Somali Pirate May Receive Asylum in US


Apparently we just don’t have enough Somali pirates in Maine and Minnesota already. Prosecuted lured Ali Mohammed Ali to the United States for prosecution and then they ran into a Clinton judge.

Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle predictably took the side of the Somali pirate, as she had taken the side of Gitmo detainee Murat Kurnaz and now Ali Mohammed Ali is trying to apply for permanent asylum in the United States.

The failed prosecution of an alleged Somali pirate — and the fact that that failure could leave him living freely, and permanently, inside U.S. borders — is highlighting anew the risks of trying terror suspects in American courts.

Just a few weeks ago, Ali Mohamed Ali was facing the possibility of a mandatory life sentence in a 2008 shipjacking off the coast of Yemen — an incident much like the one dramatized in the film “Captain Phillips.” Now, the Somali native is in immigration detention in Virginia and seeking permanent asylum in the United States.

Is there any doubt about what Ali Mohamed Ali was really doing?

In a fascinating BBC special that airs today, the BBC’s Rob Walker follows the money for an inside look at how Somali “investors” organized the attack on the CEC Future, a Danish-owned cargo ship that was hijacked last year.

Most crucially, Walker tracks down “Mr Ali,” the man recruited by pirates as a negotiator because of his fluent English. Walker meets him in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, and Mr. Ali — real name is Ali Mohamed Ali — explains the division of labor and how much it costs to buy ammunition, food and fuel. Investors usually expect to bankroll several missions before getting a return on their investment. It can cost up to $6,000 to fund a single pirate expedition, but the ransoms can be substantial: In the case of the CEC Future, the pirates netted between $1 million and $2 million.

And now thanks to a Clinton judge, the Somali pirate is applying for asylum in the US. And under Obama Inc, he just might get it.

  • blert

    Good grief, his tale is out on the BBC and she still hasn’t got a clue?

    The BBC’s tale indicates that the ENTIRE local, Somali, community is within the pirate syndicate.

    What’s left out is that AQ in the AP takes 20% off the top (Mo’s percentage, if you’ll recall) of every deal in those seas.

    Somalia is ‘off-the-net’ banking wise. The serious money has to be routed back through Yemen — and it is.

    Yemen is also the deep planning base for Islamic piracy.

    Anyone not double tithing to AQAP is double tapped to the head.

    Their normal suppy of ordnance comes by way of Iran. That nation runs guns to Somalia, Yemen and Sudan — apparently on a regular shuttle.

    BTW, rock ‘n roll and rap music are normally stronger deterrents than fire hoses. If the sailors were serious about hosing the pirates, then they would’ve used soap injection. Sudsing is the solution.

    • A Z

      All joking aside fire fighting foam would be more of an irritant and impediment to boarders.

      • DVult

        How about bullets?

        • A Z

          I am good with bullets.

          But use bullets & sailors will get prosecuted by the clueless back home. In a fair world those prosecutors & persecutors would get nothing & deserve nothing that is shipped via ocean going ships.

          I am just saying foam is better than water.

          • kikorikid

            You are not helping them take a bath, you
            are trying to stop murderous pirates.
            Use 7.62, 5.56, 30-06, .50, clean em up that way.

          • A Z

            I did not say I was giving them a bath.

            being foamed might make them think there were being suffocated or it might actually cause them physiological distress.

            I think bullets are a better option.

            Actually I think our political leaders are a bunch of p______ and that these pirates need to be all shot.

            blerts piece was devastating. It did not help my mood. I already knew their were spies in the shipping industry and middle men in Kenya and what not.

            But if Al Qaeda is getting a cut like blert alleges then the people in Washington are complete and utter fools.

          • kikorikid

            You are spot on here.
            No offense intended, just playing with words.

        • A Z

          I was happy when the Chinese government lined up a bunch of pirates and shot them in the back of the head with AK47s. The pirates murdered the 23 civilian sailors and machine gunned them and dumped their bodies overboard.

          It was very gruesome. It was hard to watch, but I would not miss it for the world.

          “The pictures showed pirates partying among the dead on the Cheung Son.”

          And video of the execution is hard to find. Very sad.

        • BS77

          I saw Captain Phillips…hard to believe a mutli million dollar ship, carrying millions in freight, with a vulnerable crew…did not have a couple armed security guards on board to counter the pirates. Seems like a no brainer.

