Study that Claimed 5% of Students Were Gay was Based on Student Prank


There’s nothing like rigorous research to establish the facts. Especially when it comes to sexual orientation.

There was the Kinsey Report which had worse methodology than a Geocities page by a Portuguese 9/11 Truther who thinks the World Trade Center was in Taiwan. But if you’ve seen a 5-7 percent figure quoted for the percentage of gay students, then this is where it came from.

Preliminary results from the landmark study — known as “Add Health” — stunned researchers, parents and educators alike, recalls Cornell’s Ritch C. Savin-Williams, professor of human development, licensed clinical psychologist, author and director of the university’s Sex and Gender Lab.

The landmark study was cited across academia, spawning over 1900 peer-reviewed publications, and became one of the largest longitudinal surveys on the psychological and physical well being of 7-12th graders.

Previous estimates of homosexuality and bisexuality among high schoolers had been around 1 percent. So imagine the surprise and confusion when subsequent revisits to the same research subjects found more than 70 percent of the self-reported adolescent nonheterosexuals had somehow gone “straight” as older teens and young adults.

Surprisingly, when given a chance to prank a research, 5-7 percent of students chose to do just that. There are various interpretations of these findings.

The most controversial one would be that the 70 percent may have thought that they were gay, but weren’t actually. This is a dangerous idea because it destroys the gay rights lobby claim that sexual orientation change therapies should be banned because they don’t work.

It’s easier to put it down to a prank, which it may well have been considering this…

“We should have known something was amiss,” Savin-Williams said. “One clue was that most of the kids who first claimed to have artificial limbs miraculously regrew arms and legs when researchers came back to interview them.”

Really? None of the researchers realized that they didn’t back when they were interviewing them?

Either way studies about human sexuality should be trusted about as far as you can throw them after first making a paper airplane out of them.

  • Softly Bob

    There was a propaganda going around some years ago in Britain, that claimed homosexuals were one-in-five of the World’s population. I’m pretty sure that there was a BBC documentary on it!.
    Really? So twenty percent of the population are gay or lesbian?
    Wishful thinking on their part, methinks.

    • Carlos_Perera

      Methinks as you do.

    • tom_billesley

      Readily accepted in the BBC, because it could well apply to the BBC.
      Given recent news, they may also be over-represented in paedophiles.

  • Jason P

    Odd, I thought that the 5% number seemed plausible. Of course, I’ve lived my whole life in New York and 2 decades in Greenwich Village. I see the 1% (perhaps 2% tops) is the standard figure as I surf the web.

    Who would have thought scientific research would be so flawed …

    • A Z

      I have seen 3.84% given by a gay statistician from Australia who seemed forthright and knowledgable.

      He argued that the Kinsey # was misinterpreted and then there is the fact that he pulled form a prison population for some of his work which a non-random sample.

      He said back then was to get enough numbers to matter, to be taken seriously and that it has been achieved. Therefore he argued that inflating numbers was not conducive to debate or moving forward. there are not many like him. Most activists are disingenuous.

      • NSFtimes2

        And a prison population would be indicative of societal norms ? Or gay norms ?

        • A Z

          Taking a large enough random sample from a prison population and you can apply it to a prison population but not necessarily and in most cases never to the population in general. The colloquial phrase “salting the lot” would be appropriate.

          Kinsey’s methodology was flawed.

          Would it be reasonable to take a sample of Methodists and make inferences (statements about) Protestants and Roman Catholics?

        • A Z

          Another problem is claiming that 10% of the population is gay or bisexual because a person has engaged in SM sometime their life. If a person did so when they were 12 or 18 and never did it again I would not necessarily count them as bizexual. I believe Kinsey did.

    • NSFtimes2

      All previous and current stats spouted by those suffering from leftism are lies , 100 % of the time, whether from militant lgbt, militant feminism or any other militant group.

  • georgejochnowitz

    Homosexuality seems to serve no purpose. Then why does it exist? It has to be a miracle–part of the variety and glory of the Creation.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Same reason necrophilia exists. Some people are just screwed up.

      • David in Palm Springs

        Right. Because screwing a corpse is exactly the same thing as being attracted to someone of the same sex. Aside from gender, gay relationships are literally the same as straight ones — unless straight people take out the trash, walk their dogs, and do grocery shopping in mysterious magical ways that differ from gay people.

      • Bill Nedra Bill

        Daniel, the only person screwed up here is YOU and your show of ignorance. How can a reasonable human being compare one’s desire for a corpse to One’s ATTRACTION for another Living person? Necrophilia, Paedophilia and Bestiality are all ONE-SIDED; in that you find a person desiring someone OR something that DOES NOT or CANNOT reciprocate that desire. With sexuality, be it Heterosexuality OR Homosexuality, the reality is that the parties involved MUTUALLY agree to act upon their ATTRACTION for each other. A sane person with a normal sexuality would understand this: You are obviously messed up.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          It’s called deviant sexual behavior for a reason, whatever the behavior involves. Trying to paste that reality over with “love” is an appeal to emotion.

