizya (which was a common tax also applied to the non-Roman non-Byzantine non-Persian etc in territory they ruled). You pay your taxes, you do not get sent off to fight. This was not only an Islamic custom at the time, and would have been a direct violation of this custom in any of these cultures. Like I said, the caliphate is theologically (at least to my school of thought) not a divine station. Ruthless and idiotic leaders abound in human history. This was not only an illegal and unethical decision, but also a folly that would cost them the loyalty of their fighters and outlying provinces.

            It is funny (not really) but the quran and sunnah made the gaining of slaves actually very hard, in fact without a real and present military enemy illegal, but the release of, and the ability for slaves to attain legal standing equal with the master easy.

            Both sub Saharan incursion (even by Ibadi merchants), and Central Asian expansion was driven more by the need to replenish slaves the program of Islam had diminished than for any glorious religious goal.

            I am proud that they program of Islamisation would have ended slavery, but ashamed that even my sect engaged in the justification of expansive war for slaves. Who do I hate for this? My muslim self or my White self. LOL. There were abolitionists even in early Islam, and the Quran and sunnah is very clear that it was a entrenched enterprise of dishonor meant for those who fought others could face, and not beneficial in either economic or religious- moral value.

            Facing the facts of any national, cultural, or ethnic past has its skeletons and open wounds. The re-emergence of slavery when it was nearly strangled led by a merchant led. But of course the need for the Western Empires for slaves for their “new worlds” as well as the new bourgeois in the East that felt the need for domestic help and wanted haram girls.

            Only idiots and deluded extremists deny these facts.

            Pride has nothing to do with it. There is no apologetic BS in my ideas, nor the whitewashing of the historical facts. No man, scholar or Sultan, even a Caliph is immune to the truth and its consequences. No hidden mahdi or fantasy four lineups for me thank you.

            It actually, economically and ethically gives insights into today’s drug trade, especially that of the US/Mex and EUR/Afghani realities.

          • Drakken

            Islam has been taking slaves since your hash induced pedophile false prophet crawled out of the desert and screwed his first 9 year old. In case it has escaped your notice, slavery is still very much alive and well in the muslim world, denial ain’t a river in Egypt. Keep defending the indefensible, it just makes you look like an ass. As for the Balkans, they have extremely long memories of the turks and their atrocities against them, and they demonstrated it very clearly with the muslim jihadist in Bosnia, where it looks like the muzzys are up for round two, but this time the Europeans are not going to be in the position to help the muslims because mother Russia isn’t going to stand this one out.

          • defcon 4

            Your insane defense of islam0nazism has nothing to do w/logic “timothy”. Or is it really Ahmed? Or Abdul? Or Osama? Or Usman?

          • Larry

            Careful with this one. This troll is either having a lot of fun or is seriously deluded

            “I do go to little Mogadishu in Kansas City for mosque when I go to KC” -Tim Crane (see above)

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I have never defended Islam0nazism as you call it. In fact I have been very clear as to my opposition to current Islamic discourse based on bigotry or even colonial victimization, as they have done nothing good for anyone. Would the name my mother gave me make me a better evil in your eye, an easier target to ridicule? Or do yo even know what those names mean (other than maybe Sandnigger or Muzzie)?

            And yes it is Timothy. But maybe if you all call me more names and call me stupid enough, it will cover up the fact of my words, and you can then replace them, repeat it enough times to make it true, and you can then share it with others…

            Or is it that the right only calls for voices of moderation to come forward against what is wrong in the ME and elsewhere based on historical and sociological facts so that they can drown them out with shouts of stupid and la la la (fingers in ears)?

            Lets be real then, you could care less about taxes or even welfare. You want these people to receive nothing, or even pay, for your views on what they MUST believe in, being muslim and from a failed state, and that anyone not born in America should shut up and go home unless they bring something for you.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            ” that anyone not born in America should shut up and go home unless they bring something for you.:

            That seems reasonable.

            What’s the point of a disadvantageous immigration?

            Does America have a shortage of giant families on benefits and gang violence?

          • Drakken

            Thank God for colonialism, for it brought the 1st world to the 4th world and kept islam at bay for 400 years. Funny how self hating, self loathing, weak, brain dead libtards like yourself blame us of the 2st world for problems that islam itself brings upon itself.

          • Habbgun

            Maybe it does make you a moderate Moslem. I buy it but I give you ten seconds of further life around Al Qaeda or Hamas.If you believe it is our attitudes that are the problem you are very, very deluded.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            While the discussion has gotten to be more of a slamming of the Islamic faith, I do in fact think that the attitude that we should invite others from a war torn country, and then set them up for failure by denying them both the right to initial work or money to live off of is a mistake and an exploitation of its own. I have discussed solutions to the problem, but it always comes back to me and others of the Islamic faith as being lazy stupid freeloaders intent on your destruction. That is a delusion in of itself and an avoidance of the issue. For most people understand that their neighbors are not 5th column agents… I hope.

            As for Al Qaeda, they suffer no one. That is their flaw. They are few, but totalitarianism has a draw to the oppresses or those convinced they have been oppressed. Heck, America thought that dictators were perfect for those in the ME. Why should we shudder at the thinking that those who lived with this reality for whole generations would not have picked up a queue or two from this environment?

            Hamas actually has warmer relations with Ibadi muslims, as do the official channels in Saudi.

            I think there is delusion on both sides. Most people can not be forced into war without it.

          • Drakken

            Our western countries are full and the load that socialistic policies have produced is running out of other peoples money. Throw in a little jihad and demands from the ungrateful 3rd worlders we imported without the peoples consent, it is a pressure cooker that will make the Balkans pale by comparison, when this blows up and make no mistake it will, nobody is going to care how so called moderate you are, for no one is going to care.

          • DonA

            Just because you love the effects of Cloward Piven strategy does not mean the rest of us need to as well. We should run our illegal immigration polices on the same standard as other countries that use our generosity to bleed us dry. Go to Mexico, go to Somalia or many other countries and try to get the assistance as an American refugee and see if you get 1 miilionth of one percent of the compassion showed to people who come to our shores. Even after giving for decades and being kicked in the teeth for it we still are far more compassionate than other countries. Well son that time is coming to an end, not because we’ve lost the giving spirit of a Judeo-Christian culture, but because as Margaret Thatcher stated…”we are running out of other people’s money. God save the world when the only types left are those like you who engage in pretty language and do nothing to help those in need. “Just words, just speeches” are what we get from our useless president and from people like you. When the third world finishes stealing the last of our resources, the world is going to become a far uglier place then any of us can possibly imagine, and speaking out against hate will be laughed at and thought of as weakness, by those who have bled us dry.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            “When the third world finishes stealing the last of our resources” LOL. I do not feel that Somalia has ever had a dime taken by the US, but the statement made me laugh regardless, especially when the fact is that most of what we consume comes from the third world as well. The symbiotic and parasitic relationships that nations engage in are slightly more complicated than that.

            I actually have lived in Mexico for several years… Mid baja and mainland. If it weren’t for the drug wars that we ignore (thousands more dead every year than all the terror attacks on the US worldwide – just for clarity, not a justification for the aggression of others) It would be a fine place to meet real people that do help others and have compassion for the common man, just like in the US. It is too bad we snort most of their infrastructure up our noses, or it might be less corrupt and dependent on our economy. there reliance on “drug welfare” is far more dangerous that Somali families.

            The fact that exporting our consumer culture, if widespread will deplete more than just our resources. I guess that is why you feel the need to keep others in the 2nd and 3rd world tiers.

            As for the CP strategy, I never endorsed anything close. Actually the whole time I have been offering the suggestion of expedited work permits for those who are awaiting refugee status (no other immigration issue is even discussed) so that those who get here can contribute ASAP and not have to get a dime.

            As for idea that I do nothing, what makes you think that? My couch and fridge have had more than their fair share of those in need in and on them. I strongly believe in helping others whenever possible.

            I regularly volunteer and I actually do not have a big problem with my money going to refugees for food and shelter while not being allowed to work.

            Far from white guilt, I feel personally comfortable with the amount of help I offer to others. I do at times wish I could do more, that that is more an emotional fact for those that give than the reality of actually feeling that I have not done enough.
            You may look toward a day that speaking out against hate will be laughed at, but I tell you it is already here.

            I am not only laughed at but threatened for my stance on the elimination of hatred and violence between those in the world.

            And people wonder why their are no moderate Islamic voices… or Americans who do not beat the drums of war also. They are drowned out by the callous laughter and vile threats from both side of the isle.

            I am not even opposed to real welfare reform. I just feel in this instance we are pulling the rug out of under those in need of us to live up to our promises to them, instead of using them as a political pawn in a State election. We are doing this after the fact, not before. If you were told you could not work, nor get aid… in a foreign land. What would you do… work illegally at best or steal at worst?

            If you really feel that the background of Somali refugees makes them a risk for gang violence, then this might be a little short sighted.

            Alright. I am ready for another round of fuck you and go to Africa. That is so connected to my actual input.

        • Tina Trent

          Timothy, your ignorance knows no country, as it were.

          I worked for World Relief Orgainzation during Operation Homecoming and the other Clinton resettlement efforts in the early 1990s in Clarkston. GA.

          Evangelical Christians were doing the settling. While you sat on your very intelligent toosh, they travelled around the world as — well — evangelicals (get it?) and set up the resettlement agencies back home, along with Catholic Charities and Jewish Family Services, who sponsored coreligionists and others from the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Erhiopia and Eritrea, Vietnam, and so on.

          The Somalis and Afghans brought with them problems that other refugee groups did not. Resistance to work, lying about family composition, demands for special services and privileges, I could go on, but let me just say that by the third time I walked into an apartment I was subsidizing with my taxes and found a “family” of ten men between 18 and 22, with a miraculous lack of female daughters, mom in the corner and “dad” sitting disinterested in learning about work opportunities, I could see that we had been had. And the Somalis even then were making plans to hop the first bus to Maine to get more money for no work.

          As to your hysterical denunciation of Christians — the conservative Baptist church ran all sorts of classes and services for these folks while the leftists wandered around judging the Christians’ efforts — while doing nothing. Then the NYTimes came in and made up a bunch of abject lies about some soccer field access being denied to poor immigrants, and that got made into a film and book and now it’s used to spread hatred of Christians by falsely accusing them of being prejudiced, when the exact opposite was true. Their town and culture were taken over by federal fiat; they were demonized, and they responded by running furniture banks and ESL classes and enduring hate spewed by ignorant whiners like you. Go suck an egg.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Actually I hold no grudge toward Christians. I come from a Christian family. I simply point out that the use of generalisations of one ethnic group or another, nationality, or religion can go in both directions (and in conflicts usually do).

            As an aid organizer, you can probably see that the most resistance came from groups who came from countries where corruption was commonplace and accepted (especially in Somalia and Afghanistan), not simply because of their faith or color.

            I find it funny that when the terms are turned you find it hateful, but to say the same of others is not.

            I hold no hate, nor am I an ignorant whiner, resorted to name calling, or held suck elegant demands of you concerning unhatched chickens.

            I applaud all of the help that Christians, Jews, and Atheists have done to help refugees in need. I would like to see it continue, as well as tackling the problems you describe, in a constructive manner.

            Those, them, they….. argghhh. was an attempt to show my exasperation with the generalisation that all Somalis were lazy and stupid, non conforming hateful people looking to snag a buck.

            But I guess you have reasons to be jaded and feel justified in it. I am sure there a few Tinas on the other side that feel jaded with the results of their dealing with Americans, but as I stated, I feel that their misconceptions are also incorrect.

          • Tina Trent

            You conflated political conservatives with murderous terrorists — Al Quaeda. Don’t try to deny that. Own the seething prejudice you just spewed on the page. Don’t nabber away impotently insinuating that you meant something other than that. It’s right there in black and white.

            You called us terrorists. Message delivered.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I consider the right wing of current American discourse and also many on the left (Obama included) to support policies that are contrary to International and Constitutional, and Humane law, just as those who are muslim that do not speak out on atrocities done in their name. So yeah. I do not value one life over another, as I think all life is sacred. The fact that we have been used to hating others in the name of patriotism and democratic-capitalist through the use of murder and political and media based fear is just as sick as to hate for the want of religious rule. The conflation is not a conflation however, as the hatred of “them” to protect “us” as the basis is what I see as the base of it all, and it is shared by many in both camps. What you may fail to realize, is that there are also people in this world that support “Al-Qeada” type groups politically as they see them as less corrupt than those now in rule, while thinking less of them when it come to religious thought.

            Come on RealPolitik doe exist. It is not all about Freedom, Colonialism, and palm nut pie… on either sides reality.

            The drone program is problematic at best… even those guiding them say it is impossible to actually tell who they are targeting at times. Police tactics would be better to use against thugs, not military weapons that have such high collateral damage.

            If I held the same generalizations that many hold here about muslims and mirrored them for Americans, i would see all Americans as terrorists, however I have constantly derided this as faulty and counterproductive, to all involved, letting up on neither side and holding praise for good whenever I see it as well. I am not perfect, by far, but I make an effort at balance and fairness (oops… did I say that;)

          • Drakken

            I am a citizen of a sovereign country period, I follow no so called international law or so called humane leftist garbage. Your sympathy, empathy and collaboration with enemies of us westerners is duly noted. Islamic jihad is defeated by military action, end of story, trying to solve it with a law enforcement mindset is what has gotten us to where we are now, as for so called collateral damage? Its called warfare and if your in the same village as the jihadist, either leave or perish, they get the message, inshallah I guess. So you are either on their side or ours, it is that bloody simple.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            You just gave justification for the killing of civilians in the World Trade Center, did you know that. I strongly disagree with your logic. Osama Bin Laden declared war on the US, so in your logic the people who died were “just a part of warfare”.

            To be so simplistic, especially in matters where lives are at stake is STUPIDITY.

            If you are in the military or intelligence as you claim, I hope you are low ranking, for many innocent people will die for no reason if your logic is used in the field.

