Soros and Saudi Arabia Finance a Non-Profit War in Israel

financingtheflames[Edwin Black will be speaking about his new book, Financing the Flames, to the Wednesday Morning Club in Beverly Hills on March 11, 2014.  For more info, click here.]

Many books have been written about the financing of war, but Edwin Black’s latest book is about the financing of peace. That would seem like a positive theme, except that Black reveals that the financing of peace is really the financing of war.

Edwin Black has a history of writing investigative reports about the financing of conflict and Financing the Flames: How Tax-Exempt and Public Money Fuel a Culture of Confrontation and Terror in Israel is firmly in that tradition. Black picks up where he left off with his investigation of the Ford Foundation’s bigoted Anti-Israel shenanigans at Durban to look at the left’s financing of the conflict in Israel.

Israel is a small country and most Israeli Jews and Arabs already know that the conflict is stirred up by interested parties. They know that rocks don’t just get thrown randomly at soldiers and confrontations between Jewish and Arab villages are often staged by interested parties who don’t even live there.

The conflict was always externally encouraged, whether it was the British and the Nazis playing spy games or Iran and the Soviet Union funneling money and instructions to terrorists, but the perpetuation of the conflict has interwoven a mesh of conflict profiteers into the country, from hordes of stringers and journalists looking for a conflict photo or terror interview to sell, and over to the networks of non-profit organizations stirring up violence on an even larger scale and for even uglier motives.

It is this network of non-profits, some little known outside Israel, which is the topic of Black’s book.

The demonization of Israel, from the high range of official documents like the Goldstone Report to the low range of viral videos on YouTube, doesn’t just happen. It’s the for-profit work of non-profit organizations that finance a campaign that sometimes falls just narrowly short of open terrorism.

In Financing the Flames, Black tracks how American foreign aid funds terrorists and how tax-exempt contributions to the New Israel Fund finance violent clashes between soldiers and protesters linking them together in the new economics of the war against Israel and the perpetuation of the violence.

The business of peace resembles the business of war and much of the money being lavished on ending the conflict actually perpetuates it. Whether it’s foreign aid that ends up in the pockets of terrorists, motivating them to bomb and kill, or non-profit grants to social justice organizations like the New Israel Fund whose grantees seek to provoke confrontations to justify their existence, the flames of war are being fed by dollars and euros earmarked for promoting peace.

Financing the Flames breaks down everything from the dollar amounts paid to convicted terrorists ($400 a month for under 3 years, $1,690 for over 10 years and $2,000 for over 15 years) to how the viral videos of Israeli soldiers clashing with civilians are staged (taunt the soldiers, insult their mothers, get right in their faces, edit out the parts that show the incitement) to how a money trail that begins with George Soros ends with violence and hate.

Black doesn’t write in abstracts, instead he gets down and dirty with the personalities; from a meeting at a hotel with the arrogant director of the New Israel Fund to a trailer park in Florida that serves as the real base of operations for an anti-Israel activist group that uses false European fronts to cover its tracks. Financing the Flames takes the reader into encounters with Israeli soldiers and Arab sheiks who surprisingly agree on wanting foreign financed NIF social justice front groups like B’Tselem to go away and leave them alone.

An Arab farmer tells Edwin Black how social justice groups deliberately plant olives in a nature preserve and then stage confrontations for the cameras when the authorities tear up the trees.

“Why do they do it?” he asks rhetorically. “They are encouraged to make trouble.”

Financing the Flames establishes how often “peace groups” act in such bad faith ways, engaging in pointless confrontations and promoting boycotts that only hurt the people they claim to want to help while appearing utterly disinterested in working toward peace.

The culture of activism that has grown around the conflict has made things worse, Black suggests. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Western NGOs routinely make things worse when they egotistically and blindly interfere in foreign countries, but their actions in Israel are often uniquely malicious.

Some of the most shocking material in Financing the Flames includes the New Israel’s Fund involvement in child endangerment as children are dispatched to harass Israeli soldiers. Paying children to throw rocks at soldiers was a common journalistic tactic back in the Intifada 80s and produced plenty of dramatic photos and videos, but there is something disturbing about a non-profit that is being heavily supported by American tax-exempt contributions helping finance this sort of behavior.

