Taliban Commanders Freed by Obama get Massages


If there were any amenities that the Jihadists freed by Obama didn’t receive in Gitmo, they’re certainly getting them from their hosts in Qatar.

One conference attendee told me he had spoken with a masseur who had visited the Taliban Five at their new home, a fascinating bit of information that was more than a simple lead. The Taliban Five are bringing in masseurs…

Neither do dancing boys. But the Taliban like the luxurious life.

Five years ago Mullah Mohammed Omar began building a compound for himself against the backdrop of four towering mountain ranges, in perhaps the most picturesque part of the city.

This wasn’t just any compound. It had air conditioning units in every room, a mosque, a fountain with benches, a sculpture of a mountaintop, custom-designed wall units and a Western-style kitchen complete with a dishwasher.

By the end of his iron-fisted reign, he had not only acquired three wives and nine children, but a fabulous compound and six Toyota Land Cruisers with cruise control, tinted windows and built-in refrigerators. Not bad for a man who saw himself as the upholder of an Islamic way of life compromised by corruption and excess.

After Qatar, after participating in the murder of Americans, this is the left they’ll go back to.

  • Tim N

    Yeah but are they offered a Happy Ending?

  • Pete

    And now we know the reason why the Turks took over the Middle East from the people, who 1st received Allah’s word, the Arabs.


  • Pete

    Lead Story of the Daily Mail

    “The bodies keep piling up: From Kenya to Iraq shocking new images show how a wave of Islamist carnage has signalled a new era of barbaric terror across the world”

    Trolls still troubled by posters here and are confusticated. They are doing their best to edumacate us.


  • yzwisey

    Spain just busted a terrorist cell created by GITMO newly released.