The Cheating Strategies of a Racist College

chEvery professor knows that you can’t prevent students from cheating. Every safeguard can be overcome. Only the ethical makeup of a student will prevent him from cheating. The same is true of a university.

Unfortunately UCLA had its own sense of ethics which not only made cheating ethical and mandatory, but also made covering up that cheating equally ethical and mandatory.

Tim Groseclose’s “Cheating: An Insider’s Report on the Use of Race in Admissions at UCLA” exposes how the school dodged California’s ban on racial preferences.  Groseclose, a professor of American Politics, saw the abuses up close while on the admissions oversight committee and his attempts to find the truth led him into a pitched battle with his own university.

Groseclose is not an opponent of affirmative action. Like his colleagues he believes in racial diversity and racial preferences. He did not however believe in breaking the law that had been made by Proposition 209 which banned racial preferences or in a UCLA admissions process that cheated even its own rules.

“Cheating” is a detailed and dizzying look at UCLA’s admissions process. The complexity of the system allows colleges to dodge even the most explicit bans on racial preferences. UCLA was already using personal stories of hardship as admissions criteria. Had white students benefited from a system that allowed “compelling personal stories” of overcoming trials in the ghetto to outweigh a lack of academic achievements, UCLA would have faced the mother of all civil rights lawsuits.

But that still wasn’t enough.

In a desperate drive for diversity, UCLA switched to a “holistic” process in which both the personal stories and the academic achievements were combined into a single score that “reflected the applicant’s full spectrum of achievement.”

More black readers were hired to help out while Asian readers were underrepresented. A process in which black students were repeatedly advantaged and given multiple chances worked to their benefit.

A Life Challenge Index increased admission chances for students who were single parents, poor or had gone to bad high schools. The graduation rate at UCLA is at 92%. For black men it’s at 74%, down from 84% in 2008, suggesting that UCLA’s attempts at working around affirmative action with socioeconomic metrics led them to bring in a class of minority students less capable of graduating than before.

As academic institutions used to know, accepting unqualified students doesn’t help them, it hurts them.

Every stage of the process led to further racial filtering and discrimination. The result was not diversity, but increasing admissions of African-American students at the expense of Asian students.

The holistic scores had been set up to give black students an advantage, but even that wasn’t good enough and more explicit racial preferences had to be piled on to achieve demographic targets.

26% of African-American students with a holistic score of 3.0 were admitted compared to 3% of North Asian students. 20% of African-American students with a holistic score of 3.5 were admitted compared to 1% of North Asian students.

UCLA’s own review process showed that a third of the black students admitted would not have qualified even based on the holistic scores. That was unsurprising since UCLA’s admission process had become so unselectively racist that black students were being accepted at a 43 percent rate while the rates for white and Asian students were at 15 and 18 percent.

Without the holistic approach however 9 percent more Asian students and 33 percent fewer black students would have been admitted. With it, the number of black students rose dramatically, but the average SAT score for African-American students fell 45 points.

Even UCLA’s Mare report showed that the final and supplemental reviews favored black over Asians students who were otherwise similarly qualified in both academic and life achievements. Instead of diversity, there was a racial rebalancing favoring some minorities at the expense of others.

The number of Native American and Latino students fell. The chance of admission for Vietnamese students tumbled from 28 to 21 percent.

This was the story that UCLA did not want told, not only because it was violating the law, but because numbers like these raise Asian opposition to affirmative action. The effort to overturn Proposition 209 ran into a roadblock from Asian voters worried that it would hurt their children and yet, as Groseclose demonstrates in “Cheating”, it’s impossible to stop unethical universities from cheating on race.

Opponents and supporters of affirmative action have noted that in the aftermath of a ban there would be an immediate fall in black and Latino enrollment, followed by a resurgence. This was accomplished through the use of structurally racial “race neutral” strategies intended to increase minority enrollment.

UCLA is unfortunately far from alone in gaming the system. It was merely copying Berkeley. In states where affirmative action was banned, universities replaced it with “creative” alternative strategies. Some, such as automatically admitting the top students in every high school class, an approach favored by Groseclose, are more meritocratic than others. But all the methods are backdoor affirmative action.

Diversity has become a more fundamental tenet of education than any other and “Cheating” provides an extensive recapitulation of how far colleges will go to preserve it. It’s difficult to stop unethical students from cheating. It’s even more difficult to stop unethical universities like UCLA from cheating.

The problem of affirmative action has become a problem of ethics and liberal lawlessness.

In “Cheating”, Tim Groseclose demonstrates that UCLA not only cheated, but that it lied about it. Six years after Groseclose began looking into UCLA’s racial enrollments, after studies, papers and reports were issued and now a book, UCLA is still determined to go on doing its end run around Proposition 209.

Federal and State civil rights investigators pore over businesses and schools searching for racially discriminatory conspiracies against African-Americans, but they have failed to find these conspiracies. Instead they have had to invent them and sue over disparate impact. But the vast majority of disparate impact claims are not the result of a calculated racial policy. Nor do investigators claim that they are.

