Sudanese Woman in Prison for Christianity Gave Birth While Chained


Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with Islam. She’s just in prison because her mother raised her as a Christian, while Sudan’s Islamic law demands that she be Muslim because she had a Muslim father.

Daniel Wani, the husband of the Sudanese woman sentenced to hang for apostasy, has spoken for the first time of his delight at seeing his baby daughter – and his anger at the authorities’ insistence on keeping Meriam Ibrahim in chains.

Mr Wani, 27, told The Telegraph that his wife gave birth on Tuesday with her legs shackled.

“They kept a chain on her legs,” he said. “She is very unhappy about that.”

Immediately after the birth, Mr Wani was refused permission to see his wife. But finally, on Wednesday, the authorities relented and let him and his lawyer enter the jail, and removed the chains from Ms Ibrahim’s legs.

“It was very wonderful to see my baby daughter – I am so happy,” he said.

“The baby is very beautiful.”

Ms Ibrahim named their daughter Maya – when asked why, Mr Wani said: “Her mother chose the name.”

Don’t worry. According to Sudan, freedom of choice is the cornerstone of Islam.

In a statement on a Sudanese court’s death-for-apostasy conviction of a Christian mother of two–who is the wife of a U.S. citizen–the Embassy of Sudan in Washington, D.C., said on its website “it is important to emphasize that freedom of choice is the cornerstone of both Islam and Christianity.”

The Sudanese embassy also said of the two children: “It is unfair to accuse the government of Sudan of imprisoning the two infants.”

“We stand with our statement that: that freedom of choice is the cornerstone of both Islam and Christianity. The facts on the ground support that thousand of Sudanese Christian live in peace and harmony with their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters and practice their religious ritual all over the country in a very nice respected and protected churches.”

Right, sure, absolutely. If you can’t trust Islam to protect minorities, you can’t trust a serial killer to babysit your kids.

“We are facing the nightmare of genocide of our people in a final attempt to erase our culture and society from the face of the earth.”

That’s the warning of African Episcopal Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail in northern Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. His warning is echoed by Operation Broken Silence.

“Due to the ongoing, targeted attacks against civilians in the South Kordofan region of Sudan,” says the Nashville-based group, which is dedicated to raising awareness to international issues, “a new genocide is beginning to be committed by government of Sudan forces and their proxy militias.

Religious persecution is the cornerstone of Islam.

  • Chris Gait

    It’s such fun to persecute Christians. They seem to thrive on it. Kill them, and they are martyrs. Tolerate them…and they get bored.

    I wonder if Sudan’s government is totally self-sufficient. Bet they aren’t. I bet if you examined their leaderships’ bank accounts they have money overseas. I bet if that money was frozen they would call up a special session of the counsel of bearded serpents that constitutes their collective wisdom and free this woman immediately. What a pity the office of the president of the United States is unoccupied at the moment. If we had a president he might actually do something about this, and the Marine imprisoned in Mexico, and the Americans imprisoned in Iran, etc. etc.

  • DogmaelJones1

    If this wasn’t happening in real life, I’d swear this was a creepy story written by Stephen King or Alice Walker. It’s too grotesque. But what makes it even more grotesque is the fact that neither Obama nor his hashtag-happy wife hasn’t said a word about it, to my knowledge.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      wouldn’t want to offend Muslims

  • SoCalMike

    If I were in charge, I would give the judge a choice.
    Release Meriam Ibrahim NOW or enjoy a Hell Fire missile for breakfast….tomorrow morning.
    And when best friends in the world of this jihadi judge at the NY Times would begin carrying water for them, I would just tell them to stop being racist and try finding the truth and the right side of history….for a change long overdue.

    When you placate, appease, French kiss, bribe and kitty lick enemies the way Obama, Hillary and Kerry, John McCain and Boehner do, don’t be surprised when bullies and bad people don’t respect or listen to you.

  • wileyvet

    Of course you have the freedom to choose; convert to Islam, become a Dhimmi, or die. There are your choices. We really need to turn up the heat on these turds. For every barbarous pronouncement and gross violations of rights from Muslim countries, 10,000 Muslims need to be removed from Western nations. Force the Imams to organize the lists of deportees and then boot them out. We need to start being harsh with all Muslims, because they all support this garbage.

    • laura r

      running for office?