The End of International Law

united-against-jihad-liberals“There has been no greater advance than this, gentlemen,” the President of the United States said. “It is a definite guarantee of peace. It is a definite guarantee by word against aggression.”

The year was 1919. The speaker was President Woodrow Wilson and the tremendous advance in human history was the League of Nations.

Then Japan seized Manchuria and turned it into a puppet regime. China turned to the League of Nations which ordered Japan to withdraw from Manchuria. Japan instead withdrew from the League of Nations. Five years later, Japan invaded China. China asked for help from the League of Nations. The League proved to be just as useless again.

Western sanctions against Japan were erratic. Chamberlain vowed that Britain would never submit to Japanese threats, but tacitly recognized Japan’s conquests. He called Japan’s repeated humiliations, “almost intolerable”.


The UK had accepted the annexation of Austria and abetted the seizure of the Sudetenland. Japan knew that behind British diplomacy lay not strength, but fear of provoking the rising power of the Rising Sun.

A few months before WWII, British negotiators had finally convinced the Japanese to stop stripping British subjects naked, but by then the forcible stripping of British men and women had served its purpose of stripping British power naked.

“We lived on bluff from 1920-1939, but it was eventually called,” Alexander Cadogan, the Permanent Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, wrote.

Wilson’s “definite guarantee of peace” had failed miserably. International law had been exposed as magical thinking. When confronted with aggression, the diplomats who had talked boldly of ending war crawled on their bellies and proposed territorial partitions, desperately trying to appease Japan, Germany and Italy.

The end of war really meant the beginning of a self-righteous appeasement in which decadent states besotted with their own moral high ground sacrificed the weak to the strong in exchange for maintaining the moral illusion of their peacemaking.

The rhetoric of the illusionists of peace hasn’t changed. Diplomacy must be given time to work. The invaded countries brought it on themselves. The invaders have a legitimate territorial claim. Does anyone really want to die for Manchuria, the Sudetenland and Abyssinia? They didn’t. Instead they ended up having to die for Hawaii, London and Paris.

Debating whether Putin is following the Hitler playbook displays a basic ignorance of history. Japan followed that same playbook in its invasion of Manchuria; a staged incident, a rapid invasion and a puppet regime. It didn’t originate that playbook. It’s probably as old as human history.

Secretary of State John Kerry mumbled that Putin was guilty of 19th century behavior in the 21st century, but it’s actually Kerry who is guilty of 19th century behavior.

President Woodrow Wilson had lived through the Civil War. His father had owned slaves. Lord Balfour’s godfather was the Iron Duke who had defeated Napoleon. Georges Clemenceau narrowly avoided being locked up by Napoleon III.

The League of Nations was the successor to a 19th century organization and the men who conceived it and built it had largely been born in the 1850s and 60s. They weren’t 20th century men building a better world, but 19th century men inflicting ideas that were already outdated on the modern world.

Their ideas didn’t work then and they don’t work now.

The bewildered responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are a naïve piece of theater that should have been retired in the 19th century, but somehow endures into the 21st as the lovers of peace insist on guaranteeing an end to aggression based on worthless pieces of paper that they have no intention of defending by armed force and then act surprised when their bluff is called and they frantically scramble to convince their own people that peace has been secured for our time.

Alexander Cadogan’s blunt statement remains relevant today. We have been living on bluff and Putin called it.

Our response will be a variation on the Stimson Doctrine in which we will refuse to recognize Russia’s puppet regime in Crimea, just as we refused to recognize the Soviet annexations of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. There will be endless debates over whether the Ukrainians had it coming and praise for our wise leaders who kept us out of war.

Eventually war may come anyway.

Woodrow Wilson claimed that the League would work because countries would be embarrassed to invade other countries for fear of being frowned on by their neighbors.

“He will be afraid of the eyes of his neighbors. He will be afraid of their judgment of his character. He will know that his cause is lost unless he can sustain it by the arguments of right and of justice. The same law that applies to individuals applies to nations.”

But foreign leaders are not part of a community of one street, instead they answer to the cultural pressures of their own societies and nations. Wilson’s expectations of decent behavior meant nothing in Berlin, Rome or Tokyo. They still mean nothing in Beijing, Moscow or Tehran.

Wilson assured everyone that China would be taken care of. “I am proud to have taken part in an arrangement which promises the protection of the world to the rights of China.”

The League of Nations proved unable to protect China’s rights. Only China was eventually able to do that.

International law did not protect any of the weaker nations of the world. Strong alliances did. There is no world government of the moral high ground that can substitute for alliances built on strength. International law does not stop invasions. Armed force does.

Ukraine is a reminder of the folly of putting our faith in 19th century illusions that have been discredited more times than spirit-rapping or phrenology. The only agreements that matter are those that are kept, either through genuine friendship rooted in a shared cultural history, or the threat of force.

The illusion of international law is pervasive. It tells us that the world does not have to work the way that it really does if only we hold hands, think good thoughts and pledge to wage war no more. Its advocates pretend to be sober and sensible, but they might as well be the counterculture hippies trying to levitate the Pentagon.

The United States did China no favors by holding out the promise of a collective security based on a common decency that had no defense against its violation except a scandalized harrumph and we have done Ukraine no favors by offering it useless pieces of paper while encouraging its disarmament.

“These men were crusaders. They were not going forth to prove the might of the United States. They were going forth to prove the might of justice and right,” Woodrow Wilson said of the dead Doughboys of WWI.

Wilson did not live long enough to discover that without the might of the United States, justice and right were easily overpowered by tyranny and evil.

American might allowed the advocates of international law to live in an imaginary world in which their doctrines actually matter. And now that they have finally succeeded in tearing down American strength and ushering in a post-American world, their own world will end.

International law is a Potemkin village. A hollow facade upheld by the might of the United States. A post-American world means the end of international law.