However the disparate impact of covert affirmative action in colleges like UCLA is a calculated conspiracy and civil rights investigators won’t touch its blatant discriminatory impact on Asian students.

“Cheating” reveals the process UCLA used to engage in racially discriminatory admissions policies that had an adverse impact on every race except African-Americans. And it’s only one of many colleges that have been doing the same thing.

The greatest civil rights lawsuit of our generation would drag these racist policies out of the shadows and into the light.

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  • Judahlevi

    The problem with universities, and the US Supreme Court, is to view people by a group identifier instead of treating them as the unique individuals they are. Every individual is diverse and every group of individuals automatically creates diversity regardless of their skin color or gender.

    When people are defined by their minds instead of their bodies, universities will end this charade of thinking that the body determines the person rather than the mind. How can something one had no control over (their skin color or gender) say anything about who they are as a person?

    As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, he wanted his children judged, “not by their skin color, but by their character.” Character is an individual trait, not a group trait. Character also comes from the mind, not the body.

    Diversity is not about skin color or gender, it is about each individual’s unique mind. Discriminating by skin color, even with the best of intentions, is still a racist act.

    • UCSPanther

      The bigotry of low expectations…

      • iluvisrael

        you beat me to it!

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          He usually does!

      • Yadja

        Very well said.

    • Bill Lackland

      Dear Judahlevi : LOL!

    • Scotty

      Sweden and other European countries tried the insanity you constantly put forth – judging all potential immigrants merely as individuals. We see what that has resulted in. The mind rises from the body. The two are inseperable. All people are limited by their genetic potential. That potential is higher in some GROUPS than others.

    • Marsha

      A person is unique within the context if their group. So sorry to burst your zen bubble but we ALL belong to groups and can be classified accordingly. Try thinking of just ONE person who has ever lived on this planet that did not belong to some group. Can you name one? Didn’t think so.

    • skf1999

      It kills me when racists like you reference Martin Luther King Jr. who was a strong proponent of Affirmative Action.

      “A nation which has done something special AGAINST the Negro for 300 years must now do something special FOR the Negro.” MLK Jr.

      • American Patriot

        You misquoted him, you racist dumba**. What Dr. King supported was the program that was created by an Executive Order signed by JFK. The program was Affirmative Action in its original form, NOT its modern form. The original form of the program was more race neutral than today, Stokely Carmichael II (it is also interesting that you want to exploit Dr. King’s name and legacy, considering the fact that Stokely Carmichael hated Dr. King. Carmichael referred to Dr. King as an “Uncle Tom” and also “Uncle Martin”). I am tired of race hustlers like you trying to exploit and distort the civil rights legacy and the heroic legacy of Dr. King. You support the most racist black nationalists like Stokely Carmichael over the most tolerant and classical liberal figures like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain. Why?

  • Richard Fontaine

    The real question is what group among the students are seeing their career prospects enhanced by reducing the number of strong competitors such as WASPs and talented North Asians from the graduates list and replacing them with affirmative action students who really can’t compete? Inquiring minds want to know the rest of the story and perhaps the real motive.

    • kikorikid

      The “real motive” is down the road a bit but it is
      simply a plan to obtain hegemonic power over America.
      It is a plan to disenfranchise ,Whites, from participation
      both economically and politically. To punish, Whites, for
      “perceived” wrongs. To get even for these “perceived wrongs”.
      It is a Tyranny of the Minority. (see Fed.10)

      • Richard Fontaine

        Yes, but which minority?

        • kikorikid

          The “minority” which claims the “Diversity” mantra.

      • Drakken

        Once that happens, were going to have our own little third world areas and the more cunning and smart amongst us will group among ourselves creating enclaves. Our own Balkanization is almost complete.

  • Jason P

    From the graduation rates cited above, one might expect the college to start cheating on the actually exams used to grade each course. For example, aside from solving Schrodinger’s equation in quantum mechanics one can consider equivalent skills like rapping about “uncertainty.” This will lessen the “disparate impact” that factual knowledge has on graduation rates.

    • Rickster

      “From the graduation rates cited above, one might expect the college to start cheating on the actually exams used to grade each course.”

      Maybe this already happens. How did Obama get through Harvard?

    • El Cid

      In a perfect world, the system would select and promote the career
      paths of minority students that have what it takes to become the agents of positive
      change from positions of real power in our governments and businesses.

      If some of these students can’t cut it in real subjects I wonder what other damage may be occurring to the university system.

      For example, it would be instructive to see if the current policies contribute to the growth of certain useless “social science” departments whose goal is to undermine American conservative social values, promote the belief that all value systems are “equal”, and perpetuate the sense of entitlement and resentment. After all, if you can’t make the grade in calculus, perhaps you can succeed in a non-judgmental post-gender studies program.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There’s a move on to do that kind of thing.