The journalists and the non-profits have a profit motive and an ideological motive to perpetuate the conflict. The money comes from American billionaires and foundations, from the Ford Foundation, which made the New Israel Fund possible, from George Soros, a former Nazi collaborator, while the people on the ground are treated like puppets manipulated into dancing for their amusement.

Black’s journalism is meticulously researched and he brings to it the same moralistic eye for detail that informed his earlier work. Edwin Black had examined the funding mechanisms behind the Holocaust and with Financing the Flames he once again charts how modern day genocide is financed and promoted, from the Islamic Development Bank to the State Department to the donor down the block.

The wires cross as money from Islamic terror states and from liberal foundations in the United States go to finance the same organizations and seemingly for the same purposes revealing that when it comes to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Ford Foundation, George Soros and the Saudi king are all on the same page.

Sheikh Zaid al-Jabari of Hebron, a city that has become a favorite target of social justice activists looking to shoot viral videos targeting Israeli soldiers and residents, says, “Millions of dollars are given to these organizations, and they say it is for peace… instead of putting water on the fire, they are fanning the flames.”

The non-profits of the left didn’t begin this conflict, but Edwin Black’s book establishes that they most certainly are fanning the flames.

The millions and billions of dollars flowing into Gaza and the West Bank from foreign aid and non-profits aren’t making things better. Even under the guise of peace, there is still more money in war.

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  • Insecticide

    The “New Israel” that the New Israel Fund seeks is jihadist Palestine



  • truebearing

    The penalty for premeditated murder is life in prison, or death. What more could the penalty be for instigating, enabling, and promoting genocide?

    Soros is Jewish, yet he collaborated with the Nazis, pillaging the homes of Jews on their way to the gas chambers, giving the stolen loot to the Nazis. After the war, he was drawn to communism. Now, after making billions by destroying economies, his focus is on destroying America and Israel. His compass always points to evil.

    Daniel Greenfield just wrote about the apartheid of Saudi Arabia and the evil of that Muslim caste system. The Saudi king, another multi-billionaire, like Soros, supports the evil efforts of those who are desperately trying to create a plausible justification for destroying Israel.

    Why is it that these billionaires have this obsession with the destruction of a small country? Why is Israel the lightning rod for extreme evil on this planet? The answers to these questions are important to everyone on earth because this focus of evil on the Jewish people is a recurring historical theme. The answers will reveal the nature of this evil.

    • Bee

      “Why is Israel the lightning rod for extreme evil on this planet?” The answer can be found in the Bible throughout the Old and New Testaments, the history it records and the numerous references it makes to Israel’s enmity with its ancient and modern-day neighbors right from the first prophecy in Genesis 3:15 “.. I will put enmity between your seed (Satan’s) and her seed (the seed of the woman who was to give birth to the Messiah). The Israelites/Jews were God’s chosen people from time immemorial and he’s never given up on them. They’re the ‘centerpiece’ of prophecy, including the hatred and scattering around the nations they had to endure. It was also foretold they would repossess the land of their forebears, now Israel, and be victorious in the end.
      We live in the End Times and prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes .. and right until the return of the Messiah.
      Please read the books of Ezekiel, Isaiah, Micah, Daniel, Revelation, etc. and you’ll see how everything points to Israel and the Middle East (Edom, Moab, the Ammonites etc., all ancient ‘types’ of Israel’s present-day neighbors. It’s a red thread throughout the history of man, i.e. the part of human history that’s of relevance to God’s ultimate plan.

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        As our Sages of blessed memory observed – “Where does all this sina (hatred — i.e. toward the Jews) come from? From Sinai (i.e. the Jews’ acceptance of the Torah, which the Jews’ enemies, out of jealousy or lust, cannot tolerate)”

      • CrossWinds


        Revelation 12:17……..17 And the dragon (Satan) was angry at the woman (Israel) and declared war against the rest of her children—all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.

