Supreme Court Saves Cop Killer and Rapist of Pregnant Woman Who Gouged Out Eyes


The worst part of this case is that the murders took place in 1978. If there’s anyone on earth who deserves to die more than Freddie Hall, it would be a challenge to find him. But liberals are attracted to evil the way that flies are to honey. And so Hall will live.

Unfortunately we no longer have the rule of law in which legislatures make laws and courts carry them out. Instead we have judges unconstitutionally legislating their own laws.

And thanks to Justice Anthony Kennedy, also known as Reagan’s biggest mistake, Freddie Hall will go on living.

In February 1978 when Hall and his accomplice, Mack Ruffin, kidnapped Karol Hurst, 21 and seven months pregnant, from a grocery store parking lot in Leesburg, drove her to a remote area and raped her. She begged for her life, even wrote a $20,000 check before Hall shot her. Ten years earlier, Hall had raped another woman in Sumter County. He gouged her eyes out with his fingers to prevent her from identifying him, but he was still convicted and sent to prison.

The two men made their way to Ridge Manor, where they intended to rob a convenience store. Deputy Coburn, 25, responded to the suspicious men. He struggled with Hall, who got control of his service revolver and shot him. Law enforcement officers from around the region tracked the two men to a swamp in rural Pasco County and showed amazing restraint not shooting them.

In cases like these, there’s only so much a liberal can do. They can claim their poor little killer was abused as a child and that he’s insane or mentally retarded.

The insanity defense doesn’t work so well these days, but mental retardation does, and you can always find liberal doctors out to save a killer by labeling him retarded. That’s why there are so many born-again retards on death row.


And even though the mental retardation claim was as phony as Sotoymayor’s legal erudition, it paid off for one of the worst monsters on death row. Thanks to your friendly neighborhood liberal justices.

Hall’s lawyers have argued for years that he’s too mentally challenged to execute. In Florida, that would mean his IQ is below 70, a number Hall’s lawyers say the state pulled out of its you-know-what. Hall’s IQ test results ranged from 71 to 80.

When Hall’s attorneys first filed an appeal after the Atkins decision, Hall was given new IQ tests, and his scores fell between 71 and 80. In a subsequent appeal, Hall’s attorneys claimed testing showed Hall’s IQ range between 67 and 75.

Isn’t that convenient.

But the Supreme Court under Justice Kennedy decided that objective evidence doesn’t matter, only subjective “expert” manipulations of the system.

A divided Supreme Court said on Tuesday that Florida’s use of IQ tests as final evidence to determine death penalty eligibility is unconstitutional.

The case settles a capital punishment case that has been in the legal system since 1978.

“As interpreted by the Florida Supreme Court, however, Florida’s rule disregards established medical practice in two interrelated ways: It takes an IQ score as final and conclusive evidence of a defendant’s intellectual capacity, when experts would consider other evidence; and it relies on a purportedly scientific measurement of a defendant’s abilities, while refusing to recognize that measurement’s inherent imprecision,” Justice Anthony Kennedy said, writing for the majority.

“The death penalty is the gravest sentence our society may impose. Persons facing that most severe sanction must have a fair opportunity to show that the Constitution prohibits their execution,” Kennedy concluded. “Florida’s law contravenes our Nation’s commitment to dignity and its duty to teach human decency as the mark of a civilized world. The States are laboratories for experimentation, but those experiments may not deny the basic dignity the Constitu­tion protects.”

The  Constitution doesn’t protect “dignity”. It makes law. The Supreme Court once again inflicted cruel and unusual punishment on the Constitution by insisting that its Cruel and Unusual can be read to prohibit the death penalty for the supposedly retarded.

It was never the intent of Cruel and Unusual Punishment to mean anything of the sort, but it’s been used by liberal justices to do everything from ban denaturalization to the death penalty. So this abuse is nothing new.

The bottom line is that faking mental retardation now gets you off death row. And you can thank Justice Kennedy and the liberal justices for that.


  • Merlin

    Search as might, I could find no photos of Karol Hurst or the other poor woman. Gee, I wonder why. It’s almost as if a certain class of people are being protected or something. Funny, that.

    • Tina Trent

      Freddy Hall has literally had decades of appeals, millions and millions of dollars spent on every single piece of nonsense they could throw at the wall.

      I can’t even find the records on his previous crimes, and I can find records. In cases like this, I assume advocates for criminals working in the justice system have literally destroyed the record, but it should be noted that he previously served less than five years of a twenty year sentence for raping and mutilating a woman — typical of the time and soon to be typical of the present time, despite our efforts in the interim to change this reality.