      • kikorikid

        Love your stuff Daniel!
        I predict “The move” will gain the same international
        acclaim and stature as the “Ebonics” movement.

      • J.B.

        It has been standard practice since the 60s. I’m sure you noticed it when you were in college. I know I did. Slackers and retards of a certain race always got top grades despite their failures.

        But I guess I’m just a hopeless racist.

        • Yadja

          Yes and the rest of us had to bust our backsides and then our averages were used to give these turds another break by upping their scores.

          Say anything about anyone of color or a member of a minority and you are a Racist….I am used to it. Rolls off me like water off a ducks back.

  • cxt

    “Discrimination by skin color, even with the best of intentions, is still a racist act”
    Well said.

    • kikorikid

      YES! YES! YES!
      Each act of Discrimination, no matter by whom, is an original act.
      Nothing is absolved by historical claims.

    • Judahlevi

      Thank you.

  • Tradecraft46

    Well, here we see White Privilege: you academic paper is accepted at face value, rather than questioned. So much prejudice, which is based on fact.

    • kikorikid

      Your bigotry just leaked all over this post.
      You are a racist pig,yeah, that will do.

      • Tradecraft46

        Well Kiko, I am glad it did. I am sick of people bragging about unearned quals then not being able to perform.

        It is always someone’s fault for their failure.

        • kikorikid

          Wait, were you being sarcastic?

          • Tradecraft46

            Actually not, and I am glad for the chance to expand on my points:

            1. The paper is unearned but no one can call them on it. Thus they are privileged like aristocrats were: they are free from tests of competence. Further they have to be hired based on their fake quals: note that Google is hiring Ebonics programers to meet their quotas. Better still you can’t be fired for incompetence or even counseled for fear of the EEOC and charges of racism. Thus they form a privileged class that cannot be train or disciplined, being just part of overhead.

            2. One might ask why now? Simple because Obama and his housecarls and carlas are making a mess. To deflect criticism the problem must be put on others. White Privilege is perfect: it is a mirror image of how Black are treated: they have the privilege of incompetence while others pay the dues.

            For all of you, note the trick. Whites are tested and proved, Blacks just skate on by.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod
    • Richard Fontaine

      Asians are as good as other “minority” groups in working the stupidity of some of our welfare and wealth transfer systems. Mom and Dad have a restaurant and bring gramps and grandma over from the old country and put them on welfare, medicaid and food stamps while they actually work in the kitchen. When you create a system designed to rob one group and disperse it to other groups don’t be surprised if the smartest people take advantage of it. And clearly the “Asians” are not alone in this game.

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod

        Live by the sword, die by the sword.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        At least they work. That’s a step up from immigrants from some other parts of the world who don’t open a restaurant or work and skip straight to the welfare

    • bigjulie

      Excellent question!!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      There are different kinds of smart. It doesn’t really mean much in the practical sense.

      Also there’s a split between Japanese and original Chinese immigrants, also Filipinos who trended somewhat Republican, and newer Red Chinese and Indian, Pakistanis who vote Dem

      • Elizabeth Cape Cod

        [There are different kinds of smart. It doesn’t really mean much in the practical sense]

        Yes – In fact, probably many of these ‘smart’ Asians attended ivy league schools which predominantly employ liberal professors. Students are brainwashed to adopt an ideology that may even hurt them.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Smart people are capable of being quite stupid and easy to manipulate with the right words.

    • nimbii

      They saw what FDR did to them with internment camps in WWII. Somehow that lesson was forgotten.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t see why they stop there. Why not give all black students a one letter grade boost automatically? Why not enforce a system whereby black students are jumped to the head of line for all job fairs, recruiting and on campus placement? Why not tell all prospective employers that they must interview more black students, must offer more jobs to black students and must offer them more money than any other students.

    • De Doc

      That will be an inevitable part of the Reparations Package for AAs.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      They’ll just switch to grades that focus more on essays and attitude, see the recent debate video.

    • J.B.

      That is already standard procedure.

      • Richard Fontaine

        J.B. has beat me to that response. It has been thus for decades.

  • johnlac

    If SAT and ACT scores didn’t mean anything, then we would see Affirmative Discrimination students performing as well as qualified students at the major universities. We don’t see this. AD er AA students flunk out at much higher rates than qualified students. Which means the idiots trying to get the unqualified students into institutions where they will fail at very high rates are doing them a lot of harm. But libs care more about appearances than they do about results. The only result they really care about is getting freebies for their constituents and getting elected.

  • BTDT

    The black students who did not graduate should file, a *** class action lawsuit *** against the university and the members of the selection committee.
    If they had gone to the 10th ranked university instead of the 1st ranked university, they would have graduated ( a number of them would).
    Now they have the stigma the depression associated with failing. Employers will hold it against them. If instead they had graduated from a ‘lesser’ school, they probably would not have been hired by the choicest firms for the sweetest jobs. But their prospects would be looking up and they would be a few rungs up on the ladders (higher than not graduating high school, a GED or graduating HS).
    Graduating from a lesser ranked university with a degree is better than failing at UCLA assuming the university has decent standards. Graduating form a decent university with ‘s is better than squeaking thru UCLA or failing to graduate. If you get A’s as un undergrad at any reputable though lesser school you can go to grad school at ever better universities. You are set.
    This is would the good liberals took away from these black students.

