The Clintons Just Can’t Stop Lying About Their Wealth

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton

You have to give the Clintons credit. Some politicians just lie once and move on. The Clintons however really dig into a lie. They cover it over with more lies and act offended when you don’t believe them.

First Hillary Clinton claimed that they were dead broke when they left the White House. And by dead broke, she meant in a position to buy a mansion so she could run for president.

Then she said that she “wasn’t truly well off” after the couple earned over $100 million.

Now Bill Clinton had to jump in.

“I think I had the lowest net worth of any American president in the 20th Century when I took office,” he offered, unsolicited.

Considering that Harry Truman left the White House with nothing but a $112 army pension, that’s obviously not true.

“Had it not been for the fact that I was able to sell some property that my brother, sister, and I inherited from our mother, I would practically be on relief, but with the sale of that property I am not financially embarrassed,” Truman had said.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton had earned $188,547 in 1991 mostly thanks to Bill’s political connections. (That’s around $328,000 today.)

Their net worth was between $350,000 and $1,000,000. Since Hillary’s wealth was a contested issue, it was hard to nail down.

It didn’t hurt that the Clintons had a really good investment track record.

“The market was going up dramatically at that time,” Vice President Al Gore said in loyal defense of the Clintons when Hillary’s neat little cattle futures profit came to light. “That time” was October 11, 1979, three weeks before Bill Clinton was elected governor of Arkansas. Ten months later, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Governor Clinton made $100,000 in profit on a $1,000 investment. Eat your heart out Bill Gates.

The story intensified in April 1994, when the first couple was forced to pay an additional $14,615 in back taxes and interest after it was learned that the first lady had made more money on commodity trades than had been revealed to the public or to the IRS.

Hillary, lying about her dirty money for more than two decades.

  • wileyvet

    Her cattle future deal was during the Great Carter Malaise. Imagine that. And maybe they would have had more if Bill the lothario wasn’t blowing the money on Arkansas fillies. The two of them make my flesh crawl, they are so slimey.

  • truebearing

    ““I think I had the lowest net worth of any American president in the 20th Century when I took office,” he offered, unsolicited.

    Yes, I agree with him. He wasn’t worth a damn. Carter was worthless too, but his wife wasn’t secretly meeting with George Soros and scheming to undermine the nation.

  • Johnny Palestine

    CLinton is no better nor worse than the other politicial vipers in DC. All have gained enormous wealth from insider trading. That is for one reason parasites such as Biden, Hatch and Schumer etc. are still there ( nearly 40 years !!!!).

    They are all beholden to the R&R boys ( Rothschild and Rockefeller ) for their wealth who tell them when to go long and when to go short. In 2008, they were all so busy in their meetings counting all the money they were making while many of us were losing it.

  • bob smith

    Daniel, you had me at “The Clintons Just Can’t Stop Lying.”

  • BillieHCote

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  • USARetired

    Good example of what some call, ‘Reverse sociology’! Also the result of being dumber then “A Rope’!