Susan Rice Still Bashing Israel Over Ukraine


The Obama administration has…

1. Given a green light to Iran’s nuclear program

2. Covertly backed the Hamas-PLO unity government

3. Announced that it intends to fund a Hamas-PLO unity government

4. Failed to hold the PLO accountable for anything while ranting non-stop about Israeli houses

But now it’s all about Ukraine. Because an Israeli Foreign Ministry strike kept Israel temporarily out of the loop.  And Susan Rice is still ranting about it.

The United States may be committed to supporting Israel, but that commitment comes with strings attached, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said during a talk in Washington, DC on Wednesday evening.

“America will always maintain our iron-clad commitment to the security of Israel, ensuring that Israel maintains its qualitative military edge and can protect its territory and people,” Rice told attendees at the Center for a New American Security’s annual conference in Washington DC. “Equally, we consistently defend Israel’s legitimacy and security in the UN and other international fora. In turn, we expect Israel to stand and be counted with the US and other partners on core matters of international law and principle, such as Ukraine.”

That darn Israel.

Why doesn’t it put out more Ukraine related hashtags. Rice and Team Obama’s plan for Ukraine consisted of hashtags, MREs for the Ukrainian military and useless sanctions. And a useless UN vote which Israel missed leading to yet another attack from Rice.

But if Israel supported Ukraine the way Obama supports Israel, it would provide it with military equipment while recognizing the splinter Russian states, arming those states while demanding that Ukrainians stop building settlements in any territory that Russian claims as its own.

Team Obama is constantly bashing Israel while complaining that it doesn’t get enough support from Israel on “core matters of international law”.

Meanwhile Israel’s UN voting record aligns with the US more than any country that isn’t effectively run by the US. Israel has voted closer to the US than Canada.

And that’s saying something.

But Obama Inc. keeps looking for excuses to pick fights with Israel.

  • SamZebra

    Susan Rice: this whole Benghazi thing has been bogus from its inception; turns out Susan Rice had correct intelligence–it was the video!!; no coverup; time for all conspiracy wingnuttters to move on…lol lol lol…what a waste of taxpayer time and money dealing with issa and those other morons…

    • X

      Let me guess.
      You are an obese, tattooed white guy in his 20s or 30s, who likes streaking in public. You would like to vote for Nancy Pelosi, but legally you cannot.

      • SamZebra

        wrong!…a retired rich 50 year old attorney …your stupidity and stereotyping is so obviously hilarious for a coprophagic mind; lol lol

        • Drakken

          I am actually warming up to Shakespeare’s and Uncle Joe’s line of thinking when it concerns you shysters. Imagine, a world without lawyers?

          • SamZebra

            more regulation, less lawyering, bubba..

          • truebearing

            BS. Lawyers are the ones writing the regulations. if it wasn’t for lawyers, health care would be affordable and we wouldn’t have CommieCare.

          • SamZebra

            Completely. delusional and absolutely wrong…lol lol

          • elixelx

            Only fools and hyenas laugh when there is no reason to!
            Only egomaniacs and fools and hyenas laugh at their own jokes!

          • SamZebra

            You are being laughed AT, bubba..must difficult for your severe case of ODS

          • truebearing

            You’re a buffoon.

            “must difficult for your severe case of ODS”

            Huh? Nice job of speaking in incoherent sentences.

          • SamZebra

            are you still in denial for your Obama Derangement Syndrome, sparky? Does that help? methinks you are also suffering from:

            “Epistemic closure is a recently defined philosophical term that describes someone who is so thoroughly encased in the echo chamber of their own ideology that they are completely immune to considering other viewpoints. The term is derived from the Greek word pistis which means faith or trust. When people live in epistemic closure, they are immune to integrity because they only trust people who already agree with their ideology. They scan potential sources of information for the presence of code words that indicate whether or not the speaker can be trusted as a member of their own ideological tribe.” Sound familiar?

            But then don’t worry, there may be help when you become aware of the problem–if you get out of mom’s basement..

          • SamZebra

            Your complete and utter ignorance is mockable and hilarious. Any more questions?

        • truebearing

          Your attempt at humor wasn’t funny. It didn’t earn one “lol” much less two.

        • truebearing

          Which ambulance did you chase?

    • truebearing

      Says the fool whose stripes spell “gullible.”

      • SamZebra
        • hiernonymous

          I hate that sort of thing. Portraying the opposition as mentally ill is a cheap shot.

          • truebearing

            Yes, you of all people would.

          • hiernonymous

            On the contrary. I believe that I’ve noted, on more than one occasion, my respect for the reasoning of OFM, AZ, and others, despite the fact that we strongly disagree on many, probably most, topics. I also try to criticize arguments rather than people, though that can be difficult if the other person insists on personalizing the exchanges. We both understand your issue, and the fact that we both understand it makes it that much more frustrating for you. I’ve already offered all the suggestion I intend to offer on that front. Good luck.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It was Al Qaeda. No one is even bothering to deny that anymore.

      Update your talking points.

      • SamZebra

        just plain stupid

        • truebearing

          Yes, your talking points are “just plain stupid.” That is why he advised you to update them.

  • truebearing

    Did Israel invade Ukraine again? They simply have to stop doing that.

    This may be a stupid question, but has it occurred to our brilliant National Security Adviser that she should be directing her fire at our enemies, not our friends? Apparently, I just don’t understand the subtle nuances of national security advising. Sure, you can be secure in the short term when attacking your friends, but when you run out of friends, you’re far less secure. But Susan Rice knows a lot more about it than a mere citizen. She can read leftist lying points on Sunday TV shows!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Rice, like the rest of Obama Inc. is trying to win over enemies. They don’t need to bother with friends because our friends are why we have enemies and if we just turn our enemies into friends and our friends into enemies…

      • truebearing

        Yes, it all makes perfect sense now. I certainly feel more nationally secure knowing Susan Rice and Imambama are implementing such brilliant strategies.

  • Pete

    These votes in the UN do not much matter, They are for show to show that Obama is doing something constructive.

    Russia is using steppe tactics on Ukraine.

    Steppe warriors would charge and retreat their enemy repeatedly. If they got their enemy to break ranks and charge foolishly they would cut off surround and destroy a foolhardy group. If not they hope missile fire would deplete their enemy over time

    Beside depleting their enemy ranks while minimizing their own casualties, they were trying to demoralize and disorganize their foe. They wanted their foe to lose cohesion. They wanted them to rout or lose their temper.

    If Russian had outright attacked Ukraine the world would have out right attacked Russia and probably won.

    So instead Russia ratchets the pressure up and down, while Putin gauges the reactions of leaders (?) like Obama to see what he can get away with.
    Russia will end up with another piece of Ukraine. It might be 2 or 3 eastern regions or it might be more. They are willing to drag this out for several months or a few years. It is a constant dance like in Judo back and forth until their is a sudden foot sweep or a throw. they just continue to dance back and forth keeping their opponent off balance.