Soros Backed Marxist Media Group Got $364 Mil from US Gov

But it’s all for a good cause. Even if we’re not entirely sure what that cause might be.

Internews was founded by a self-described Marxist anti-war protester. It has received $1.7 million from Soros, which pales in comparison to the fat government checks it has received. In 2011 alone, it sucked up $52,350,784 in government grants, according to its 990 tax forms. This made up 92.4 percent of the $56,644,153 in total reported revenue for that year.

And 2011 wasn’t unusual. According to the Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity, “all but $1.6 million of the $26.7 million in revenue it [Internews] reported in 2004 came from the federal government.”

Yet Internews runs a massive international journalism organization with a surprisingly small media footprint. Already a presence in more than 90 countries, including hotspot regions like Egypt, Libya and the “Palestinian Territories,” Internews has branched out into the latest conflict area to dominate the world stage: Syria.

Hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars have gone to this little-known, liberal journalism nonprofit since 2002, but the government agencies responsible for funding Internews didn’t seem to know much about it at all. And they certainly don’t like answering questions about it.

Maybe they realize what they are paying for. Far from being politically neutral, Internews pushes a liberal agenda and has helped to found at least three other liberal organizations.

To put its $364,325,778 in federal funding in perspective, Internews has gotten an average of $83,122.46 from taxpayers per day during the past 12 years. That’s $83,000 every single day for 12 years.

So what are we getting for all that money?

The organization operates in more than 70 countries, with global partners including Al Quds University (a Palestinian University), Central European University (which has received at least $250 million from Soros since 2000) and the University of California Berkeley (one of the most liberal colleges in the United States).

More than $6.3 million in federal grants to Internews were designated for Palestinian organizations, including $124,400 to “sponsor the first-ever Palestinian social media conference.”

The first-ever Palestinian social media conference. Just what the world needed.

Like many other journalism groups, Internews also has close ties to George Soros. Internews has received $776,311 in Soros funds since 2000, and $1 million in seed money in the early ‘90s. The organization also has several former Soros employees on staff, including President and CEO Jeanne Bourgault, who used to be a consultant for the Open Society Institute, and Josh Machleder, Internews VP for Europe and Eurasia Programs and for the Global Human Rights project, who also used to work for the Open Society Institute.

The US government is really becoming an outlet of Soros Inc.

  • DogmaelJones1

    You know, you’re right. Before now, I’d never heard of Internews. You’d think that for all the massive amounts of subsidy money being poured into it, it would be as much a household names as AP or Reuters or Agency France. I mean, you’d expect to read news flashes like, “This just in. Internews reporter Walter Hussein Duranty reports from Lagos that Boko Harum denies murdering 150 Christians yesterday and kidnapping 110 school girls last week. It blamed the atrocities on Martians controlled by Israeli-trained dolphins in collusion with U.S. spies posing as Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise salesmen.”

  • tomads

    $364,325,778 in federal funding?
    Only Pakistan & Azerbajan are mentioned here:

    note the current job openings:

    I hope this is some kind of CIA op…

  • truebearing

    Yes, Obama’s boss, George Soros, is the richest man in the world. His wealth has skyrocketed since Obama go elected, but he is undoubtedly worth even more than is being reported. How is anyone to know how much money Obama has funneled into the hands of Soros? I have no doubt that Soros has made tens of billions during Obama’s squanderfest that is hidden in discreet locations, not to mention the billions more Soros will make if the coup fully succeeds.

    • drbhelthi

      I wonder why effort is placed on-line to identify George Soros as the richest man in the world? Perhaps it is to disguise the stolen wealth of George H. W. Bush and evil sons. The Veterans Today article at the following link explains the theft of 9.5 (minimally) trillion dollars by the Bush crime family.

      A closer look also suggests where the 2.3 trillion dollars, identified as missing from the Pentagon budget by Donald Rumsfeld on 10 Sep 2001, ended up. Blowing up the approx. 15 investigators, on 11 sep 2001, who were looking into the matter was nothing for the Bush CIA. The Bush family with MOSSAD murdered 3,000 on 11 Sep 2001, and an additional, estimated 3,000 have died from the effects of the radioactive dust in the area. Also, the question arises, what happened to the passengers of two airliners that were not blown up but rather landed safely. The passengers were hauled away on USG busses, never to be seen again. How has the Bush/MOSSAD used these passengers to become richer ?

  • liz

    Just another bogus front group used to funnel tax money to leftists and terrorists.
    That’s what Obama, our Community Organizer in Chief, does best.

  • Clare Spark

    The latent and overt anti-Semitism that pervades the West should surprise no one. Social democrats (and even reds) covertly or overtly identify with the British aristocracy. See “Remains of the Day” revisited. Jews are good only when dead or at death’s door. Strong Jews are an unacknowledged threat, though our popular culture carries this sneak attack, which generally goes unanalyzed, even on the Right..

  • Bob332

    Another Obozo/ Soros laundering scheme. There is NO accountability with this Regime….period.

  • Gwynned

    This is really funny. Internews worked mostly with the former Soviet block countries to develop a ‘western’ style open media. ;) Internews should be working with Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN where the really BS originates.