    • kilfincelt

      You have a point. I saw a list of the 50 people most responsible for the 2007-2008 meltdown in the U.S. economy. A large percentage of these people had degrees from …Harvard. Yet, Harvard is considered one of the top universities in the world; however, some of its grads seem not to have learned any common sense or ethics (See Obama.) If a lesser ranked school can instill these traits in its grads then, eventually, those grads will be more valuable to society as will their degrees.

      • BTDT

        SAT and ACT do not mean as much as they use to mean.

        MENSA used to used the ACT as a measure of IQ. If I remember correctly, you needed a composite of 29 to get into MENSA. They stopped that in SEP 1989. The tests have been further altered since then. There used to be a correlation with an R2 of .6 between IQ and the ACT score (It might have been higher; don’t rely on my memory). If the correlation is worse now then you know they watered down the tests.

        Black college bound students will score higher after college I think if they go to the appropriate college than if they are set up for a well engineered train wreck. Their economic outlook will be better too as will their children’s future.

        Liberals are actually keeping African Americans down with their ministrations.

  • iluvisrael

    the soft bigotry of low expectations

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    This problem goes way back.

    Between my junior and senior year, in college … with a pledge to Phi Beta Kappa and a 4.00 gpa … I received a letter from the Department of Education telling me that my Basic Educational Opportunity Grant (the forerunner of the Pell grant) was being dropped for the following year. The reason given? “Affirmative action” …

    After I had my Master’s Degree, I applied to every one of the Ivy League schools, and received basically the equivalent of an academic sneer, except for Princeton. They accepted me, but my adviser let me know that I would “be on my own”. He said, “We don’t get too many students like you.”

    I took it to mean that I was an exceptional student. He quick disassociated himself from the notion, and let me know that it was my race that was the problem. I told him that I was half-Comanche and he was surprised. He said, “You don’t look it”, and then added, “We can use that!” He was most enthusiastic, after that.

    After getting that coveted Ph.D., I spent about three years searching for any school that would accept me as a professor. I knew what was going on, by then. Gaining tenure required me to hide my political beliefs.

    When our colleges and universities discriminate on the basis of race, rather than past performance, should we be surprised that society as a whole declines?

    • Judahlevi

      You bring up another good point. Colleges and universities don’t only discriminate by skin color, they also discriminate by ideology.

      The reason over 90% of college professors are leftists is because they won’t hire, or allow to be hired, anyone who is a conservative.

      • Bobbie Jo

        No, the reason they are leftists is because they do not understand human beings and have a warped worldview. They live in a land of unicorns and cottoncandy clouds where race doesn’t exist and all people live in complete harmony and brotherhood.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        … and their reason for this, although though they don’t require one, is purely ideological.

    • truebearing

      You know, he might have been become more cooperative once he found out you were half Comanche because he was aware of the Comanche reputation as warriors. Cowards are well represented in the university culture. :)

      Here is the Left’s official definition of bigotry: Bigotry is whatever we decide it is, or isn’t.
      Here is the Left’s definition of hypocrisy: Hypocrisy is when you do something that violates your own beliefs, unless your beliefs are the same as ours.

      This why the Left can never be bigoted or hypocritical on bigotry.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        Completely true, unfortunately.

        By the way, there was a time, years ago, when I could shoot a bow from a galloping horse!

        • truebearing

          Better practice that skill. We may need it once the Left steals our guns.

          I have some Native American ancestry too, though I can’t say what tribe. My greatgrandfather immigrated to Canada from Norway, then moved to northern Wisconsin. He married an Indian woman at some point, but there are no records of where or when, so we don’t know what tribe.

          I can’t shoot a bow from horseback but I can move through a forest quietly enough to have once surprised a wolf, and they are as wary of humans as any animal, and more than most. Of course, that could have just been luck.

          The encounter with the wolf was memorable. I was walking through an uninhabitated area in Northern Wisconsin that had only a fire road. It was late August. It was hot and dry. I was walking through an opening in the forest when I heard a large animal moving toward me, but knew from the pattern of the clearly audible footsteps that it was running at a relaxed pace, but wasn’t a bear or deer. I didn’t recognize the rythym of its gait. I moved so that a small mound was between me and what was approaching, then froze. The animal continued straight at me. Suddenly it came up the opposite side of the mound, then saw me and froze. We stared at each other for what seemed like 5 seconds, then it was gone like it was never there, curiously making no noise as it disappeared. I remember smiling at my good fortune. It still makes me smile to remember it. I’ve seen wolves since, but never face to face, 35′ apart.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Up around International Falls, MN, there are large numbers of Ojibwa tribe members. Many Scandinavians settled on both sides of the border. This could be a possibility for your ancestry.

