Syrian Jihadist Sheikh Who Called for Murder of Jews and Gays Gets US Visa


Now if he supported something truly controversial like homeschooling, Obama Inc. would be fighting to kick him out of the United States.

 A Syrian sheik who labeled all Jews as legitimate targets for suicide bombers and who supports the death penalty for homosexuals is the latest extremist Muslim cleric raising money for Syrian-American groups supporting dictator Bashar al-Assad’s ouster.

Sheik Mohammad Rateb al-Nabulsi is in the middle of an 11-city tour across America on co-sponsored by the Syrian American Council (SAC) and the Wylie, Texas-based Shaam Relief.

“All the Jewish people are combatants” acceptable as targets for attacks in Israel, al-Nabulsi wrote in his “ruling on martyrdom operations in Palestine.”

“They do not have a career that a military rank does not encounter: doctor, pilot, engineer, for example, is a tank commander. Every civilian, citizen,” he wrote. “They do not have a regular army; they have a reserve army, and all the people can fight, so this is essentially an entirely aggressive entity from A to Z. This is the Sharia ruling.”

Al-Nabulsi’s comments on suicide bombings remain on his website.

He called Jews the “worst enemies of God” and Islam and “a hotbed of vices and evils.”

The scope of his fatwa is limited to Israel. But it is not his only call to violence. Al-Nabulsi believes that Muslims should violently fight those who “impose their culture … and pornography” on them, as well as those who humiliate Muslims, occupy their lands and take their money, an August 2006 sermon shows.

Yet, al-Nabulsi apparently obtained a visa from the State Department allowing him to conduct his fundraising tour. Under current policy, a foreign national applying for a U.S. visa who is known to have promoted jihad and suicide bombings would be ordinarily deemed “undesirable” and denied a visa, government officials who have been involved in deciding who gets a visa from hostile countries told the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).

There’s no mystery here, the Syrian American Council is a big part of the Syrian war lobby so any of their people will get the red carpet treatment from the State Department as “allies”. The group is intertwined with the Muslim Brotherhood and its various US front groups including CAIR.

It’s natural that blowing up Jews wouldn’t bother Obama Inc too much, but the Sheikh is also a fan of killing gays.

  • Softly Bob

    So scumbags like this are let in to the U.S. but decent people are not, and yet, laughably… he calls for the death of homosexuals (one of the Leftists’ most sacred of peoples).
    Seriously, just what is wrong with the Obama administration? And for that matter, what is wrong with all the gutless buffoons who support him?
    Why haven’t sane Americans jumped up and sorted this mess out already?
    Some day, all the Islamists will be lined up and shot and hopefully their partners-in-crime such as the Leftist enablers will be shot with them too!

    • A Z

      I’m waiting for one more test.

      If Britain lets’ him in to attend a meeting to discuss things at say a university and still does to let Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer or Michael Savage enter, then the Left is truly to be reviled.

  • William James Ward

    Will Obama fete him and hold a fund raiser at the White House,
    sheltering him in the Clinton bedroom. Has everyone in government
    service become inured to the vile ambassadors of evil? As long
    as the Muslim in Chief is in power shame will remain on us.

  • truebearing

    Once again, in Obama’s hierarchy of personal loyalties, Islam comes out on top, even over homosexuality.

    What would Eric Holder do if a gay, black man assassinated one of these anti-gay Muslims? Build him a special prison and have the trial on Broadway?


    Proof that the terror list database doesn’t work…

    • defcon 4

      Yes it does, anyone who supports the US Constitution or Bill of Rights is probably on it or, alternatively, opposes the zero regime.

  • Jason P

    al-Nabulsi’s “logic” claims that all Jews in Israel are legitimate targets because of their potential as possible future participants in Israel’s military. Imagine if someone said that all Muslims can legitimately be killed in self-defense because Islam’s doctrine of jihad imposes an obligation that makes any Muslim potentially a fighter.

    We would certainly condemn the targeting of peaceful Muslims who would prefer to ignore the martial aspects of their religion. But al-Nabulsi is feted and celebrated by many a Muslim; and apologists make excuses about how this is “understandable.”

