The Amnesty Radicals’ Big Mistake

MG_5962A new Reuters poll shows that not only do 70% of Americans think that illegal aliens threaten the traditional American way of life, but 45% believe that even the number of legal immigrants should be reduced.

Only 17% think that legal immigration should increase. That’s a problem because increasing legal immigration is one of the major planks of the “immigration reform” plan of both parties.

Everyone used to agree that immigration was a good thing. But that was before they saw photos of gang members slumped in their gyms and buses full of illegal aliens in Homeland Security convoys coming to hike up their taxes while lowering their property values.

And then immigration suddenly stopped being a Neil Diamond song and became a national crisis.

America is developing an anti-immigration consensus. That wasn’t supposed to happen in the nation of immigrants. Media outlets are shaking their heads over the poll numbers and correctly tying them to the border crisis. What they aren’t saying though is that the border crisis was calculatedly set off by Obama’s illegal alien DREAM amnesty. And as with ObamaCare, the radical agenda backfired.

The border crisis was supposed to start the amnesty machine. It was the sort of confrontational activism popular with Chicago community organizers who know that if you can’t get what you want, you dump a bunch of people on the doorstep of whatever agency you want to blackmail which creates an instant social services mess so that the politicians will have no choice but to “solve the problem” on your terms.

The harassment of politicians by illegal alien activists took Chicago community organizing to the national level. The border crisis was the next phase of the assault aimed at hitting Americans right where they lived by turning every state into a border state. But the rest of the United States isn’t Chicago. Or at least not the parts of Chicago that community organizers like.

Crowds waving American flags blocked buses. Stories leaked out about diseases being spread around. Even Democrats did their best to keep the illegal alien drops out of their states.

The border crisis was meant to move Americans toward an even more liberal position on illegal immigration. Instead it had the opposite effect and tainted the idea of immigration as a whole.

The backlash was completely predictable to anyone who had been paying attention to Europe.

The United States didn’t have an anti-immigration consensus until Obama duplicated the European situation by manufacturing a refugee crisis. Europe developed an anti-immigration consensus when a poor economy collided with large numbers of refugees and a central authority that remained blindly intent on pushing more immigrants and migrants through the system regardless of popular discontent.

Democrats and Republicans plotted amnesty while dismissing the idea of an anti-immigration consensus. They acted as if the rise of anti-immigration parties like UKIP was a purely European phenomenon and that the American political brass ring would go to the biggest amnesty shill.

Now the polls are telling them that they were wrong.

Republicans and Democrats had always been selectively reading the polls in favor of amnesty while ignoring the negative polls involving immigrants and the economy. Americans appeared to support legalization because they didn’t care much about illegal aliens. Even Latino voters ranked immigration low on their set of priorities. The passion had always been on the side of immigration opponents.

Just like ObamaCare, an issue that no one had particularly cared about before and for which passionate support was virtually non-existent, Obamnesty became the banner policy of the establishment and that made it possible for the opposition to define the issue through the politics of confrontation.

The border crisis made immigration seem urgent for the first time by visualizing a massive human tide swarming inside. Now immigration is polling as a priority and not the kind of priority that Obama had in mind. Instead the border crisis has caused immigration to be seen as an economic threat.

Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012 had played off isolationism among ordinary Americans while promising multilateral soft power to the elites. Pledges of opposition to the Iraq War in 2008 and the dishonest promises of “Nation Building at Home” in 2012 allowed Obama to outmaneuver a moribund Republican political machine that was desperately short of ideas.

But Obama forgot that isolationism tends to go together with immigration skepticism. Once people decide that the outside world isn’t worth bothering with, their suspicion of international interventions easily transfers over to immigration.

America today has more than a little in common with the period of the great immigration backlash of the 1920s. Economic uncertainty and a period of isolationism after an exhausting foreign war combined with the arrival of huge numbers of immigrants led to an immigration backlash back then. It would not be unprecedented for it to lead to an immigration backlash all over again.

Economic malaise and political isolationism are just as present in the United States as in Europe. The amnesty push polarized the issue and created a major crisis. Obama took on the role of America’s EU, an internationalist force dedicated to unlimited immigration with no concern for the citizenry.

The anti-immigration consensus stunned Tories and Labour alike in the UK. Both parties are still reeling from how easily UKIP exploited popular anger over immigration. And both parties have been forced to learn how to talk to working class voters again. If the same political tsunami hits America, Republicans and Democrats will be even more unprepared to deal with a phenomenon that will make the Tea Party disruptions over ObamaCare seem like a fond memory for the political establishment.

The two big parties are unready to deal with real isolationism. Barack Obama and Rand Paul may flirt with anti-war sloganeering, but they are also committed to amnesty, free trade and open borders.

Both Democrats and Republicans have made the mistake of trying to trade the white working class voters that they have for the future demographics of a transformed nation. But like their European counterparts they may find that they have prematurely buried the white working class voter.

Isolationism is less of a rejection of the outside world than it is a rejection of the terms on which a domestic political leadership has dealt with the rest of the world. Skepticism toward foreign intervention and immigration are really votes of no confidence in our own government. And that’s what the poll numbers for Obama and Congress have been communicating even before the border crisis.

In a miserable economy with living standards on the decline and little hope for the future, there is a great deal of free-floating anger in the political atmosphere. The sleeping giant of the coal mines and bars, the rust belt and the drought-plagued farmland may wake to his anger much more slowly than the mobs of migrants who have been community organized into parading back and forth all day in front of government offices waving their fists in the air, but when he wakes up, the political establishment that has gotten used to ignoring him will collapse and fall apart.

The amnesty radicals pushed too hard and too fast. They could have gotten everything they wanted through a consensus of both parties, but now they may end up with nothing at all.

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  • truebearing

    Perhaps it was providence that the first big confrontation with the feds over the dumping of illegals came in Murrieta, CA, where the media flocked to cover the story. You could just envision the headlines from the leftist media as the buses were turned away…”Racism Against Undocumented Children.” But there was a big problem for the racism strategy. At least half of the people protesting were Hispanics. It was an instant deflation of the racism narrative. Popped like a ballon on the sharp points of signs being waved by brown-skinned people who opposed the immigration scheme as much as anyone. So much for losing the Hispanic vote.