            That was a good story about the wolf.

            The night before I was born, my Great-Grandmother was sitting on her front porch. In front of her house was a busy road. She saw a wolf emerge from the woods to her right, and saw it look left and right, several times. Then, it turned around and went back into the woods.

            She decided that the wolf was very wise for not risking the road.

            When she found out, the next day, that I had been born, she decided that the “Wise Wolf” would be my spirit guide. Since there isn’t a word corresponding to the English word “wise” in the Comanche language, she gave me my Comanche name, “Wolf That Knows All”, which I have used, ever since.

            My legal name is quite German, however!

          • truebearing

            The family theory is that my great-grandfather came from Eastern Canada, so that would open up all kinds of possibilities. The Ojibwa are in the area that my mother was born and raised, so it’s possible that my great-grandmother was from the area.

            That is a great story about your spirit guide and the origin of your screen name. I read it to my wife and she thought it was beautiful. She used to teach gifted and talented, but had a special certification in Native American Studies. As a sidebar, she quit the teaching profession when the progressives began eliminating the gifted and talented classes, which is a shame because she is a very good and patient teacher. Her patience is evident from the fact she still puts up with me.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Our wives have to put up with much!

            One interesting thing is that the Comanche, by and large, decided to leave the reservations in the early 20th Century, and some left in the 1890s. They realized that there was no future for them, and as a distinct ethnic group, they have done quite well, over the decades.

            I realize that “assimilation” is a dirty word, in modern multicultural America, but the Comanche assimilated, and thrived. My father went from walking the roads, barefoot, during the Great Depression (looking for work), to owning his own business in Chicago. His children have benefited from his example. This would not have happened on the reservations.

  • kikorikid

    Affirmative Action has been used as a tool of oppression for thirty years.
    “Diversity” ideologues “cook the books” everywhere. UCLA is no different.
    The “law” does not apply in their view as they are only correcting
    “perceived” historical wrongs. Similarly, the “Books” at VAMC Phoenix
    have been cooked by “Diversity minions”, the bureaucrats on the other
    side of the counter from the Vet who walks in with his/her DD-214.
    If you are White you get sent to oblivion and death.
    Of the forty(40) dead at VAMC Phoenix:
    How many were African-American?
    How many were Hispanic?
    How many were White?
    If ALL White, then genocide.

  • 95Theses

    Melanin Over Merit

    This isn’t just happening in academia … it is pervasive in every government agency — federal, state, municipal.

    When I was hired some 35 years ago by a federal agency (which shall remain unnamed) it was only after passing a fairly demanding examination test (and I was quite proud of my 100% score). Some test-takers received scores in excess of 100.0, but I didn’t mind the extra 5 points being awarded to them seeing as how those additional points were earned on the basis of their military service. But to alter outcomes to favor black applicants for any advancement purely on the basis melanin — which is precisely what academic institutions and government agencies are doing once you distill it down — should be cause for embarrassment, not pride.

    Someone has already cited Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s famous apothegm describing “the soft bigotry of low expectations”. I’d like to think that most people would have enough self-respect to refuse any special dispensations offered to them because they couldn’t compete on a level playing field. It would be no different than giving a white competitor a five-second head start in the 100 meter dash (an event which black athletes indisputably excel over their white counterparts).

    A close personal friend who has been employed by the city of Dayton Fire
    Department for 30 years now gave me the inside scoop of what actually transpired over the “scandal” of the disparity of black firefighters with respect to their representation in Dayton’s demographics (43% black). The Fire Department was mandated by the U.S. Department of Justice to [essentially] dumb-down the test standards of their multi-part examination to facilitate the hiring of otherwise unqualified black applicants. (Incidentally, I took the firefighter exam in 1975 and I remember that it was very rigorous — which it ought to be since we’re talking about saving lives here.) However, despite the first round of dumbing-down it failed to yield the results our progressive-minded betters had hoped to achieve. So the test was further dumb-downed — and, of course, at the expense of far more qualified candidates, some of whom were being passed over for promotions at higher levels of management.

    “ … The city can’t hire firefighters until the Justice Department reviews the applications and approves the results of the April 2 civil service exam … ” Love that quote.

    The same disparities that exist in large metropolitan fire departments (and the
    predictably attendant civil rights lawsuits) hound New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, Baltimore, Washington DC, San Francisco, Atlanta and Nashville.

    Sadly, there is no end sight. Reparations, Affirmative Action, and diversity Diversity DIVERSITY isn’t going to level the playing field — it only tilts it unjustly. Worse yet, it will eventually (if it doesn’t already) cost real living, breathing human lives – all in order to pay for past wrongs (and so long as race-hustling shake-down artists à la Sharpton/Jackson exist will never be enough to be righted).