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  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    International law actually goes back to Hugo Grotius in the seventeenth century. It does not need American power. It can be maintained through alliances, adroit foreign policy and balance of powers. But as Grotius, and masters of diplomacy like Metternich, understood, international law must be based on realism and natural law, not on the kind of absurd fantasies and aspirations that produced the Kellogg-Briand Pact, or that forces Israel to engage in a futile “peace process” with Abbas.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      It does not need American power, but it does need power. American power was simply more altruistic than most which allowed the illusions to flourish.

      • bigjulie

        On our dime…and blood…and treasure!

        • MLCBLOG

          We chose it. We were noble in those days.

          When they said public servant it had some merit and meaning. When our country dedicated itself to helping others, it was done with clarity and gratitude from those we helped. Now it is a scramble, or worse yet something that our young ‘uns see as foreign, having not been raised with the true blue American patriotism of old.

          We did sacrifice our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to help others (Ayn Rand aside). I am glad I got to live in those glorious days and get filled with a heart for God and country as an 8-12-year-old in our school system no less, so that I would have something solid to come back to after I completed my foray into the world of a leftist radical.

          I like to think we can still offer our money, our blood, and our lives as a show of American power but it is certainly a far cry from what Kerry and O seem to have in mind. I can scarce believe I am sitting here listening to daily news about a possible face-off with RUSSIA!! under the (failing) leadership of two 1960’s peaceniks. Unreal!!

      • Frau Katze

        Budapest Memorandum, 1994

        1. The Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine, in accordance with the principles of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine;

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Makes a good napkin

  • truebearing

    “American might allowed the advocates of international law to live in an imaginary world in which their doctrines actually matter. And now that they have finally succeeded in tearing down American strength and ushering in a post-American world, their own world will end.”


    The credibility of those who pompously spout magnanimous platitudes about “peace dividends” and multilateralism could successfully masquerade under the cover of America’s power-with-conscience. Europe basked under the protection of the United States for so long, they lost contact with their survival instincts. Now we have a president that has intentionally weakened the world’s greatest power for good, and who has no conscience. Obama has opened an international Pandora’s Box. Europe is helpless. The US is feckless. Now evil nations will rule because good ones won’t.

    Any threat from Obama or Kerry is rightly seen as hollow, their words empty. The bold and evil will flourish. The fiasco with Iran is all we need for proof. Syria and Ukraine are painful reminders. There will be more.

    The United States was never perfect, but time after time we helped defeated enemies recover. We protected the weak. We defended international law while the UN floundered in ineptitude and corruption. Now the world, and the United States, will learn the meaning of “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      “Now evil nations will rule because good ones won’t.”

      That’s what happens when people lose the ability to tell good from evil.

      • mtnhikerdude

        Who are these non distinguishing Bozos ? LOL


          FAKE “anti-war” socialists.

      • mtnhikerdude

        Daniel , we lost Andrew Breitbart and have been fortunate to have you fill his shoes. Thank you. You da Man !

    • bigjulie

      And following on with that wonderful song, Muslim nations with atomic weapons will “pave paradise and (turn us into) a parking lot”! These people put their intentions in all kinds of “Suras” for all the world to see while Obama and his smug and arrogant minions in Congress hearken to Rodney King…”Can’t we all just get along?” in yet another vain attempt to follow in the steps of their discredited heroes, Wilson and Chamberlain, and appeal our woes to a UN made up of a majority of tin horn dictatorships and pseudo dictatorships, all with “one vote”.
      Obama intends to utilize the power inherent in the Second Amendment so he can turn the funds allocated to a powerful standing military into more food stamps and welfare…and votes (he hopes) for him! Reminds me of Puck the Comic Weekly…”What fools these mortals be”…

  • UCSPanther

    Impressively brilliant. Couldn’t have described the world situation both back in the time before WWII and today any better.

    Tyrants with expansionistic agendas and a willingness to flip the bird at international “law”, weak and ineffective rulers, crumbling financial situation overall, flare-ups of long simmering tensions, international bodies with outdated ideas of how the world works and misguided priorities…

    Too many parallels with that time. Expect to see at least one world war before the 21st century is out. Sorry, 60s flower children: You have failed.

    • wildjew

      The next world war will probably be the last world war if Islam has in its hands hundreds or thousands of nuclear weapons / devices.

      • 2wotvet

        ‘Islam’ already has hundreds of nuclear weapons in Pakistan. And yet, WWIII hasn’t broken out yet.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          Thanks to Mr. Clinton, the Paks got the technology … including the missile technology … through China. Of course, they haven’t used it. They need it to threaten India with …

          I hope you don’t live in New York City. One of these days, a “peaceful” Muslim nuke may find its way to Times Square …


            Tell the islamfascists that if the US gets hit with a nuke then the M.A.D. will be triggered


            Mecca Assured Destruction – for starters.

        • wildjew

          My guess is, so long as Pakistan’s military has control over these deadly weapons there is less (though not “no”) need to worry. Should Iran become a nuclear power as it would appear Barack Obama wants, all bets will be off for a peaceful future.


          The Malaysian plane, Iran and global jihad

          Analysis: It would be surprising if it turns out that Iran got directly involved in a mass terror attack, especially these days. Yet like in 9/11 attacks, Iranians do cooperate with radical Islamic groups.


          Nuclear India is a counter weight to the Islamic Regime of Pakishtan.

      • MLCBLOG

        I am averse to gloom and doom. Think it not helpful, not necessarily true, based on fear, which never serves us well.

        • wildjew

          It is not gloom and doom. We (America and the west) have the means to prevent Iran from multiplying the most powerful weapons on the face of the earth. It would be “relatively” easy and “relatively” little cost to stop Iran now, except the American people remain largely unconcerned or apathetic about a potential nuclear Iran. Iran reportedly had a hand in the 9/11/2001 Muslim-terror atrocities. Iran is a preeminent state sponsor of international terrorism. Iran has murderous terror proxies in countries around the world, including the United States. Iran is very patient according to the teachings of Muhammad. I am a realist. It is the height of folly to put one’s head in the sand.

          PS: your term “based on fear” is an interesting one in light of the fact Winston Churchill was widely thought a “scaremonger” throughout the nineteen thirties. My guess is you would have been right there with your fellow Englishmen condemning Churchill as a fear-monger and a warmonger.