    The blocking of illegal Hispanic immigrants by Hispanic citizens sent a message to the country at large: it isn’t racist to protect your own borders. From that point on, Obama, Boehner, and the Chamber of Commerce really began losing the political battle over amnesty. Obama began losing blacks over the amnesty scam. Boehner lost his “we’ll lose the Hispanic vote” scare tactic. The Chamber of Commerce lost sleep over the possibility they couldn’t help their ruthless members displace citizens for low wage criminals.

    • CapitalistPig

      That–& the fact there was no public backlash at the stridency of the protestors who didn’t want these people dumped in their laps to house, feed, educate from scratch & ObamaCare. The media thought Baby Seals pictures portraying these people as victims instead of invaders would work–& they didn’t. People feel for the kids–but they don’t want thousands of uneducated, possibly violence prone teenage boys dumped in their ‘hood. And few Americans could blame them. That bus might be pulling into your hood next & the country finally woke up to the scam.
      The fact that the Mexican KKK La Raza was there in force ginning up anti-American hatred by waving the flag of Mexico, stomping on the American flag & calling those citizen/protestors “haters & racists” didn’t help the cause of the Obamnesty crowd either.
      If there was a turning point in this debate, Murietta CA may have been it.
      I personally have always thought Americans had a bias towards border control & a basic sense of fairness that illegal immigration violates. The GOP sold itself short ignoring that sentiment. Murietta I believe proved that our hunch was right. I hope the GOP establishment gets the message once & for all.

      • JDinSTL

        The Republican Establishment is basically brain dead. If they weren’t feathering their own nests, they wouldn’t be doing anything at all.

        • fiddler

          Uh, can we say term limits?

          • Jorge

            Please, no term limits!

        • DonMann

          The RNC leadership started their weak willy nilly stuff when Romney’s handlers stopped him from speaking about self deportations because la raza started howling along with the leftist. Their autopsy sham was also weak. Reince Priebus is just like Boehner, Paul Ryan, Rubio and the other la raza supporting creeps.

          • MLCBLOG

            I still think Romney may have skewed the election by suddenly acting as if he had no fire. He was great for a while. Was he perhaps threatened (his family to be harmed) or ?? I doubt money would have moved him.

            Same suspicion I have with John Roberts and the vote on the changes in our medical laws. Seems they got to him somehow.

      • bigjulie

        Unfortunately, the GOP “establishment” is to busy grubbing for bribes from the big money interests who really run this country to get any message. Boehner, McConnell, McCarthy and Priebus have got to go, the sooner the better! If the GOP is lucky enough to gain control of both houses of congress, I hope they don’t blow it by keeping these weak-kneed shills for moneyed interests at the helm. The country is crying for REAL Conservative leadership right now but the crying is drowned out by the loud rustling of wrinkling large-denomination greenbacks as these selfish bastards forsake the voting public in favor of their own bank accounts and egos!

    • JR Kipling

      Is it “racist” not to want black rule altogether? If it is “racist” then it should

      be easy to show successful black rule that need not be resented. Right?
      Well then, show us one example of successful black rule. One. When you fail at that maybe you will be ready to jettison the entire “race neutral” hoax and begin making sense of the vast differences between blacks an whites. Differences that increase with every concession. You have no better example than Obama himself. A man who was given ever possible gift and ego stroke that gullible whites can bestow on the black ego. And the results are a monstrous deformed egomaniac of no talents who still
      uses the race card and still is bent on the utters destruction of white civilization. So lets get back to big bad “racism”…tell us how about any sort of successful black ANYTHING..that isnt a stew of incompetence, and corruption. Balls in your court.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        There’s a vast and powerful apparatus in place to drown out your remarks and shut-off debate along these lines. It’s akin to saying there is no Christ in the Fourteenth century.

        But it gets even crazier; although they’re very reluctant to admit it, there’s a significant sentiment on the Left that HAVING ANY BORDERS AT ALL IS RACIST!

        Yes, the Left is becoming totally unhinged.

        • JR Kipling

          No..the Left is simply progressing down the channels of leftist mindset like a mathematical formula to its conclusion

        • JR Kipling

          “If you want to know what is controlling you, then find
          out what you are forbidden to talk about”

        • truebearing

          The Left has always been unhinged, but they are manic now because they sense that they are close to controlling the US — the transnationalist’s crown jewel. Any setback and they begin frothing at the mouth because of their right of entitlement to power. They have been told from the beginning that they are the smart and deserving ones and that history is an inexorable march to power. The Muslims believe the same thing, essentially. All successful cults have to convince the adherents that they are entitled to power.

      • truebearing

        I don’t know what you’re talking about. My comment wasn’t remotely in defense of Obama, who I have loathed from the start. It wasn’t in defense of black rule. It was about the fact that it isn’t just whites who oppose Obama’s illegal, seditious amnesty scam. It was about the damage done to the media’s racial attacks on whites for opposing illegal immigration. It was about the fraudulent charge of racism every time people oppose the Left. You seem to be reading something into my comment that simply isn’t there.

        • JR Kipling

          But you are still proposing a “post racial” solution and so you play the Lefts game. By saying that the Left is being “racist” and that they are contradicting themselves you commit us once again to the never ending game of detecting and purging “racism”. The way off the merry -go-round is to stop apologizing. Racism is unavoidable as race is unavoidable. Just as men and women cannot erase their differences defining them without erasing who they are. The evil of the “racist” witchhunt is that it can only end when every defining particular of a culture is dissolved. And that, of course, is the ideal of Communism. All nations, all cultures, all individuality dissolved, and all that remains is a global unaccountable dictatorship ruling over collectivized masses who no longer have enough sense of self to resist. So stop apologizing for race as an evil. Its just playing Obamas game..and he wants you dead, dissolved or completely under his control. That is what is really behind the incessant drumbeat of “racism inc”.

