State Department Denounces Israeli Video Mocking Kerry as “Unacceptable”

The State Department really has no luck with YouTube videos. Before you know it, they’ll be claiming that the video mocking Kerry retroactively caused the Benghazi attack.

I’m treating the subject lightheartedly, but the full content of the Psaki briefing with its emphasis on pushing the Israeli government to rein in insults toward Kerry is creepy.

If another country demanded that Saturday Night Live or Gawker stopped making fun of its leaders, it would be rightly put in its place. The Obama Inc. demands that Netanyahu stop Israelis from criticizing Kerry are equally inappropriate.

The question appears to be coming from the AP’s Matt Lee, “Are you satisfied with the attempts that have been made, apparently been made, by the prime minister and the justice minister, to rein – and the president of Israel also to try to rein in this – I don’t even know what you call it —

MS. PSAKI: Sure.

QUESTION: — rein in this clearly inflammatory rhetoric?

MS. PSAKI: Well, we’ll see what happens over the coming days and weeks, Matt. I think the challenge here is that it’s hard to evaluate until you have a circumstance. Obviously, the events of the last weekend, I think I’ve spoken pretty extensively to those and the Secretary’s view on that. But we have a long way to go in this process, and I think his view is that some of this is a sign that the heat is on and we’re getting down to the difficult issues. So it’s hard for me to evaluate whether we’re satisfied or not. I think the question is whether his record and his words will continue to be mischaracterized.

Then the topic turns to the “offensive” video.

MS. PSAKI: My suggestion is – you know we’re big proponents of freedom of speech, but for anybody who’s looking at what is accurate and what is – the details are, to take it with a grain of salt, given where we are in the process.

QUESTION: Did the Secretary watch the Israeli settlers council’s video ridiculing his Middle East peace efforts?

MS. PSAKI: I don’t believe he’s watched the video. We’re certainly aware of the video.

QUESTION: Have you watched it?

MS. PSAKI: I have not personally watched it, no.

QUESTION: Any reaction to it?

MS. PSAKI: I think it goes in with what I’ve already stated about attempts to mischaracterize his record, his position, his positions on issues, his statements, how that is not an attack on him; that’s an attack on the process. And of course that kind of rhetoric we find unacceptable.

There’s a basic problem with denouncing people in another country making a viral video that gently mocks a politician as “unacceptable” while failing to denounce open advocacy of terror by PLO government officials.


  • A Z

    ” you know we’re big proponents of freedom of speech,” – Psaki

    “but for anybody who’s looking at what is accurate and what is – the details are, to take it with a grain of salt, given where we are in the process.” – Psaki

    In the 1st part of her run-on sentence she says she and the administration support free speech.

    In the 2nd part of her run-on sentence she is trying put such large caveats on free speech as to render the concept of free speech meaningless.

    It is hard to tell, because she mangles her sentence. Maybe it was purposeful, so she can send a “shot across the bow” warning people about using their right to free speech, while being able to deny she did so. Maybe it was, because she does not think on her feet well (in this instance or in general). Maybe this typical confused thinking by a liberal.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The way that Obama kept saying he couldn’t do anything about that YouTube video because of freedom of speech… but locked up the filmmaker anyway.

      • truebearing

        They would tell you that they aren’t prohibiting the film maker’s free speech. He can say whatever he wants…in prison.

  • A Z

    The video is the equivalent of a Saturday night Sketch mocking an American politicians.

    The liberals argue because of the gravity of the situation it can';t be allowed.

    So, if John Eff Kerry is negotiating a another new START Treaty and some group mocks his lame reasoning and goals, he will insist through minions like Ms Psaki that it be stopped, because of the gravity of the situation?

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    The State Department should feel flattered. They portrayed Kerry as being a lot smarter, and more concerned about Israel’s security, than he actually is. The real Kerry would have told the man to take his helmet off.

  • Marisa Martin

    Kerry is unacceptable.

  • defcon 4

    Free speech is a problem for fascists, theocrats and wannabe dictators everywhere. Kinda interesting how the zero regime seems to have a big problem w/free speech.

  • defcon 4

    This all reminds me of the convoluted sophistry islam0fascists use to justify their curtailment of free speech.