            G-D Bless Winston Churchill!

            Winnie would bitch slap Miss Piggy.

          • Joe P.

            “Iran reportedly had a hand in the 9/11/2001″

            It’s highly unlikely that Iran had much to do with 9/11. That was a Saudi operation. Most of the world’s terrorism is Saudi sponsored. If any country truly deserves to be turned to dust, It’s Saudi Arabia. Iran is definitely a danger, but not the danger the Saudis would have us believe.

            Because Israel is using the Saudis for protection, Israel promotes the Saudi viewpoint when necessary. Israel’s supporters often parrot the same lines, perhaps without knowing or caring that they are really assisting in a Saudi propaganda effort.

            Iran currently has a major water shortage and needs nuclear power to run desalination plants. They may also be interested in selling electric power to their neighbors. They have decided not to power generation plants with oil, which seems like a sensible decision to me. One of the most profound statements I’ve heard anywhere recently came from someone in Iran who said “Oil is too valuable to burn.”

          • wildjew

            Didn’t George W. Bush say the Saudis are our good friends?

          • Joe P.

            Don’t the Saudis contribute (indirectly, to skirt US election laws) to US campaign coffers? What does it take to invite a US politician to a private party that includes a little cocaine, a hot tub full of naked hookers, and a hidden video camera, especially if you’re a “good friend” with a lot of cash?

          • wildjew

            G. W. Bush and his father have benefited enormously financially from the Saudis over the years. Why do you think Bush hid Saudi complicity in the September attacks? No question the Saudis buy politicians, especially U.S. presidents. Saudi Arabia exports this violent strain of Islam globally. Iran is behind many of the world’s jihad terror attacks. Both countries are evil and deadly.

      • BagLady

        You’re a bit behind here. Russia has advanced and the US and its poodles are contemplating the next move. If they were to follow the advice of many on here, they’d start their usual nonsense and start firing on behalf of their puppet PRIME MINISTER and (necessarily) in the name of peace. Meanwhile NATO would move in and encircle the assets before stripping them and handing them over to the usual interested parties. We, the innocent bystanding taxpayers, paying for the exchange of wealth, would endlessly debate whether we were in a Third World War or just a simple battle between ‘good and evil’ involving a variety of bought and paid for ‘allies’ with canon fodder to spare.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      History never really changes.

      • UCSPanther


      • MukeNecca

        History does change.
        It is the history of man’s reaction to history changes which doesn’t change

        • MLCBLOG

          I like this. We can change patterns and break cycles and learn from our past but it may take spiritual strength to do so.

          • Edward

            What people don’t realize is that White people have not consented to having
            their borders opened to floods of non-White immigration, PERIOD.

            This is something that has been FORCED down the throats of White people and ONLY White people.

            We have been systematically targeted for a particular form of geNOcide, in this case a FORCE-assimilation (same as Tibet).

            We have not consented to being assimilated out of existence, that’s what makes this a geNOcide.

            Anti-racist is a >code< for anti-White


            You’re not white.

            You’re a dumb sack of socialist SHlTler..

          • BagLady

            I reserve the right to marry anyone I please, regardless of colour or creed. So bugger of Edward, you control freak.

          • Judenlieber

            Actually there were these people living in the Western Hemisphere that we called Red Men, who had some unpleasant things forced down their throat. But it does seem that white people are having the worst of the forcible immigration of the last 50-60 years. The fact that we did it to them doesn’t mean we have to smile and swallow it now. This is about survival, and survival is the first law.


        Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

        There are a lot of forgetful Socialist.

  • herb benty

    This whole wicked world seems to not mind being annihilated as long as they exterminate Jews and Christians. Which should open the eyes of the wicked as to the real source of their compulsion,…..hint: he hates God and anything good.

  • Jason P

    Not much can be added to Daniel’s description of the illusions of international law.

    So-called international law is merely treaties between nations that depend on civilized nations having power. The phrase “international law” is somewhat sloppy and hints that there is or needs to be an world government–something the left would love. Of course, they favor any reduction of American power.

    International law actually goes back to Cicero. After the butchery of the religious wars in the 17th century it was revived by Grotius. It is part of the “natural law” tradition that sees moral law as discovered, not posited. With the abandonment of natural law and the relativistic assumption that all law is positive law, nothing remains but brute force in the service of arbitrary will. The concept of international law in a relativistic multi-cultural world is absurd.

  • JVictor

    Western thinking has been overwhelmed by the folly of the Enlightenment when it comes to understanding the human mind and basic human nature. Humanistic charlatans, who claimed that mankind would make the “right choices” if only given the right type of information, had their way with the intellectual development the Woodrow Wilsons and Neville Chamberlains of the world leading to the advent of the Progressive Movement at the turn of the 20th century. There is no observable doubt that unredeemed human nature follows the identical path of every other animal on the face of the planet–survival of the fittest. Now that the so-called enlightened flower children of the 1960’s are in charge of Western governments, is it any wonder that the Kerry’s and Obama’s of the world scratch their heads and screech, “Not fair!” when they see human nature exhibited in full force?

    I believe it was Charlie Brown’s sister Sally who said she would, “Speak softly and carry a beagle,” when she was confronted with a bully at school. The bully quickly decided not to mess with Sally. The west has euthanized most of its beagles. And Hagle, are in the process of euthanizing the rest of them. Dictators and tyrants understand beagles and softly spoken words. Words alone, spoken or written, mean nothing to them. It’s just basic human nature.


      …euthanized our beagles and starting to dress our soldier men in pink frills. Egads!!

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Here, here! Once again, Daniel Greenfield slams his hammer right down on the nail. A post-American world is a world condemned and dead. Imagine a world with the UN in charge? Islam.

    The best thing every Western country, including those countries with a Western slant, can do is to pull out of the UN. The UN is a war factory! Shun it! Banish it!
    The UN is nothing more than a twilight home for Third Word dictators. The UN should have been dismantled decades ago. But, hey… where would all the lefties run to without their mouthpiece? Piece being the operative word. ‘ie’ instead of ‘ea’.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The UN is a black hole trying to swallow American power and create a power vacuum that will be filled.