    • Crazycatkid

      I know it may be fascinating to some but actually the ethnicity of Soros is irrelevant (except in the context of analyzing his mental pathologies leading to his hatred of Israel and Jews). In no way is he now a Jew- neither spiritually, nor in the eyes of reasonable men.
      FYI, It feels insulting to those of us who are Jewish to hear Soros called Jewish.

      The larger subject of “self-hating” Jews, who are mostly Leftists of Jewish descent, is another discussion……

      • truebearing

        I completely understand your point, and your feelings. In no way was my intent to insult Jewish people. I only pointed out that he was Jewish to illustrate his profound evil. It clearly shows his sociopathic nature. Of course, there are a lot of things that do the same, but betrayal of your own people, even to the point of collaborating with pure evil in their destruction, is very hard to fathom, but shouldn’t be ignored. Too many people in this country have ignored the malignancy of Soros for too long, and now he is in a position to use the US to help destroy Israel, while he continues to support the destruction of the US. You can’t demonize a demon too much.

      • dolt
      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        Those of us who aspire to be Torah Jews will point out that you and I don’t get to make up our own rules for who is Jewish and who is not. Soros’ mother was Jewish, and therefore so is he. That only makes his actions more despicable. Sadly, he is not the first to go off the path and doubtless will not be the last.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Actually there’s a valid distinction from the Torah perspective for placing him outside the Jewish people.

          See ben nechar

          • truebearing

            He should be placed outside the human race, God willing.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            He has already done that himself.

          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Can you make it clear enough for even an am haaretz like me to understand? Is this related to being a mumar?

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Yes it is.

            It’s in reference to who can eat from the Korban Pesach. A Ben Nechar can be a Jew or a non-Jew. Despite being halachically a Jew, he is described as Ben Nechar, an Ish Nochri, effectively no longer your brother.

            This is a good commentary on the subject


          • ahad_ha_amoratsim

            Shkoyach. That was helpful.

        • Diane

 Another Jew who claims to be an “atheist”. Soros is pure evil. This man is an author of the “Death Panels” for which Sarah Palin was ridiculed by naming.

  • Paul Marks

    The latest propaganda attack against Israel from a charity is from Amnesty International. It is very depressing.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      AI is entirely predictable.

    • carpe diem 36

      this is why they say that no good deed goes unpunished. Israel is the first in places of disaster with their mobile hospitals and doctors , nurses and medicine. maybe that is why it is hated so much. it shows the other countries as what they are.

  • carpe diem 36

    there must be a special place in hell for people like Soros who started his “activities” at age 14 and never stopped. what a piece of human dreck!!

  • Jonah9

    It is interesting that Ford supported the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” hoax during its inception in the 20th century…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Ford was inspired in part by anti-war Socialists who blamed the Jews for WW1

      • ahad_ha_amoratsim

        And today they blame the Jews for the war in Iraq.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          They blamed the Jews for every war. I mean every war including the Boer War

          Hyndman founded England’s first Socialist political party, the Social Democratic Federation. He also went on to found the National Socialist Party, which eventually became part of the Labor Party.

          The high point of Hyndman and the SDF’s Anti-Semitism came during the Boer War. To oppose the war was to be accused of disloyalty. Instead Hyndman recreated the war as a Jewish conspiracy, and campaigned against “Imperialist Judaism in South Africa”, the “Jew War in the Transvaal” fought on behalf of an “Anglo-Hebraic Empire” in Africa.

  • dolt

    It’s widely believed that Patriot Act (federal law adopted in 2001, which increased government surveillance powers) is first and foremost important for preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.

    What sort of sums of money are we talking about here, if the devastating attacks of 9/11 cost only a hundred thousand dollars to execute?

    Terror attacks in Madrid and London were significantly less expensive and, according to the results of the investigation, got funding through street crime, pick pocketing and retail drug trade.

    Was it worth introducing a global financial monitoring system, that undermines the very basis of capitalism, because what kind of capitalism can we talk about without confidentiality of commercial and transactions or banking secrecy?

    The U.S. lawmakers themselves have been often saying they have taken the risk not so much to keep track of suspicious transactions worth not more than several thousand dollars, but identify those who benefit from terrorism.