          • truebearing

            “But you are still proposing a “post racial” solution and so you play the Lefts game.”

            Where am I proposing a “post racial” solution? I didn’t propose any solution, I pointed out how an event destroyed the Left’s racial narrative. If you want to interpret the Murrieta protests differently than I have, that is your prerogative, but the facts are the facts, and Hispanics were protesting in significant numbers, which eliminated the Left’s opportunity to characterize the protest as racist. That is an observation, not a proposal.

            It doesn’t follow that obviating the Left’s racism is committing us to purging racism. You said yourself that “racism is unavoidable,” yet don’t want to expose the Left for their hypocrisy. Why let them wield a weapon that hurts you, but then refuse to use it to hurt them in return, especially when using that weapon neutralizes their bullying? You are not opposed to fighting fire with fire. Why not in this case?

            If you want to stop divisiveness, you first have to prove its existence. Once you prove it is being employed to weaken society, you have weakened its effectiveness. The ideological war is one of attrition. There are no ideological nukes. It is a battle over hearts and minds. The enemy in this case is the Left. They need to be discredited by outing their hypocrisy and their lies. We wouldn’t be in the shape we are in if this battle would have taken place earlier, or better yet, never ended. The conflict between good and evil is never over, at least not on this planet. Truth is the best weapon against the Left, or Islam. Pointing out their hypocrisy and dishonesty is an essential truth, ie weapon.

            I don’t know where you see me apologizing for race. My point about Murrieta suggests, intentionally, that it is likely that many Americans saw Hispanics protesting the illegal Hispanics, freeing them from the yoke of political correctness, therefore guilt. That doesn’t mean Murrieta freed me from any guilt. I don’t subscribe to racial guilt.

          • Yehuda Levi

            “I don’t subscribe to racial guilt.”

            And you shouldn’t. There is no such thing as collective guilt. It does not exist in the real world.

            Likewise, however, there is no collective pride. If collective guilt does not exist, collective pride cannot either.

            True pride is in your own achievements, not the achievements of others. Just because you may share a skin color or gender with someone else does not mean that you also share their guilt or pride.

            You are guilty or proud of your individual actions, not the actions of others.

          • MLCBLOG

            That’s your opinion. I have a different experience which is a shared community pride and/or shared concerns among people I know. Such as caring a lot about America and what we believe she stands for.

          • bigjulie

            It sounds to me like you are deeply committed to differences between Human Beings besides skin color as being a result of the race they were born to be. It also sounds to me like you are saying that public conduct in office, such as honesty, ethical behavior, thievery, lying and conniving are race-based and not a result of education and upbringing. So…all Blacks are born with a high propensity to steal and lie, while Whites are born to be ethical and honest and any deviation from these “racial” characteristics is an oddity…or am I misinterpreting your words?

      • Glad2BeFree

        Ball in my court? Ha, basketball. So, how about the teams who’ve won the NBA Championship over the past two decades? Mostly all dark skinned.

        • Drakken

          Play hockey if you really want to impress me, and how many NHL Championships were won by all white teams?

        • CosmotKat

          and skin so thin and intellect so scarce they got Jimmy the Greek fired for providing a legitimate and honest assessment for the reason for said success. Basketball is a game and building a civilization is much more important.

      • bigjulie

        I think you are being a bit heavy-handed here! You are neglecting the circumstances by which virtually all Blacks have come to power here, including the current one in the White House. Inevitably, in the US, we have a slavishly committed Progressive media hell bent on believing that you can put virtually anyone with little or no talent into high office and then “advise” them in the ways of wisdom and eliminate their sins by simply not reporting them. Throw in a generous helping of racial “guilt” and most voters will either vote for the guy who looks like them or attempt to expiate their racially motivated negative feelings by voting for the same guy if he is clean, articulate and has a sharp crease in his trowsers! Unfortunately, the candidates have egos, too and get carried away with charisma they’ve been led to believe they have and actually start flexing their new-found wings, only to fall out of the nest flapping dead air and hit the ground hard.
        In order to pull this off, though, you have to have some pretty gullible minority candidates in the first place! A smart Black guy would know immediately how much BS was being heaped his way and compensate accordingly. If we had a Ward Connerly or a Clarence Thomas in the White House instead of the fraud who is there, I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the competence of their administration. Of course, the Prog media would be dead set against them because, for the left, they would be the “wrong kind” of Black!
        There are plenty of competent, ethical Blacks in America, but that is not the kind of Black Prog media or the “Powers That Be” want in political office…they might agree with, or, Heaven forbid, actually be CONSERVATIVE!

      • Sedated Princess

        I agree with you about Obama, but I wouldn’t place “all black leaders” as being incompetent. It’s just that the ones who rise to power on the left are just like the white ones who rise to power on the left. The left HATES black leaders on the right b/c it ruins their “narrative”. What about Alan West? Or Ben Carlson? To say “show me one example of successful black rule” is basically you saying that black people are born inferior to whites. Which is obviously your belief. Don’t get me wrong, I hate how the left plays the race card on everything. Brainwashing the black community to believe that they are “victims” and that their failures are b/c of someone else holding them down. And I do not admire the “black culture” today and what it entails. Or what has become of their communities with most fathers being absent from the picture. But there are black people who choose to rise above it and take responsibility for how their life turns out. So it’s I don’t automatically dismiss a black leader b/c of his/her skin color. I’m not going to play into the left’s game and judge people by their skin color and further strengthen the left’s agenda. To say what you said is shallow and obviously comes from a place of anger which I understand. But let’s not bring ourselves

      • Sedated Princess

        Alan West. Dr. Ben Carlson. So when a black man walks into a room with a suit & tie on, you automatically dismiss him as “not qualified for leadership”? Don’t play into the left’s race game. Keep it real. To say “show me one successful example of black rule” is infantile. Based on anger. I don’t like their culture, I hate Obama, I don’t like anyone no matter what skin color who won’t take responsibility for how their own life turns out. But to say “all blacks are inferior leaders” is shallow and intellectually dishonest.

