State Dept Says PLO/Hamas Making “Every Effort” to Fight Terrorism


I believe that. I also believe that the mafia is making every effort to fight crime.

If the Hamas terrorists who murdered three Israeli teens are caught, they will receive lifetime salaries from the Palestinian Authority as part of the $130 million that it pays to terrorists, some of whom carried out terrorist acts for that money.

According to Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, the PLO and Hamas, two terrorist organizations that support terrorism and engage in it and whose terror arms are on the State Department’s own list of Foreign Terrorist organizations, are making every effort to fight terrorism.

AP reporter Matt Lee pressed State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki about the recently confirmed deaths of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers, but Psaki declined to predict how the matter might weigh into the United States’ relationship with Palestine.

The answer is it won’t. Obama doesn’t care. Until Hamas shoots Trayvon Martin, Obama will go on not caring.

“Do you think right now that they are abiding by the requirements?” Lee asked.

“Well,” Psaki answered, “I think the Palestinian Authority and President Abbas and the technocratic government that doesn’t involve members of Hamas — yes, they are making every effort to.”

The “technocratic” government, one of the more dishonest talking points from a thoroughly dishonest administration, is a Hamas/PLO unity government.

Its members were approved of by Hamas.

Hamas carries out terrorist attacks. The PLO pays salaries to its terrorists.

According to Jen Psaki and the rest of Obama Inc. this counts as “making every effort to fight terrorism”. Just like Jen Psaki makes every effort to tell the truth.

Congress is now pushing to cut foreign aid to the PA/PLO/Hamas regime based on the amount of money it pays to convicted terrorists.

Look for Obama to veto, disregard or bypass any such effort.

  • Gee

    The only efforts that the PA, PLO, Hamas, etc. are making on terrorism is to commit as much as they can get away with

  • Webb

    Evil heinous witch!

  • Habbgun

    Our problem is that we don’t categorize Islamo-sympathizers as
    collaborators but as third parties. Anyone who is familiar
    with what the Israelis have gone through can tell you that the
    collaborators will tell you that the extremists are on both sides and that the problem comes from the few. Except that as the atrocities and number of participants among the Islamic aggressors increase the “sympathizers” don’t become disgusted. They instead become more vocal in support and deny whatever rights they had previously pretended to uphold as “natural rights”. Today’s moderate head shaker is tomorrow’s belligerent.

  • truepeers

    Technocracy terrorizes me, lying Prof. Jen, but maybe that’s another issue.

    • Habbgun

      The Tea Party is made up of “technocrats”. People who just want to grow food, create goods and engage in trade. They are bad technocrats. The Palestinians are good technocrats. Obamamism in a nutshell.

      • truepeers

        I would not call the tea party technocratic. Technocracy is the belief that we should be ruled by centralized “experts” not local amateur expertise. It was a movement in North America in the 1930s, so it has some specific meaning however loosely it is used today. Half the participants at the Wannsee conference (final solution) carried the title of Dr. That’s technocracy and iti s terrifying.

        • Habbgun

          Yes…but when state dept. uses the term it doesn’t mean a form of government. It means non-terrorist just getting by in life. When applied to Jihadis it is just another term of hidden support.

  • Elliott

    RESTRAINT? RESTRAINT? We won’t destroy the balestinians (NOT a mis-print) with a nuke, we shall be more restrained than that.

  • rocinante

    Isn’t there a way to temper the money flow somehow? I mean these guys get paid in cash. I don’t think they have a checking account or EFT. How difficult would it be to control the money flow so that it makes life difficult for the terrorist?

  • Chris Gait

    Our country is on the brink of recession, buried in debt, but we give money to the people who danced in the streets as the two towers were burning? Weaponize the money. Rain it down on their heads until there are none of these vermin left.

  • Judahlevi

    Any veto by Obama will be overridden – and should be.

    There is no way that our tax dollars should continue to fund a ‘government’ which includes a known terrorist organization who just murdered three innocent boys.