      • blert

        The crack about modern pop music is not a joke. Ships ARE actually driving pirates off with Madona, et. al.
        The 20% double tithe figure comes by way of American intelligence and PR from AQAP. (!)
        The BBC account mentions that one of the main perps died shortly after landfall… over the split. Don’t be shocked if it turns out he attempted to hold back AQAP’s ‘cut.’
        Until AQAP set up shop, Somali piracy was unheard of. The pirates are entirely replicating the ‘economics’ of the Barbary Coast. Even at that time, the pirates had to tender the 20% to the local despot. (Bey, dey or agha — depending) The top man was not going to sea.
        It’s openly acknowledged by AQAP that the pirates are in good (Islamic) standing with them. [Less stated, it’s apparent on the record that some of the most infamous attacks have occurred DIRECTLY as a result of ARAB maritime intelligence picked up in ARAB ports well to the east of the zone of piracy. They tip off the Somalis as to exactly where and what needs ‘attention.’ This Arab network extends all the way into India.
        The Somalis are a deniable asset. In that, they are no different than AQ is to Tehran, or the Hez, … on down the line.
        The Japanese have shown (1941) that it’s unwise to take direct credit for attacking American assets.
        BTW, the Somalis attacking Captain Phillips didn’t even recognize the American flag… and its significance at sea. Since the event, Somalis shun American flagged ships. The word got out. The USN was just too risky.

        • A Z

          “The Somalis are a deniable asset. ”

          I do not think the majority of the people understand this and how much it threatens them. I don’t think they give a ____.

          I really do not care if pirates avoid American flagged ships. The sailors of other nations matter as well. For one it is honest work. For another, if it was not for the work of foreign sailors we would not have jack.

          Plus, maritime security is fungible like money or oil. Attacks on others drives up the cost of admiralty insurance.

  • Raymond_in_DC

    Watched “Captain Phillips” a few weeks ago. Good as the movie was, it suggested just how flawed our response to piracy has become.

    Two hundred years ago they had the right idea. Try the bastard at sea, execute the bastard, and give his body to the sharks. Instead, the end credits note the one surviving suspect is given his Miranda rights, shipped to the US where he’ll be tried and serve his sentence, costing the taxpayers millions, at the end of which he’ll likely be allowed to remain in the US. On welfare.

    But even before that I had to wonder … Why aren’t our forces going after the mother ship? Find it (we’ve got satellites and drones), target it, sink it. And all those US naval vessels, held back from acting because “The President wants this resolved peacefully.” WTH! And what about the defenses allowed cargo ships? So defenseless they have to flee a few illiterates in a beat up powerboat or rely on fixed water hoses? Again, WTH!

  • UCSPanther

    Looks like this Somalian Blackbeard will probably change from plundering ships to plundering welfare…

  • Veracious_one

    make him stay in a room in Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle’s house…

    • A Z

      Ali Mohammed Ali should be “given” a house in the Cleveland Park neighborhood of Washington D.C. by well meaning government officials of the highest calibre. That is to say a person progressive world view should take care of the paperwork.s.

      Several other ‘former’ pirates should also be given houses in Cleveland Park.

      That is all I ask. We need to say nothing nor encourage Ali Mohammed Ali to do anything. we simply let nature take its’ course.

      I am serious. Ali Mohammed Ali is interchangeable with every other American. He should live in a nice green neighborhood and not some squalid apartment next to a factory or a wharf in NYC. How else can he be all he could be . He needs to live among accomplished people if he is to be encourage to strive for more. If he does not live among the enlightened, he might not want to become educated to get a JD or a degree in public administration.

    • BS77

      US Immigration realized we have a drastic shortage of Somali pirates in our society….so roll out the red carpet for this man.

      • Lou

        I saw where Immigration or some government agency said we did not have enough Chinese restaurants. There fore the need for more immigration. God knows that culinary schools like Julliards and culinary programs in other schools cannot teach round eyes be they white black or Hispanic how to cook Chinese food. That’s just crazy talk! Shortly thereafter I driving a town in Oregon of 2,000 souls and I notice it too has a Chinese restaurant.

    • Chaucer

      She has a fairly unique name. It is easy to to look up her address. She lives in Washington D.C.

      All War on Terror parolees and similar people should live in Washington D.C. in a halfway house and later permanent housing. Such housing should be spread out and not relegated to poor neighborhoods if you get my drift.

  • Veracious_one
    • A Z

      Yes, but the bleating sheople do not care as long as they get their swag.

      When i-phones no longer get shipped from factories in China and make it to port on the west coast because of piracy only then will the sheople care.

      In the meantime the sheople do not care how many sailors are killed or taken hostage so long as they are not gay.