          • Drakken

            Don’t not make the mistake of giving equal status of American citizens with your fellow muslims, because there is zero equivalency between mine and yours period. Your fellow muslim flew planes into buildings so your going to have to forgive me if I really don’t give a rats azz about your fellow muslims and how many get wiped out. My tactics work, and I got that lesson in Oct of 83, and it is a lesson I have never forgotten. You useless, weak, brain dead liberals who believe in nothing, but fall for everything really do amaze me with your utter stupidity for you follow the devils religion that is a blight upon humanity, sorry I am all out of sympathy for you and your fellow muslims.

          • Joe

            Pointing out the flaws in your self serving logic is tedious and tiresome.

            “All Americans” don’t believe in a religious doctrine that justifies violence under certain conditions. Most Americans share little understanding of or ideological common ground with their special interest funded leaders. Your attempt at drawing a parallel between “All Americans” and Muslims is ridiculous at best. I’ll give you a little more credit though, and assume that the attempt is not laughably stupid in its logic but is instead merely disingenuous and cynical.

          • Drakken

            When you import the 3rd world you become the 3rd world, and traitorous converts to the Devils religion like you are the worst of the bloody lot. This 1st world country is being flooded by 3rd world refuse who are draining us dry, our open minded tolerance has limits, and those limits are being reached as we speak, so if you despise us infidels so much since you turned to our sworn enemies, perhaps it is time for you to leave our country and go live in the islamic paradise of your choice.

          • Joe

            Your objection to Mrs. Trent’s “generalizations” holds NO water given that Somali refugees have blatantly over-populated the areas with the most generous welfare benefits. Her generalizations seem to be spot on, otherwise Maine and Minnesota would not be hotspots for Somali resettlement. The cynical abuse of successful, local welfare systems is a social crime perpetrated by liberals who are not from the communities that they target for parasitical resettlement. It’s a simple wealth transfer from working class Americans from self-made successful communities to unsuccessful foreign born Africans. The end result of such abuse, as we see in this article, is the necessary dismantling of what was once a local social safety net that used to have a net positive benefit for the small, local community (which Maine is). When the safety net eventually leads to non-local parasites, and the negative community consequences that follow, the safety net is logically dismantled. How much foreign wealth transfer do you think blue collar Americans should rightfully put up with? Maine is already one of the poorest states in the Union. Your arrogance and whitewashing of the truth knows no bounds.

        • pfbonney

          If the Muslims hadn’t attacked your enemy, the United States and killed so many Americans, you lefties would still be ignoring them as much as you ignore Asians.

          The Soviets let you down, so now you pin your hopes on the radical Muslims.

      • pfbonney

        I appreciate the insight.

        I guess I did know that Ethiopians are Christians. Back in the 1990s, when I still listened to NPR, they had a piece on the war of succession by Eritrea, after it finally got its freedom from Ethiopia.

        Since they are mostly Muslims, they wanted independence from Christian Ethiopia. Apparently, there had been a boundary between those two countries centuries ago, and the West bought into their argument that the boundary should exist again, and Ethiopia lost at least some western support for their position in the war at that time.

        But I wasn’t aware there was all that much difference in the people themselves,

        And I have to say. I don’t know about Somali women, but Ethiopian women are absolutely gorgeous – it transcends race (in my view). Particularly their eyes. If I’m not mistaken, it was even mentioned in the Bible about “Nubian Beauties”.

  • eddd7

    “Asylum seekers”? The only people attacking muslims……..worldwide, are other muslims. Who is attacking whom in Somalia?

    • Lefty

      No its the 4 or 5 Christians who have not been beheaded yet by Al Shabab has all the rest of the Muslims in Somalia terrified.

      Yeah, that’s it!

    • Katie Smith

      Exactly, eddd7. Are we letting in thousands of innocent people … or killers?

  • eddd7

    “The pro-welfare pushback is predictably centered around accusations of racism”.

    Somali is not a race. Middle-eastern is not a race. “Muslim” is not a race. They may be cultures or nationalities but they are not races. Just a fine point here.

    Is anyone but me a bit tired of the race card?

    • Harry_the_Horrible

      Why? It works doesn’t it?
      Until we are willing to not care about race, “disproportionate impact” and crap like that, we’re doomed.

      • laura r

        its all trends. media trends, trendspeak. race is just a happening topic now. wake me when its over. usually fashion passes quickly, but for some reason this thing has made a big comeback. books movies yadda yadda, whats more boring? race yabba, or gay yabba? please, would some conservative billionares step up & buy the media?

    • Logan Robertson

      Only a bit tired? It won’t go away until people are absolutely furious about it.

      I know I am at this point. There is no more legitimate social discourse between the public anymore. Everyone is so caught up in social issues that we are no longer capable of keeping the government in check or having honest discussions about current social circumstances. Gender, sexual orientation, and race almost ALWAYS get injected into every issue imaginable. It’s beyond tiring… it’s downright destructive.

    • Jim

      We’re ALL tired of being beaten about the head with selective racism…’s like the sayingL I’m proud to be Black, said the Black man. I’m proud of being Asian, said the Asian man. I’m proud of being White, said the racist”. What people fail to acknowledge is that the racists are the one’s invading a host country like parasites, demanding change, and turning their adopted home into a shotehole like the one they fled.

      • scott

        why be proud to be the color of a turd

    • Oathkeeper32

      Here is a little lesson on how Islamic Muslims intend on taking us over by using our sensitivities over the race card, taking our anything in our school, military, or government books that reflect Islam as anything other than peace, but also from blending into our system and interjecting themselves into our government and then once this is in place they will be given their Marching Orders to rise up against us here in the form of Jihad.

    • diversity

      A bit tired? as long as there is racism iin america there will still be your race card

  • She_patriot

    Check out UNHCR to see what little goodies the United Nations has in store for us next! We need to stop allowing foreigners, The United Nations to dictate to Americans that we must openly greet and foot the bill for millions of muslims hellbent on the destruction of the western world as a whole. France has taken steps to reduce by over 80% the amount of welfare to the immigrants forced on them and the majority is muslim, we must not allow it to get as out of control here on our soil!

    • Katie Smith

      Yep, and remember this the next time idiot bleeding heart celebrities like Angelina Jolie [spokesperson for UNHCR] put on their sad, judgy faces for the cameras and tell you and me that we “need to do more”.

  • Katie Smith

    It’s going to be a sad day when America’s native-born citizens turn on the immigrants who are abusing our generosity. And it will happen. I don’t advocate it, but this is a dangerous road we are on. Taking food out of the mouths of working Americans who have lived here for generations to put food into the mouths of people that come here to abuse our kindness is a dangerous path that will eventually become untenable.

    • UCSPanther

      The backlash is everywhere in the world. In fact, some of the most vocal critics of uncontrolled immigration happen to be immigrants themselves.

      • Katie Smith

        If I were an immigrant, or even a first-generation American who watched my immigrant parents work their butts off for me, I’d be SUPER offended. But as it stands, I’m a native-born, multi-generational American whose ancestry traces directly to German and Irish settlers and the Cherokees of the northern Carolina region. And I’m offended and appalled. My ancestors literally rode covered wagons across the south to build this country, and the fruit of their labor is now watching millions of backwards illiterates who follow an abusive, misogynist cult religion, and who have no education and no hirable job skills, come here and breed us out on our hard-working dime. Disgusting what our criminal government has done in the years since Reagan.

    • Drakken

      Welcome to the Balkanization of America where we are no longer a melting pot, but a boiling pot under pressure, when it finally explodes, do not be surprised.

    • Peter Henden

      Maybe a sad day. Maybe a much-needed day. Americans ARE being abused, and they won’t take it forever.

      • USA–OG[FoundingFather007]

        Soon, we, the true Americans, of fair skin and light eyes will band together and banish God’s country if those who dare call Us infidels! What do they know? We will feed them, fatten them, raise their youngs and show them the bright potential of a God-blessed upbringing and then cut them off at the knees. They will watch their children fall. They will weep and they will gnash their teeth at the sorrow of having asked those who have righteously earned their wealth and freedom for help and assistance

      • Oathkeeper32
  • Allan

    Who is strongarming this Muslims to go to Maine?? Tell them to Get the F. O.


    Eurabia is closer to Somaila – and the Eurabian Welfare State is more generous.

    With Obama, well at least Eurabia is closer to Somalia.

    Does the US pay the airplane tickets for the Somalis? Or does Saudi Arabia/OPEC pay it?

    • tom_billesley

      US accepts a quota for resettlement from UNHCR, and pays for their quota to get to the US. Membership of UN brings so much enrichment. Same thing happens in Canada, UK, Sweden etc.


        I heard about the Africans crossing the Mediterranean to land in Eurabia and claim refugee status.

        Clearly “refugee” has to be better defined to help those being massacred – and not the lifetime welfare leaches.

  • John

    We have had an influx of Somali people into my city and they tell us they go to Maine because it’s easy to get into the system and once in the head to my state because of the generous benefits. Along with the influx we have had to deal with the Somali Land Pirates, groups off teenaged kids getting high and robbing people. So a people come to a country and demand that the country pay them for nothing from a system they have never paid into? Sounds like the fall of the Roman Empire if you ask me.

    • Katie Smith

      If Mitt Romney had REALLY wanted to win the election of 2012 these are the types of things he would have been talking about. I hope and pray for God’s mercy to help us be deserving of a president who cares about our country. As it stands we have got the president we deserve, I’m sorry to say.

      • DonA

        Katie your posts are just about bringing a tear to my eye, as they are so profoundly accurate and just as profoundly sad. I pray for the same mercy in being deserving of a decent president as well, for we certainly don’t have one now.

        • Katie Smith

          I have hope! Maybe we have to hit rock bottom in order to appreciate our liberties and feel regret over how we sat on our butts and did nothing as they were corroded. But even at rock bottom there’s still hope. One of my favorite movies (well, it’s three movies) is The Lord of the Rings. Watch them when you feel down. It’s a story of extraordinary hope and courage in the face of paralyzing evil.

    • james keith

      In Germany is it the same with this people. They come and produces children, and the live from the socialwelfare and the money for children thex get from the government.

      • LindaRivera

        MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY : School Rioting & Welfare

        • james keith

          Oh Yes, that´s the reality in a lot German town with strong muslim inhabitians. For us No-Go-Areas.

          • LindaRivera

            British and European leaders are guilty of crimes against humanity for colonizing Europe and Britain with many millions of violent Muslims who HATE non-Muslims. Muslims constantly attack our people and openly declare their goal is our conquest. Our wicked leaders are guilty of treason.

      • Drakken

        Sooner or later the savages are going to run out of money, then watch as things get really interesting as those dormant German genes get unleashed.

        • james keith

          Vigilante group is a future option for many citizen!

          • Bob Pante

            They have already disarmed the citizens (subjects in England) and trying to disarm Americans, so we will be defenseless against them.

          • james keith

            It gives a lot of illegal weapons not registrated from the II.WWar. A friend has gotten the weapons from his father. He was an officer in the Army. My brother in law is hunter and has a many guns + revolvers. One of them is a wehrmacht-carabiner with a lot of ammunition. I was lost for words I saw it. And don´t forget the shootingclubs (Schuetzenvereine) where is possible to use the weapons where you will be drilled on weapons. And you get one if your certificate of conduct is ok.

      • laura r

        they put them in housing projects w/ elderly germans, the crime is terrible. my friend lives there.

    • DonA

      Just a modernized version of the Roman Empire’s fall called “Cloward Piven strategy”.

    • Oathkeeper32

      This is a riot of Angry Muslims against Christians on our own soil!! Wow

  • Miip

    Look at all those children. The daddy can have sex with different wives (girls) & the woman or girls can stay at home and get pregnant up & have some more…

    No more welfare until the problem is addressed about their culture publicly so the public will get educated and the Somalians too. Stop immigration…..

  • VHG1

    Maybe those Somalis can move to NYC where De Blasio can welcome them to his new socialist/Marxist workers paradise? Better yet, the $$ it would cost Maine to bus them would be well worth it…you know like Michelle Obama’s patiuent dumping scheme in Chicago!


      Move the Somalis to Detroit or Dearbornstan.

      • rightffielder

        HELLLL NOOOOO !! WE have enough of these muzzscumms around us now !!!!! I live near Dearborn(istan) And Fcku that!! Round the muzzscum up and ship them home!!!

      • BS77

        NO NO NO….send them back to Somalia, along with their FGM, their medieval culture and all their other dark age baggage.

    • laura r

      guess they can live in queens or sheepshead bay brooklyn.

  • nilro

    Send the ingrates packing , These people are instant trouble wherever they are.

  • catherine maneker

    Nothing to see here, move on………it’s advantageous for government to have the sheep work hard for others.

  • Mary

    Go back to where you came from.


    The Somalis of Maine should go back home to Somalia and use the skills they learned in the US to petition the Somali government for benefits.

    They could become Community Organizers in Somalia.

    • defcon 4

      “benefits” from the islam0nazi government of Somalia? You’re very optimistic aren’t you?

    • DonA

      Maybe we should be cautious about that approach, otherwise they may want to come back in a few years and run for president here.

  • Bev Schewanick

    Cut off ALL taxpayer aid to them …. they will self deport.

  • Ghost

    Google the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society if you’re looking for someone to blame for turd world immigration to the US.

  • LindaRivera

    America is BANKRUPT! Mohammadans enter our countries, some with a dozen children in their families and DEMAND to be supported by hated infidels! The Mohammadans have NEVER paid into the system but DEMAND infidels financially support them and their huge families! Why is this allowed?

    Mohammadans: There are tent cities all over America filled with hard-working infidels who lost their jobs and became homeless. Infidels who spent many years working and CONTRIBUTING to the system, and you want money that should rightfully go to OUR people?

    Sweden Natives Being Kicked Out Of Their Homes In Order To Give Them To Immigrants

  • LindaRivera

    Massive numbers of Muslims who are NOT persecuted, are claiming refugee status and asylum; invading America, Europe and the U.K. But it is persecuted non-Muslims who endure horrific suffering in Muslim countries who urgently need asylum! US. and EU leaders are radically pro-Islam. Rabidly anti-Jew, and rabidly ANTI-CHRISTIAN:

    gatestoneinstitute: It was revealed that “Christians are being refused refugee status [in the U.S.] and face persecution and many times certain death for their religious beliefs under [Islamic] Sharia [law], while whole Muslim communities are entering the U.S. by the tens of thousands per month despite the fact that they face no religious persecution.”