    It would be no different than funding the National Socialist German Workers Party. It has to stop.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Our state department must be dismantled and disbanded, because it is so out of touch with reality it isn’t funny. Indeed, that is a place where the Gramsci march through the institutions must have hit a long time ago. Now they are in the process of turning our military into a dysfunctional basket case too, the same way our state department has been for more years than I care to remember. Yeah right, bigger government is always the answer. Indeed, it’s like the leaders of Code Pink are in charge of formulating foreign policy.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Since the St. Dept. believes Israel are the terrorists and
    PLO/Hamas are the innocent bystanders being provoked,
    the world of the St. Dept. and Obama adm. in general explain
    this Kafkaesque view.

  • SoCalMike

    Question for the next presidential debates.
    Would you support ENDING ALL FUNDS TRANSFERS AND MILITARY TRAINING to HAMAS and the PLO/PA and be willing to fight the State Department leftists and career bureaucrats who would resist and oppose any such common sense implementation of American foreign policy??
    Administrations come and go but malignant career parasites grow and metastasize.

  • Killer

    This is not the right day and time for such poor jokes, but I am sure that Israel will teach the plo/hamas how to fight the terror! The people of Israel are united on this issue and demand a retaliation. Even Bibi will have to “take his hands out of his pockets” and make a move.

  • CaoMoo

    Dont worry we are giving up terrorism by supporting random acts of violence instead. Now keep paying us.

  • Scot Fourowls

    Obama keeps signaling his pro-terrorist agenda and the other leadership of America does nothing. By the time the violent jihad has come to the U.S. over the unsecured southern border through Obama acts and omissions with the homeland militarily unprotected (drastic Obama armed services cuts) and the unsecured port of the San Diego navy base (ships sold off by Obama) — aided and abetted by the jihadists already living among us biding their time, behind the mosque walls as in Gaza run by terrorist Hamas, until the corroding violent ideology of Islamic jihad erupts as a coordinated war in the U.S. — will it be too late for us?

    Whatever Obama says and does to betray America, since 1997 across presidential administrations Hamas has been designated a foreign terrorist organization on the list (public record, even online) of the U.S. Department of State.

    When the nation’s 2014 government itself is the source of a betraying and potentially murderous evil, the people are left with none but God, and no reigning human rulers to protect them. Other people in other parts of the world have been systematically and/or covertly betrayed to their potential and actual political imprisonment, torture and death by their own ruling leaders, for example: Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Omar al-Bashir (Sudan/Darfur), General Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan (Pakistan), Nicholas II, Lenin and Stalin (Russia), Leopold II (Belgium/Congo), Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Kim II Sung and Kim Jong-II (N. Korea), Tojo (Japan), Hitler (Germany), Idi Amin (Uganda), Pol Pot (Cambodia), Mao (China), Gowon (Nigeria), Ho Chi Minh (N. Vietnam),
    Mengistu Haile Mariam (Ethiopia), Ismail Enver Pasha (Turkey), and Sánchez Cerén (FMLN and El Salvador). This is the first time since our forebears fought on this land for independence against the British king that we have been similarly at risk in these United States.

    Regarding the last name on the above list, Cerén, Obama approves El Salvador’s FMLN party and Cerén. When you connect the dots the teen males (inaptly called “children”) coming currently over the largely unsecured southern U.S. borders from El Salvador and other nations south of our border
    appear traitorous by Obama acts and omissions (as does Obama’s plan to approve more directly this MLN/drug cartel teen gang invasion by his U.S. approval process directly down in Central America). Increasingly emboldened by what the U.S. people do not generally know, Obama now operates with virtual pro-terrorist impunity to betray the safety, security and freedom of Americans by the progression of reports shown from 2009 to 2014 in the following links:;;;
    [Note recent photo of Cerén with Obama in the oval office.]

