Team Kerry Complaining Obama’s Netanyahu Bashing Hurts Peace Talks

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John Kerry is a walking diplomatic disaster and yet, sadly enough, he has more experience than Obama does. Which means that the guy who argued the Sandinista position in Washington and cozied up to the Viet Cong actually knows more of what he’s doing than his boss does. But that doesn’t stop his boss from throwing his tantrums anyway.

An Israeli newspaper is reporting that two officials close to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are quietly accusing President Barack Obama of sabotaging Middle East peace efforts after giving an interview in which he sharply criticized Israeli government policy.

The unnamed officials also claim that Kerry was never given a heads-up that the president had planned an interview with reporter Jeffrey Goldberg of Bloomberg View – just days before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrival in Washington — on the subject of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Eli Bardenstein, diplomatic correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Maariv, reported Wednesday that “those close to Secretary of State John Kerry claim in private conversations that President Barack Obama sabotaged Kerry’s efforts to reach agreements over the framework agreement, in the aggressive interview he gave” Goldberg.

“Maariv has learned that the White House hid even from Kerry the very existence of the interview, in a way that is unacceptable in the U.S. capital,” the Israeli reporter added.

I’m not sure why Kerry is surprised. Obama Inc. kept Hillary Clinton completely out of the loop on most things. Did Kerry really think that Obama was going to give him a heads up before he sat down with his favorite sewer pipe and began threatening Israel?

Foreign policy is a White House deal. The Secretary of State is just a front man or woman with little to no say on the policy end. That makes Hillary’s contention that her time in that position qualifies her for anything a bigger joke.

The reason her own supporters can’t name a thing she accomplished is because she had no power to do anything.

  • ghanburighan

    Or does Obama actually want the so-called ‘peace deal’ to prosper at all?

  • Anonymous

    The picture accompanying the article is disgraceful. Obama buttonholing Netanyahu is abominable. It will continue for another 2 years and ten months.
    The last month of the administration will be pardons, poison pills and dispensing as many favors post haste.
    An Israeli-Palestinian Peace Settlement is the Hail Mary Pass of every administration especially Democrat ones.

    • truebearing

      Netanyahu has his feet in perfect position for a right-handed haymaker, or maybe a solar plexus shot. That’s the photo I want to see.

      • TheOrdinaryMan

        The left hook that will drop Obama will come when Israel strikes Iran.

  • wileyvet

    I’ll just rewrite my post. If I were Prime Minister Netanyahu I would’ve said” Get that F*$king finger away from me, or I’ll Krav Maga your ass”

  • wileyvet

    Let’s try this again. Third time lucky. If I were Mr. Netanyahu, I would’ve said ” Get that finger away from me or I’ll Krav Maga your butt”

  • nopeacenow

    Kerry and Obama are not practising the good cop, bad cop method on Netanyahu. They are the bad cop, bad cop. Both are criticizing Israel and Netanyahu. Just not in stereo.

    • Daniel Greenfield


    • TheOrdinaryMan

      Well, I guess Barry isn’t a “team player;” the way he chides all us workers to be. No wonder he didn’t get very far in organized sports–he just does what he wants.

  • DDay

    Isn’t Maariv to the Left of Haaretz?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Only Pravda is to the left of Haaretz

  • Andy_Lewis

    “Obama’s Netanyahu Bashing Hurts Peace Talks”

    Where’s the downside here?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      He knows it will fail and like a typical Fabian socialist is preparing to shift blame.