    Ruthless, anti-human rights Western leaders refuse to speak out against
    Islam’s Global War on Christianity. SILENCE IS CONSENT!
    Listen to Paul Weston’s passionate plea: Islam’s Global War on Christianity

    Join the heroic EDL!
    Join Paul Weston’s heroic counter-jihad political party, LIBERTY GB!

  • Fedallah

    Send them to Idaho or Montana

    • Patriot077

      Why? Do you think any state can afford them? When I say state, I mean the taxpayers who live there.


      Send ‘em to Al Aska – the grizzly bears are hungry.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        Then you will be whining that they do not get cut off from the oil revenue share that other Alaskans get.


          You have been promoted to honorary Somali.

  • Timothy W. Crane

    I find it ridiculous that there is more attention paid to the ethnicity and faith of people than the fact that they are people at all. The fact remains that race and faith are very much a part of this issue, but not in the bigoted way that it is portrayed here. Somalia, I agree, is not a race, but when compared to other “muslim” and “arab” immigrants, their plight is more a direct cause of war than those with professional visas and education visas, and the main reason assistance is in dire need, but the fact that they are black AND muslim, and not your local doctor now calling himself Moe to assimilate does in fact rile the rancour of the racist and those affected by fear of the “other”.The fact of the matter is, Somalia is an african nation, and though first generation immigrants, we all know how well minority populations with little education or professional backgrounds excel when abandoned after “rescue”. They do so through engaging in black market activities.They must or not eat. Even the act of getting a job is black market without papers.

    As for the rent being cheaper in Somalia, how much is your life worth?

    This is more about rallying around an anti-immigrant statement than a fiscal responsibility. Does not a person who chooses to leave a warzone and come to America to share in its prosperity through hard work deserve to eat while not being allowed to yet work as much as a man who has every opportunity to work, but has his unemployment extended for political favor?

    As for a free ticket back to Somalia, Paris, London, and Dublin all await the return of their own prodigal sons, but there is no longer a native population with any power to decrie the raping of their resources now do we?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I’m sure there are churches and mosques that will support them. Right? Let them show up and ask for mercy and show their good faith.

      They want automatic entitlements and look for their “jizya” payments.

    • She_patriot

      The United States does not pick who we allow in our country, the 70 to 100 thousand annual refugees we take in on top of the one million legal immigrants are hand picked by the United Nations! We take twice as many as any other nation and yet we are the largest financial contributors to many of the nations in need. As far as help goes refugee access to welfare on the same basis as a U.S. citizen has made the program a global magnet.

      The federal programs available to them include:

      ∙ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) formerly known as AFDC
      ∙ Medicaid
      ∙ Food Stamps
      ∙ Public Housing
      ∙ Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
      ∙ Social Security Disability Insurance
      ∙ Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) (direct services only)
      ∙ Child Care and Development Fund
      ∙ Independent Living Program
      ∙ Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI)
      ∙ Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
      ∙ Postsecondary Education Loans and Grants
      ∙ Refugee Assistance Programs
      ∙ Title IV Foster Care and Adoption Assistance Payments (if parents are ⌠qualified immigrants – refugees, asylees, etc)
      ∙ Title XX Social Services Block Grant Funds
      Welfare use is staggering among refugees. Welfare usage is never counted by officials as part of the cost of the program. Yet, when it is included, the total cost of the refugee program soars to at least 10-20 billion a year.

      This is a clear case of global redistribution of wealth and in case you are not aware we as nation are teetering on the financial brink . Time to stop the insanity, time to get out of the UN that is forcing these folks on the backs of the taxpayers!

      • Timothy W. Crane

        “The United States does not pick who we allow in our country, the 70 to 100 thousand annual refugees we take in on top of the one million legal immigrants are hand picked by the United Nations!”

        This argument is the same used to dissuade the germans, Irish, and even the mormons from immigration status in earlier American political history. It is a conspiracy against America. If there is any “hand picking” going on, it is just as formally established in the selection of education and professional visas in the established practice of “brain drain”, if not more than in the refugee status immigration.

        The explicit targeting of a group and denying them the same benefits as any other person looking looking for work (or forbidden to though officially attaining residence status) is problematic, at best.

        Refugee status as arranged by the UN is also problematic and biased politically, I agree. To think that a somalian family looking to escape the ravages of war should forego the “help offered” because there are more than expected is absurd and also not statistically supported.

        I know that welfare reform and budget constraint are important topics, but the targeting of a specific group of people and depriving them of resources available to others because there is little support for them in the hearts of the nation is not a viable solution, or even stop gap.

        Other than the virile and uneducated hatred for those coming for shelter, there has been little attention paid to these issues at their base level.

        Maybe a pragmatic approach would be helpful. Why deny the ability to work for those arriving, expedite work permits to those of refugee status in exchange for a limited support apparatus. Most somalis are used making a life for themselves and are hard working an industrious without governmental help. The very fact that Somalia has had more practical success in keeping their economy alive in spite of a lack of central governmental control attests to this fact.

        The “Refugee Racket” as some call it is one that is carried on by those with much more political standing than the families coming here. I have involved myself personally with muslim families from Somalia as well as copts from Egypt. Their stories are similar and their human needs are exactly the same.

        BTW – The decision to approve refugee status is set in US law, not just International guidelines set by the UN.

        For an asylum application to be successful, there are three threshold requirements: (1) the applicant must establish that s/he fears persecution; (2) the applicant must prove that the government is involved in, or unable to control, the people responsible for the persecution; and (3) the persecution must be based on a protected ground such as religion, race, or political affiliation (not just the capitalist-democratic, though this is in practice the case).

        If there was legislation passed in California to block the 16,000 Coptic Christians from assistance while awaiting court proceedings this would not be an issue for many here. In fact, the cries to help them more would resound. I agree, and wish this was the case with others as well.

        Somali immigrants are weak and ill funded as a group, and while being very keep to contribute to the community at large, resigning them to a choice of illegality or starvation just sets up the “I told you so” paradigm when the young (Somalia has more young migrants than other nations) turn to crime and organized thuggery to support themselves, deeming them a scourge to the nation.

        There was once a time when we cried out that blacks should be put back into slavery because they lacked the skills to enter the paid workforce, as they were a drain on the economy and filled the cities, unable to work, turning to crime.

        This mindset is still present today. The “welfare queen” is now not only black, but wears a hijab.

        The Christian is keen to quote “give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats forever”. I know there is theological as well as practical applications behind this quote, but how little it resembles the practice of “do not feed the man fish, and refuse to let him fish in our waters, maybe they will go back home to die, or just not come at all.”

        Maybe it would be better to focus on economic growth in the refugee communities instead of using financial assistance as a political football at the expense of the weak and the young who come to us for help.

        • Mark

          Good God man! The Mormons were indigenous to the U.S. they were part of the religious revival in the 19th century. I do not agree with the Mormons but they are homegrown. WTFU!

          • Timothy W. Crane

            But due to the fact of their Mormonism (seen as not able to assimilate) they actually had to change the tenets of their faith to have Utah entered as a US state. I in no way tried to imply they were immigrants unless you count the fact that they fled to Mexico, and Utah was not a US state in the beginning. You make a good point, protestant political history in America has always been extremely xenophobic, even to the fellow American. Last I heard, unless you have tribal blood, we were all immigrants.

          • Cryogenica

            Most of them weren’t born in the US , although the leaders of the faith were born in the US.

          • Mark

            “This argument is the same used to dissuade the germans, Irish, and even the mormons from immigration status in earlier American political history”

            ” I in no way tried to imply they were immigrants directly”

            The Mormons started in New York and Ohio and moved to Illinois. they left Illinois and moved to Utah which at the time was an U.S. territory. So they were not immigrants. Upon statehood some did not want to give up polygamy and so went to Mexico. By and large most of them stayed in Utah an never emigrated so they did not have to immigrate.

            “protestant political history in America has always been extremely xenophobic”

            Do you try to be irritating or is that just smarminess?

            Extremely xenophobic? For extremely xenophobic try the Russian progroms of the 19th century. For something

            ” Last I heard, unless you have tribal blood, we were all immigrants.”

            You have the talking points down. I am not an immigrant. If you use that definition than the ethnic Vietnamese who live in the southern part of Vietnam are immigrants. They invaded Champa who ethnically are related to the Kmers and Indonesians. Culturally they were in the Indian sphere not the Chinese sphere. I do not see people like you telling the South Vietnamese to go home. There are many other places in the world like that. So take that white, European guilt crap and shove it.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            “protestant political history in America has always been extremely xenophobic”

            Do you try to be irritating or is that just smarminess?

            Not at all, just review how the first US boundaries were drawn up and the laws then on the books.

            Extremely xenophobic? For extremely xenophobic try the Russian pogroms of the 19th century.

            I agree. I agree that the Turks campaigns in Armenia were genocide. It is a fact based on history, not refuted because of my Islamic faith or otherwise.

            “So take that white, European guilt crap and shove it.”

            Who is feeling guilty? I do however feel that we as Americans have set the standard for helping others that come to our shores, and should continue it. It is a hallmark that is one of our best national values. I feel bad that some however, feel that the bowl is now to shallow for passing.

            Everything I have said is simply to rebuff the overt hostility to them (the arrivals) shown on this board, nothing else.

            And if you do not feel that xenophobia is not the right word, then I will replace it with protectionist. Its a little bit more “right” friendly.

          • Mark

            The none answer answer.

            There is a difference with immigration now and before. When there is a labor deficit and there is land not under plow and immigrants generally have the skills to farm or quickly work in the factories it is totally different.

            That is not true today. If land is not under the plow it should probably not be. I just googled mapped a farm I spent a lot of time on. It has been leveled. the farmhouse, the pond and the hilly pasture have all been leveled. It is one big irrigation circle. There is not a lot of arable land left to put under plow without losing wetlands and woods. We do not need more people or more people to feed.

            Whatever you think the employment rate is you should double it. A solar system could gentle transit between the U3 and U6 statistics. Again we do not need more people.

            We do not even need H-1B types. the same companies that decry labor shortages are laying off thousands of white collar employees at the same time.

            And you want to bring in unskilled (for the most part) Somalis.

            I think you are practicing Taqiyya for the government or Muslims

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Finally. A real conversation. Yes you are right, the entire landscape of immigration has changed. You see the need for an overhaul of the system based on logical reasons (food and agricultural availability). Do you really think that by allowing the reform movement to be overtaken by those that select individual nationalities for selective food and housing assistance in one state will save the availability of food (or your federal tax dollar) when they go to another state?

            The fact of where they are from, or which state they move to, has no help for your argument (one I can at least sympathize with the logic behind).

            You do make a great argument for the removal of H1Bs. I would agree with you. The only part that I have a hard time parting with is the idea of helping real refugees on our shores.

            More rigorous standards for compliance could even be a great starter. But the idea that people from the other side of the world, once here, should be told that You can not work, AND not receive aid seems almost like there is someone trying to create a disaster so that they can say “I told you so”.

            I suggested expedited work permits for those here who can work in exchange for aid limitations.

            It is stop gap, for sure, but it does not FORCE a problem. If you were told that you could not work, but could not get aid, you would probably work illegally to eat (now you are a societal problem).

            The only reason I want to help war refugees

            is that it is the right thing to do. Those just looking for your job, when they could get that at home can just stay there for all I care.

            I am not a fan of brain drain in the modern age. It is a waste today unless you have the idea of depleting anothers pool more than helping to fill your own (so to say).

            See how none of that had to do with color or faith?

            I also see in your discussion an opportunity to talk about land management in the US. It is in deplorable shape when compared to China, or even in parts of India. Our frontier past gave us abundance for a while, but improper use (and more than a little mother nature) gave us the dust bowl. We have come a long way since then, but I agree that we can do more.

            “I think you are practicing Taqiyya for the government or Muslims”

            Actually I am quite open about my faith and my ideals. Taqiyya as practiced by The Shia and Sunnis as a path of treachery toward others is not even a part of my Islamic fiqh.

            Ibadi Muslims do believe in Kitman, which is to not show outward rebellion or your faith to enemies that would kill you or persecute you in absence of a protective structure. It is also the first stage in Islamic (or any other societal growth). Ibadis do believe in the actual “bell curve” involved in civilization building and falls. There is no HOLY DYNASTY in Islam either (there is in Sunnism and Shiism however)

            All life is pretty important to Allah, after all, and he would rather see a man live to worship tomorrow than to die for no reason today ;)

          • Daniel Greenfield

            “All life is pretty important to Allah, after all, and he would rather
            see a man live to worship tomorrow than to die for no reason today”

            No reason being things like homosexuality, changing his religion or writing funny poems about Mohammed?

          • Mark

            I thought Sufi, Ibadi and Ahmadiya Muslims were safe to be around and decent people.

            I expect once the Shia or Sunni to deal with the Ibadi when they see victory over the West and the other main branch of Islam is at hand.

            I kind of like Ibadi from the fact that they are suppose to be egalitarian. The seem mainly to be in Oman. I have not heard anything bad about Oman. They are not into you are Mohammed’s line of descent so Gattaca like you are fit to lead.

          • Drakken

            Your self hate, self loathing liberal stupidity is absolutely mind boggling. I for one do not want my 1st world brought down to 3rd and 4th world levels, my way of life is worth defending from you useful idiots who want to give it way in order to assuage your one world kumbaya session. Import the 3rd world, we become the 3rd world, it is that bloody simple. Perhaps your guilt can be assuaged by living in Somalia with the skinnys you love so much, oh yes before you ask, I have been there twice.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I for one am not self hating. I am proud of my American heritage as well as my faith. Nice of you to still see the world in number levels and not as a global humanity. If you think you will become a third world country by immigration from the third world…. it would have already happened.

            If Somalia is so bad (and I have said that it is in fact the hell of war), then why do you think that those fleeing are all Satan’s agents looking to steal your bread? Have you so little regard for “others” lives that you would rather see them caught up in the hell of war than share your 1st world lifestyle?

            I guess I am naive as to think that helping others in need is a good thing as well as evil for supporting it.

          • Drakken

            The road to Hell is paved with good intentions boy. Your nothing more than a statistic.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            By helping others, we should also be helping ourselves, or at the very least not hurting ourselves.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I agree, and that is why I gave some quick ideas on how to help and get the productive-productive as fast as possible. By the same right, we should not have to hurt those (or discontinue help fo those) we already gave refugee status to in order to avoid harm to ourselves.

