The Double Standard on Taping Mitt Romney and John Kerry


When Mitt Romney was taped at a fundraiser, more than once as a matter of fact, the media celebrated the act. But when Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin taped John Kerry at the Trilateral Commission describing Israel as a future Apartheid state, he was subjected to a stream of nasty and dishonest attacks by Politico’s Dylan Byers.

It’s a given that Dylan Byers would not be headlining stories on Rogin as a “Repeat Offender” or describing his response as “blustery” and “self-righteous” if Rogin had taped a Republican saying something stupid and off-putting.

Byers’ attack on Rogin is notable for its own self-righteous bluster and its complete lack of substance.

“Rogin actually didn’t do anything wrong in taping the event. Because he was not invited, he was not bound by the off-the-record agreement made by other guests. But given that he didn’t do anything wrong, you have to wonder why it took him so long to come clean on his sourcing,” Byers writes.

So Dylan Byers can’t actually accuse Josh Rogin of doing anything wrong. Instead he’s complaining that Rogin didn’t immediately announce that he had casually breezed into the Trilateral Commission’s conference.

“If Rogin didn’t see any ethical problem with recording the remarks, why did it take him so long to acknowledge it?” Byers asks.

Byers might be asked why he’s pursuing a campaign against Rogin for which he, by his own admission, has absolutely no basis.

Dylan Byers has been reduced to embarrassing his Politico colleagues by attacking Rogin… for a delay in announcing how Kerry was taped. Not for any actual ethical violations.

Byers is insinuating that Rogin did something wrong… even while admitting that he didn’t. It’s a pathetic performance, even by his notoriously slimy standards.

The problem here isn’t that Josh Rogin taped a politician saying something bad. It’s that he taped the wrong politician.

And it might be time to admit that.

Mainstream media liberals are fond of using taped statements to destroy people without being too concerned about where the tape came from. Sometimes, as in the case of Newt Gingrich, they resorted to running illegally wiretapped conversations. In those cases, the recordee is treated as a villain with no regard for ethics or privacy.

But when the recordee is a liberal in good standing, then suddenly the recording is a crime and the content doesn’t matter.

  • Carlos_Perera

    Alinsky’s Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. (Since radicals do not have any rules they feel bound to follow, only their opponents who value ethics, the rule of law, playing fair, etc. will be handicapped by having to adhere to a set of rules.)

  • PDK

    The MSM is in reality the LMSM, (liberal).

    Liberals are those who fail to mature or transcend insanity. Liberals branch out into shepherd leaders, and flock followers. Cheating is the prerogative of the immature.

    Liberals pretend they are for liberty. Traditionally they hate fascists, dictators and totalitarians. However as they, and then when they, achieve their superiority and are in charge and giving the orders, it is their way or suffer their wrath of a jackboot, arm and fist policy that persecutes to crucify dissenters in their social and economic world.

    Liberalism is not the classical academic concept of yore, the have nots. Liberalism is a new religious movement, intent on overthrowing the old Judo-Christian religion.

    This new religious movement of liberalism has as its ultimate destination a new Heaven on Earth scenario. This false Utopia is the coming new world, one world order of socialism, democracy and huge government with themselves at the top, in charge and giving the orders, and enjoying the highlife of power, fame and fortune.

    All others in the grand design illusion to be reality, the great unwashed masses, shall thus forevermore flounder about in the morass of tyranny, poverty and misery.

    Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

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    I’m PDK: Thank you.

  • Christopher Riddle

    What’s Good For The Goose?