      • patrioticCanadian

        So what are our choices? We talk of what is happening but is there anyone out there with the force of arms to set it right?


      Just a nit pick. It’s hear, hear!! as in we are listening up.

      • fred

        After you drain the “here, here”, swamp please start on “tow the line”. Should you live long enough to finish those tasks get back to me, I’ve got a list.

  • Infidel4Ever

    Another great article by Daniel Greenfield. The situation today is very reminiscent of the one pre-WW2, when weakness and appeasement failed to prevent a horrible war. Putin, like Hitler, has exposed the weakness and cluelessness that currently drives the West’s international policies. And this is merely the beginning, as Iran ramps up it’s rhetoric and prepares to wage a war of annihilation on the “Zionist entity.” And the world dismisses their saber rattling like they dismissed Mein Kampf so long ago. May you live in interesting times. Yes, we do.


      Fascist iran needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth.

  • whatalife1

    Come on guys! Putin is not Hitler. The Ukraine revolution is clearly backed by Western forces and Russia is protecting its geo-political interests and also protecting Russian people there as well. Russia has a legitimate claim to the Crimea. Russia had similar support and legitimacy in Abkhasia etc. On Chechnya – well there aren’t any angels in that story.

    I detest the legacy of the Soviet Union, Marxism etc etc as much as any conservative but the world is more complicated than that “Putin is trying to reestablish the Soviet Union.” American power (under Obama) is not a good thing I’m afraid. (Daniel Greenfield is a genius by the way)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      If you read the article, I pointed out that it’s a common strategy and was used by the Japanese in invading and occupying Manchuria.

      • MLCBLOG

        Not in response but I do have to say sometimes we are skimming…I know I am not the only one. My apologies. You certainly deserve more time and attention but I just haven’t polished my speed reading enough yet. I am glad you are active in the comments section once you have written one of your usually brilliant articles.

      • whatalife1

        Although I normally agree with you, I don’t on this. Manchuria seems pretty tenuous. I have lots of connections with Russia and know that Crimea is a sensitive issue with them…and I knew that it would be a matter of pride and interest not to relinquish control of this site to (effectively) the West.

        It will turn out with the Russians protecting their interests and people…and everyone else spouting hot air. In this one instance I’ll hope that I’m right and that you are wrong. Keep up all the good work by the way.

        • Wolfthatknowsall

          But the West doesn’t want Crimea. Sensitivities aside, Putin obviously does.

    • pneville
      • whatalife1

        The Western propaganda machine is not something to be taken lightly… I’m not justifying censorship or totalitarianism…but I am saying that foreign countries have (and should have) the same scepticism about and problem with our MSM that we denizens of the West (should) also have.

        • pneville

          The Obama/MSM propaganda machine has been putting out the lie that Putin has been helping since the “restart button” farce.

      • whatalife1

        Sadly it is a bit like Syria – you want there to be “good” guys and “bad” guys but when you look closely you just find two sets of bad guys. The article you link to is clearly biased. Although Russia is nowhere near perfect (to state the obvious) nor is the West. The Western media is unsurpassed in churning out propaganda and the only way it can be undermined is through the internet (and other countries need to protect themselves from Western propaganda and money etc.). The US and the EU are not angels in this matter and they are certainly as much “bad guys” as the Russians (obviously, I wish both could be clean, honest, democratic, etc. but that is probably a fantasy world).

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Sometimes, we lose sight of the simple because of our obsession with the complicated.

      I don’t believe that Putin is trying to re-establish the USSR. He doesn’t wish to answer to anyone, including a Supreme Soviet. I think he wishes to restore the Russian Empire, just with him being a dictator with the power of a Tsar, rather than actually being a Tsar.

      A courageous President would work out arrangements with the Baltic States, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine whereby our forces in Germany would be based in those countries. Bring back the Missile Shield. He would show determination and courage.

      In a very dangerous game of chess, this would be “check”.

  • Hass

    Well we can thank that weak *astard Obozo for removing and weakening the only trusted world police.

  • Nan

    I heard Rush Limbaugh say that our world is governed by the “aggressive use of force” This is unfortunately true. Obama and Kerry and the rest of the wusses in our government just don’t get it. There are leaders who will use this force to take over those who will not use force. I believe we have even more to worry about with Islam that we do with Russia.

    • bigjulie

      Well said, but not even the half of the truth of it!

    • Johnny

      Your comment strikes a nerve with me because I think it exactly wrong. The rule of power is that the more you have the less need there is to use it. What does need to be maintained is the credible threat. As an example not using military power, harken back to the British Empire in the 19th century. The had control of about a third of the globe and kept control primarily through their sea power. Meanwhile, the weapon of choice was the battleship, and the British had actually fired the big guns on their battleships so rarely that in the 1870’s some came to wonder if the guns even worked.

      What, were they supposed to be shelling people needlessly? The lesson is simple. People knew they would use the guns if they needed to, they had the biggest and the most guns, and so they never needed the “aggressive use of force.”

  • rbskillin

    They thought the world of international relations was an exclusive gentleman’s club where everyone was fearful making a faux pas and receiving a “tisk tisk”.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Which is why Wilson refused an intelligence service.

      “Gentlemen don’t read each other’s mail.”

      • bigjulie

        I believe it was Henry L. Stimpson in 1929, but point taken

        • MukeNecca

          Correct, BigJulie.

          Point taken, also here.

  • Johnny

    For better or worse I am not upset with what Russia is doing. Europe, at least the western part, and the United States are set up for a decline. When we go somebody is going to replace us. Of the various choices Russia is not the worst. Plus it could easily happen that Russia ends up being our buffer against Arabia.

    • bigjulie

      Ahhh, no! By far, our biggest problem is a nuclear-armed consortium of Islamist states.

      • Drakken

        The Russians have their own way of dealing with uppity islamists, as they have warned the Saudi’s as to what will happen to them if they interfere with Russian interest. Frankly I really hope the Russians start putting the hammer down on these islamaniacs since the west won’t at this point.