          • laura r

            mormon are quiet people they mind their own business. so are the amish.

          • Cryogenica

            They were predominately immigrants from England and Wales. They were not Native Americans

        • Mark

          Here is a good link for you Tim. Enjoy

          “Muslim leader explains how it is better to steal than to receive.”

          • Timothy W. Crane

            The Statement being made And the ruling for one who is at war (war acknowledged by the whole world and not just the fanatic mind) to steal from the enemy rather accept help from the enemy or outside influencers to avoid co-opting and detrimental compromise is not too far fetched to hear from any group at war.

            I DO NOT agree with the “statement” as this is no educated fatwa, as he twists many points to make them fit his needs instead of the reality of Shariah (where it states that it is better to give charity to even your enemy in hopes of peace and better relations than to steal from anyone). Yes reappropriation and redistribution of resources is a part of war. This is a fact, and acknowledged in Islamic law, as it is in International and US law. Ever heard of the USS Leviathan? We stole it from the Germans along with ever other commercial ship prior to WWI.

            So the rants of a vocal Islamic figure from Britain on a Syrian issue related to the ethics of continuing warfare is more accurate to define the situation in Maine dealing with those looking to escape war and allowing outside help to achieve that than the statements of those actually engaged and present?

            Enjoy I did. Thank you for you Genetic Fallacy argument however.

          • Mark

            Your English grammar seems a bit off. Maybe it is the result of typos.

            The cleric’s rant is not a one off. It is pretty much boiler plate. if you said you cannot show us 10 we would show ten. if you said a hundred we could show a hundred saying the same thing. You just refuse to get it or you are playing Taqiyya.

            What about the leviathan? We declared War on April 2 and seized it April 6th. It is so nice to have a few thousand or more people go on Jihad to Somalia, Mali, Syria and fund it by theft or collecting welfare. You appear to be perfectly happy with this outcome.

            this is just not one guy who immigrated to Britain. You can find the same type of speeches in America.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I do not refuse to get it, nor am I using Taqiyya. The allocation of resources from an “enemy” is not just justified by Islamists, but the rules of engagement put forth by nations at war throughout history. The reason I disagree with the statements (rants if you must) is that the speaker is very much aligned with ISIS or Levant. They are majority foreign to Syria as it is now comprised politically and thus unless war is declared upon them by Assad at home, they have no right to the war or its spoils. The invite of select tribes does not constitute a true partnership by any means, especially when the rebels have consistently rebuked outside intervention by them (except in a few tribal cases of alliance). Shariah declares that those who are ill treated by a leader to the extent that it no longer upholds the tenets of Shariah, they can ask for new leadership, and if refused, may choose their own (which is nowadays called revolution). But this is the obligation and right of those oppressed, or a legitimated and acknowledged force allowed to fight on their behalf (which does not seem the case).

            My statement on the Leviathan and your support of its historical appropriation just highlights that fact, and I agree. Where I disagree with the self made cleric is that he has any legitimacy in applying Islamic fatwa on a situation he is not experienced in and his support for a select and according to most Syrians, invalid and foreign fighting force.

            Why do you assert that welfare money is being used for jihadi activities? After rent and food for those here, there is nothing left.

            Just because what this man said is repeated elsewhere does not make it true. Both those who hate or are fearful of Islam as well as those who are positively extreme in application and rhetoric both have a tendency to apply Big Lie Propaganda.

          • A Z

            They are not collecting many for Islamic charities to send to the Middle East for terrorism from your normal atheists and Christians.

            The money seems awfully good if they can have large families when those that work limit themselves to 1 to 3 because they cannot afford more with taxes the way they are.

            I ‘ve been in a mosque, a mainstream one. It’s crap.

            You remind me of the person living in Ohio psoting to TrueCrimeReport., who had a Mexican fiancee probably illegal or had illegal members of the family, She swore up and down that the extra drunk driving “accidents” caused by illegals was okay because they caused them at the same rate as the rest of the population or so went her reasoning. You seem just as compromised.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Most Somalis send money home to family if they can afford it, but few can, and with the view that all muslims are terrorists, I guess your accusation is self fulfilled to the point of guilt.

            As for large families, you do know that extra children you have while on the rolls does not lead to an increase in cash aid (in most states. I do not know spec. about Maine).

            “who had a Mexican fiancee probably illegal or had illegal members of the family” – WOW, that’s not a bigoted assumption.

            She swore up and down that the extra drunk driving “accidents” caused by illegals was okay because they caused them at the same rate as the rest of the population or so went her reasoning.

            I have never conceded that ill behavior by anyone was OK. I only called out general assumptions about a group of individuals based on little more than your (not in particular) idea of who you think they are, what they could be doing, and what they might represent. If this was an across the board attack on welfare fraud, I could at least understand, but this specific targeting of a specific group in order to use welfare payment retraction as a way to remove immigration form the face of a constituency (Maine voters) should piss you all off. Do you think that if those who fly off to another state will get any less of your federal income dollar?


            Not all Muslims are terrorists.

            Most terrorists ARE Muslim.

            How many of the 9/11 terrorists were “german, Mormon”?

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Tired argument. How many people who support terrorist idiots are oppressed themselves or have had it beat into them that they were by the west? that’s like saying that all of the supporters of national murderers are Western, so the West is the enemy. The argument is round robin, and merely supports continued conflict. Every single on of them was led by a renegade and a loser in the Islamic society they claimed to extoll and expelled from place to place in the Islamic East as unwanted. Maybe it is the social reject bent on revenge or validation we should be on the lookout for (just ask any good cop).

          • Mark

            I read “The Looming Tower”, How was Usama bin Laden oppressed? By having 4 wives like a good Muslims and by divorcing them in quick succession when he got tired of them.

            In that case Usama was oppressed by Muslim morality. How is having more Islam supposed to fix it?

            “or have had it beat into them that they were by the west”

            Really? American oil companies treated Saudi Arabia very fairly. They encouraged entrepeneurs. For example Osama ibn Laden father was an Aramco employee. He did very well.

            The Saudis did so well and America treated them so well that the Saudis bought Aramco. I would never have done so myself. I would have kept a 49% to 51% stake in the company.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            “or have had it beat into them that they were by the west”

            I will correct my point “having it beat into them that they have been oppressed by the west” as in someone else convincing them that the West has oppressed them.

          • james keith

            The 9/11 terror acts were hatched in a mosque in Hamburg/Germany, but not from Germans! Germany grant this bastards asylum.

          • mark

            They are not collecting many for Islamic charities to send to the Middle East for terrorism from your normal atheists and Christians.

            The money seems awfully good if they can have large families when those that work limit themselves to 1 to 3 because they cannot afford more with taxes the way they are.

            I ‘ve been in a mosque, a mainstream one. It’s crap.

            You remind me of the person living in Ohio psoting to TrueCrimeReport., who had a Mexican fiancee probably illegal or had illegal members of the family, She swore up and down that the extra drunk driving “accidents” caused by illegals was okay because they caused them at the same rate as the rest of the population or so went her reasoning. You seem just as compromised.

          • laura r

            he plays games.

        • She_patriot

          Hmm, 16,000 Coptic Christians ???? Are there that many left that have been not murdered by the muslim extremist ? If anything they are the ones that should hold refugee status since the ” religion of peace” calls for murdering them ! Are you aware that the “Christian Crusades” that is often quoted by the muslims as defence for their murders did in fact start as a direct result of muslim invasion almost exactly as it is occuring around the world today ! The US has focused on giving to poorer countries and we do not have the resources that the “Islamic countries” have and what are they doing for their own???? It is the strong in the islamic counties that have the responsibility to take care of the weak and should never land on the backs anyone in the US !

        • WhiteHunter

          Don’t bother bringing up the millions of immigrants who arrived here from Europe at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th; that “argument” is getting a little stale.

          Today’s arrivals from the Third World have NOTHING in common with them, least of all any desire to become Americans (and raise their children as Americans) by adopting and fully embracing our culture, our values, our language, and our allegiance, instead of bringing all of those intact from their countries of origin and refusing to give them up and assimilate but, instead, demanding that WE transform OUR country to look, think, sound, and smell like their failed and filthy ones.

          Another difference: from about 1880 to about 1920, we actually did have a shortage of hardworking labor to build our industries and infrastructure, which were then booming. WE DON’T NOW, and the last thing we need NOW is tens of millions of semiliterate, unassimilable arrivals with an attitude demanding all of the rights and privileges, while accepting none of the RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES, of legal citizenship.

          So get over it, and stop pulling the “nation of immigrants” crap. It doesn’t apply in the here-and-now, and we have no obligation to let ANYONE through the door.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            It is you who needs to get with the times. The very same fear of and rejection of “them” is being played out all over the world, and it is losing to reality of globalisation. technology is even playing a part in this struggle. Internet ghettos are forming, where only those who agree congregate, not for an exchange of views, but to simply agree with each others already made up views.

            This site, as well as the far liberal rags, and even the pseudo-fatwa and jihadi websites are the same, digital ghettos. If you do not “belong” you are attacked and derided, almost harangued to death with insults until you capitulate with a click. While many see ghettoisation as a result of multicultural thought, without physical space to contain it, it has just as rapidly spread into every home by the ability of the PC, phone etc…. in an effort to become free of multicultural physical reality around them, slipping into their own little cocoons. Its almost a tech oxymoron to consider culture a geographically based entity at all anymore. While not all follow this path, myself included (I ran way quick huh?) many do, actually a majority do.

            The world is both globally connected and culturally separated at the same time with geography playing less of a role in sociology. It does make some uneasy and will have its pitfalls, but it opens opportunity for us all as well.

            The idea that we can allow diverse cultural thought and practice is not just something you can dismiss with the refusal of visa… It is already here to stay.

            I do not have to repeat the country of immigrants crap, soon the idea of protectionism will lead to a very tight spot for those pursuing it, economically, politically, and culturally.

            And as the culture of America changes, what assimilation do you desire? A parroting of you?

    • defcon 4

      Why don’t you FO to Mogadishu then idiot? Enjoy the tolerance and freedom of islam0nazism up close instead of from the comfort of your suburban armchair.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        You prove my point so well. I am American as they get. Midwestern born, White, male…oops not protestant, so I guess I must leave. It is funny than you are speaking to an Islamic proponent that does not speak in the terms of hatred and ill will that you expect, but the attacks from you are just as virile as if I said something offensive to you. Was it my affirmation of helping the Copts escape persecution in Egypt that pissed you off or my support for refugees from Somalia escaping war? Are you mad that the money spent on helping others to you is a waste of money that could be spent on whoppers or nikes?

        Maybe the idea of supporting refugees as not only a humane thing to do but a political and even militarily positive function is unknown in your knowledge horizon. The topic is not one that is purely emotional, or as I admit, one that is easy to traverse.

        As for moving to Mogadishu, the arrival of African Union fighters as well as Ethiopian and Chad based fighters has led to many people to flee Somalia, much more than the previous Islamic Courts based government or even El Shabab. Guess what, you helped pay for that through the UN. Now these people have no where to turn. Congratulations.

        The fact that Somalia is in turmoil is no joke, and I am not in denial of this fact. Maybe if we support another outsider to control the country. It will lessen the pain they suffer politically and militarily (sarcasm implied).

        And just so you know it is not just in muslim majority countries that this tactic has failed. What was wrong with the Central and South American, and Caribbean experiments? Maybe the indigenous were not Catholic or Democratic enough to shed their savagery and deny a socialist foothold or wish for independence.

        I have seen ill done in the name of religion, very up close, and I despise it. I despise it more when done in the name of my own faith, Islam. I am also grown up enough to discuss the realities that cause so much harm to mankind and the pseudo-religious response that often accompanies it without falling into the folly of lambasting those of the faith in general or subjecting others to my misguided ideas of who they are.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          No doubt we should have left the local Taliban in place and let them go on beheading men for watching soccer matches. That fits neatly into your moral horizon.

          • Drakken

            I say put the Italians back in charge.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Not unless they turn back into Romans

        • Drakken

          Son, your moral compass is so fucked up I am surprised you can find your way to the parking lot to find your car, bloody pathetic.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            I will take that as a compliment, as I have disagreed with several hundred of you that have hurled slurs at me called me every name in the book and even threatened my annihilation due to my faith without replying in kind.

            Just because you hate and feel it is impossible for me to be muslim without doing the same pretty much says it all. I am muslim, therefore I am immoral in your eyes.

            Who is displaying religious extremism?

          • Drakken

            I deal in reality boy, not your completely screwed up self hating, liberal, white guilt non logic. I do not hate for it is a waste of my time, but I have seen the muslim world and for what it is, a blight upon humanity and those that follow it want to drag us back to the dark ages with its savagery. You are muslim therefore an enemy of all of us infidels. Prepare yourself muslim for the war drums are beating and it will be a no holds bared and no quarter.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            “Prepare yourself muslim for the war drums are beating and it will be a no holds barred and no quarter.”

            The reality is…. blah blah blah, right wing rant blah….blah…

            You comin for me? I’m pretty easy to find. My picture is posted, as well as my address. I use my real name as well.

            It is nice to see that everyone else must prove they are peaceful in your presence… then you come off as a insidious thug yourself. I love the way people like you are taking the country as well./sarc

            Though as an American and a muslim, I am bound by both to neither threaten or harm you. But to cross that line seems easy for you. Your display of the respect and love of personal freedoms you decry the muslim for withholding from others is so easy for you to take as well.

            But I guess declaring war on fellow Americans is fine with you, just like Al Qaeda does other muslims. Both are a disgrace that for which they claim to stand.

            Yeah the attitude is the same. That of a terrorist.

            It’s easy behind a pseudo-moniker.

            A martyr for peace I am willing to be. Got the guts?

            Disagree with my politics and faith all you wish. That is Shura, debate, a civil discourse of men.

            Threaten me with war… Your either full of shit or a extremist yourself.

            White, American, Muslim, Fiscally Liberal, Socially Conservative, and proud of it.

            As Bush said… bring it on.

