Taxation for the Sake of Taxation


What’s the Labour Party anthem again? It goes a little something like this, “The people’s flag is deepest red.” So these poll results should come as no surprise.


Here’s the legend: Con = Conservative Party (Tories); Lab = Labour (equivalent to USA’s Democrat Party); Lib Dem = Liberal Democrat (not as left-wing as Labour); UKIP = UK Independence Party.

The esteemed countermoonbat Daniel Hannan provides some analysis:  Sixty-nine per cent of Labour supporters would want a top rate tax of 50 per cent even if it brought in no money.

If you want to understand, for example, why Red Bill in New York is obsessed with his pre-K tax even though Governor Cuomo told him it’s not necessary, ponder no further.

The point of lefty taxation isn’t to raise revenues, the left borrows and spends money like a drunken sailor on the last night of shore leave with no regard to the financials whatsoever. It’s not about raising money, but about destroying it.

It’s taxation for the sake of taxation.


  • herb benty

    Communism: Takeover a country, and while your at it destroy the country which eventually ensures Totalitarianism.

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      • herb benty

        You dear, don’t have to do this. You could instead, give your head a shake, admit you are supporting an evil cause, pray to God and He will hear you, ask for forgiveness and He will forgive you. Joy is just around the corner, if you repent.