      • MLCBLOG

        I personally think it’s more the lack of a decent father as well as ever-moving standards (ends justify the means don’t you know) that ruined O more than anything to do with the black culture. He was raised by godless commies! Sorry. Not going along with Blacks can’t rule decently though I have wondered. Principles not personalities please.

    • bigjulie

      Very well stated, tb…as usual!

      • truebearing

        Thanks Julie.

  • Yehuda Levi

    The amnesty radicals will get what they want from Obama by executive action.

    When you are an emperor you don’t need Congress or political parties.

    Once again, this is what happens when you elect a narcissist to the most powerful executive office in the world. Obama doesn’t even understand negotiation or compromise – he has never had to do it.

    • Yehuda Levi

      As for those who may think that Obama is incompetent because of his skin color – that argument is utterly rejected.

      He is incompetent because he lacked the training and even the personality for the office of president. The left didn’t care – they voted for him for two reasons. One, his skin color. Two, and most important, his ideology. Even the left recognizes that the mind is what truly defines someone. If Obama did not think the way they do, he would not be where he is now.

      Human beings are 99.5% identical according to the Human Genome Project. This makes all of us virtually twins biologically. What makes each of us truly unique are our minds, not our bodies.

      • Drakken

        We are all tribal by nature and multiculturalism is never going to change that fact, in fact diversity and multiculturalism are one way tickets to Balkanization and massive bloodshed. We are well on our way to that inevitable conclusion, if amnesty is passed, it is a done deal, for you cannot dump the 3rd world into the 1st world without it making it a 3rd world nation. Sorry, but what we have is worth preserving and protecting at all costs.

        • bigjulie

          Good point! Progs are forever intent on changing the nature of human beings with human pronouncements about how things “should” be. So far, they are batting ZERO!! The hyphenated American is an example of their ineptitude.
          We are not Chinese-Americans, African-Americans, European-Americans, etc…we are all AMERICANS! The sooner we relearn that the quicker we re-establish ourselves as a cohesive People…like we were during WWII!

        • Yehuda Levi

          I am opposed to multiculturalism so our argument is not there. Multiculturalism creates groups, it does not treat people as individuals. It also causes Balkanization.

          It is not just tribalism that groups people, it is people who share your values. As Marines, we had an esprit de corps that came from shared values. Values come from the mind, not the body.

          This is how people should be grouped if they are grouped at all – it should be based on common values – not skin colors or genders.

          • Drakken

            The Marine Corps is unique to that shared experience, the rest of everybody else is not unique to the shared experience, its a wonderful thought as America was founded on rugged individualism, it unfortunately is not that way today and will go further to that great divide.
            When I went into the Corps everybody hung out with everybody else, when I left, you would walk into an E or O club and the racial separateness was acute and blatant, and the tession so thick you could cut it with a knife, the night usually ended with a brawl or two,race riots on base was becoming a weekly sporting event, and from what I hear, it is worse today, the armed forces have gotten extremely good at keeping that type of news out of the press and people stand before the man for talking out of school, so no, we have not progressed, we are regressing until it comes to a head.

    • fiddler

      Again, blame goes to a cheerleading media, more concerned about feel-goodism rather than who is fit to lead. These “influence peddlers” (to quote Dwight Schultz), need to be told roundly, “We don’t believe you!” At least Bill Clinton was a governor before he was president. Something of him could be measured (at least by anyone caring to make the effort) before a vote was cast. I remember what Arnold Schwarzenegger stated in 2008: that John McCain spent more time in a POW prison camp than Obama did in the Senate. We have had enough of the pontificators in the media. They cannot be trusted and deserve to be ignored or overtly repudiated as compromised, more willing to promote a Party than doing real journalism.

  • sundance69

    We are a nation of immigrants, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who entered this country legally, were screened for health issues, had to learn to speak the English language and had a sponsor or relative to take them in until they established themselves. We are not a nation of illegal aliens who sneak across our borders and bring with them their diseases and pestilence. They come here and drain our social services, burden our charities to the point they can’t even hardly help our own citizens and refuse to speak English and most don’t pay any taxes at all. They receive free medical care, just walk into any emergency room and look around and then to top it off flood our schools with non-English speaking students who demand textbooks in their native language and expect the teachers to learn it. This nation is going to hell in a hand basket to put it mildly……… Just think…..this scum will someday vote if the Democrats get their way.

  • The March Hare

    The Chicago community organizer mindset of the ruling class dumped a horse’s head into the bed of the average American to get what they wanted. People are starting to see just who these people are. They didn’t before because they have controlled our media and schools as well as the “play all day” culture, but after three generations raised to be more ignorant of what is going on around them, they thought they could operate with impunity and out in the open. They misjudged. Some people raised their children with common sense and they, coupled with the older generation who still held onto moral principles and ethics, even though it took a while, are finally starting to convince the others they are about to loose what they thought they had or came here for.
    When a company is successful and is growing, they go out and find good qualified people to fill the needs created by their success. They don’t go out and hire a bunch of uneducated, disease ridden criminals to save money. Even most fools can understand that. And the fools in this country are getting a practical education.

  • shinny_head

    All this discussion dances around the real problem. Europe engaged in legal wholesale abortion and destroyed an entire generation. Europe also destroyed two to three generations with two hell inspired wars.

    The US did not engage wholeheartedly in abortion as Europe did but has destroyed about 45 million lives. Without children, the social and economic structure of a nation dies.These missing people must be replaced so the nation can continue to function. The biggest problem with replacement is that those that are brought in to fill the void do not share the nations moral, political, or economic values.

    The best that the US can do now is repent of it sins, close its borders, and slow legal immigration to a trickle and improve education. It will take another two to three generations to assimilate the current unassimilated. Forget talk of racism and other non Non Sequitur discussions. The survival of the republic is at stake.

  • Trappedincalifornia

    As my Mother In Law used to say “From your lips to God’s ears”.

  • Lanna

    The heat is on, there is no way that the majority of Americans are falling for this amnesty political suicide….that’s why the left has to bring in more people to get votes!