          It might well be possible for an animal to love a man. That doesn’t justify the conduct. It certainly doesn’t make it normal or a legitimate alternative to normal male-female relationships.

    • David_in_Houston

      Most people believe it’s nature’s way of controlling over-population; and gay people would be able to help raise the children of other family members.

    • warrior4just

      that’s circular reasoning

  • Malcolm Smith

    Reading the report, I got the impression that the authors considered 3 hypotheses: hoaxing, misunderstanding on the part of the teenagers, and the possibility that homosexuals had gone back into the closet on the follow-ups, but not that there had been genuine change. However, other longnitudinal studies in Holland and New Zealand as well as in the US have consistently revealed that a lot of those who are homo as teenagers have reverted to hetero by early adulthood.
    Teenagers being what they are, one must take what they say about sexuality with a grain of salt, but it seems clear that, for many, homosexuality is a passing phase.

  • Toni_Pereira

    I saw the future and is idiocy:43,5% of men enjoy bestiality(women not so much,unless when it comes to sheeps

  • David_in_Houston

    Regardless of this one study, poll after poll indicates around 5% of the populous are LGBT. Generally, those under the age of 30 identify as LGBT at around 6%. Only 2% of those over the age of 65 admit to being LBGT. Meaning that acceptance (and self-acceptance) of LGBT people is a generational issue.

    “At least 5 percent of American men, I estimate, are predominantly attracted to men, and millions of gay men still live, to some degree, in the closet. Gay men are half as likely as straight men to acknowledge their sexuality on social networks. More than ONE QUARTER of gay men hide their sexuality from anonymous surveys. The evidence also suggests that a large number of gay men are married to women.”

    That would imply that the percentage is even higher than 5%, considering that a lot of people are either afraid to admit their sexual orientation, or aren’t even cognizant that they’re homosexual and are living a “straight lifestyle” due to societal pressures.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Sure. Why not 100%.

    • SC

      The majority of homosexuals are still in the closet living inauthentic lives. The reason they give for their actions are varied, but a predominant one is that they don’t identify with the gay subculture and the gay men usually chosen by the media as representatives of homosexual men. Many also believe they should be married and rearing a family even if that is not who they are. Many homosexuals lead inauthentic lives in an attempt to be lovable to a society that hates them, and many have foreclosed on their sexual orientation altogether. Close to 80% of homosexuals in America alone are currently married to women having been imprisoned by socio-religious norms opposed to the natural sexual diversity of the specie. These men are living a form of self imposed prison, and engage in a form of prison sexuality, something can be understood when you consider that close to 90% of heterosexual men engage in homosexual sex while physically in prison. That of course does not mean they are gay.

      So yes, the actual number of out gay men is around 1.5% to 2 %, but the actual number of homosexuals in the society including those leading inauthentic lives married to members of the opposite sex is between 5% and 6% percent. I am not talking about bisexuals here. The fact that man can have sex with a hole in the wall does not make him bisexual. In the same light the fact that a heterosexual male can have sex with a man does not make him bisexual. Sexual orientation has to do with a lot more than what you can have sex with. Yes, bisexuality exists, and bisexuals can be happy and fulfilled by a woman or man without ever feeling that they are missing out on life, as is the case with homosexuals when they try to substitute a life of sex and romance with a member of the opposite sex for sex and romantic attachment with a member of their own gender.

      I have dealt with many homosexuals who via internalized homophobia police themselves away from their nature, and I have seen the nightmares that they create for themselves, their straight spouses, and their off-springs. Many of the guys I have dealt with insist on remaining married to their wives while regarding them as physically ugly and using sex as barter to keep their emotionally deprived spouses in the marriage even if it means total destruction of their self-esteem. One of the men I dealt with would often speak about his wife in the following manner:

      “Imagine having to be ‘lovy dovy’ with someone you find so unattractive…”

      “I know she thinks she is unattractive, and I agree. I don’t think there is a man out there that would want her. So I will have to stay with her “

      “Even after losing almost 50 pounds she still is not attractive, but she is not as repulsive looking.”

      The above fellow after being married to a woman he described as resembling a young man when he met her 30 years ago insisted on remaining married to her and playacting a husband to her even after he came out to her as a gay man. It turns out he was terrified of the gay scene, and that was part of his motivation for staying married.

      • warrior4just

        Why is it always the interpretation that some men are living a lie, and not the opposite. Just goes to show, the level of ignorace, wishful thinking, and the subliminal bias you have.
        How the hell do you know that some ppl weren’t actually due to social brainwashing made to believe by LGBT affirmative perpetuation of their ideologies. How do you know that there aren’t millions of gays who live a lie….you don’t know, so stop pretending to know what goes in ppl’ head.

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    In a reality where homosexuality is demonised and stigmatised it is not a surprise that a true reflection of the percentage of gay population will not materialise, because no one wants to be put in a situation where they are discriminated against. The only time we will ever get a true count of the gay population is when we get beyond the anti-gay culture that is still so prevalent.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Homosexuality is actually constantly celebrated and promoted.