      When he was first convicted in the late 60’s, the race-based anti-incarceration industry was in full bloom and had already destroyed much of our protection from criminals — I’m sure there are many emeritus tenured professors in Florida universities and law schools who each contributed in their own pompous way to keeping this animal on the streets and returning him to them to as quickly as possible. This is besides the ones who have testified on his behalf — criminologists, law professors, and all — for the last 20 years. He’s a celebrity among the Florida criminal bar, and I have had him thrown in my face many times as an examples of the racism and “unfairness” of our criminal justice system. He has an extensive fan club in law schools and departments of criminology in Florida. These people are sick. And they control everything.

      • JackSpratt

        The police who cornered him should have delivered justice.

      • DB1954

        That’s a rather sweeping indictment.

        • Tina Trent

          It is a rather sweeping record of unlimited malfeasance and outright lying by scores of people committing activism on the public dime.

  • edlancey

    I expect thousands of people in America died telling their worthless, do-gooding offspring “I told you what would happen” – the sort of people Oprah wants to die off.

    Well, you’ve made your bed…

  • Softly Bob

    Although his IQ was too low for him to be able to realize what he was doing, it wasn’t low enough for him to be unable to understand that gouging out eyes would cost somebody their sight, and he also also knew how to rape somebody to his satisfaction.
    Also, if he did not know the difference between right and wrong then why blind his victim so she couldn’t identify him? Identify him of what? After all, why should he fear being identified if he doesn’t realize that he has committed a crime?

    If a person has such a low IQ that he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong then he would be a gibbering idiot, incapable of tying his own shoelaces and certainly not capable of such a cunning task as systematically raping somebody and then blinding them.
    IQ is not a measure of rationality. There are people with lower IQs than 70 who don’t go around raping and murdering others. In fact you’ll usually find that the lower the IQ, the more docile and gentle that person is.

    Did you know also that some countries in equatorial Africa have average IQs lower than 70, which according to progressive Leftists would mean that they’re all running around raping and killing each other, completely oblivious to what they are doing?
    This is just another example of clueless do-gooders causing a lot of harm at the expense of innocent victims. Maybe these do-gooders should have their own IQs tested.


      And perhaps most important of all, the states are competent to decide the criteria for determining whether a defendant is sufficiently aware to be considered guilty of a crime – the 8th Amendment says nothing about the standard of criminal culpability, and the Constitution explicitly recognizes capital punishment.

      It really is time for another Constitutional Convention, to force the Left back into line.

      • JackSpratt

        Unfortunately a Constitutional Convention opens the Constitution up to all kinds of leftwing mischief.

        • DB1954

          A Convention of the States, as proposed by Mark Levin, is the way to go, IMO.

          • NJK

            The Mt. Vernon Assembly meets again in June.

          • Tina Trent

            The people involved in the Comvention of States have demonstrated nothing to indicate that they would do the right thing regarding crime control — or immigration. In fact, Mark Meckler has made gestures towards Right on Crime type leniency measures, not the opposite. We all need more facts and commitments from the people putting on this campaign. For example, will they partner with Democrats and RINOs to pass amnesty?

          • Leah

            It needs to happen ASAP!!

    • maddaddyssa

      If anything, it’s the height of bigotry and, to use a favorite word of the progressives, INSENSITIVITY to use his supposed mental retardation as a mitigating factor. I know people who are mentally retarded and have learning disabilities, and they have bigger hearts and a keener sense of right and wrong than many so-called “normal” people.

  • pete

    “some countries in equatorial Africa have average IQs lower than 70″

    perhaps they could reparations and/or government jobs in America?

  • Tina Trent

    If only we had any resources for analyzing crime and punishment statistics — the left unilaterally controls virtually all criminological research, and, much like climate research, they possess so much power that they have created a system in which only they and their peers can even access data, and the data is so complex and (intentionally) poorly recorded that you need the resources of a research university to approach it — and the universities are single-mindedly dedicated to emptying the prisons, starting with the worst animals on death row because that’s apparently more gratifying than springing less violent types.

    So every crime statistic bears the Left’s imprint — from IQ-Death Penalty “debates” to wildly manipulated “wrongly convicted” statistics to pot sentencing numbers.

    Unfortunately, the response by the Right increasingly resembles Stockholm Syndrome — you get someone as incredibly smart and incredibly contrary as Mark Steyn blathering the most ignorant and uninformed nonsense about policing and criminal sentencing; “conservative” columnists whining about how the most recent California killer is a victim of oppression and bullying of men, a poise as stupid as the feminists blaming all men for the murderer’s crimes. And then you get the obsessive pot nonsense, which takes up more air than scores of real issues across the political spectrum.