    • DonMann

      The majority is right, but as you’ve noticed on the boards, there are lots of la raza supporting leftist traitors out there.

  • Pete

    Close the borders until we get poverty to 5% or less of the population.

    If companies want workers, they will restart their training programs they scrapped in the 1980s.

    There will be some people who think making 30k to 50k a year with the opportunity to do better is not preferable to welfare or gangs. Welfare can be tightened as per Ben Franklin’s admonishment to

    “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer . . . In short, you offered a premium for the encouragement of idleness, and you should not now wonder that it has had its effect in the increase of poverty.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

    The bitter clinger gang bangers can be arrested.

    • Pete

      I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. ~ Benjamin Franklin

      i.e. the Gini coefficient went up per LefTARD plan

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      well put sir. great Ben Franklin quote. However, gang bangers arrested, WRONG, “SHOT”

    • CapitalistPig

      The problem with that quote, not that I disagree with it or anything, is that getting people out of poverty or giving them the means to do it themselves never was the goal of the left.
      I’m sure many on the left, especially those employed in the poverty industry or elected because of it would read Franklin’s quote & respond by saying…..”And? What’s Franklin’s point?”

      • Pete

        If we get people out of poverty, the poverty pimps themselves have to retrain.

        Not only do they have to retrain but they may no longer be a CEO of a ‘caring’ nonprofit. They would be hoi polloi. They may have to roll up their sleeves and get professional certifications like the rest of us and maintain their certification. That is work, real work.

        Do poverty pimps have to sit for a bar exam, CPA exam? do they undergo the rigors of a doctor’s internship? Do have ASE certification?

        The pimps would have their oxes gored and their rice bowls broken.

        • CapitalistPig

          No—-they would just become environmental advocates.
          I think that’s where liberals who don’t have the stomach for working in the poverty or civil rights industry end up.
          It’s perfect because it will never end–every time a human draws breath he “changes the earths atmosphere” so there will always be a cause. And…….
          They can “make a difference”—- without having to hang around to many poor people or blacks. Ever notice there’s not to many blacks in the eco-chondriac movement? Even Obama doesn’t much mention them once he’s fleeced them for contributions.

          • Pete

            Touche, you are a step ahead of me.

      • Pete

        If Jesse Jackson lost his job as the CEO of a caring nonprofit could he pass a test and become a CPA or an ASE auto tech?

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Immigration is one of the main means by which the Left has been using to destroy America, or what was America, from the inside out. Indeed, if you import massive amounts of immigrants and then celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, you are actually celebrating non-assimilation of immigrants, and non-assimilation of immigrants means the destruction of America’s traditions and values, i.e., the American way of life.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Very well put. Amen


    Daniel, very well said sir. However, even if the vote goes our way, the @$#!? Messicans et al will keep coming. I’m afraid Thomas Jefferson was correct about “THE-TREE-of-LIBERTY” The Pentagon & Congress are preparing for it. They are calling us the same names the British called the Founders. “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. Forbid it, All Mighty God.! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me Death” Patrick Henry.

  • Realist

    “That’s a problem because increasing legal immigration is one of the major planks of the “immigration reform” plan of both parties.”

    So one might stop to wonder, how is it that both political parties (at least those in leadership positions of those parties) declare positions on this issue that are in direct opposition to what 83% of voters want? If you wanted to be elected/reelected, wouldn’t it make sense to “pander” to the wishes of that 83 percent majority? So who exactly do you think the pols and talking heads of both political parties are really “representing” when they openly betray their own voters and even attack them as “racists”, “nativists” and “Hobbits”?

    The same question begs to be asked of the vast majority of Big Media. If any particular media organization really wanted to have high ratings and a large audience they would appeal – both philosophically and ideologically – to that ignored and demeaned majority. But in fact they do the exact opposite, and they do so in a the most smug, arrogant and vile way possible. The core doctrine of the “elites” whether they be in media, academia, politics or are just very wealthy is a set of moral and philosophical inversions leading to a set of utterly self-serving premises and assumptions such as:

    1) THE MAJORITY IS ALWAYS WRONG – except when that majority is in agreement with we elites, the most enlightened people who have ever lived.

    2) THE MAJORITY WILL ALWAYS MAKE THE WORST POSSIBLE CHOICES UNLESS WE ELITES TRICK OR FORCE THEM INTO THE CHOICES WE KNOW ARE BEST FOR THEM. I think this one will resonate strongly with every true conservative and conservative at heart.

    3) THE ELITES ARE BOUND TO ONLY ONE ALLEGIENCE, AND THAT IS THEIR OWN PERSONAL, PRIVATE SENSE OF “ETHICS”. The Ruling Class elites do have any allegience to their own country or its people, history, culture, laws, or even written Constitution, Every outrage and every betrayal by the elites against the majority of the society is excused and even applauded by their fellow elites as a sure sign of their superior enlightened intellect and wisdom.

    That which was is again. The cult of self-aggrandizing narcissism – The Lovers of Death – is now fully reincarnated in the modern age.

    • JR Kipling

      Speaking of the ruling class elites. Boehner just gave his daughter away in marriage to a Rastafarian. Now some racists might think such an act
      says something significant about a man and his inner beliefs. But again thats racism, and stereotyping. And that is always wrong. His heart is in the right place, just ask him.

  • Tucker

    I find it more than a little bit curious that no where in this debate about massive third world invasions of America and of every other historic White European nation, is there any ‘mainstream’ discussion regarding the perfectly legitimate, perfectly reasonable, entirely rational, and perfectly justified ethnic, racial and culturally specific interests of the indigenous White European people who’s ancestors founded and created those nations. It is as if Whites, uniquely among all races on this Earth – either do not possess or who are not entitled to have ethnic, racial and culturally specific interests.