        • glpage

          The Russians have tended to respond to Islamic terrorism in the only way the Islamists understand, brutal force.


          Yet KGB Putin Russia arms fascist iran, backs syria, backs egypt.

          • Drakken

            Russia sell arms to the ragheads to kill each other with. It is actually a smart move when you think about it.

        • Hass

          Yep you are correct mate.

          I believe the same warning would’ve been given should the Winter Olympics be attacked. And presto…

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    Once again, Daniel speaks of the world as it truly is, and not as the Wilsons, Chamberlains, Carters, and Obamas of the world would have it be.

    Moral high grounds are fine and dandy, if you’re an academic speaking in a room full of idealists. The world doesn’t care about moral high grounds and idealism. The world responds to two things: either the use of greater force, or the threat of its use.

    Nothing concentrates the imagination or the attention of a potential adversary more than a fleet of B-2s … that can’t even be seen on radar … backed up by B-1s and B-52s, dropping anything from smart bombs to nukes, and the promise of a Gulf War-sized military force waiting in the wings. The Obama military couldn’t even field a force the size of that used in the Gulf War. Mr. Obama, himself, is concerned with the notion of “victory”.

    God help us all, because even in the best of circumstances, it will require decades to restore the US military.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Obama thinks he can influence international politics the way he has American politics. Apparently he really believed that it was his ‘speeches’ that were so effective

      • bigjulie

        Daniel, I hope you have some bodyguards…your wisdom is making many Leftists here, ahhh, “very uncomfortable”!

        • Daniel Greenfield


          • MLCBLOG

            I am adding you to my prayer list for safety and well-being and favor. God is a great protector!!


        You have to excuse Obamas big head. Don’t forget that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – at the start of his first term..

        Maybe when Obama leaves office, he can be elected President of the EU. I’m sure he will produce a Birth Certificate proving he was born in Europe.

    • 2wotvet

      We don’t need fleets of B-2’s anymore. We can drop plenty of smart bombs and nukes with drones, or launch them with cruise missiles. The idea of the cutback was not to weaken the American military, it was to make it smarter and to stop wasting billions on weapons systems that are outdated and expensive.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        So, answer these questions, please …

        Is America’s military stronger than it was during the Reagan/GHWBush/Clinton years?

        Is America’s military stronger than it was during the GWBush years?

        My answer is a resounding “NO”. For the world, there is no “smart” alternative to American power that includes bombers, a multi-ocean navy, and ground forces able to fight two wars simultaneously.

        Ron Paul once stated that America could keep the peace with nothing but submarines. Tell that to the people of Ukraine. Tell it to the nations of the South China Sea, faced with an aggressive China.

        The Muslim world is vulnerable to drones because of their lack of technology. Russia and China are not. Shall we start lobbing cruise missiles at them (in the latter case, when crucial components of those missiles are stamped “Made in China”)?

        • 2wotvet

          For now, but America is still unsurpassed in our technology sector. The Reapers and Predators are only the
          first generation of drones, and what we build next will outstrip anything Russia or China can ever dream of. Cyber warfare is also a key component of Obama’s defensive policy. Why waste millions on building a new kind of tank
          when we could knock out China’s entire military power grid with a bit of malware?

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            First, we don’t need a new kind of tank. The M1 Abrams will suffice for decades, as long as it is upgraded and modernized.

            Talk to cyber experts. Although cyber-warfare can be effective (the Israelis have proved this), it cannot stop an aircraft from launching missiles or dropping bombs, ships from putting to sea or employing their ordinance, tanks from firing their main guns, armies from moving, or individual soldiers from firing their weapons. The point is that warfare eventually boils down to nations taking ground with ground forces, supported by air and naval forces.

            We are not more secure because of Mr. Obama’s actions. We are immensely less secure.

            In Vietnam, I was a sniper. Although I was effective, I could not win Vietnam, on my own. I could kill individual CV, NVA, and Russian actors who made the mistake of coming in my neighborhood, only. Would drones and cyber-warfare have won the Vietnam conflict?

            I seriously doubt it …

          • 2wotvet

            Cyber warfare can destroy the computer and satellite networks that planes, ships and army units use to
            navigate and communicate with one another and to select their targets. It can also destroy the manufacturing process of missiles and other weapons and disable the computer networks needed to coordinate the supplies of food and fuel needed to maintain armies in conflict zones.

          • Drakken

            You forget one important component in your whole thought process, the human ability to adapt, improvise and overcome, that is where you techno geeks fail every time.

          • MLCBLOG

            Yeah! a human with a clear (and good we hope) purpose trumps other plans every time.

          • glpage

            You place way too much faith in technology. Do you really believe that the major powers have not considered what you are suggesting? I tend to believe that on the average governments are fairly stupid and Obama’s efforts to dumb down our military has had some success. But, there is a high probability your scenario has been considered and there are contingency plans in place to compensate. If some power wants to wage war they will be able to do so and they will be able to do so in a devastating fashion.

          • Wolfthatknowsall

            Are you willing to bet your life on that? Because that’s what you’re doing …

          • glpage

            Lax security on the part of Obama’s administration has enabled China to more quickly gain stealth capability:


            This sort of idiocy on the part of Democrat presidents, Clinton let the Chinese have missile guidance technology, is endangering this country and reducing the technology lead we once enjoyed.

            The malware routine works only if everything the Chinese military does is controlled by computers. I won’t hold my breath.

          • 2wotvet

            This is 2014. Everything regional and world powers do in regards to their militaries involves computers.

          • glpage

            You are assuming that militaries have all systems connected and accessible. That is highly unlikely. Critical systems are probably on isolated networks that will be very difficult to break into. Probably the only way to try to bring down these systems is with an EMP blast and there are ways to protect against even that. That sort of blast may take down some systems, but it is unlikely it will take down all. So, as I said, I won’t hold my breath.

          • Drakken

            Technology is only a tool, you need man to make the decisions and to hold ground.