          • WhiteHunter

            He obviously doesn’t get it, any more than John Walker Lindh did or does: Lindh was born into and raised by a rich, American family in California, then something snapped inside his head and he went mohammedan, joined the Taliban, started hating America and killing Americans, and was (foolishly) allowed to come out of that medieval mud fort in Afghanistan alive, instead being shot right then and there, as he should have been.

            We owe Somalia and the Somalis exactly nothing at all, least of all “asylum” among us here, and certainly not compliance with their demands that, once they arrive, we should “change” to accommodate them and tolerate their ways. Somalia is a toxic, dangerous cesspool that we didn’t create and bear zero responsibility for, except to surround it with those warning signs zoos have saying “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS!”

          • Drakken

            Linhd should have been interrogated and then shot on the spot, same with that anti-American hating traitor Rachel “St. Pancake” Corrie, useful idiots like these vermin don’t last long in 3rd world countries and it usual ends up tragic because they really believed that kumbaya and peace offerings would save them, it never does. It always ends up with paying these savages off or special forces risking their lives to save these morons. I would love for little Timmy to show his white face in Mog and see what happens, I’ll grab a cocktail and watch Darwin have his fun.

          • Katie Smith


    • Mark

      You might want to do a little remedial reading champ. Try reading Blackhawk Down.

      There was a drought which led to famine. So the UN and NGOs stepped in and provided food. Pretty straight forward. Let’s forget about the civil war that led to the breakdown on the nation. If it had been an intact nation it might have had the funds and organization to import the food itself. However the civil war had lasting effects. The Habr Gidr clan decided since it was the largest and most powerful clan and since t had born much of the fighting in Siad Barre that they deserved to replace him. so the stole the food aid. Now at this point where are the Western nations at fault (1)?

      At this point we could let the Habr Gidr clan try to take over through extortion and let many people die or we could take their leadership out. we chose the latter. Of course another option was to pack up and leave and let people starve but the alphabet soup media was not gong to let us. they were having too much fin showing us kids with distended bellies and flies crawling over their faces. which option would you have chosen, capitulation, fight back or leaving (2)?

      The rest is history. We had a coward for a president threat did not authorise tanks. Instead we had to depend on Pakistani armor. Pakistanis tanks must be less threatening than American tanks. After 18 or so American service member died. the coward president cut and ran.

      I am not buying the whole people are fishing and dumping in our waters bit. the pirate gangs have operatives in Kenya, Somalia and western Europe. With that type of organizations it would have been easy enough for Somali elders to get together a group to go to the UN and petition for Coast guard protection form UN members. You know peace keeping troops but they patrol the literal waters looking for lawbreakers. They would wear baby blue colored helmets. Do you get it (3)?

      I am not buying the whole they are 1st generation thing and so of course there will be problems. Some of them have been here since about 1991. It is a bigger difference than Catholic versus Protestant. Aside from Great Britain all that crap had ended by 1648, so by the time the U.S. was created we did not have as much problems as we are having with the Somalis. Nor was social service as lucrative before WW2 as it is now. Additionally blue collar job both skilled and unskilled were easier to come by before WW2 than now. there are sort of difference in degree between now and previous waves of immigration.

      You should live amongst the Somalis for a long long time.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        I have lived with, and worked with Somalis (I previously stated this) for many years. The facts you present are not denied to be the cause of previous waves of Somali immigration. The facts you left out were of more recent origin. The tribal infighting and extortion is well known. Ade joining the ICU laid to rest many of those issues. As for reading BlackHawk Down, I have. I agree with much of the history, but not all of it.

        The main point in reply to you is that you state a lot of Somali problems well, as famine and tribal nepotism are central to their political failures, not faith.

        That is why clansmen (and women) associated with atrocities of the past and present are included in the terrorist registry along with militant Islamists and refused entry.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Islam is tribalistic. Its entire Shiite-Sunni split is the result of tribal nepotism.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Islam is tribalistic. – Untrue, the main disagreements between Sunni and Shia was a return to those principles that the prophet put down (racism, tribalism)

            Its entire Shiite-Sunni split is the result of tribal nepotism – True, and that is why after careful consideration of my faith and its history, i choose not to be Sunni or Shia, and am an Ibadi (please look them up online – much about us has been denegraded or destroyed, but we are still here. The name given to us is Ibadi, and we use it today, but when Shia were calling themselves Shi Ali and even when others tried to define us early on, we called ourselves simply “the muslims” denying any other official association.

          • se

            Make your Hajj one-way and permanent.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            And why would I do that? American born, American bred, free to practice my faith and happy for others to do the same, seemingly as long as you do not have your way.

          • Drakken

            You belong to the muslim world now, not America. Islam is the anti-thesis of our Republic and our sworn enemy. Silly bloody convert, doesn’t even know wtf he is following, your weak willed and weak of spirit that you have to follow the lowest form of life on the planet.

          • Drakken

            Your a muslim period, it doesn’t matter the bloody stripe, funny how you get caught up in semantics instead of just admitting you follow the devils religion and try to emulate a man that was the worst that humanity could have produced. It has been and always will be islam against us infidels, if you side with them prepare for the consequences.

          • laura r

            he’s just a young man looking for exotica.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Thank you for calling me a young man. My adult children are laughing.

    • Katie Smith

      Yawn. No patience for this Lefty goofball.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        Of course not, that would require effort and not just hateful statements towards others. I find it funny that because I disagree with the generalization and slander of an entire group on a Right biased forum, I am considered a lefty. Only once has anyone even brought up the welfare issue in response, just hateful characterization of all Somalis. If I have to side with intolerance to be Right, call me left, thats OK. Better that than wrong.

        But to be clear. I have more against the policies of this administration and its leader than I could shake a stick at right now, and Obama being a muslim is not one of them. LOL.

        • Katie Smith

          No, you’re just tiresome. Really, you are,

    • laura r

      people who have chickens in the house dont belong here. im sure they bring disese, crime, a diversity party 24/7. i live near one of those settlements. didnt even know it existed, untill i took a wrong turn on my bike. garbage all over the streets. they called this group “the lost boys from somalia”. glad they stayed in their own section.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        There is not one classical Ibadi scholar that supports rape. Numtards who divide the world into war and peaceful lands are idiots for the sake of legitimizing it are simple thugs. they are in a state of perpetual war, and shariah is not applicable to a lands residents unless they are willing Muslims, or until that lands capitulation to the idea of peace and rule by all for all. Islam does not rule in “foreign lands”. It is ours or none of our business as an internal issue. Yes International politics exist, as treaties and agreement between nations, but supremacy over a land only come through the actual political or military practice of obtaining.

        If a women is to become pregnant by fornication, her testimony that she was raped is enough to prove she did not fornicate. You got four people who want you dead or whipped? If not you are scott free. If no muslim is involved.. none of our business unless you bring it to us for a legal decision.

        One witness (as rape is assault and not consensual sex) and hes a goner. Yes I know that is not how the real world always works, even in the best of societies. I actually feel very angry at the fact that rape is so prevalent in America and I think that some time in jail to plan the next one is a crock of shit (see how lefty I can be LOL) A single man should be whipped severely and a married man should be killed. A repeat offender who is single get the Death Penalty too (then it claused mischief in the land – he is a sexual terrorist). No cable and a cot coming…

        LOL. About chickens, there are plenty of rednecks here in Missouri that don’t belong here then…

        Yeah those lost boys (probably actually from Sudan) are a tragedy. They were children forced into war or orphaned by the war. Some of them were to have walked across the whole country in groups trying not to be killed or captured by one side of the other in Sudan’s Civil war.

        I am sure that adjustment for them IS an issue. I am not stupid. I am sure that garbage in the street is an annoyance and a true issue… but can it compare to being a child not only of war, but force into conscription to fight your peers on behalf of others for reasons you can not even begin to comprehend at that age.

        If I lived through that I would party too. Not to downplay your distaste for the condition of the neighborhood.

    • She_patriot

      Islam is not a race or a faith !

  • borderraven

    Would you be amazed if you throw bird seed in the park and more birds came to feed?

  • Peter Henden

    Send them back to Somalia. These people deserve to live in a proper Muslim shit-hole country. Maybe they can get welfare there!

    • laura r

      send this send that. yapyapyap. its over. who are you talking too? yourself? the whitehouse? the internet? its over. next: knockout game somalian style.

  • defcon 4

    Mr. Greenfield once wrote an article on population replacement theory. This fits hand-in-glove w/that theory. A new class of democraptic voters — fit for welfare/jizya and conquest but not much else.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      That’s how it is across the First World. A welfare voting base for the left.

      • Larry

        They are certainly doing it in Sweden and the other Nordic countries followed their example. Denmark looks like it might wake up 1st.

        • Katie Smith

          Geert Wilders tried to wake up the Scandis and the Nords, and the EU tossed him in front of a kangaroo court on charges of “hate crime”. He almost went to prison. The Left is evil. EEEEEEVIIIIIILLLLLL.

          • laura r

            wilders is the best.

  • YankeeZulu

    A buddy of mine in Maine said once they all got their free(and newly built) housing they tore off the cabinet doors of and used them for firewood. They then replaced the doors w/chicken wire and kept live chickens in the cabinets. He said they also used the bathtubs for cooking fires.

    • Katie Smith

      That’s pathetic. They don’t learn anything when they come here. They leave one sh*thole and then come and turn a beautiful new home/community into another sh*thole. And no one can teach them any different because the Left will scream about “racism” and “xenophobia” and “Islamophobia” and all these other asinine terms they’ve created to stop discourse and disrupt action.

  • Ken Pangborn

    GO HOME!

  • Grand Vizier

    Even in Africa, Somalis are shunned.
    They are seen as lazy, backwards and nonproductive.

    That is why their country is in such a state it is.
    There would not have been 20 years of unrest in Somalia, if not the West were so eager to help, and pour money into the country.

    What did the somalis do then? They became pirates, and sent their families to Europe and North America to live on the the tax dollars of the families of the sailors their husbands held at gunpoint in piracy!

    The obvious solution would be repatriation of all Somalis to their homeland

  • Timothy W. Crane

    Thank you all for the conversation, name calling, xenophobic protectionist rants and fear mongering discourse. If I have offended any of you personally it was not my intent. You made it very clear that your hatred for me and other muslims, especially those seeking to flee the very conditions of war and hatred, are fueled by a direct hatred for a people and not just those who act in ways directly contrary to your safety. You really do not fear the extremist or hate extremist actions, you hate muslims.

    I can live with that. But I ask you this. if you hate a people, actively pursue policies based on that hatred, what are your chances for a REAL solution to any of the problems between you and the group you hate? NONE. Good luck in your war on terror. Both actors have the same feelings, human ones, though both believe the victimization theory of their leaders, headlong into a protracted war that is destructive for all. This is not a ranting threat of an extremist or a “lefty” but already several years in the running.

    Today’s wars have one big difference than in the past. The role of proxies as cashiers is more prevalent than before. The people who make money directly from wars, and no interest in the outcome, or even a want for resolution is growing, worldwide.

    Do not follow them over this cliff in thought or deed. I think that even though most of you simply resorted to calling me names and stupid, there are a few here that will think for themselves and not be one of the two kids forced to fight by the older boys.


    • Ted

      Read the Book “The Pirate Coast” by Richard Zacks

      Muslims have been attacking Europe forever.

      They have a penchant for enslaving Bantus as well.

    • Ted

      The only Muslims who I want to immigrate to the U.S. are those that risked their lives as interpreters or such in Iraq or Afghanistan. They have earned the right.

      But they have a harder time gaining admittance than whoever the UN wants to fob off on us.

    • Drakken

      Time for you to leave our fair shores and live with what you enjoy, and it is obvious that a turncoat like you have openly sided with our mortal muslim enemy. You are no longer an American, you are a convert muslim. We infidels can no longer afford you spending our dime on those who despise us.

    • John


      I am married to an Asian. It is all very strange.

      Another poster here is married to an Indonesian. You have not ran into them, because I suspect they have a job and post less, but they still post at FPM.

      I know because I checked. I was looking at names of posters and I realized someone was missing. So i went to an old story scrolled through it and then pulled up Disqus and sure enough they are still posting to FPM and they have not changed.

      There is nothing less xenophobic than miscegenation.

      By statistical measures when one definable group inflicts violence by another definable group, it will lead to resentment. The longer it goes on, the greater the infliction and the more it is ignored, the more virulent the resentment will be. It odes not matter how many Eric Holder or Tim Carneys there are. It is a law of human psychology. I do know statistics and level of significance and all that.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        “If I have offended any of you personally it was not my intent.”

        “I think that even though most of you simply resorted to calling me names and stupid, there are a few here that will think for themselves and not be one of the two kids forced to fight by the older boys.”

        • John

          Talking about strange. I thought I had seen it all, but the spouse has just stir fried radishes.

  • Lynette Obeck

    Lynette Obeck They are taxing rightful citizens many who are home owners right out of this state! What about the homegrown who need assistance in this state, we can no longer subsidize all. The spokesperson she is correct on her assertion that the face of Maine is changing or will change for the cost of doing business and living in this state will make it impossible for the productive Mainers to remain….then what, who will support these tax burdens? I for one am reaching the point of no return because of state and property taxes and will sell and get out! Whatever happened to immigrants having a sponsor which meant having a person support them (not taxpayers) until they could find a job and mainstream into society ? This is symptom of this feel good mentality of spending other’s money and just wait until the passing of the pathway to citizenship is complete and illegals are granted citizenship. Hello… has anyone seen what has happened in the European block where droves of Muslims flooded the countries and their welfare rolls swelled to the breaking point? I suggest those home spun Mainers talk to someone from France before they join the league to support these immigrants. Even Norway the model for an ideal socialist society is beleaguered with problems from the influx. I say whomever(Mainers) who want to proceed with supporting these refugees please adopt them on your own back and pocket purse not on mine or better yet why don’t their own established brethren sponsor them….just a thought!

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    Remember when the Somalis migrated to Maine (and specifically, to Lewiston) to take advantage of their welfare?
    I do!

    Couldn’t happen to more deserving folks.

    • Ted

      Good article.

      The 4th paragraph is kiIIer. :(

    • Ted

      “but Arab slave traders took them to Somalia during the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite the end of slavery during the 20th century, the transplanted Bantu remained less than equal in Somalia. ”

      Islam who needs it. It certainly not egalitarian.