    It’s bad enough that racial discrimination is occurring in universities, but the
    harm is slightly modest in comparison with the toll that will be wrought in life and death scenarios. But that’s the plan, and more lives are going to sacrificed on the Altar of Diversity and its enabler, Affirmative Action.,_Ohio#Demographics

    • Daniel Greenfield

      same thing happened with the FDNY in new york

  • glpage

    “As academic institutions used to know, accepting unqualified students doesn’t help them, it hurts them.” The people behind UCLA’s efforts don’t care about a student’s education. They just want to indoctrinate them, hand a diploma to them, and push them out into society to be low info voters to perpetuate the leftist cause.

  • J.B.

    What is an “African American?” An American whose ancestry is: Boer? English? Egyptian? Berber? Circassian? Tuareg? Arab? Bushman?…………….et al.

    Am I supposed to believe the idiotic fiction that the entire population of Africa is Negroe and always has been? Or that “African Americans” in America aren’t racially mixed?

    There is no such thing as African American. Or European American. Or Asian American. Or South American American. Or any other American hyphenated by a continent. All continents are multi-racial.

    • Yadja

      After all these years and all the breaks and all the bending over backwards for these people, the majority who have not a clue about Africa because their ancestors have been born in America for generations, they still insist on calling themselves African Americans.

      My mother and grandfather came to this country after being interred in POW camps for the duration of WWII. It took them 8.5 years to get their citizenship and they did not call themselves Latvian Americans….they were darned proud to call themselves Americans.

      My father was in the Death March and POW camps for the duration of the war. He was 100% American and I am darned proud of it. He was Indian/Irish but he called himself an American.

      • Judahlevi

        Excellent comment.

        It is not where you came from, but who you are.

        Every baby is a new and unique human mind which will eventually choose their own path. One can keep looking backwards and continue to carry on the conflicts of the past, or look to the present and future for a better understanding of human relations.

        It would be helpful for unity if we referred to ourselves as individual “Americans” and celebrate the uniqueness of each of us.

        • Yadja

          Thank you. When Black America finally gets it then they will advance. Like the actor Morgan Freeman said, please don’t refer to me as a Black man when talking to me, I am a man. He said this during an interview.

          When they understand that concept they will not want a hand up or out, they will not need it.

          • G Livingston

            Have they ever “got” it? Will they ever “get” it?

            There are two problems with Judahlevi’s argument:
            1) It isn’t based on reality.
            2) No other group shares his sense of altruism.

            The short answer is no, they will not “get” it. Now let me show you something. If you live to be one hundred years of age you will only see members of one group displaying this type of behavior. Only one group has members that are this altruistically concerned for the benefit of non-group members and, often to their own harm, choose to see all people as merely individuals, naively ignoring historical and anthropological realities.

            Notice the female in this photo. You will only see members of her group displaying this type of behavior and no others….

          • G Livingston

            And, of course, FPM is rejecting photo uploads. Well, nevermind in that case.

          • Yadja

            It is a shame that in this day and age we as a conglomeration of genetic mixtures through many centuries are still having to deal with the Neanderthals amongst us.

            Makes one wonder why all the findings of the Leakey’s and many others throughout the ages have just been totally blown off or blown out of the equation.

            The bottom line on this is that we as a people, are more diverse than ever and the gene pool throughout Europe and America is not getting better quality but poorer quality and when the mutts rule then we will all be junk yard dogs.

        • skf1999

          Oh bullsquat. All my life I have heard the terms “Irish-American”, “Italian-American”, “Polish-American:..etc…. It only became a threat when blacks in America, who had their history and ethnic origin stolen from them, began referring to themselves as “African-Americans”.

          • Drakken

            And the African racial grievance theater continues unabated. At least when those dagos, micks and pollacks ran things in NY, things were kept to a dull roar. Why don’t you go down to the Russian area of NY and tell Ivan how you feel.

          • skf1999

            I grew up in NYC and can’t remember a time when white ethnics WEREN’T running everything. Perhaps you can inform us.

          • Yadja

            Ya Think there is a reason that Caucasians are running everything????????

            What have the Black Hip Hop multi- billionaires done for their own people?

            What has Barack Insane Obama done for Blacks except his own who are Muslims. Yes sir, the truth is he has not one Black descendant born in America, they are Kenyan Arabic Muslim.

            What have any of the Black movie stars done for Blacks?

            What have the Rap singers done for the Blacks?

            Do the accomplishments of the Blacks in America, given all the benefits they have been given arose to the Occasion and made things better for Blacks?

            If so please stipulate where and when.

            You can’t hold the keys of the kingdom until you prove worthy, except in Obama’s case, sadly so.

          • skf1999

            I guess the same things white movie stars, billionaires and entertainers have done for their people. What kind of stupid azz questions are these?

          • Yadja

            If my questions are stupid why did you reply? The facts are that movie stars, many of them, give money to charities and support causes like Meg Ryan, who is fighting to stop human trafficking of women and girls throughout the world. We have a huge problem right here in Florida and our police are always busting rings up.