          • Well Done

            not if you use drones to devastate the enemy’s training, feeding, and breeding grounds.

          • Drakken

            Drones are slow and vulnerable to ground fire and anti-aircraft missiles including MAN-PADS. Never underestimate mans creativity to find counter measures.

    • Drakken

      I am always reminded that those who take the high moral ground are always buried in it. War is a natural condition of human nature, and it will be that way for another good millennia or two. Feckless leaders like Obummer and company believe their own rhetoric and are about to get a very nasty dose of well deserved reality.

      • onecornpone

        … those who take the high moral ground are always buried in it.

        Gawd, that is a good one, thanks for the LOL!

      • Larry Larkin

        Generally in their own fecal matter.

      • Wolfthatknowsall

        I agree. But do we have another millennium or two? Not at the rate that our security is being sold out to the highest bidder …

        • Drakken

          Countries and borders change all the time, but what we in the west end up with at this point really is a crap shoot, the current paradigm is not sustainable.

  • kasandra

    “The illusion of international law is pervasive. It tells us that the
    world does not have to work the way that it really does if only we hold
    hands, think good thoughts and pledge to wage war no more. Its advocates
    pretend to be sober and sensible, but they might as well be the
    counterculture hippies trying to levitate the Pentagon.”

    I love it. Unfortunately, the hippies trying to levitate the Pentagon are now in Congress, the Department of State and the White House. Woe is us.

    • American1969

      Excellent post, kasandra! Lol! You took the words right out of my mouth! I also love the comment about the utopian thinking of the hippies and their minions. It’s so true!

  • jemaasjr

    I am not sure what the reference is to the 19th century, but I think it is a reference to the negotiated treaties of that period, or perhaps the so called Metternich system. Either way, the 19th century was a relatively peaceful period in European history and on balance a success story for international agreements.

    The problem with the League of Nations is that it was covertly an anti German league, and really did not reach much beyond Europe in terms of support. That is why Germany and Japan thought so little of violating its rules.

    The Untied Nations has the problem that it is an implementation of the cultural approach of the Western nations. It is, or was, an effort at stopping international communism. We halted communism in Western Europe with aid, and felt it necessary to curtail the natural imperialistic tendencies of the European powers to avoid creating grievances that the communists could exploit. And so we set up this semi altruistic system for the sake of halting the spread of communism in the third world.

    Because there are a great many Islamic countries, Islamic representation in the UN is now significant. Meanwhile they have a cultural view that is an anathema to the principles of the organization. That along with the current level of corruption in the organization make it seem unlikely that the UN is destined to play any useful role. That is, unless a person happens to be hard leftist in the western mold. The UN and some other international organizations are currently pushing a hard left doctrine with a small level of success.

    For a treaty system to work it has to represent the understood interests of all its members. Apparently Russia no longer thinks following the rules is in their interests, Arabia was never on board other than as a transitory expedient, and China is relative indifferent to the whole thing also.

    And surely NATO is dead. Set up as an anti Russian pact, nobody even mentions NATO even as Russia is breaking the rules.

    What it amounts to is that the only real stabilizing force is US military power, and we have a declining interest in extending it. And so I suppose it will be back to the feuding states period. Russia is just a little ahead of the curve, that is all.

    • bigjulie

      NATO has become a cheerleading section for the US to use ITS’ power to beat up the “bad guys” whilst the other members use it to furrow into what few military secrets we have left. It’s next to useless now.

      • Well Done

        Ah, yes, anything you don’t like is because of the U. S. is it? Tell us, queerbait, just who do you think the “bad guys” are? And why are you replying to a fairly objective post that points out Islamists are undermining all our institutions? How much are you being paid to make yourself look like a stoned-age hippy?


        I also don’t trust europe anymore.

        Too much socialism has destroyed europe.

  • WeroInNM

    The Russian View of What Has Been Happening In America!
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello-When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America.
    Semper Fi!

  • periclesdestro

    American neocon war party garbage propaganda. The USA and NATO destroyed international order when they carved up Yugoslavia/Serbia and created independent Kosovo while proclaiming it was a one time thing and then went on to do it in other countries. Stopping the USA’s power projection will create world stability. The USA has been destabilizing the world since the end of the Cold War to bring about the “New American Century”. You want world peace? Send the Yankees back home.

    • glpage

      America has been destabilizing the world. Yeah, right. But I do agree, we need to bring all our military home and let various countries whose collective asses we saved pay for their own defense.

    • Well Done

      LOL oooh yet another “blame America first” bozo. how much are you being paid to make yourself look the twit?

      • periclesdestro

        Talking to neocon American filth is distasetful – I should be paid to do so.


          FOAD neo-commie filth.
          Your KGB Putin’s invasion of Crimea and the Ukraine is ILLEGAL and a Crime Against Humanity.

          • periclesdestro

            George Bush is a mass murdering war criminal as is most American service men who served in Iraq and even those that voted for the Iraq war. Note the lack of bloodshed in Crimea and how the Crimean people actually did welcome the Russians as liberators unlike how the Iraqi people welcomed the invading war criminal American militray. Who are the real war criminals is clear and it is Uncle Son Of Sam that is guilty.

          • Painted Horse

            Oh so Putin is not a mass murderer then?

          • periclesdestro

            Jail George Bush and his entourage first then you filthy American neocons can talk about Putin.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            You seem to enjoy Russian propaganda almost as much as anime.

          • periclesdestro

            I enjoy anyone who stops America’s neocon foreign policy agenda.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Always good to meet a man with no standards.

          • periclesdestro

            Vietnam was the best thing that happenedto American foreign policy. It saved many loves from American interventions. Let us hope the Crimea has the same effect on the USA.


      Better a neo-con than a neo-commie.

      You want the Yankees back home. Obama is the answer to your dreams. Let’s see how things work out for you. You’ll be on your knees begging the US to save your puny azz.

      • periclesdestro

        I am an American citizen. And I thought you right winger neocon scum were against small govt – Scary words “I am from the govt and I am here to help”, remember?. So why would you want the American govt to go overseas and help?