    Yet, at the same Whites are being treated as if they have no such vested interests in the demographics within the nations that they built – every non-White group is openly clamoring for the advancement of what they perceive to be their ethnic, racial or culturally specific interests. In fact, the race treasonous White elites within White nations actually cheer and encourage non-Whites to engage in ethnic identity politics and to form organizations whose sole purpose is to push for special rights, special privileges, affirmative action preferences, and for keeping our borders wide open so they can import millions more of their racial stock into these White nations. Well, if this trend is not halted and if the suicidal immigration policies of these historic White European nations are not reversed – Whites inside every one of these nations are going to be reduced to minorities inside what was once their native homelands and then subjugated to being permanently ruled, exploited, terrorized and stripped of their precious freedoms and eventually ethnically cleansed from their own nations by a motley collection of non-Whites who will eventually out-breed and outnumber them and who will take over those formerly White nations and turn them into third world crap holes.

    So, as Mr. Greenfield so eloquently points out – racial demographic do matter, and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever positive about Whites allowing their hostile and hate filled, psychopathic ruling elites to reduce them to minorities inside their own native homelands.

    It is time for Whites in America to take some advice from our White European kinsmen and women over in Europe. We must fight tooth and nail against these Cultural Marxist Communists who’ve been working to destroy the White Western nations by using massive non-white immigration from the third world as their preferred weapon of mass destruction.

    • Habbgun

      You do realize that the Left is a European invention. Until anti-Leftists realize there is a sickness in European culture you won’t make progress. Pretending that Marxism was simply thrust on Europe and wasn’t embraced by millions of Europeans is just denial.

      • Drakken

        You just watch my friend, those Europeans are about to unleash their inner nationalist and this leftist nonsense is about to meet brutal reality.

  • Pete

    If you are“Nation Building at Home”, why are you inviting in millions of illegal immigrants?

    • JR Kipling

      And why so you think there is difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration? Obama certainly doesn’t. Its all one to him. 85% of Legal immigrants (1.1 million a year) arrive from the Third world and
      85% of them vote for Obama.

      • Pete

        If the voters can get the representatives to do their bidding, there is a difference.

        If they cannot, it is a matter of window dressing and graft & corruption.

  • Mo

    “…the radical agenda backfired.”

    Daniel, is there a correlation between what Americans want, as evidenced by the polls, and what Americans get from their “representatives”? How can the radicals not claim success in the fundamental transformation on nearly every front?

    • ExPat ExLawyer

      Because it is not over yet.

      • Mo

        and the income tax is temporary.

  • Pete

    Isolationism is less of a rejection of the outside world than it is a rejection of the terms on which a domestic political leadership has dealt with the rest of the world. Skepticism toward foreign intervention and immigration are really votes of no confidence in our own government.

    Now that is really good. Even when the nation is isolationist, such as the 1920s and 1930s, people still visited Europe, if they had the means and trade still went on. Trade still went on legally or illegally when French and British were seizing sailors of American ships and Jefferson embargoed England and France.

    So it is fair to say has American ever really been isolationist?

    When immigration is happening, is it on our terms or the terms of the power elite?

    • JR Kipling

      Exactly. “Isolationism” is like “racist” a code word. They share the same
      goal. Dissolve the nation state. And every person that repeats this
      vocabulary, and almost all “conservatives” do, is complicit in the larger
      Leftist agenda they do not have the courage or intellectual where with all
      to comprehend. Now repeat after me..”I am not against immigration, I am just against illegal immigration”. See how it works? The supposed rejection of the Lefts agenda only works to confirm an “alternative” the ensures
      the Lefts totalitarian success. But everyone feels great about saying it..and thats all that matters..

      • truebearing

        If you want to defeat the Left’s dialectical tactics with immigration, you have to specify who should be allowed to immigrate. For instance: “I oppose all illegal behavior, but am for allowing people with high tech skills to immigrate from Europe or Canada.” Both the higher level of education and racial component throw a monkey wrench into the dialectical outcome. Of course, the Left will respond by calling you a racist, which can be countered by calling them racists and hypocrites.
        The Left has very narrow dialectical objectives, so the way to derail them is to prevent them free reign on defining the thesis.

        With respect to immigration, the implication of the amnesty movement is that immigrant’s rights supercede the rights of citizens. A better way to counter the Left on immigration is to make them lose to gain, ie. clearly state that the rights of citizens trump the desires of criminals. Pit the citizen against the criminal non-citizen, splitting the Left’s potential for political gain. Emotionalize the conflict by pointing out the damage illegal aliens do to citizens, and never agree that immigration is necessarily a good thing without specifics as to what it would benefit, such as the need for engineers. Engineers won’t be coming from El Salvador or Guatemala.

      • knowshistory

        sorry, I cant do it. “legal” immigration, as we have come to know it, due to the efforts of our nation’s domestic enemies, is just as harmful as illegal “immigration”. the hordes of toxic muslims that our criminal government has invited to occupy our country, live at our expense, breed like bacteria and enslave, then murder our indigenous population is “legal”.

  • dotherightthing4

    I am furious that no one is listening or cares about the white middle class family. It is “taxation without representation!” I am retired and for two years have cared for my grandson because daycare is cost prohibitive. This involves a 62 mile roundtrip drive. I know 6 other grandmothers doing the same thing for the same reason. While our children struggle to pay mortgages, high grocery bills, utilities, gasoline bills, and the cost of raising children…their taxes increase (as do ours) to provide FREE medical, education, housing, flat screen TVs, cell phones and food for people who are here ILLEGALLY, CRIMINALS, and who do not love America or wish to contribute but only wish to derive the goodies She has to offer. It is mind boggling!
    It is like we are screaming and no one hears us. The politicians care more about the takers instead of the makers. Insane!!!

    • ohio granny

      You are so right. I have e-mailed Boehner several times and asked him why the republicans are willing to lose at least 10 votes to gain maybe 1. I’m still waiting for an answer. My daughter is paying school fees for her two children, one in high school (fee$105)., one in middle school (fee $35.). High school sports fee $100., middle school fee $80. Today is sports picture day, costs around $100. for a small package for each. These costs do not count equipment or clothing for various sports as well as school clothes. How long can parents keep spending money like this and have any left to support illegals and free loaders?

  • ron44

    Bush had a chance just as the last several presidents have had, to do some thing about illegal immigration and now were in real trouble, Voting for GOP candidates will get you no where. It is time to send this message all over America and vote TEA PARTY candidates and ignore the media’s advice.