            Country stars and singers help wounded warriors with their own money and they go out and have concerts for them.

            Hannity has a fund for children of veterans who died in war, so they can go to college. O’Reilly gives to veterans and has funds and rallies for them.

            The list goes on and on. Fact is when Blacks get on their feet they move into gated communities and they don’t reach out to their own the way Caucasians do.

            So what kind of stupid azz are you?

          • Yadja

            Really? I believe that you are wrong on this and that we do not see organizations that are made-up of these particular groups banding together to push for what they believe to be righting the injustices that have been perpetrated on them.

            We have the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Black Supremest Churches, like the one Obama attended for over 20 years, we have Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and so many other very aggressive and violent groups made-up of Black Americans.

            It is not Irish, Polish etc. groups who introduced Violent Rap to our nation and our youth, it is not those mentioned who, everyday throughout our country on the news are killing and robbing and running in gangs, even though there are Vietnamese gangs, there were Irish gangs, Italian mobsters and such throughout our Nations history, it is now mainly this particular segment of society that is causing mayhem in our cities, schools etc etc etc.

            It is because they have decided to segregate themselves but rather that they have decided they will continue to go down their path and cause problems for their own and others.

          • American Patriot

            Don’t forget Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan. Both are hatemongers seeking to poison the minds of many people, particularly blacks.

        • Harley

          Genetics. You need to aquaint yourself with what we know from genetic research. Then you will discover why African Congolese did not and could not put a man on the moon. It is where you came from…

          • Dr. MG

            Some of the people here are so far behind the curve that you may he wasting your time here. Just a thought. They are where we were a decade ago in terms of understanding reality.

      • lyndaaquarius

        thanks for your heartfelt comments.

        • Yadja

          The truth is out there as Molder said on the X-files. It is just Politically Incorrect to tell it.

          So hang me……wait is that a drone I hear?

  • nimbii

    In 1996, when my son was a junior at Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks, CA, the state university requirement of 3 years of a foreign language created a situation for white students where they were doing damage control in calculus, chemistry, etc., so they could remain competitive in Spanish classes filled with Latinos speaking Spanish as their first language and French classes filled with Southeast Asian students already speaking French.

    The Asian students transferred to Thousand Oaks High School where Chinese was taught as a foreign language.

    Now the University system requires 4 years of a foreign language to filter out even more white students from the California university system.

  • nimbii

    In 1996, our son was a junior at Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks, CA. At that time the California university system required 3 years of a foreign language for admission.

    That meant white students were doing damage control Spanish classes filled with Latinos and French classes filled with Southeast Asians and their scores in Calculus, Chemistry, etc., suffered. Chinese students transferred to Thousand Oaks High School where Chinese was taught as a foreign language.

    We were advised that our son would simply have to attend a state college and hopefully transfer into the university system at a later date.

    We were fortunate to relocate to North Carolina where the academic world was not as crazy and my son was accepted at Georgia Tech when he was 15. He graduated with honors in electrical engineering and computer science several years thereafter.

    Sorry to burst a few California bubbles but he was often first in his class and he said the top 5 students in his classes were almost always white males…

    Later, the foreign language requirement was upped to 4 years to further filter white students from admissions.

    My question is: What loss of promise is even considered by faculty lounge lefties when white students are discriminated against in the name of social justice?

    • Richard Fontaine

      None. Unfortunately ideologues could care less about the true success of any individuals or our society in general. Liberalism is a form of group narcissism. And as such is fully focused only on the progress of the leftist agenda.

      • nimbii

        That’s interesting Richard. Group narcissism…now when you think about it, what else could it be?

        “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Four years of a foreign language? That’s a new one even for me.

      • nimbii

        I must confess I have not checked this personally but I think it was upped several years ago so now a high school student must have 4 years of a foreign language to be considered for admission to the Cal University System.

        Even at 3 years it was very damaging to white students GPAs which was the intitiial intent because monied students when to private high schools where their foreign language classes were not filled with recent immigrants.

        This was an obvious advantage for wealthy kids.

    • 95Theses

      The disparity in academic excellence that your son is to be praised for reminded me of an article I stumbled upon last year (which I am sure is a source constant irritation to Anti-Semites):

      Jewish Nobel Prize Winners
      From Luana Goriss

      The Nobel Foundation of Sweden awards the Nobel Prizes to men and women who have rendered the greatest service to humankind. Of the 750 Nobel Prizes awarded worldwide between 1901 and 2007, at least 162 were awarded to Jews. While Jews are approximately 0.25% of the world’s population, Jews make up approximately 22% of all Nobel Prize laureates worldwide.

      Literature — 13% of World Total Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews

      Chemistry — 19% of World Total Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews

      Physics — 26% of World Total Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews

      Economics — 41% of World Total Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews

      Medicine — 28% of World Total Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews

      Peace — 9% of World Total Nobel Prizes awarded to Jews

      • nimbii

        Thanks 95.