    Those who adopted the Patriot Act were aware that some traders who had short positions earned themselves billions of dollars, closing them right before the 9/11 attacks. All they needed was inside information. And they didn’t necessarily need to be hiding in the mountains at Tora Bora with Osama bin Laden to get it. They didn’t even need a telephone connection with his cave.

  • dolt

    Soros had close ties with Bandar bin Sultan who was Saudi ambassador in Washington for more than a quarter of a century (1983-2005).

  • Johnny

    The whole non profit thing is greatly overdone and damaging. It would be better if there were no non profit institutions, only non profit uses for money. And those uses should be much more narrowly defined than is currently the case. Eligible uses should be limited to direct aid to the poor, perpetual maintenance funds, and so on.

  • blert

    Non-Profit is a term of art.

    It really means: untaxed.

    To achieve this status, the players must be politically tuned in.

    The contrary example is: the Tea Party — aka — Patriots.

  • Berceuse

    I just ordered the book. Edwin Black is a national treasure. His “War Against the Weak” documented how American progressives in the early 1900s engaged in a massive eugenics campaign that led to not just the forced sterilization of innocent Americans, but wholesale infanticide and the planned extermination of “undesirables,” including Jews, in what would serve as an inspiration for similar pogroms in Germany. No doubt his latest work is equally terrific.

  • mamabear

    IF Israel is destroyed, but won’t be because G-d said so…the muslims think if they can destroy Israel then Mohammad is there dea. and that their believe is true. but most who have the knowledge in scripture, Israel will stand FOREVER and ever. The G-d of Abraham, Isasic and Jacob is the ONLY G-d..and one day soon,He will roar thru Zion and destroy all of Israels enemies..Praise His Name

  • dougjmiller

    George Soros got his taste for Jewish blood as a youngster in Hungary during the Nazi invasion. He helped the Nazis round up the Jews to be shipped off to the death camps. Now in his old age he’s using his ill gotten gains to help the Arab/ Moslems finish the Holocaust. The NGOs that he so lavishly funds are dedicated to the annihilation of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. George Soros is an evil monster.

  • Bob Bartlett

    George Soros hates America, but our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats loves his money and sells their souls to get it.

  • herb benty

    BS. Israel was rebuilt by the sweat and ingenuity of it’s people. They don’t need Florida slush funds. Israel shows the world what INDIVIDUALS are capable of, which is why Totalitarians hate them so much.

  • herb benty

    Yes lets just keep sending money to Pakistan. Israel doesn’t need America. I like the idea of helping Israel and so do Americans. Wake up.

  • carpe diem 36

    they continue to hate Israel and to do it harm, but they cannot do much without using Israeli inventions in the worlds of medicine, electronics and agriculture. they cannot even do BDS without using a number of those Israeli inventions. maybe that is why they hate it?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s obviously a place that pisses off jihadis because it’s non-Muslim on “their” peninsula. The Soviets turned it in to a supposed example of modern day “settler colonialism” and all the idiots around the world just uncritically accept the lies because it’s easy to believe that those Jews are doing this according to Marxist “critical thinking.”

  • herb benty

    Jealousy is a part of it. Alinski, the Dems guide, says the first “rebel” was Lucifer, and that being is well aware that Israel plays a big part in prophecy, and his demise. The dark forces of this wicked world have used people against the Jews, Israel and Christians for 2 thousand years. Islam, BDS, J Street, ad nauseum are just the latest opposition. All will fail. I’m going to a Jewish deli for lunch today, which I hadn’t done before BDS.

  • carpe diem 36

    Beteavon!! translation: good appetite.

  • The Facts

    No, let’s not send money to Pakistan either. As a non-Jew, it is pretty easy for me to think about Jews and Muslims separately. Why can’t you do it?

  • truebearing

    You prefer to think about yourself, don’t you.

    Israel is one of America’s best allies, and the place of origin for much of our traditional culture. They have helped us immeasurably in the war on terror. They are a functioning democracy, in a sea of theocracy and dictators. They are the targets of genocide and Americans don’t ignore the evil of genocide. Israel is a source of many beneficial breakthroughs in medicine, science, etc. Muslims are a source of nothing beneficial, but endless ways for people to violently die. If you don’t have the clarity to differentiate something this obvious, you shouldn’t embarrass yourself anymore by commenting.