  • Silver Gonzales

    Jean Francois Kohn, A Boston Brahman, lost the election for POTUS. How did he weasel himself into the position of SS? To whose benefit is this creep there? Who is financing the Democrat party to make sure he is there?

  • wileyvet

    She claims that neither her nor Hanoi John have watched the video, yet feel confident in stating it mischaracterizes Kerry and “… the process. ” The process is an ass, and so is Kerry!

  • truebearing

    A trained chimp could speak as well as Psaki, and more honestly. And to think Kerry and his meatheaded minions are worrying about YouTube videos while they are trying to coerce Israel into self-destruction is beyond bizarre.

    These dolts are drunk with power and it is well past the time for their well deserved upcommance.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Psaki is the ditz who is supposed to hold Kerry’s leash for Obama and “clarify” his gaffes.

      She’s not too good at it.

      • truebearing

        In fairness to Psaki, which she doesn’t deserve, clarifying Kerry’s gaffes is not an easy task, but with her snotty attitude and semi-coherent babbling, it’s impossible. She’s Jay Carney without the beard.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          She acts like a teenager who somehow stepped into an adult job.

  • Arlie

    Oxfam connections were revealed today by GB on the Blaze. The 0 Regime is connected as is Soros/Powers/Tides Foundation and Mr.& Ms. Kerry – the “boycott Israel’ bunch are really deadly/sleezy monsters – imo.

  • nopeacenow

    Only Israelis are criticized for mocking Kerry. Nothing is ever said when the Palestinians do and they have done so many times. Israelis criticize their own leaders so why should they not criticize others especially when they deserve it like Kerry does?

  • tickletik

    That’s was some funny %#^}. I love that whacked out accent the guy has.

    Well, it’s a simple problem. When someone whines about a video that is unacceptable, just make 10 more

  • tickletik

    Actually, you can’t buy publicity like this. Can you imagine how ecstatic an anti bush comedy team would be if he former president had said that about something making fun of him?

    These guys hit gold, they just need the guts to keep going and make it more outrageous.

  • PatriotInk

    The reason the video is unacceptable to the so-called State Department is because the liars, deceivers, manipulators, and embezzlers of public trust can take the light of the truth shining into their dark hellhole of tryannical ideology.

    This whole Obloody regime is an abomination replete with serial liars, pure and simple.

  • sandraleesmith46

    That video is Kerry’s own fault; and the Israelis are more than a LITTLE put out about his plan!

  • Jerry G

    Thank God for You Tube and the alternative media. They are the conservatives last hope.

  • LindaRivera

    The Obama regime, EU, European and British leaders seek dirty, MURDEROUS ISLAMIC peace for Israel! In Islam, peace is achieved when a hated infidel nation is attacked, conquered and destroyed! Israel must NOT surrender one more inch of Jewish land to the enemies of all innocent humanity! Surrender NEVER purchased peace! Surrender results in war!
    Sharon Invokes Munich in Warning U.S. on ‘Appeasement’
    Published: October 5, 2001

    TEL AVIV, Oct. 4— Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, warned the United States tonight that it risked appeasing Arab nations the way European democracies appeased Hitler on the eve of World War II.

    It was an unusually harsh and public rebuke of Israel’s most valued ally, and it reflected rising frustration within the Israeli government over the Bush administration’s approach to battling terrorism. ”Do not try to appease the Arabs at our expense,” Mr. Sharon said. ”We cannot accept this.” …

    Mr. Sharon addressed himself to Western democracies generally, but ”first and foremost” to the United States. He alluded to the Munich Pact of 1938, when the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia was ceded to Germany. ”Don’t repeat the terrible mistakes of 1938, when the enlightened democracies in Europe decided to sacrifice Czechoslovakia for a comfortable, temporary solution,” he said. Israel, he said, ”will not be Czechoslovakia.” …

  • SomebodyNobody

    The US has no business mediating a peace deal between Israel and Palestine. With that said, the US has no business bombing Iran for the Israelis either. Fight your own god damn wars.

    • Zvi

      That we do, thanx. Which war did the U.S. fight for israel , pray tell? But I can tell you a a bunch fought Muslims.

      • zvi

        a bunch fought “for” Muslims.