  • SuzyQue

    This is exactly why open-borders libertarians are dead-wrong on the issue. If we get rid of welfare, it may be reasonable, but as long as we have welfare, we have to control our borders. Correction: START controlling our borders.

  • mythenjoseph

    I live in Waterville Maine and these Somalis are blight……the city of Lewiston is beyond repair as long as these animals are financed by us…..nothing good to say at all….no assimilation….they know how to milk the system for every red cent and have brought the same attitude as the miscreants they left behind. for their own good they should be housed on closed military bases and with fed money …..instead of crippling a former decent town.

  • grw

    When are our elected representatives going to start representing American citizens instead of illegal immigrants and other trash imported into other countries by liberals to vote for liberals? I’m a veteran and tax paying citizen, paying taxes to help those that want to kill us makes no sense.

    I’m sick and tired of having no representation, time to take out the trash.

  • Curt Lehman

    I am from Minnesota, which has one of the largest population of skinnies outside of Somali. Whatever it takes to get them to leave the frozen tundra, do it! Do not reform the Maine welfare system that benefits THEM. Keep the status quo and give away the hard earned taxpayer dollar, and get them out of Minnesota, lest we keep the odor of cinnamon, arm pit and garlic in Minnesota.
    Good luck with that.

  • Patriot_ll

    Everyone is on the ‘race’ wagon these days. Here were giving them a hand and the first thing they do is show their ingratitude. We’re not doing ‘enough’ for them.
    Yes, I’m sick of this too.

  • Drakken

    If I didn’t work in Africa,ME and Far East I would use my real name, but alas OPSEC is the order of the day thank you very much. You boy, are anti-western and anti American, you advocate that we should throw open the gates of our first world countries to the 3rd world out of some misguided sense of guilty morality. Frankly you have never been to Somalia and yet openly side with them over the American already here so your Islamic skirt does show its rue colors, and let me remind you boy that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are not a suicide pact with you who are our enemies. Sorry islam and American are an oxymoron ad the anti-thesis of each other, but hey you keep on using the libtarded logic of I feel therefore I am as your policy positions.

  • Lynette Obeck
    • Katie Smith

      The Swedes have welcomed this with open arms.

      • Lynette Obeck


      • Lynette Obeck

        I deleted the video for I didn’t want to go in that direction even though there is truth to it .The posting of the video would be construed as inciting a biased hatred even though there is a correlation of crime in regard to the migration of a certain element in Sweden. Their progressive liberal approach in Sweden has opened up the genies bottle and a myriad of issues of welfare abuse and crime has ensued and how do you put the genie back in the bottle once that happens. I love my beloved Maine but have seen a drain and change that is not sustainable and we are finding out much like Europe , you cannot appease nor give enough and in the long run will be a detriment to this struggling state. Governor Le Page has it right unfortunately there are too many liberal dunderheads especially south of Bangor who are willing to commit this states economy and health to a death in order to keep a stronghold on their feel good liberal give away programs.

  • Lynette Obeck
    • Lynette Obeck

      This seems to be a common core, Somalian protests for more liberal social welfare programs in Sweden , Norway and the USA.

    • Drakken

      The sad reality is we allow this outrage, what the proper healthy western response should be to these skinnies is a healthy whiff of grapeshot and a hearty GTF out!

  • Ham

    I’m all for the reform. You can’t afford to stay, see ya later. Go find another state to leach off of or better yet back to Somalia. And apparently they can shack up with Timothy Crane. Have fun with that.

    • Lynette Obeck
      • Lynette Obeck

        Maybe just maybe the word will get out that the pickings in Norway are much greater by far and by 2049 Norway will be an Islamic state and they can dictate how the once liberal socialist country will conduct business Sharia law and all…………

    • laura r

      timothy crane is a parody @ the best. just a kid showing off. stuck somewhere in the midwest.

  • billy131274

    kick the black bastards out

  • me ohmy

    so dont live in the united states… go to ANOTHER muslim country

  • spin43

    What took you so long? We are becoming a nation of tribes.

  • spin43
    • Lynette Obeck

      We have enough issues with our own home grown in this state, why compound it with these Somalians.Just heaping more on the broken backs of TAX PAYING Mainers!

  • laura r

    chickens dont belong in boston. you didnt answer the question about the rape problem in the US/western world. you wrote a dossier. your mind’s all over the place.

    • Katie Smith

      Love your comments, Laura!!

  • laura r

    personally i think you are out of your league. the people who write/contribute to this forum have life experience which goes further than the halls of academia. i understand your excitement to share all you learned in school. start your own forum & write your own articals. this is not the place for you.

    • Timothy W. Crane

      I am complimented that you at least see my vocality as gained from academia, though I have learned by helping those that I can and learning personally from others, and life experiences of my own;

      Both domestic and foreign, free and confined, in conflict and in peace. As for learning from school… it is amusing to me that you feel that all that is in disagreement with YOUR, or those whom you share ideals, experiences, that they must have been learned in school. Other people have had life experiences too.

      Maybe it is my avatar photo. I do look quite young in it.

      As for being completely out of my league. The life experience that I have gained here is the intellectual insight that blacks are niggers, non Christians are out to get you at any cost so that they can rape you of your daughters and dollars, and that there is a new law that says that you give up US citizenship by exercising your freedom to practice the religion of your choosing.

      As for this not being the place for me, maybe you should talk to the administrator and have me banned then. I have created an account and contributed without violating the rules of the website and was accepted by those that run it.

      When you sit down and discuss the killing of your friends with a soldier and look him in the eye and tell him that you understand that it was the right thing for him to do (or similar tragedy of reality. I know there are soldiers in here that have experienced similar – war and human made strife in general, making hard decisions and living with the responsibility of them), then you can tell me I am out of my league.

      There is actually a time to discuss disagreements, and to clarify positions. This is simply how most of the discoveries and progress of human civilization have been created, wars have been confined to a peaceful solution, and even introspect is achieved.

      You may personally feel I have been a school boy my whole life, but how you personally feel my life has been does not dictate the reality of it.

      Why a person would ask a direct question of someone, receive an answer from them, and then tell the one asked “who asked you… go away”, is usually consistent with a lack for want of an answer to begin with. Then why bother?

      I did get the message in email that you do not even feel I answered your question. I may have misunderstood it.

      What do I think of the rape problem? Should Western women get used to it?

      point blank…. I am very adamant that the problem of rape in ANY society should be shaped with the goal of eradication of rape. I hope that is direct enough.

      2nd – There should never be an acceptance of assault or sexual abuse of any woman or man, of any age, in any society.

      As for the accusations that may come.

      I am a muslim yes. Am I responsible for the actions of others? No. Do I have power over others? No. Will I speak out against even my own to stand up for what’s right? Yes.

      If that is not enough for you. Maybe you have unrealistic expectations of me that I can never fulfill.

      I can not be made to feel guilty for that.

      I actually got a kick out of your initial comment the most, because it reminded me of the first time I went into the barrios of Tamaulipas and could not believe the conditions the people lived in when the amount of money coming from the US drug trade in the area was astronomical. The other reason it popped into my mind was the “chicken busses”, called thus because the people who sold chickens at market rarely could afford cars, so they went on bus, holding the chickens by bound feet, noisy and fluttering the whole way.

      When I call illiterate Jihadithugs and others numtards, I do so because because I have experienced their abstinence and obstinacy to all that is NOT THEM.

      While no one here has put me in a shed for three days while they ride off to “consult the village idiot” to decide my fate, the protectionist anti-intellectualism that has started to creep into much of American culture is starting to mimic the same idea.

      So, in a country that is actually run by political activism and debate, under the rule of law, and using a technology that is by and large an egalitarian platform ( yeah… LOL, no discrimination… The NSA collects it all ), why should I not have my say and forfeit my participation because you feel I am not worthy?

      Because you are better than me?

      I do not claim that is true or untrue.
      Have the patience and the tolerance to, if not listen, then to allow the opposing voice to speak, as to prove it.

      Just because some have encountered the brutality of reality doesn’t mean that we have to be brutal to those we encounter.

      As for the lost boys I mentioned being from Sudan, I say this because several of them wound up in San Diego while I lived there and the local church I worked with in El Cajon took in some of them. We especially had problems with behavioral issues in school with them and some of the other simply withdrew into themselves. Some came from Muslim tribes and others from Christian and Animist, the results were the same. Most of the problems were dealt with successfully however, many times without the need for special counsellors or psych treatments. Some of these kids had never been held before except to be brutalized. Simply getting them to be able to trust that others were no there to hurt them probably helped more than anything.

      How did we do that? We played with them and told the truthful things… even stupid things, like the announcement that so and so was coming around the corner. learning that adults were not there to lie to you and ship you off with a machete or gun is simpler that you think… If you do not encourage these fears with distrust and hate yourself.

      If you have ever dealt with anyone who had PTSD or severe depression, sometimes the first thing you notice is the loss of want or ability to care about their upkeep of hygiene or immediate surroundings.

      I think that a heavy reliance on the Welfare state for long periods of time contributes to this, not through the initial diagnosis, if there was one, but by denying them of ambition.

      I am far from a communist, but I do think that it is good to live up to past promises and to not use the poorest of the poor as a political pawn.

      I do have some liberal economic tendencies, but the tend to be more in line with the removal of interest to get banks out of the way of true free market enterprise, which in US politics would be considered more radical that either left or right.

      Wishing to discuss the article and find a logical solution is not to support the lazy or to instill Islamic law through immigration, or to bring the country to its knees.

      If you think that is my goal, you are wrong.

      That personally, is the truth.

      • laura r

        its not always about you & your continuing thesis. you dont seem to want to address the quality of life for western women. (which has been taken away, & our govts could vare less). 100 of 1000s are raped in europe by these men, also US. crime is off the charts. thats the way it is. stop for one minute being entralled w/the sound of your own voice. there are others who are affected w/ PTSD. maybe for ever, if they survive. those are western women. thats who i care about. im watching my back, i wont ever get in a cab w/these men. im from a 3rd world city, ive seen enough. (your wife must go nuts listening to you. id knock you out w/ triple liquid valium. maybe then you could “cut to the chase”).

        • Timothy W. Crane

          If I knew what you were talking about in specifics “the rape problem” I now see is the same semantics used in “the jewish problem” or “the black problem” or “the muslim problem”. It passes scrutiny better however as no group is mentioned, however it led me to believe that you were addresssing the problem in rape in general or as there was a discussion of Islam, how islam views it, or you might have in fact been asking me what I thought about rape. I am sorry I was wrong and answered accordingly.

          Asking about something as general as the “quality of life for western women” itself leads to a dissertation, as that covers every life experience of a women in a western culture. I think I am more understanding of what you mean when you say that you are scared of “getting into a taxi with W/THESE MEN”, so I will respond directly to your questions.

          I think the “rape problem” (that is the explosion of rapes of European and USA women due to Muslim immigration) is about as true as blood libel (the Jews kidnap Christian kids for ritual slaughter).

          You are a fear driven racist media swallowing victim.

          You are already the victim of psychological abuse and should try to focus on the realities of life and not stoke the fires of the idea that the muslim boogie man or the “black brute” (yeah, other cultures have been through the same denigration and accusations) is out to rape you.

          Almost all rapes in the Western world especially are carried out by people that they know, not strangers of any ethnicity, faith, or affiliation of any kind.

          Is it something Western women need to get used to:

          No, you do not have to get used to it. Just stay in the safe confines of your home and give yourself that dose of valium. You may have to get used to hearing it though if you continue to visit media channels of unverified information with the intent of breeding hatred and fear of others.

          I do not, repeat, do not, think that there is an absence of a rape problem in the Western hemisphere, or the Eastern for that matter.

          Is it because of Muslims coming to a neighborhood near you? No.

          If you feel the need to protect yourself in the case of an attack, I support that right.

          I would suggest mace, as a person with a heavy racial fear factor bias with a gun might just place a cap in someone because they come around the corner and scare you and make you think they will rape you because he’s a brown man with a turban on.

          You wouldn’t want to accidentally kill a peaceful sikh would you?

          Yes I try to answer in full instead of simply using grunts when I discuss important issues, especially in writing. It is especially hard to cut to the chase when the question is vague and cloaked in a colloquial I am not often accustomed to speaking in. “The rape problem” to me is about rape, and though a very real problem, not about a specific group of people when stated that way unless the bias is shared.

          And I do not.

          No, you don’t, buy some mace and enjoy the Valium.

          Plain and simple.

          • laura r

            quite specific. the problem has been addressed by politicians all over europe. no, its not men they know. no its not usually white european men either. its bad in italy, north europe, britian got very bad (they have a womans taxi service for women). africa is the worst so is india. i feel especially sorry for those 3rd world women. some cultures dont belong in the west. they do what they do. its the culture, w/the lower classes. i am not comfortable in cabs w/them. i have experienced the hot tempers, the dramas which resulted in shreiking men in turbans standing on the street threatening in illegible english. or locking the doors in the cabs. its good to have an audience, they record it, call 911. i already sued 3 taxie comps, one in boston. settled out of court fast. we have no patience for that bullshit in NYC. we have many other car service options, & i call my drivers directly. i am writting this for the people who read this forum. you yourself wouldnt have a clue as what i am even referring too. it must sound un believable to someone who is naive.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            You know what, I will take your reply with extreme seriousness. Thank you for replying with specific instances and that you personally experienced this.

            And no, I am not manic or on drugs.

            There is a disease that should be addressed not only from within the 3rd world but here at home and has long been a part of American culture as well; misogyny. We have come a long way in the last 2 centuries in combating it. Marital rape was actually not acknowledged for a long time, the Oklahoma just made it into law about 20 years ago.

            It is a serious psychological flaw that is only beginning to be talked about seriously, and should be taken even more seriously.

            It is much worse in the lower classes if you are speaking of education and socio-economic classes. If you are speaking on racial, ethnic, or religion as a basis for class, then this is not true. It is much more noticeable to others as an ethnic issue in services dominated by a particular ethnicity, as in taxi drivers, dominated, especially in larger cities by immigrant labor.

            I do agree that taxi companies actually PROACTIVELY look for the lowest types of people to work, often those with only a sponsorship style work visa and little or no hope of ever doing anything else with their life. And once they hire them, they run it like a gang.