    • bigjulie

      Well said and AMEN!!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Depends on which Tea Party candidates. Some like Paul and Amash are for amnesty.

  • JR Kipling

    Saying that amnesty was achievable if it occurred in a slow progressive
    manner is like saying that the disinheritance of the white working class
    along with the mounting desperation and misery would have been adjusted
    to in a slow progressive manner. What happens instead is that as the misery mounts the willingness to act violently mounts. It is also saying that this kind of
    destruction can ever be controlled. What will happen instead is one incident of the
    Ruby Ridge type, will set off a conflagration. The match to the tinderbox will be images of whites being gunned down. The riots will not black style inner city affairs of drunken looting and then quiet. They wont even be riots at all they will be an armed insurrection. Having broken every law the Feds will fall back on “enforcing the law” as the reason for repressing the population. This will be there only excuse they can use, and it will do nothing but inflame and entrench whites. If you doubt it, just imagine if the Feds had shot down the BUndy Ranch protestors, or even arrested and tried them. That gives you an indication of how unresolvable the situation is becoming. The tension and hatred mount and one thing we can be sure of, Obama will press on.

    • bigjulie

      Obama has a big problem! It is highly doubtful that any more than a minor number of American armed forces would do his bidding…they are Americans, too and he pretty much knows he cannot depend on them when the chips are down and he tries to get them to face off against their Moms, Dads, Brothers, Cousins and Sisters! REMEMBER in July of 2008 he gave a stump speech in which he called for a Civilian Security Force, AT LEAST AS LARGE AND AS WELL EQUIPPED as our standing military! What do you suppose THAT was all about?? Obama’s own Brown Shirts! I believe he made this statement in order to get himself his own “Security Force” that he would have trained and commanded to HIS bidding, and to hell with “American values”.
      The bloom is long gone from this “rose” but the stench of rot from 1600 Pennsylvania keeps increasing every day.

  • Pete

    When a radio station wants to change format they will often play dumping music like “louie louie louie lou eye” ( a great song, but will drive you nuts after too much repetition).

    The establishment in the Republican party isn’t so much embarrassed by their base (there is some of that) as they are playing th dumping music and expecting to get new groups.

    Of course, they expect the Democrats to hand over a portion of these new groups gratis.

    F_cking M0r0ns

    • 57nomad

      Look, the dems are going to lose and lose big so you don’t need to pile on by calling them morons.

      • Pete

        I was calling the Republican Establishment M0r0ns.

        I think we could do a whole season or more of skits on the orange man.

        It is still allowed to call elected officials M0r0ns in the public square / public forum (not in the court room), isn’t it?

        • 57nomad

          No, you were clearly referring to the democrats as morons. Trying to change your position now just puts you in their ‘voted for it before i voted against it camp.’

          • Pete

            Of course, they expect the Democrats to hand over a portion of these new groups gratis.

            F_cking M0r0ns

            Who do I mean by the word “they”?

          • 57nomad

            “Who do I mean by the word “they”?”

            You should confine your episodes of talking to yourself to your ‘private time.’ It’s a diagnosable.

  • howmanyAmericans

    Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965 upended legal immigration. In 2012 ,
    almost all came from third world countries: Americas, then Asia, then Africa with 8% from Europe (1,081,630 total). We must demand return to pre-1965.
    250,000 year including refugees/illegals as in

  • nimbii

    We’ll see how long this lasts before the MSM figures a clever way to morph this into some DEM advantage. Where there’s a will…..

  • 57nomad

    A couple of weeks ago I stood on a freeway overpass in Carlsbad California with pro-American demonstrators. Serendipitously, traffic was backed up 10 miles and going about 5 mph so thousands of cars were traveling very slowly beneath the overpass and the reaction from the motorists was overwhelmingly positive; constant horn honking, shouts of encouragement, thumbs up, and smiles.

    I cannot think of a bigger can of political poison than supporting the illegals.

    • cathnealon

      So was I–in Fredricksburg Virginia–not many of us were there but it’s very telling that no Repub pols or high-profile personalities stood with us.
      We taxpayers will be the crowbar that pries loose Obama and his gang of communists from their grip on our country. I envision coal miners, physicians, nurses, grandparents, homeschoolers, secreataries, mechanics, plumbers, and all the salt of the earth Americans standing together against what Breitbart aptly called the “freaks.”
      And we better get ready because the One is threatening to go all dictator on immigration when he gets back from Oak Bluffs.

      • PatnTrucks

        Gee, I wish I’d known about this overpass protest! I’m in Williamsburg VA. How does one find this out?

        • Sedated Princess

          If you’re on Facebook find the page “Overpasses for America” or just google the group online. They’re in all 50 states, and if there isn’t one in your area yet you can start one.

    • DonMann

      57Nomad, I was also apart of the OverPass Protest, but I was up the road from you on the 57 and Ball Road. We also had lots of positive support from Americans and F.U’s from the la raza Klan members. It was a good experience and it made me proud to be out there with others supporting America and our future.

  • trapper

    Stop all immigration until the new immigrants are sorted out: deported or assimilated. I say assimilated, not shoved off into a multi-cultural ghetto.