    Yesterday at church the pastor asked us to pray for our leaders. But how, without knowing the truth that most do not know about the Obama administration’s betrayal, can Jewish and Christian and other anti-terrorist Americans even know what to pray about (or hope to have change, if they’re well-intentioned people, currently free under the U.S. Constitution to have no religion at all, who do not pray)?

    Obama has just done an $11 billion arms deal with terrorist-funnel Qatar, giving them missiles and what some commentary says is EMP-defensive technology not even used in the US under Obama.

    Floating the disinformation that PLO/Hamas is fighting terrorism is such blatant deceit that it qualifies Obama, once again, as a scheming practitioner of taqiyya and kitman according to the scheming deception and hypocrisy the Quran allows Musims to practice against non-Muslims. Barack Hussein Obama II’s father was a Muslim (normally a qualifier for the children), his brother Malik Obama is a global public figure known for his Islamic pro-terrorist sympathies (if not a terrorist himself), and the president as a putative “Christian” has confirmed no more about his supposed faith in Jesus than what the 7th century Quran states in its distortions of the Bible record that any sincere Bible-believing Christian would find to be extreme apostasy, e.g., 1 John 2:22.

    Obama only plays to some audiences as if Odumba, when instead he is a Harvard Law graduate well-briefed by U.S. intelligence who is merely dumb like a fox — and by his conduct (acts and omissions) clearly selling out America to pro-terrorist and terrorist enemies.

    When indicting for organized crime and/or co-conspirators, U.S. prosecutors always rely to make their case on circumstantial evidence, connecting the dots among seemingly separate events, because covert criminals do not announce their criminal intentions in the light and often operate behind the facade of legitimacy including press agents and punditry.

    From the circumstantial evidence about Obama (and there’s more of course that what I can type into a blog comment), he is a Muslim pretending to have been “Christian” to win election who is betraying our country with his pro-terrorist acts and omissions, positioning us for Islamic terrorist takeover with the help of Central American pro-terrorist drug cartels indirectly partnered with FMLN and their allies.

    The list of co-conspirators with Obama, if a prosecutorial team were ever commissioned, would likely include but not be limited to John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Jen Psaki, Janet Napolitano and her current counterpart Jeh Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries (part of the silencing effort of those patriots who would identify the treason through H.R. 3878, currently in committee, as connects to Obama’s collaboration with the UN’s Islamic states via UN Resolution 16/18), and Sen. Ed Markey (similarly part of the unconstitutional silencing effort through S. 2219).

    Thousands upon thousands of “Americans” and “Europeans” and “Canadians” and other English-speaking pro-terrorists with U.S. passports or visa waivers — entitling their entry to the U.S. —- are currently in the Middle East fighting the violent jihad of the IS (Islamic State, also referred to as ISIL and ISIS) in hostile persecution including looting, exile and murder against Christians and other non-Muslims (with IS also seemingly purging those insufficiently murderous Muslims who have no stomach to forward the global conquering cause of their violent jihad). E.g.,;

    Most Americans do not even know the truth about the well-armed, well-funded, aggressively growing IS as the Islamic State, the declared Muslim Caliphate, that has already erased the Syria and Iraq borders as drawn by the Western powers in the 20th century. No google or yahoo top search is netting the truth of so much as the separate pro-terrorist acts and omissions much less connecting the dots for an overall picture in an era of globalization. (The dots do not connect themselves without insightful analysis.)

    The elaborate global corporate stock and debt financing arrangements for ownership of global mass media in an internet age can easily hide whether or not billionaire big-oil Islamic pro-terrorists have editorial control behind the scenes about what does and does not get written in the news outlets they influence.

    We no longer have a press authentically “free” to tell us the truth about Islamic terrorism, certainly not the leftist liberal press but not even Fox News which soft-pedals, rigs the TV schedule timing, or ignores outright the pro-terrorist risks, the threats, the relevant history and the actual current events.

    As a serious Bible-reading Christian, I pray. A lot. At least I know what I’m praying about.