    • defcon 4

      I’m not noticing the “moderate” muslimes anywhere protesting his vile Jew hating spew.

    • glpage

      I just did, see my comment.

    • Drakken

      Innocent and muslim in the same sentence is an oxymoron, wherever islam goes, the blood always flows, without exception. Get them out of our western countries now, or we will have to do it the good old fashioned way.

  • Fred Jennings

    Bama and Holder,……..What more needs be said,,,,,

  • Valita R. Randolph

    So why are we letting him into the United States?? Because Obama is a Muslim and has the same goals: Eradicate the Christians and Jews! This is ridiculous.

    • defcon 4

      It’s not just Christians and Jews. Hindus and Buddhists are being ethnically cleansed by muslimes from Bangladesh. Zoroastrians and Baha’i are being ethnically cleansed from Iran. Anyone non-muslim is unacceptable to islam.

    • Lalalah land

      First of, I’m no fan of Barry soetoro-ng but we can’t just go arround spewing non-sense like this. It legitimizes the opposition’s view that we are all nutjobs and kooks.

      Contrary to popular belief, Comrade Obama is not sitting there reading through lists of people deciding who to deny and who not to let in.

      This is most likely the work of some other appeasing/terror sympathic scumbag at the States Department.

  • Adrian Rainbow

    How come anyone who criticizes these malevolent inciters of murder be refused international travel whilst the actual purveyors are free to roam, WTF is going on?

    • Drakken

      Pure unadultered fear of what the muslim may do if they don’t get their way.

  • glpage

    Given this idiot’s logic, one could assume that Muslim women are having babies that could end up being suicide bombers, so, they are soldiers in the cause and therefore valid targets. That also goes for the fathers of those future suicide bombers. Kinda looks to me that just about any Muslim can be considered a combatant.

    • She_patriot

      Muslim women are having babies that are educated to become suicide bombers as well as being taught that Israel and the United states are satan and must be destroyed at all cost. So you are correct in surmising that all of them can be considered a combatant.

  • Drakken

    Dear Mossad.
    We in America have no backbone to fight our enemies any longer, so in the spirit of good relations with the State of Israel, we invite you here to take care of a problem we refuse to take care of ourselves because we have become weak, decadent and rudderless. We have a feckless leader of this country who openly sides with and supports Islamic jihad over our allies which our Dear Leader openly despises.
    Thank You
    A Concerned Citizen of the United States
    There will be many collaborators within easy reach of this enemy imam in our midst, we won’t shed a tear if an accident happens to them as well.

    • MsSgt3

      Because we in America have no backbone to fight our enemies any longer, our feckless leader of this country, who openly sides with and supports Islamic jihad over our allies, which our Dear Leader openly despises, was able to slip into our country and become our leader (against the good judgment of many backboned Americans who were too good, too honest, too trusting, too politically correct, and too patriotic to throw his gay, moo-slime ass out immediately).

      Thank You,
      Another Concerned Citizen of the United States
      PS…I wouldn’t shed a tear if an accident happened at the ‘top-o-the hill’ !!!

  • Bulan Sabriel

    In a sane country, not only would al-Nabulsi be banned permanently from
    the US, but every member of he Syrian American Council (SAC) and the
    Wylie, Texas-based Shaam Relief would be investigated, interrogated, and
    expelled from the US. We don’t need the government hacking everyone’s
    computer for this.

    But we don’t live in a sane country. We live
    in a country where we blow up a few Islamists (and people going to
    weddings) and then fund and arm other Islamists, and allow them to
    operate in America. It is as if the two World Trade Center attacks had never
    occurred. There is a pro-Islamist Fifth column and they have run our
    government under Bush and Obama.

  • Alton Clark

    If they come here and start killing Gay’s they should start at the White House and then get all of them in government next !

  • Hard Little Machine

    someone call Hertz and upgrade his rental to ‘bomb’.

  • dolly

    So this ‘guy’ wants a tour of the mosques in the USA? Really? Aren’t they all pretty much the same? Seen one, you seen them all? Wish summer was here so we could all roast our pigs and have big BBQ parties and pork smells all day every day!