Taliban Commander Tries to Saw Through Shell, Blows Up Family

Islam will dominate the world as soon as it figures out how to stop blowing itself up

Islam will dominate the world as soon as it figures out how to stop blowing itself up

The horoscope for Muslim terrorists in March is clear. “Beware explosive situations. When Jupiter is in ascendance, avoid tinkering with heavy explosives when you can’t even read above a first grade level. Mars is sinking. If you cut the red wire, you will go on a spiritual journey on a magic carpet made out of shrapnel.”

Unfortunately Muslim terrorists aren’t much on horoscopes and so the explosions of the IEDs of March keep coming.

Three Al Qaeda operatives accidentally blew themselves up while outfitting a car with explosives. A member of a Sinai based jihadist movement who led a deadly attack in Israel in 2011 died last week when a car accident he was involved in exploded a bomb that he was carrying.

An intending car bomber in Somalia, thought to be part of the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab jihadist organization, accidentally detonated his explosives prematurely. Four Palestinians were killed on Tuesday in a house explosion in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades division of Hamas mourned the untimely death in Rafah (Gaza) of one of its “field commanders”, Ibrahim al-Ghoul, and injuries to nine others as a result of a mishap during a training session on building bombs.

The latest victim of Bombophobia is a Pakistani Taliban commander who decided to saw through a shell in his home. (via Religion of Peace)

Aalim Deen Mehsud, a local commander of the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the North Waziristan tribal area, was trying to remove explosive material from a mortar shell, triggering the blast, a security official said.

“He was trying to cut the shell with a hand saw and take out the explosives when the explosion occurred, killing himself, four women and a child of his family,” the official told AFP.

Two other children were injured in the blast, the official said.

Beware the IEDs of March. And March isn’t over yet.

  • USARetired

    The name for this is ‘Good ridence of bad rubbish’!

  • Steeloak

    Most likely, he was trying to cut open a “dud” shell, one that had been fired but failed to detonate. Unfired mortar shells have a safety pin that is ejected when the round is fired so they are safe to handle.
    Duds are the most dangerous type of ordinance, since the malfunction which caused it to fail is unknown. Sometimes all it takes is a little movement to free a “stuck” fuse and allow it to complete it’s task.
    Sounds to me like we have a potential finalist for this year’s Darwin awards.

  • Marc Solomon

    Hold my couscous and watch this.

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    Brought a smile to my face.

  • dougjmiller

    Finally, at long last, some good news.


    Infidels Will Dominate the World
    Islam Can Go to H E L L

  • Habbgun

    Don’t they know? The bombs are Zionist collaborators.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They’re explosive islamophobes.

  • quillerm

    Take heed future jihadists, this is just another example of using a saw when a hammer or blow torch will do the job.

  • Gee

    Oh terrible – he should have had more family members around to help him

  • Drakken

    God I love that guy Darwin with a side of Murphy for good measure.

    • Larry Larkin

      Definitely a strong candidate for this year’s Darwin Awards. :D

  • iluvisrael

    ha ha ha!!!!!

    • Alleged Comment

      They still laff at US for making a negro president. They find it hilarious despite the occasional mishap.

      • colsooonscoorner

        They’re happy ’cause he’ one of them.

  • Atikva

    This is not the first time when terrorist teachers blow themselves up, not by a long shot. Cartoons have been popping up about these stories, like the one in French that shows the teacher surrounded by would-be islamikases saying: “Now pay attention because I’ll do it only once”, just before pushing the wrong button on his explosive belt that will send them all to the Hell they richly deserve.


    But the one that takes the cake is the super-moron who exploded himself and his family while trying to saw a mortar shell with a hand saw. And he was a Commander, no less! You have got to love these guys!

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      BOOOOOOM !

  • Steve

    Still doesn’t happen often enough!

  • John P.

    No better way to start the day than reading about mUsLims being blown apart.

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  • LoneRangler

    The lighter side of terrorism. Too bad we don’t have a compilation reel.

  • Tom Girouard

    Couldn’t have happened to a better man .

  • Daniel Greenfield

    We must stop these racist loans immediately. All loans really, on the off chance that they might be racist.

  • Davros11

    ha.ha more muslims dead,, that is a good thing! to bad you were not there also!

  • Ginger Li

    Why not? Are we supposed to mourn the religion of peace bombers as well? When one of their attacks succeed,do Muslims hold back on their jubilant celebrations? Oh, I see – it’s all about claiming the moral high ground and feeling superior in the fantasy world you inhabit.