        Very interesting.

      • Yadja

        Excellent and I knew this and have posted it many times and asked for someone to show me what the Arabs have done, especially the Gazians. Answer…….Nothing.

        • 95Theses

          And not so very different an answer to what Nobel Peace Prize laureates Yasser Arafat and Barack Hussein Obama have done to earn their awards — NOTHING.

  • Clive Walker

    Good luck graduates-if you are a minority from a high end University, your CV goes straight into the shredder.

  • Race_Dissident

    “The number of Native American and Latino students fell. The chance of admission for Vietnamese students tumbled from 28 to 21 percent.” And this suggests what I have long been saying: so-called “diversity” really means blackness and nothing else. And while Greenfield states that diversity is academia’s primary goal, I would go so far as to say it is America’s defining metaphysic. Yet all we hear from blacks and their white Leftist enablers is how “white privilege” stacks the deck against them. Ha! It is to laugh.

  • dennis x

    The Black student population at UCLA is 4%. I guess UCLA isn’t cheating well enough. How many of these Black students are basketball or football players. Black students belong in Historically Black Colleges, period!

    • American Patriot

      Where is your proof on the so-called “statistics”, you racist nationalist?

      • dennis x

        I was wrong, the percentage is 3.8. Now put the pipe down , get out of the trailer park and do your own research. Try UCLA undergrad admissions!

  • Yadja

    And all of this did what for those students? In reality, it hurt them more than helped them because the lie and the cover-ups and the breaks etc are not par for the course in the “Real World.”

    Sooner or later their lack of character along with lack of ability to preform gets exposed and they are naked to anyone with half a brain. When I went to nursing school in Jacksonville, Florida, the minorities got so many breaks it was ludicrous. They did not have to pass all their math tests with a certain grade or their chemistry courses or any very important course they were passed on. The rest of us were put to the real test of what we learned and knew.

    When I graduated, through the years, I came into contact with these women and they were nurses you did not want to care for you. It is still happening all over this country even in the Medical Field.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I’ve seen it myself

      • Yadja

        And it won’t go away anytime soon. It brings in the votes.

        • Race_Dissident

          And if people die under the care of these affirmative action nurses, well, them’s the breaks. Sick–so to speak.

          • Yadja

            Yep Death is a real good teacher, especially to the surviving family members who got the message and couldn’t pick the nurse. PC and all.

    • Drakken

      That is why companies whose corporate headquarters are overseas absolutely refuse to hire minorities because of this very problem. They now practice their very own version of affirmative action, whites only.

      • Julie Ann

        I would not hire them either. Way too much of a liability

      • Yadja

        Good policy decision. Unacceptable in this country because of the brow beating Americans take by what has become their masters.

  • seewithyourowneyes

    A little off topic, but – has anyone else noticed that there have been an alarming number of “near misses” at airports in the last month? I’ve read that air traffic controllers used to be fed into the system from a few colleges that taught detailed courses on the subject. Unfortunately, the powers that be have decided that those graduates are far too male and too white. So now a college degree is no longer required, and diversity is the primary hiring priority. Will neurosurgeons be next?

    • Judahlevi

      Competency and productivity will go down with PC hiring. If individuals are hired based on PC and not on competency, you will see a decline in quality and production. It is already happening.

      This is why America’s GDP will continue to slow and our standard of living continue to fall. We used to have the highest standard of living (1980) in the world and there are now about 5 countries ahead of us by per capita GDP.

      Obama’s ‘leadership’ is accelerating our decline, not helping to prevent it. But he did warn us that he would “change” the country.

  • Felicia365

    Stupid. What this university needs to bear in mind is that university attendance is a signaling device. If the signal no longer means what it is supposed to mean (i.e. that a person attending university is intelligent, well-read, socialized and conversant in their topic of study), then that signal will be overlooked. A university degree is just a price of useless paper unless it signifies that an education has been earned.

  • skf1999

    You racists won’t be happy until there is ZERO minority enrollment in universities. GPA has NEVER been the sole criteria for college admission so y’all need to stop. Were that the case George Bush would have never went to Yale nor McCain to the Naval Academy.

    • Drakken

      Ah there it is Stevie, the race card being thrown, how predicable.

  • doubleblack4

    One of the most racists countries by law is the USA.
    The mantra might be “we will end racism by racists policies.”

  • Jeff Ludwig

    What Mr. Greenfield is writing about is a well-kept open secret in the education world, high school as well as college. America used to perceive itself as a meritocracy albeit one that

    eas flawed. Black leadersbip incesssantly claims the US never was really a meritocracy as far
    s black and latino people go. They thus reject the view that the less qualified are being
    admitted, merely that the criteria for “being qualified” are racially skewed. When I brought up
    Asians to a black student, he told me, “Anyone who isn’t black is white.” Thus, by this logic,
    the admissions distortions by UCLA are legitimate but the low graduationon rate reflects