Supporter of Muslim Terrorists in Israel Blown Away by Taliban in Afghanistan


Maybe he wasn’t wearing his Gaza marathon t-shirt? Or maybe terrorists don’t bother to distinguish between the various NGO diners at a restaurant during their killing sprees.

Del Singh did his best for Muslim terrorists in Israel. Not only did he associate with Labour Friends of Palestine, but he was also a former member of the International Solidarity Movement, better known as I Support Murderers, for their history of involvement in terrorism.

“You can call me antisemitic if it makes you feel better but I oppose the current State of Israel and all its stands for,” Singh ranted in an old internet comment. “We need more than academic sanctions on Israel – I would advocate sporting, cultural and trade sanctions and on restrictions on Israeli passport holders into the EU.”

But not satisfied with being an opponent of Israeli Apartheid, Del Singh/Dhamender Singh Phangurha was also a courageous opponent of French Apartheid.

For all you European ethnic minorities who want to experience a good dollop of racism, a system of apartheid and sheer arrogance, then why not visit France?

So if you want to experience the horrors of apartheid, be stopped and searched, verbally and physically abused, humiliated on a regular basis and give your young children the opportunity to experience oppression and racism (which you probably thought they would not experience in today’s Europe), then my recommendation is to visit France.

Sadly Del Singh, while battling the evils of the French and the Jews, appeared to have overlooked the Taliban. Unfortunately for Del Singh, the Taliban didn’t overlook him.


  • tickletik

    They say the Pashtuns are our relatives. If so, I am pleased with this result.

  • Lew

    Although the Taliban/ Al Qaeda purposefully target civilians, HRW and other misanthropes always cry loudest when the allegedly we have collateral damage.

    US drone strike accidentally kills civilian in eastern Yemen

    “Between a Drone and Al-Qaeda”

  • Veracious_one

    Del Singh how’s that love for Islam working for you??

    • defcon 4

      I wonder if he missed out on his 72 virgin rewards?

      • Cylon

        “All this has happened before and all this will happen again and again and…”

        A 19th century French writer and pundit supported verbally their activities of bomb throwing anarchists.

        Karma was a bi_atch! Before he became elderly he was at an outdoor cafe in southern France talking ‘lite stuff and a bomb went off and blinded hi,

    • Drakken

      Ding dong another dumbazz leftard is dead, happy days and laugh about it.

  • Jason P

    If this was fiction I wouldn’t believe it but I did an internet search and it’s true. They guy really is anti-Israel and anti-France, and blind to Islamic horrors.

    Apparently his Islamic buddies didn’t see the Coexist bumper sticker … or on second thought they did (no jihadi would be caught dead with one on his explodable auto.)

    • defcon 4

      Wouldn’t a Coexist bumper sticker be the perfect cover for a budding islam0nazi terrorist? After all, as MuhamMAD Merah said before dying: “it’s not the money that matter it’s the deception.”

  • Softly Bob

    It’s always satisfying when a useful idiot becomes the victim of his/her own stupidity.
    One down ….. how many more millions to go?

    • john spielman

      Just like the late Beverly Giesbrect of Vancouver BC who renounced her faith in Christ Jesus, embraced Islam that religion of death and darkness, traveled to Pakistan to work with the Taliban only to be taken hostage by the Taliban and threatened with beheading unless a random was paid for her life. Ultimately no ransom was sent and she died a slave of Satan and his muslim minions. Her grave has never been found.

      • A Z

        “Jihadists are not overly concerned with your conversion to Islam; their obsession is your society’s adoption of sharia.”

      • Joseph Flannagan

        Does anyone actually want to find her grave? I love to read about these idiots falling victim to the POS they want to join. Ironically it seems the only way to open these peoples eyes is to close them permanently

  • surj

    Serves him fu$king right.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I just realized how often I experience apartheid. It’s everywhere. When people don’t obey my commands with humility, that’s apartheid.

    • Moa

      Forget the humility, it has to be “willing submission” (Sura 9:29) :)

  • mackykam

    ‘Del ‘icious irony. Kind of makes one want to Singh, ” Hallelujah to the King Of Kings.”

  • Silver Garcia

    Happy Endings Happen!!

    Singh was a good example of the Muslim sympathizers in the EU, especially the UK. More where that stuff was nurtured. Time to ban all travelers from the UK. The Governor of Florida will fight not to allow this but it is the best thing for the West.

    • Harry Hotspur

      We’re not all Muslim lovers in the UK my sceptical friend. We of the EDL are trying our damndest to point out the evils of this backward, evil and cancer like ideology. Wind your neck in!

  • oneteedoffpatriot

    Oh, this just made my day. Scratch that, made my week.

  • iluvisrael

    couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

  • defcon 4

    Kinda like the blind sheikh, no one in the enemedia ever bothers to mention WHY he looks like a cheap cartoon version of a pirate.

  • BikerHoop

    Just gives me a big ‘ol warm fuzzy!

  • Gea

    One less! It is time to ban all those guys from a Western civilization and let them live (or more likely die) from those that they support ;-)! Or Taliban or Taliban….perhaps something useful comes from them after all….Perhaps all those European sympathizers of Arab terrorists in Israel, should be sent to visit Afghanistan and enjoy Taliban justice under sharia ;-)!

  • Rina Gray

    This is karma! The supporter of palestine terrorists was blown away by terrorist. This is what you get, when you play games with Jews.

  • Drakken

    I am very surprised this effing leftist lasted this long, he should have been dealt with years ago, never allow these filthy vermin to fester.

  • bulge44

    Isn’t it just terrible how they keep murdering each other? (-s) Well that’s one less that the good guys have to deal with.

  • Insecticide

    McNuggets anyone?

  • Insecticide


  • Insecticide

    Send leftist professors to Afghanistan!

  • jscumm

    late on this topic, but Del Singh is not an islamic name, instead, a non islamic Indian name. It could possibly be a moslem using it as a guise. Singhs from India, I hear are die hard anti-islamic