            I am not talking about the drivers here, but the tag license owners.

            Work 24/7 or I will deport you. Wait two more weeks for your pay or I will deport you. Share your fare with me (even though they already take an official cut) or I will get rid of you and you will be sent home.

            I am not blaming the taxi owner for directly doing what you experienced or defending bad behavior, but I will tell you this. They look for bad seeds. They are easier to control, and if something goes wrong, they make great scapegoats.

            I could get a taxi job a lot faster if I told an owner that I was “in need of a fix” than if I said I have driving experience.

            In San Diego, the extent of this problem was brought to the attention of everyone in a very different way.

            Several taxi cab drivers were been robbed and killed in the San Diego area about 5-10 years ago (there were actually a few instances separated by a few years) because they were foreign or turbaned (the first killer boasted in court). The taxi companies came under the spotlight and in an effort to prevent such instances, GPS was suggested in all taxis (the guys killed were taken to remote areas).

            The smaller taxi mills and the unlicensed cabs were dumb enough to crawl out from the gutter and complain (even though it was only a recommendation).

            Come to find out, there were complete taxi companies run out of warehouses where the drivers “napped” and lived, most of them with forged paperwork, fake licenses and several were wanted criminals. The worst of the worst were running illegal immigration mills and making the drivers work off the “trip” for them and their families by driving.

            So I am not naive enough to think this could not happen. It is like getting a housekeeper from the local crack-house.

            I am sorry this happened to you, but no, overall it is not an immigration issue in general, but a concentration of known (but not to the public but to the companies) thugs taken from vulnerable communities (vulnerable to the tactic not in general) of immigrants and run by criminals.

            Many of them are probably on drugs as well, supplied. Some in SD were found to be providing meth to drivers (almost required) so that they could drive them into the ground with driving hours. Non-observant Somalians and Yemeni are really easy to hook as the religiously lax are more likely to already be khat users,

            I have not been back to the West coast in a few years, nor read the local news, so I do not know if it has cleaned up, but for a while there, if you walked into a mosque asking for a job, all that was said was “don’t drive taxi”.

            I will go out on a limb here and offend “libtards” (I found the term amusing even though it was directed at me), and say that I think all immigrants should have a thorough psych exam and periodic drug testing.

            I know that does not rule out misogynistic behavior getting through, but it would give clues to it, and help root out the minority that might pose a danger to themselves or others.

            We used to confine those from Ellis to keep out infectious disease, why should mental illness be any different.

            And ALL taxi drivers should be tested for drugs also… most truck drivers are.

            There is cultural discrimination in the mosques as well I guess. Taxi drivers are never seen as the best of the best. Most assume that the taxi driver can’t work anywhere else and see them as bums.

            The taxi driver mentality is seen as a drug user and one who is careless in faith. This has some to do with supporting the drug and nightlife cultures and some with the fact that most Muslims in America are higher income professionals (not so much in EU). The ones that usually flat out talked about are the ones that avoid the mosque. Driving a taxi makes that easy. They do not come because they are on drugs and can’t pray or shall we say “are well known to be trouble”.

            If they do show up, the old men rip into them. My dad would have called them “street punks”, I am not sure what they call them, but they do it in the parking lot after or before mosque as they get in their car and not in the mosque, so it must be bad.

            I know a lot of good and nice taxi drivers, see them at mosque, and they are well liked by most accounts. But they do have a reputation, even inside the Muslim community. The owners are seen as almost warlords in their exploitation and greed, and the “street punks” are seldom seen in another profession.

            So I am not naive, I just have a different perspective, not as a disagreement, but a different vantage point.

            I do however think that the role of education and discipline needs to be taken more seriously in in support any immigrant parents who have no idea what their kids are doing once they come here, or their kids will be the next group drugged up taxi scum.

            The sad thing is, these children often deride their parents “backward, Islamic restrictions on their freedoms” and join their American families “blood or crip” to make money here as it is the way to acceptance in our culture. They often see how their parents are chastised for their ways by the normal American, and instead follow the advice of the TV or music, friends and cohorts on the streets.

            I know that you will probably reply that it is just because they are from Somalia or Africa in general (maybe not you but many here will) but I assure you it goes deeper than that.

            I do not know the background of the men you had problems with, but turbans are rare with Muslims outside of Afghanistan and Pakistan. A large community of Sikhs live here too. They are a very peaceful, monotheistic people and have very good attitudes towards the US.

            I am sorry to ramble on, but I just wanted to HONESTLY AND OPENLY share some personal observations about cultural problems (see I can say that LOL) that muslim parents and our community do see and deal with.

            When I was younger, many parents would not let their kids go out with me (I say kids, but we were in our 20s, parental rules are followed for life in many Muslim families very closely). I thought it was because I was white… It was because I was American in general, not my skin. They did not want me to get their kids into drugs.

            Just like many think all Immigrants are prone to cultural propensity to rape of use violence, they thought for sure that if their sons hung out with me they would wind up on drugs either through me or someone I knew.

            So I openly apologize about thinking you were in fact naive as well. I hope that you get the justice you deserve.

            I hope that I offer a different insight that might give a small glimpse into the community that you see as all harmful, and realize that there is concern for problems from within as well, and a rejection of criminal thought and practice on both sides.

            It does not explain what has happened to you as that is your story to tell, but I do know that the Islamic local communities in the US that I have become acquainted with do not support or condone idiots and criminals. It makes it harder for them to get along with the local community (as if it wasn’t hard enough) and they are smart enough to know that it destroys their community as well, as they see the cities they live in as their social responsibility as well.

            I lived in public (well it was gentrified – income based in a high cost area) housing for a very short time, and I will tell you, if I ever felt white guilt (I learned that term here), it was there. I never ran into so much white trash in my life. Economics has a lot to do with this, and I can understand the trepidation about “bring in” the poor for this reason. But true religiosity and skin color mean little in the equation.

          • laura r

            concerning taxies: in NY it depends upon who the mayor is. guilianai improved the situation, bloomberg let it slide back. nothing terrible has happened to me, its just not an appropiate way to live. the old time drivers were normal, jews italians irish puerto ricans. i dont take taxies in 3rd world countries, only of i know the driver & call direct. i have had some trouble in mexico, so i know what to do. bottom line: few of us on this forum (including me) give a damn about the details. i am not entralled about the life of a muslim (or african or whatever) immigrant. if i wanted these details i would watch PBS. its ovious that most of the taxie drivers in NY are low lives. that happend after the ammesty was passed in the late 80s. thats why car service businesses thrived. then these services would change hands & become dangerous. who the hell needs this b.s.? the only decent drivers are mostly orthodox jews that service their community.

          • Drakken

            You haven’t been to Europe have you, especially lately, the rape epidemic of the natives from the 3rd world has reached a crisis stage, and you think we should import more of them, how stunning that you are so generous with our resources. The problem with your good intentions is that the road to hell is paved with them.

      • laura r

        i also see you “vocality” as you call it, as a manic condition. kind of like coke meets meth. the wisest men speak w/few words. less is more, trim the fat.

  • She_patriot

    The French which are over whelmed by muslim immigrants has cut their welfare by 83% and we need to follow suit. The US is in dire financial shape despite the blue skies painted by this administration and we are borrowing to pay for the progressive welcome wagon !

    The benefits given to all immigrants legal or not is staggering and yet our own can not even afford their own health insurance !

  • Michelle

    More of the same old crap. These vultures demand everything they can possibly get out of the American system while doing nothing in return such as integrating themselves into this country. It’s time we stopped this gravy train. That way those who don’t like it can return to wherever they came from.

    • laura r

      who is “we”? you make it seem as if we have a voice.

  • Chuck Orange

    Knowing what I do about somalis from 6 years in the middle east, I must perforce agree that I do not want that race of shiftless, no count, robbing, rapist, cheating NeeGars,in the US for any reason, and doubly so because they are moslem headbangers. Keep your guns to hand dealing with those assholes. Cut that welfare to the bone like france is doing. France cut it 83% starting this year. They cannot afford it and neither can we in the USA.

  • Singlethoughtprocess

    We have thousands of American born homeless people in this country who don’t receive GA or vouchers for rent. If our own people can be homeless than these people can be homeless too. If you don’t like it then go back to your own country.

  • bobbah

    If China can have a “one child policy” why can’t the west do something similar? It is ridiculous that these people expect to come to a welfare country and exploit it for all they can. They will not go to countries that do not have welfare, i.e. Islamic countries because they are so lazy. Stop the dry rot now, before it is too late.

  • Scott P Bienvenu

    I had to sign an agreement with the federal govt where i promised for a certain amount of years that when my fiancee at the time came to the United States and we were married, that i would support her financially and that she would not become a public charge “Receive any benefits”. If i as an “American Citizen” have to follow the “Rules”, then why in the hell do they “NOT” have to follow the rules. It seems that the rules and rule of law only apply to American Citizens.

    For all the hoops i had to jump through to bring my wife here legally, dont even get me started on amnesty for illegals and all the benefits they get. SMDH

  • Rebelle59

    “the face of Maine is changing, we are the face of Maine…..I’d rather poke my eyes out with a fork than buy into that Bs.

  • Scott P Bienvenu
  • Nelson Stanley

    If you aren’t a racist ,you ain’t payin attention !!

  • Gloria Blackwell

    How much welfare did they get in their own country…..NONE…… So shut the heck up or go back where they come from. Be glad our government is so gutless as to even let them be here!!!!

  • cascronin

    This country was built by refugees. The issue is not race or culture the issue is a broken welfare system. We all could use some help at sometime in our lives but, a system that becomes a life style at the expense of others is wrong. I see nothing wrong with a hand up program but, the system needs to become a program that develops self sustainability, through education and training, and or work credits for productive volunteering.

    • Timothy W. Crane

      A person who actually talks about the article and the issue at hand. Thank you.

      You even seem to offer soulutions to some of the problems that plague the system, and see the offering of help as a good thing. All of us (not just them or us-singulary). Your work credit and volunteeering program idea is alive and well in several states and drives out or cuts off the lazy. In Missouri a person is required to put in 40 hrs/wk of work or volunteer work. A family with two spouses, 55. When the maximum benefit is less than $500 (price comparison to other states is harder as cost of living is drastically different), the lazy find “getting something for nothing” quite impossible. I hope everyone doesn’t deride you for talking about the issue and not just religious or ethnic/racial bashing.

      Does anyone here know if there was any grandfathering of currently present refugees? My main objection is to the dropping of a current expectation of following through for those already here. The Maine state benefits are more generous than the federal standard, and the quarrel I have is only with the idea of droppping those who are caught between the right to work and the ability to bridge the time it takes for work permits to be approved with the benefits already in place for those who are presently waiting.

  • Ken W

    Stop letting muslims in this country and start deporting those here out. We are cutting our own throat. How many times have our enemies told us ‘we will destroy you from within, not firing a shot, we will use your own laws.’ WAKE UP What we have to do doesn’t sound American, but either we do it or there is no America. Recognize islam for what it is, a Cult, and bar it’s practice. No mosques or calls to fake prayer. Stop it Now

    • laura r

      our govt & the globalists are using these people to divide & conquer. it weakens the society.

      • Ken W

        People just need to look and see what is happening in Europe. The more move in, the more they demand. They won’t assimilate because they don’t want to be anything like us, they want us to be like them and will kill to accomplish it. Look at the rapes in Europe, they feel it is ok as long as it is infidels that are being raped.

        • laura r

          there are 100’s of vids on youtube from every country in europe. i especially like gert wilders, agree w/him 90%. the same forces are behind the US that are behind europe. (no, its not satan). its just a massive global corporation out there. it really doesnt matter what the muslims think do or demand. they are not to blame, the govts are too blame. they know excatly what is coming down the pike. (its another “distraction” to pick apart the quran, & complain). the muslims were invited to move into the western world. this time they didnt have to ride on horses & carry swords. their leaders are already here. the followers are being shipped in.

          • Ken W

            So you are saying islam is a corporation?

          • laura r

            it certainly a by product of the global world order. somehow it plays convenient role. arabia & the US are in bed together as one example. do you really think your leaders care what happens in brooklyn? or maine? or dearborn? they dump the people & theyre on to the next thing.

          • Ken W

            So world order as dictated by islam?

          • laura r

            not “dictated”. as i said, its one of the by products of internatiomal deal making. when they ship the people over seas, the foreign govts already know that: local leaders hands are tied, police cant do anything. its a free for all. remember what the muslim said after cutting off the head of the soldier? “your govt doesnt care about YOU” (while he held the knife). he got that one right. (islam is only part of the picture. there are many other countries in world govt).

  • Michael Santarella


  • Angered American

    Go back to where you come from and take your violence and bull shit with you. Learn to earn your own money stop sucking off of others. If you don’t like your own country change it not ours. All these people come here for the American Dream but they bring all their crap with them. NO BENIFITS UNTILL YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! That means learning English and know our laws and Constittion and agree to live by them and not subvert them. As an American I resent these people trying to bring us down to their petty level.

  • Sandy Nelson

    If these people are unhappy here, why don’t they just go home? Don’t cause trouble here in the US. If not happy, leave.

  • jenkem5

    I’m from the area. None of them work and they all have 15 kids. It’s bad, bad, bad for Americans.

    • laura r

      multiply the 15 kids, they will each have another 10 kids. now we have a few hundred more people per family. if they do work, thats ok. but who knows? it could be another ghetto welfare culture.

    • EasttoAK

      I am from the area too… and you are lying.

  • Steven Mayro

    hey you know what? why don”t you either go home go to another state or shut the fuck up and deal with it if i went to Somalia do you think i would get benefits???? NO

  • Eric

    when I moved from florida to Maryland I came with money because IExpected to have work downtime. Its not the taxpayers job to support the moving of unemployeed people to any place.