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Everything you know about conservatism comes from watching Colbert.

  • charles simmonds

    didn’t the Republicans under George W Bush do their bit to undermine international law by invading Iraq on a cooked up pretext?

    • Drakken

      There is no such thing as international law, there is only individual sovereignty, period. Individual countries have interests and priorities and could care less about international so called law. You so called citizens of the world are about to get a very nasty dose of reality.

    • glpage

      Only if attempting to enforce UN sanctions is undermining so-called international law. Beyond all the blather of WMDs, the invasion of Iraq was to enforce the UN’s ability to actually perform the inspections they said they would do.

    • Well Done

      LOL too fun! I expect dolts like you will be pushing this “violation of international law” thingy for the next hundred years. woo hoo!

      • charles simmonds

        instead of being offensive, you could try answering my point


          Your saddaam hussein used poison gas, a WMD, on the Kurds of Halabja Iraq. 5,000 died.

          Any claim that there were no WMDs in Iraq are the words of fools eager to protect sadaam hussein and his wars of genocide.

          Halabja chemical attack

          Similarly, fools like you believe that fascist iran is not developing nuclear weapons.

          • charles simmonds

            I am not a fool and more importantly I am not gratuitously offensive like you and Well Done …Saddam Hussein may have been a sonofabitch but he kept the lid on islamic fundamentalism in Iraq before the illegal war launched by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and assorted other Republican creeps

            I don’t think you give a damn about the Kurds…it is just an excuse to retrospectively justify Bush’s disastrous foreign policy errors

            ….I notice that even anonymous armchair heroes like you are wary about taking on Iran,

          • Drakken

            Bush was right to get rid of Saddam, but Bush was very wrong in his nation building exercise, he should have put Saddam’s Generals in charge and called it a day.


            Typical regressive progressive fool.

            Sadaam Husseins WMD attack on the Kurds of Halabja was a Crime Against Humanity – which has been repeated in the Assad family dictatorship of Syria – 1,000 dead. Yet Socialists are uncharacteristically mum on that that recent Crime Against Humanity.

            You clearly don’t care about Kurds, Syrians, women and children – as long as you can blame the US.

            Islamofascists murdering people all over the world is the fault of ….

            Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Republicans. LOL!

            Not the regressive progressives, “anti-war” at any cost (for the benefit of islamofascists), the willfully blind democrats like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Biden.

            You really are a hypocritical FOOL.

          • Painted Horse

            Too true. If I may add the oft recited Haliburton to the faulty column.

          • charles simmonds

            more ad hominem attacks
            I know for certain that you are a coward because you anonymously insult me and I sense that you are very angry, possibly because you are a failure… I also question your mental balance, ….under Obamacare you may be entitled to psychiatric treatment, Lord knows you seem to need it…if this is the quality of Republican thought then it is a very good thing that Republicans are doomed to a long period out of office


            Who said socialists are human?

          • charles simmonds

            just pile on the ad hominem attacks…you just make yourself seem even more stupid and do your “cause” even more harm : -)

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Saddam kept a lid on some Islamic fundamentalists, while arming and funding others.

          • charles simmonds

            may be but inside Iraq he did keep a lid on them and even if he was a sonofabitch, at least the State Department could negotiate with him unlike with the multiheaded hydra of grass roots jihadis

            bottom line is the situation post-toppling of Saddam worse in terms of lost American lives, squandered American treasure and general instability in Middle East

  • Sniper’s Oath

    History can be Scary-Good. Not. Never learn means never ending. Progressivism started long ago in this country. No one wants to remember, otherwise, they would have to do more which may jeopardize their place.


      Progressiveism has been hijacked by socialists – like “anti-war” is just the opposite of what it claims to be.

  • joshuasweet

    I keep seeing the Nazis in this as the manner of where it is headed.
    Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood Kerry and the kowtowing invincibility of the coming war against civilization

  • Solo712

    Daniel is wrong on this one. The US won the Cold War and but can’t live it down because some people believe there is a lot of money to be made in sucking Russia into another arms race. The basic orientation of the US foreign policy toward Russia, post-Soviet, remains the same, even though the one-time foe is no longer driven by ideological phantasy of world domination. The current breed of Russian leaders are pragmatists much more than the Americans. They understand balance of power and crave stability because they know they have a lot of catching up to do. Only people who are clueless would accuse of Putin of expansioninsm. He wants a piece of the pie for Russia, naturally, but his ambitions are not territorial. He would much prefer a bigger Ukraine that is stable and he can do business with to a smaller one led by Bandera’s legions. He has a modern understanding of how the world operates. So do the Chinese communists. Apparently not the US or EU. The current Ukrainian crisis has been engineered by the West and designed to destroy wantonly the uneasy balance between Russian and European interests in Eastern Europe. It fits the stupid and suicidal pattern of sowing mayhem and instability in the world to no good purpose, or as Kissinger says with “no end state” in mind. Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and Syria, everywhere the US entered in the last twenty years there came political confusion and strife, and in the end, the only sure outcome of its incursions and large expenditures of money (and lives of American soldiers) has been the strengthening of anti-American sentiments in those places.

    • Well Done

      LOL arms race? With 0bama making noise about reverting to pre-WW2 levels? You’re a moron!


      Expansionist, imperialist Russia is at it again.

      Old dog. Old tricks.

      Thanks for showing us that the imperialist left jumps to embrace invasion when it’s done by Russia.

      • Solo712

        You will not find the “imperialist left” quoting Henry Kissinger but I suspect this would be lost on some people here.


          We see the “imperialist left” backing KGB Putins invasion of the Crimea and the Ukraine, selling weapons systems to the Assad family dictatorship of Syria and to fascist iran.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Sucking poor Russia into an arms race? That’s usually how it goes.

      • Solo712

        Well, that wasn’t a problem in 1980’s when the US still had some money to burn; but it might be a bit of a stretch today. Remind yourself that the country is 17 trillion in red and nearly 20% of the debt is owned by the Chinese Communist Party Politburo which doesn’t like what’s going on in the Ukraine one bit (
        It does not look to me like they would be too eager to finance a Cold War for the US. If not them, then who ? The sheiks of Araby ?