      • Veracious_one

        it’s hard to believe people think Islam is just a misunderstood peaceful religion….

    • Cindy

      One such captives I believe was a Canadian female who was raped repeatedly until she became pregnant by one of her Somali captors.

      • Larry

        It is a lie. She was not raped. She was ‘cultural enriched’. Use the correct terminology as demanded by our prog masters.

        Swedish, Danish and Norwegian liberal politicians call Muslim immigrants “CULTURAL ENRICHERS”.

  • truebearing

    It’s not his fault he was engaged in piracy. He had no choice. The industrialized nations were taunting him and his fellow Somalis with ships loaded with precious cargo. The Somalis are just freedom fighters, noble, brave, but starving and oppressed. Sure, they stole millions of dollars of cargo, killed sailors, held innocent people hostage, but it was social injustice, not their inherent laziness, immorality, and ruthlessness at fault. We should have given them all of our money and food.

    • truebearing

      Just kidding.

      • weknowcheatertheycan’tchanngeo

        Really who cares we know your Mr educated future invisible robber, you educate to steal, we educate to fight for our rights and make world better place,

  • wileyvet

    Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Scum. Maybe he can get a job at Long John Silver’s. Aaargh Matey!

    • darnellecheri


  • objectivefactsmatter

    He’s already established his bona fides with the 0’Bama regime. He’s in for sure.

  • Robert Fanning

    question: which Navy Seal sniper popped a 50 cal. cap on the Somali pirates who took a hostage and where is he now?

  • Seek

    Captain Phillips: Call your office.

  • Rooble

    He is already an American citizen. The writer should have checked the facts before publishing the article. Ali lived in America for so long and his involvement in piracy was after he returned to Africa.

  • Chris Gait

    Hang pirates at sea.

  • emerson

    Instead of calling her a “Clinton judge,” let’s call it what it is. She’s a “Jewish Judge,” a member of Greenfield’s divine race who say “race is a social construct.” We gentiles believe that because we’re unthinking cockroaches.

  • nurlife

    Wow you people are completely idiots yes you live better live yes you have a powerful government but pirates wouldn’t exist if the western world wasn’t so Hungary and lazy the reasons countries in Africa and Asia have so much problems is because of the cold war era when the USA and the USSR diveded the world east and west poor and rich. And when the west chosed to get rid off elected officials and choesed the put people that toar the people apart in power that is the reason this is going on somalia 1993 Libya 2011 Syria right now Egypt north and south koria yes you people may have any thing you could want but the thing you need the most you don’t have. The need not kill any innocencent people because you will always be greedy innocent life’s will have to die pirates would exist if multi national companies weren’t stealing from fisher men or dumping toxic chemicals into the sea of the horn of Africa you can’t denied it because I witness with my on eyes you wanna kill defenceless people first open your eyes see what you eat where it comes from how it got to your plate who had to die so you can eat and yes it is not your governments fualt that you happened to greedy weather you take a loan you can’t afford or a drive a car you can’t full so your government is forced to kill innocent people on your behalf as long as greedy people like you exist the world will die slowly and yes I am an immigrants child who was brought here not by choice but by the circumstance That was created by your government before the war in my country my family was wealthy not by stealing but by working hard and honest for what we had on the other hand your government has to lie,and kill innocent people just to full your greedy arrogant life’s instead of thinking kill people or imaging killing someone go and get some real education figure out why you have to have everything just to fill your greedy little nerow mind and yess you people are the most racist thing I have seen in my life. I’m an African and I was attack everyday of my life just because people from the middle east attacked the twin towers and I had the unfortunate luck of being from Africa I was attack everyday of my high school life instead of getting education I was spending my days in a hospital but when someone has an open mind he can see what’s being the fake smiles and the true face of racism thats why if your black in America you will always be an slave to the racist white men so go kill rape and exploit innocent people. One thing is for sure you people will always be ignorant People because all you have in your heart is hatred as long as you continue to be ignorant you will never understand the true meaning of life so congrats to all the ignorant people on this site.

    • boohoo

      boo hoo

  • MilitaryVeteran

    Somali pirates? They should never set foot on US territory. USN and other navies should eliminate them at sea or by destroying their bases. End of story. This is more of Barry’s foolishness. Someone probably told Barry that Ali was a Muslim so Barry did everything he could to help him. Barry does the same thing with his family members from Kenya living in the USA.

  • girly123

    wow get your facts straight his been an american citizen for most of his adult life around 20 years ………..