  • Thedon

    Same thing has been happening in Australia, new leader is trying to stop, or slow down the people smuggling trade that brings in Africans and Afghans through Indonesia, predictable accusations of racism.
    Why is one lot of people who’s culture has failed them, allowed to just turn up on the doorstep of another mob who’s culture tries to do the right thing by providing for the unlucky in our society, the new mob are displacing the people that the benefits were provided for, these are not guests, they are gate crashers.
    Local communities should not have to fund, what is a federal and UN cultural restructure of the western world. Letting millions from failed cultures flood in and soak up the resources that were supposed to provide retirement and hardship benefits for the sick, elderly, disabled and unemployed.
    Our communities and culture must change we are told, we must embrace these new cultures and accept the wonderful reality of a new multicultural world, while at the same time, being told we have to respect the culture and history of these newcomers. so it is racist to have a problem with seeing you city overrun with people from failed and often violent medieval cultures.

    • laura r

      look@ it this way: you’re invited to stay @ an apartment. you get food, furniture, & TV (in somalian, flat screen). medical if you need it, some cash vouchers. you get free transport for the entire family, no strings attached. youre told you can buy your native food, there are plenty of other folks around, you can speak your own language. there are several mosques. you heard 1/2 of the neighborhood has left for a country called brooklyn (or where ever), including the iman. you are living in a place w/out plumbing, or maybe theres a war going on. is there much to consider? are you going to say “no”? ofcause not! what im saying is that these people have an international invitation.

  • Michelle Wayne

    That will make them send a message to the rest of potential “Muslim Emigrants” that the money for nothing has stopped coming, the rest of the world take notice, UK is doing it no welfare only after certain time living in UK ,France, Canada and Germany,Belgium, Australia take notice!! the biggest reason they emigrate to non Muslim countries is the welfare money.

  • dougw

    They should not receive 1 cent of government money.

  • MaryofAriz

    Go home. We are not your keepers.

  • Phil Leone

    From history both current and past, I have learned that Jihad, whether it is by sword or by stealth, has a goal of TOTAL Domination by Islam!
    All around the world the infiltration is ongoing!
    As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2%
    in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a
    peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens.

    At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other
    ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting
    from the jails and among street gangs.

    From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in
    proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they
    will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards)
    food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for
    Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature
    halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.

    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend
    to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions.
    In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action
    offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in
    Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam.
    Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections,

    After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger
    rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings
    of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues

    At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare

    From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of
    non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims),
    sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon,
    and Jizya, the tax placed on infidels,

    After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad,
    some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these
    nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has
    been experienced and in some ways is on-going

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the
    Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because
    everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran
    is the only word

  • hashimoto

    Make it stop!!

  • Chris Humphrey

    The political problem with Islam is that it is like cancer — it’s in remission a lot of the time, but when it flares up, it is fundamentally seditious, a threat to any state that is not Muslim. This is currently happening in Nigeria, among other places. These folks are not keen on assimilating; they will use their minority group status to extort things from the larger society, then start demanding rights for themselves (sharia courts, etc.), then insisting that others must follow their ways (like the taxi drivers in some northern/midwest city, who refused to pick up passengers at the airport who were carrying bottles of alcohol, or the employees of Boeing [?] who began insisting on special prayer times several times during the work day). People who come here and aren’t visiting need to accept that they’re joining our society, not making it over into something like theirs.

  • Timothy W. Crane

    Nothing terrible has happened to me…. I am now sorry I took you so seriously. So you are just a bigoted bitch, plus you have a penchant for lawsuit extortion as well? And you bitch about those looking to flee from war….. Yes this will be my last comment. You are all beyond all hope. I am beginning to think you are all right.

    I am your enemy.

    You are a bunch of equality hating, racist scumbags who are not fit to call yourself lovers of American freedoms or (depending if you hold faith) religiously moral in any way.

    Your so caught up in your hatred of others that it is no wonder you view the world as out to get you. You know you deserve their hatred of your attitudes on a very personal level.

    There’s blood on the mirror, not on your face. Look at your hands and not for the one that struck you.

    I have no “white guilt”, but I sure do feel ashamed of any affiliation with the likes of those that have commented here that others might assume.

    Thank God most in this country are better than you.

    You’re right “it is not an appropriate way to live”, I’d lock my taxi doors too.

    • laura r

      you said it yourself. many 3rd world taxie drivers are DRUG ADDICTICTED, hence the violence. this is good info for other people to know. because i have protected my self, as said “nothing terrible has ever happend to me” i want to keep it that way, for me & others who read this newspaper.

    • Samwise

      I hardly doubt laura r is a bigot.

      Seen too many stories in the Daily Mail of passengers raped by cabbies. The cabbies were all Muslim.

      There was also the problem taxi cab drives in Minneapolis. It brought Somalis to national attention. They did not want service dogs (or any dogs) in the cabs. Nor did they want any customers, who carried alcohol. So if you buy duty free alcohol at the import and then try to get a cab home, you are now stuck at the airport. The cab industry is usually highly regulated. It is a public accommodation. So a baker has to bake a cake for a gay wedding but Somalis can demand passengers adhere to sharia?

      I think it is cute. Alcohol is bad but khat or hookahs are tolerated.

      • Timothy W. Crane

        “wilders is the best.” contributes to my idea that she is. While I have constantly derided Al Qaeda and ISIS for their simplistic views and correlating actions, etc.. she seems quite happy with a man of his “Orange supporting” caliber.

        For these taxi drivers to refuse to drive a man carrying alcohol is stupid at best, I agree. (as Christians and other non muslims even in Saudi are allowed alcohol)

        Khat is also considered an intoxicant, and thus if you read above, I condemned its use as a religiously lax exercise.

        And hookah/tobacco use is considered either discouraged or also prohibited by scholarly opinion.

        • samwise

          It is prohibited by scholarly opinion?

          So many people judge Christians by common practices of those that are nominally Christian or other but not as much by what scholar say. Or they try to drive a truck between the scholar and the laity. An example is the practice of contraception. But we have to judge Islam not by the majority of practitioners or card carrying Muslims but by the scholars.

          Norway has a khat problem. It came with the refugees.

          If I were a cabbie I would not pick up a violent or disagreeable drunks nor would I like someone puking in the cab because of intoxication. That would be cause to levy a surcharge. of 20 to 50 bucks to clean it up maybe more if it took the cab out of service longer.

          People have a hard time with an ethnic group made of refugees from a Failed nation state where American soldiers were recently dragged through the streets trying to tell us how to live better.

          America has a lot of problems, but Somalia has more and it results from the people as an aggregate whole

          • Timothy W. Crane

            Yes. It comes from the hadith that says that those things that intoxicate in large amounts are prohibited in small. (referring to recreational use as actual medicinal use – such as the use of opiates in pain medications fall under a different ruling).

            Smoking falls under the rubric of slow suicide, which is prohibited, but as it is not always considered an intoxicant (nicotine), and death is not assured, some scholars define it as strongly discouraged, but out of the pale of law based on the fact that what is not clearly defined as illegal cannot be legally described as such due to the possibility of that stance then being used to further restrict personal freedoms.

            Under Ibadi fiqh it is considered prohibited (especially in the presence of others, as this is slow murder in the same right) though Shafis and others consider it discouraged only.

            To not allow others to drink though (non muslims) in private is actually considered oppressive to the religious and cultural rights of another group, especially in light of the use of alcohol as a rite in some societies.

          • Samwise

            My post was poorly written.

            We have a problem with Muslims berating alcohol use in the west when their countries have large drug problems.

            We also have a problem with Muslims having a problem with people who use alcohol and never abuse it.

            We also had problems when some Christians did this.
            See dry counties. The movie Footloose may be a bit of a stretch but there are more than enough people in the West who criticize Christians when they get overbearing.

          • Timothy W. Crane

            When you attribute their “problem” as part of their Islamic faith…. yes.

    • laura r

      theres a forum for you, go to the “opposing views” section. you can explode, curse as much as you wish. multiculturalism & islam are similar. they both evoke vulagr temper tantrums. may i suggest “stormfront”?

      • Timothy W. Crane

        “multiculturalism & islam are similar”

        I agree… And am an open supporter of both

        Thank you for the forum suggestion.

  • eGrodin

    Congratulations Maine, in Sweden we’ve been seeing this problem for just a few years. Now it’s your turn.

  • David F. Podesta

    Go back to wherever you came from and get welfare there. I’m pretty tired of supporting leeches and parasites.

  • smogdew

    That these people should be defiling the beauty of Maine with their presence is disgusting. They are Somalis – the most arrogant cruel, demanding, dictatorial, abrasive, trouble making group of Muslims/Islamists. There’s a bunch of them in the mid-West (I want to say MN but I’m not sure) who have caused more trouble than they’re worth. I pity their children – I cannot abide the adults…mean beyond most human measure.
    Why are these people being sent to America (other than the fact that Obama wants his militia stocked with them) as opposed to Palestine? There are miles and miles of glorious Gaza Strip where they could loll in the sun and drink Mai tais (I don’t give a crap as to what their Koran says)……just get them out of Maine and out of this country.
    Why are we aiding people who have killed thousand and thousands of our troops? They are the enemy and should be returned from whence they came (heaven knows there are enough shrimp, lobster and other boats in Maine.
    Of ALL states in the Union – Maine is the only one I care enough about to want these heathens barred. To see a mosque in that state would be heart breaking.

  • leithel1

    The picture of the family above shows thirteen offspring plus two adults. They could pass the other group from Africa in multiplying their offspring like rodents. hell, they could soon out number the “African Muslim Americans” as “Somalia Muslim Americans”.

    • jacsen

      It’s not only the immigrants and refugees that will bring this about.. the USA has allowed over 55 million abortions. The demographics will tell you that whites in this nation will become a minority…and at the rate Obama is inviting folks in from Syria, Somali, ad infinitum…it won’t take long. Maybe that has been his real goal???

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    parasites and predators- thats the muslim for you. conquering America, not with his sword but his penis.

  • gplucas

    Islam and Christianity are totally incompatible. One will be destroyed and supplanted by the other. It’s time to send all the Muslims and the UN back to whatever shit-hole country they came from.

  • IngeC

    Being an immigrant myself although, not a asylum seeker – when I read this headline I thought that my eyes are playing a sick joke on me. I always thought coming here as an immigrant one has to be able to support oneself without using and, abusing the welfare system – at least that’s how it was before when I immigrated to the USA. Never in a million years did I nor would I ask or demand for American taxpayers to fund my necessities.
    Are these people for real? Are the Syrian asylum given and, recently arriving in New Jersey (Christians persecuted for their beliefs were NOT among them) are next? Since thousands more to arrive as per the current administration – muslim are given preference because they are the most noble people on the planet – I’m sure they need free lunch hand outs as well – do the taxpayers have a right and, voice at all in how their money is spent? I see hundreds of homeless americans in California with their kids – many of them telling me that they can’t get no help from the state; affordable housing lists are closed for the next 10 yrs; what about them?
    I am not only appalled about their callous behavior and, demands – but also politicians who approve and, support of such actions against taxpaying americans. Whatever happens to honest work? I have a very good book that states: “If you don’t work – you don’t eat!”
    I would like for americans to look to Europe and, what happens when the ‘multi cultural’ utopian dream takes root and, the consequences that follow.
    I hope everybody wakes up and, nip this bs in the butt before, it completely destroys this constitutional republic and, remove politicians who sell americans down the river for the votes of these leeches.

  • johnholliday

    Damn Somalis are the biggest PIA’s.

  • johnholliday

    Mainers will rue the day they let them in

  • Ray Chandler

    Send the scumbags back to the toilet from whence they came. Don’t ask them if they want to go, SEND THEM. I really don’t care what happens to them, but they won’t be polluting this countrry anymore.

  • jacsen

    There is NO justification for this. They’re rude and obviously not very smart. You don’t go into someone else’s home and tell them what to do when you have not contributed a damn thing! Really disgusting…and it makes it so hard to be welcoming to those who need refuge but behave terribly, with their outrageous expectations.

  • David Nevers

    dirty stinken fucking animals!!! go back to africa you lazy muslim dog

  • minutemanIII

    Not only this but there were a bunch of them from lewiston and portland maine who were arrested by the cia for their part in terrorist attacks on US embassys in aferica.

  • manthelifeboats

    I never wanted them here. U.S. needs to rethink the whole issue or immigrants, and especially large scale asylum with people who are antithetical to our way of life. I live in a neighboring state and I feel less safe and and less at ease about visiting Portland and environs. I can’t see evidence that extreme experiments to balkanize our formerly wonderful country are a good and constructive thing. It hasn’t worked in U.K. or any of the mainland European nations and it wont work here.

  • Kara Mehmet

    what the F**K has Maine come to? I left in 1993…Holy Cow…Liberals went and screwed another city up. Great job flat landers.

  • James Rodden

    Regarding YOUR system. I want nothing from your system. I left a country that has FREE health care, so why would I come to a country that specializes in having people pay to live?? I also left a ‘reasonably’ healthy political structure, and a country I loved. WHY? because I met a lady i fell in love with. We were married a few weeks back. I paid for every mile I traveled and have been paying your government since I have been here.. they have practically raped me financially.( about 9000 pounds so far .I have had no help or assistance and have bought a home here AND harassed by a city that hound me for property rates and threaten to take my home from me. even after i have explained that i cannot work until I get a change of status ( after paying your government more money I hasten to add ) So please, not all immigrants are a burden to you… there was a time when you couldn’t get enough Scotsman here! What we DO do in the UK is though, when someone is classed as being in the country ILLEGALLY they are arrested and thrown out. WE do not reward them with a vote a home and a car and assistance. ..
    You get what you vote for in life… sometimes without even voting.. go work that one out…


    if i moved to a country that (believed in the Koran would i be expected to learn thier ways and manners ) and speak thier language ? just a question

  • Mocs1

    My husband and I were in Maine some years ago. We went to a Dunkin Donuts in Portland and had a little discussion w/the cashier and he mentioned the issues w/the Somalis and the welfare they receive. Being NYers, and living in the welfare capital of the world (the Bronx), we knew exactly what he was talking about. Seems many in the area resent this and I don’t blame them a bit.

    It’s infuriating that the govt. allows these people to not only come here but then expects thousands/millions to support these people.

    I see this crap everyday in NYC and it’s not just immigrants but plenty of those born and raised in this country for generations sucking the system dry and always crying about it. NO ONE OWES ANYONE ANYTHING!

  • DoYouSeriouslyExpectMeToBeliev

    it was a mistake to bring them here and we will all regret the day they came.