Taliban Now Fighting Each Other Over Sharia Law


If you were worried about how the Taliban were going to pass their time after the US withdraws, they’ve already penciled in a religious civil war. (via Religion of Peace)

Khan Said alias Sajna and Shehryar Mehsud, both from the Mehsud Taliban fighters, continue to engage in a bloodbath for turf and kitty. According to first-hand reports, dozens of fighters, mainly from the Shehryar group, died in the recent infighting which started in South Waziristan and expanded to North Waziristan.

The first pattern that appears from the present and previous infighting indicates the impact of the militant discourse on the very outfit that constructed and perpetuated it. A difference of opinion in the ‘Sharia’ paradigm is interpreted as enough to be labelled an enemy and deserving of elimination.

The militant discourse stresses absolutism. In this paradigm, there can be only a single ‘right’ and ‘true’ interpretation of reality. Hence, any person who differs with the perceived ‘right’ interpretation is dubbed a ‘munafiq’ or ‘spy’.

We’re talking about the Pakistani Taliban here and the core of the conflict is about power and money. But it’s always been that way in Islam.

The Shiite-Sunni split originated as a struggle of dynastic succession. Imagine the War of the Roses going on forever because both the Lancaster and York houses decided to make their own versions of Christianity and you have the endless Islamic fighting in a nutshell.

With no separation between mosque and state, Islam is a virtual state based on a religion. To gain control of the state, you have to control the religion, and you control the religion in the proper medieval way by killing your enemies.

  • liz

    Yes, the Muslim world is stalled out in a time warp and offers us a living history lesson in ancient culture, politics and religion.
    The only problem is, like Jurrasic park, it’s a culture that you don’t want spilling over into present reality.
    Unfortunately it’s too late to stop them now.

  • Judy Jones

    may both sides win

    • Kimm Ryland

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  • wileyvet

    Look at them. Does anybody want to be ruled by that? These are the people that think they have the Truth, and that if we just come to Islam we will be free of all the world’s ills. No thanks. What are they fighting about? Which is the correct hand to wipe your *ss with, or what is the correct length of beard to have. Or how to properly administer a beating to your wife, and what kind of shoe is proper.

  • Atikva

    The Lancaster and York houses couldn’t possibly have been
    so stupid as to decide to make their own versions of Christianity, if only
    because the Church in those days was firmly established in Rome. They lived in an
    organized and structured world that valued common sense – something these barbaric,
    murderous tribes in their desert mountains, whose brains have been over baked long
    ago, have never experienced, and still refuse to experience to this day. Instead,
    they prefer to butcher each other… fine, be my guest!

    • Joe The Gentile

      Well, let’s give Daniel some licence to use a strained analogy; the England of the War of the Roses was indeed at a much higher level of civilization than the Taliban’s territory.

    • The March Hare

      You missed the point. He didn’t suggest they could have. He said “what if they did that” to illustrate what it would have been like.

  • liberalism is a mental illness

    Okay where are the leftards that are going to try to convince us that Islam is a religion of peace and that this infighting is mysteriously caused by some unknown group of rich Americans??

  • UCSPanther

    I’d grab a drinking horn of mead and watch them fight it out…

  • Scotty Markfour

    less mulims= more happiness

  • bob smith

    I believe this to be a great opportunity for the State Department. Covertly supply each side with cyanide tipped arrows and enough mercury laced water to quench their thirst in battle. This way, even for a jackass like obummer, it will be obvious enough which side to back…the last terrorist standing with a black towel wrapped around his head will be him.