  • herb benty

    The article is about Soros, the anti-semites that run NGO’s and the Saudi twits. Islam wants our demise, Israel is a friend. Back to your darkness….thats it.

  • ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Let’s see. On one hand, we have a westernized country, imperfect like every society, but with freedom of religion and members of the minority ethnicity exercising full legal rights, including free elections, serving in the legislature, sitting on the supreme court, and practicing at the highest level of every profession. This country has been a reliable ally to the US, saved the lives of US military members by testing American weapons in real wars against the enemy’s weapons, developing tactics and sharing them with the US, sharing intelligence (where do you think the US first got a look at an intact MiG?), and advancing battlefied trauma medicine. It has benefitted the world with advances in every field of medical and pharmaceutical research, advances in digital technology, water desalination, and agriculture, including drip irrigation that has saved countless people in arid countries from starvation. It is relatively low crime. And it serves as a haven for Jews and non-Jews fleeing oppression and death, including Vietnamese boat people and Muslims from the former Baltic states. It affords Muslims more civil rights than any Muslim nation.

    On the other hand, in the PA administrered areas, you have a vicious kleptocracy battling a vicious and oppressive fundamentalist theocracy. Their people face greater risk of being killed by their government or fellow citizens than being killed by Israelis. The world’s largest recipients of foreign aid, they divert the aid into luxury lifestyles for their leaders and into terror attacks on Israel, instead of building an economy to benefit their people. They reversed decades of medical and economic progress that they enjoyed under Israel because it is more imporant to them to murder Jews. They teach in their schools that Jews are subhumans to be exterminated. They helped raise suicide bombings and terrorism to new levels. Their economy depends heavily on drugs, smuggling, counterfeit goods, pirating music and software, and auto chop shops. The predecessors of their leaders actively helped carry out the Final Solution. Their current leaders name parks and schools after people who commit mass murder. They have been offered a self governing state numerous times but refuse to accept one because it would mean giving up their dreams of ending the Jewish state. Jews are not allowed to buy land, work, or enter within their borders. Selling land to a Jew is a capital offense. They spin bizarre conspiracy theories about Zionist chewing gum corrupting their youth and Israeli birds spying on them. They publish blood libel and holocaust denial, and murder people all over the world, Jews and non-Jews, as part of their war against Israel and the west. Their president is in the 9th — or is it 10th? year of his 4 year term. People who vote the wrong way are murdered or tortured, as are people who offend the relatives of government officials. Honor killings are routine. They routinely use children of their own people as human shields. They encourage women doctors to murder the same Israeli doctors who saved their lives. Christians are persecuted, facing murder, arson, rape, and forced marriage to Muslim men.

    Yeah, I can see why you might think that neither side is worth supporting against the other. Maybe you have no moral standards. Maybe you think it won’t hurt US’s interest to let the barbarian non-state wipe out the US’s civilized democratic ally. Maybe you just don’t care for Jews very much. But the reason does not speak well of you.

  • ahad_ha_amoratsim

    Yes, you don’t like either one very much, although you are more willing to tolerate the Muslims if they will only get rid of the Jews for you.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Should we simply end all of our agreements unilaterally because we’re pissed?

    You have to look at the quid pro quo of each relationship and agreement before you have any credibility. You seem to make a lot of stupid assumptions.


    Lets not send money to OPEC.

    No AFTER TAX money to OPEC.

  • herb benty


  • truebearing

    It’s his area of expertise.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    It’s instinctive for elitists to think they can play Chinese checkers in global politics and come out on top without making much effort. It’s stealth or crypto racism. The left is all over it.

  • carpe diem 36

    Lechaim!! is the correct spelling.

  • herb benty

    Really? Actually, it’s L’chiam ( to life!)

  • carpe diem 36

    Le’Chaim. Chaim is Hebrew for Life. Le means for. so le’chaim, to life.

  • herb benty

    Well, the Jews write it as I showed you, at least in my Tel Aviv hotel. Anyway, God Bless Israel!