    Nobody on the Right, except a few like David Greenfield, are even articulating a clear desire for a return to equality under the law, rejection of all identity politics in courtrooms, or fact-based and objective analysis of criminal justice issues. They hardly have time, with the conservative “men’s rights” crowd demanding special victim status, the libertarians loudly obsessing about pot legalization, the campus anti-anti-rape activists (some of whom are law professors who seem to know little about the law) conflating the campus anti-rape activists with the real criminal justice system, and the Right on Crime cabal holding hands with Al Sharpton for attention.

    They don’t want objectivity anymore: they want to add their own identities to the ever-growing pile of identity-politics special cases.

    Sometimes I look around and ask myself: I left the Left for this? Why do brains seem to fly out the window when otherwise rational people take up these issues? What sad longing for approbation leads conservatives down fact-free roads? Crime is the one subject where the conservative chattering classes, largely sheltered from crime’s realities, have gratefully cried “uncle” in return for one chilled glass of chardonnay before they’re tossed back out of the leftist academic-activist-elected official-nonprofit complex.

    It’s a pathetic spectacle.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    So IQ tests exaggerate intelligence in criminal cases – the defendant couldn’t possibly have understood that gouging someone’s eyes out was wrong – but that same IQ test would be held to underestimate his minority IQ if the defendant were applying for a job.

    • Softly Bob

      Gouging out eyes – too stupid to know what he was doing
      Getting paid to work in a grown-up’s job – smart enough.

      All I can say is – better not give him a job as an eye surgeon!

  • Karen Carbone

    My sister sat on a grand jury many years back for the murder of a young boy named Raymond Fife. One of the convicted killers Danny Lee Hill has been trying for years by way of mental retardation to get out of it. I know my sister follows his appeals and will sigh with relief when his appeals finally run out. What they did to this young boy was so horrific that my sister has NEVER discussed it. Whenever she’s asked about sitting on that case all she ever says is that when they got done with Raymond he was unrecognizable as anything resembling a human being….he was12 years old.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      it’s become a common defense, all the killers has to do is play stupid

      That case in particular was completely horrifying.

  • Libslayer

    Perhaps now the state can rehabilitate him and he can become a useful member of society.

  • herb benty

    This man took a young lady out and raped her and then shot her while she pleaded for her life. This is evil and deserved the death penalty. Bible; ” in the last days, Justice will flee”. We are now there.

  • cxt

    So the claim is….essentially…that he is extemely/remarkably, quite literally murderously violent, that he rapes, tortures and kills women…..and is too mental challanged to know right from wrong????

    And this SAVES him from being executed?

    Sounds like a pretty good argument FOR his execution to me.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      that’s the rational approach, yes

  • edlancey

    Surely the IQ of 70 should be relative to the Black average (80-85) rather than the white average (100).

    70 in his hood makes him pretty sharp

  • UCSPanther

    This monster + iron cudgel + wagon wheel = hours or even days of fun…

  • JackSpratt

    The court system has become Jefferson’s worst nightmare. We live under an oligarchy. The time has come to ignore it, as Jackson did. John Marshall should have been assassinated!

  • DB1954

    Anthony Kennedy has once again proven that he’s too demented to serve on the Supreme Court.

  • truebearing

    If an IQ of 70 can get a person elected to the House of Representatives, as most of the Black Caucaus and Nancy Pelosi have proven, it’s good enough to hang someone.

    Kennedy is a fool and a disgrace. It seems to go with the name.

  • James Foard

    I’ll wager this guy can read a sports page, knows the name of every NBA team and their standings, can recite by rote the uniform numbers of all the major players, their playing history, their scores and stats*, and places bets on games.
    * stats, def: A branch of applied mathematics concerned with the
    collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of
    probability theory to estimate population parameters.
    Retarded my derrière.

  • Jakareh

    The Supreme Court is nothing but nine tyrants in black robes. I foresee a second American revolution.

    • JackSpratt


  • fpm

    Supposedly “justice” Kennedy won’t let a judge killer go free that easily.

  • dave

    The world can do with one less retarded monster…given the fact that he’s totally useless and a threat to humanity he should be ground into fertilizer.

  • notme123

    pure evil and nothing else. God’s law should be followed, ..send him to Me.

  • joba

    this man knew he was killing…and he could pay the price for it if caught…he gouged out eyes! He was aware….

  • Mo86


    Why is this animal still breathing? Why?!

    Why have the poor families of these victims had to suffer and wait for justice so long?

  • karpenter

    ‘,,,,Well, If He Doesn’t Know We’re Killing Him.
    And It Makes Me Fell Better, Then What Are We Talking About ???’
    …Ron White