  • teapartyimmigrationcoalition

    When journalists and the media fail to bring real facts to the table, America is deluded into all kinds of nonsense. For instance, illegal immigration. We bet not one in a hundred reporters know the following:
    1 Hamas is and has been active in Mexico for quite some time. We recently discovered that ISIS is also there with the Cartel Warlords. The Cartels also get a great deal of heroin from the Warlords of Pakistan and Afghanistan and thus the Taliban and Al Qaeda are probably in the mix as well. Note that they are all Sunni.
    2. There are 2200 mosques in America.
    3. The number of Other Than Mexican in some sectors exceed the Mexicans in crossing our southern border. We do not know the number, but we do know that Muslims, often dressing as Mexicans, are coming in significant numbers. Some of the mosques have capacities far in excess of the number of muslims in that area.
    4. That Mexico has been balkanized by the Warlords and has rendered in our opinion Mexico a failed state. Large swathes of Mexico are under the control of the Warlords. We strongly suspect that they control the federal government as well.
    We do have reports that the Federales and/or the cartel people dressed as Federales have conducted acts of war against our Border Patrol
    5. The number of gang members who are increasingly under the control of the Warlords is in the 6 figure range. The last report we read was 100,000 and we suspect strongly that that is a low figure
    6.25 %+/- of construction and manufacturing jobs have been stolen by illegal aliens.
    7. 57% of illegal alien families collect welfare
    8. 27% of federal inmates are illegal aliens. This is actually a deceptively low number because most of those arrested are quickly deported and do not serve jail time.
    9. We have demonstrated that the 11 million figure is patently false. We do believe we can adequately demonstrate that the real number is between 35 and 50 million.This number is extremely important to the debate. Other organizations put the figure between 25 and 38 million. But their figures are based on pre 2009 computations.
    We could go on. But by now you should be getting the picture that the American people have been kept in the dark. For more information go to our facebook page.

  • NOamnestyEVER

    the mex crime tidal wave spreads across the nation

  • Erudite Mavin

    Republican Scott Brown running for the Senate in New Hampshire has a good chance of unseating Democrat Shaheen.

    His views on amnesty etc.

    “Americans go through security before they go on a plane, enter a government building, or attend a ballgame,” Brown says. “But folks who come here illegally, they just walk across the border. That’s wrong.”

    Brown blasts Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and President Barack Obama for exacerbating the crisis by pushing comprehensive amnesty legislation. The number of illegal immigrants who have been apprehended at the border has spiked since President Barack Obama enacted his temporary amnesty program for certain DREAMers in 2012.

    “Thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Senator Shaheen, we have an immigration crisis on our hands,” Brown continues. “We respond with compassion, but it is time for us to secure the border once and for all. And tell people who try to come here illegally that we intend to enforce the law.”

    As NHJournal noted, Brown’s campaign emphasized that he “voted against the DREAM Act and other forms of amnesty” while in the Senate and has “taken a strong stand for secure borders and against illegal immigration” throughout his career in public service. For instance, Brown “opposed in-state tuition and drivers licenses for people who are here illegally and supports a border fence.”

  • william russell

    Hey all you usa citizens and those working and paying taxes. A judge today said that all illegals are entitle to an education , bot at the grade level and college level, and no school system can denied them.. You know what that means, higher school taxes to provide an education to people who are able to speak english, will have many more extra people to bring them up to speed and you the tax payer is going to pay the bill. How does that grab you when we are now just fighting to educate our own citizens. Obama and the democrats have screwed us all again and hope that you will remember this in november and make changes.

  • DonMann

    They do not want to assimilate, they want to take over. I live in Southern California and the la raza, mecha infiltrators have one goal. To get their people in office and start circumventing our laws that their people resent. This is taking place as we speak. Battle lines are being drawn, make no mistake about it. The KKK are talking to and recruiting Blacks in the South, as we all see who, and what the common enemy and threat is.

  • ADM64

    We have a President who believes – along with his party and many in the Republicans – that government can manage or manipulate the economy, regulate industries, provide health care (and the attendant data) for 300 million Americans, change the climate and stop the seas from rising (as BO put it in his inaugural) but who hold as absolutely impossible a) closing the border b) identifying and deporting the illegals and c) assimilating our immigrants with a single common culture and language. Of all of these different things, it is precisely a) through c) that are actually possible, albeit of varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Bob Sten

    This amnesty will destroy the republican party. Here is why…

  • physicsnut

    It is a great big Democrat RACKET to import votes by the trainful. And how many years has this train been running ? None of the passengers ever shows up for an immigration hearing. Then they blab that they grew up here and deserve what citizens deserve, and are told that by all the little demagogues who want their vote. This does not happen by itself. On local TV you can see ads from immigration lawyers too. There it is – complete with a propaganda wing spewing heartwarming or heartbreaking stories. The BBC was going on about giving tortillas to those on the Beastia train. One can practically hear Joan Baez doing some romantic song in the background. Being played for suckers ? Then they have “the children” angle. But Gutierrez figures that with a few million more – the republicans will be permanently out of power. You can hear the cheering at NYTimes, Salon, Atlantic, Slate, Huffington, and the rest. How come repubs didnt figure that out 30 years ago. Anyone who understands compound interest can understand compounding of chain migration.

    on another note – some useful info on what ebola does:

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    There’s no such thing as amnesty. Amnesty requires a valid law to be broken. Contrary to what interpretists want to think, the Federal Government was never granted the authority to regulate immigration. The Federal Government only has those powers expressly granted to it by the constitution.

    There’s also the fact that the free market self regulates, contrary to popular opinion.

  • TruthSerum

    I know many Democrats who are totally against the Obama orchestrated “border/humanitarian crisis”. Many longtime Dems – who have, over the years, given to the DNP & Democratic pols – now say if the Dems pols are so eager to get the “ethnic” vote – let the ethnics huck up the campaign donations, etc. Furthermore, wait until parents realize that the bulk of their school system’s budget (by law) will be going to fund special education services for these illegal alien “kids” (many of whom can do barely more than count – never mind read) thus little Emma and Noah will be getting far less $$ spent on their education — or – property taxes will go through the roof (pun intended).

  • johnnywood

    The question is, Is anyone inside the Beltway getting the message?

  • Sedated Princess

    That’s why they have brought in thousands of Chinese, Russian & UN troops who are currently on our soil being trained by our own military. Obama can’t depend on most American military to do the gun confiscations when he declares martial law after the false flag or economic collapse. That is why they have foreign troops currently on US soil ready & waiting for the call. Obama even signed an executive order to allow 15,000 Russian troops on our soil to “help” in the case of a national emergency or disaster. Look it up. There has been sightings and intelligence all over the US of these Chinese & Russian troops being housed in “hidden bases”. UN vehicles are being photographed on our freeways. It’s coming and we won’t be fighting against our own countrymen.