    • Texas Patriot

      S712: “Daniel is wrong on this one.”

      Daniel has been wrong about many things lately.

      • hiernonymous

        To be fair, the pressures of finding something to be indignant about every day must be intense.

        • Texas Patriot

          Not in the least. All it requires is being able to understand what it’s going to take to neutralize the growing international tsunami of Islamic jihad, then being able to differentiate between your friends and your enemies. In this case, the key is realizing that the Cold War is over and WWIII, which pits the entire civilized world against against the combined forces of Islamic jihad, has already begun. In the current war, Russia will be much more with us than against us, and the sooner we recognize that, the sooner we will be well on our way to victory.

          • hiernonymous

            I think that this viewpoint requires several untenable assumptions:
            1. That we have friends and enemies. I think that in the case of the Commonwealth, we come close to having “friends,” in that our interests are sufficiently aligned that we find value in consistent cooperation. Beyond that, though, I think it’s something of a mistake to assume that anyone is our ‘friend,’ and an even bigger mistake to see in someone an ‘enemy.’ Conflicts of interest are problems to be solved, not peoples to be crushed.

            2. Islam is not an existential threat. What you see as the successor to the Cold War, an ideological enemy bent on world domination or bust, I see as the broken remnants of a once-great empire trying to salvage a civilization. Geller’s “stealth jihadis” are refugees; McCarthy and Emerson’s worldwide terror network is not the first step toward re-establishing the Caliphate, it’s the weak backlash of a crippled region to the exposure of their impotence. Our true emerging rivals – not enemies, but rivals – are China, India, Russia, and possible Brazil. We’re not remotely in WWIII; the sorts of issues we deal with vis-a-vis the Muslim world are the sorts of issues that were dealt with as rear-area security distractions in WWII.

            3. There is no “victory.” We tend to seek out structure in our lives by defining our lives as struggles in which there can be victory and defeat. It can be very seductive; it provides apparent meaning in what might otherwise seem a meaningless existence. The Cold War was powerfully seductive, because it allowed us to view ourselves as participants in the struggle of Good vs Evil. In the absence of the Cold War, we seem to be putting the cart before the horse and assuming that there must be an enemy to vanquish; then we proceeded to argue about whether we’d choose Islam or China as the enemy. Neither is an enemy in that sense; crushing Islam or crushing China would not provide us with lasting prosperity and safety; it would not bequeath to our children a stable and happy world. As long as we are seeking out Cold Wars – or hot – to fight, we’re contributing to the mindset that makes the world dangerous for our children.

            That doesn’t mean that there aren’t dangers. Recognizing, for example, that al Qa’ida represents desperation and failure, not the cool and sinister heart of an existential threat to Western Civilization, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be fought and defeated. It simply doesn’t need to be magnified into Hitler and Genghis Khan and a new Ice Age rolled into one. In fact, I’d argue that our penchant for hyperbole and our search for a new Cold War magnified al Qa’ida to the point that it achieved a level of visibility and support it never otherwise would have. When the U.S. declares an Osama bin Ladin or a Kim Chong Un a world-class menace, we elevate those individuals to world-class menaces ourselves. Our hyperventilation is actively bad for us.

            We’re much better off pursuing a policy aimed at improving the standard of living around the world, dealing with imminent threats to our security as directly and quietly as possible, and working to shape the international environment to be as conducive to our own survival and interests as possible when the inevitable day comes that our position of unipolar superpower fades and we slip back into being just one of the great powers again. Spending ourselves into bankruptcy trying to elevate conflicts of interest into existential struggles isn’t going to help us do that.

          • Texas Patriot

            The concept of friends and enemies in modern international affairs is an elusive and ever-changing concept, and understand how that concept might play out in a particular situation requires deep insight and understanding.

            As Adam Smith quite rightly recognized, all nations are in economic competition with all other nations in the pursuit of wealth, however that is defined. But the fact that nations may be economic competitors with one another does not necessarily make them enemies of each other. Enemies in the strict sense are those who are committed to the destruction of other nations both militarily and ideologically, and in that sense, by the terms of its own foundational documents, and by the words and life example of Muhammad and his followers, there is apparently no rational basis for disagreeing with the idea that the ideology of Islam mandates a continual struggle for the destruction of every other form of government on earth until all the people of the world submit to sharia law.

            It follows, therefore, that those nations who are not ideologically committed to the international supremacy of Islamic jihad and sharia law are, at least potentially, friends with each other to the extent of resisting those forces, and I think the potential for that kind of friendship among America, Russia, and China is very real.

          • hiernonymous

            As I’ve noted, we disagree on your premise, but your conclusions follow logically.

  • E. Toohey

    Interesting article, too bad it doesn’t apply to the current crisis. Crimea is Russian, remember the Crimean war ? It was attached to Ukraine for administrative reasons by the Soviets. Ukraine got a few pieces of Rumania and others too. Too bad they didn’t put these things straight just after the collapse of the USSR. Anyway the EU can not afford to pay the debts of Ukraine. Ukraine would be better off the EU and its third world invasion. In fact the EU should better increase its ties with RUssia and lessen them with the US of obama ! Native Europeans have more in common with Russians than the “new” post 1968 Americans.


    Our post American world. Welcome to it.

    The end of orderly life as we know it. I am glad I could experience the 1950’s (as a child) when things were so very orderly (except we did need progress even then, especially we needed AA and more help for ourselves on a personal level which we DO have now)….but peace and safety and free speech and free choice seem to me to be threatened now in so many ways with the dismembering of our America and its infrastructure (bye bye Constitution, 2nd amendment, etc!!)

    These post Americanists think they know a better way, but alas! I fear not. So idealistic. Glad to no longer be one of them where everything is supposedly better in any other country than ours. Sad, and unfortunately they are in power now.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      ” I am glad I could experience the 1950’s (as a child) when things were so very orderly”

      I envy you that

      • hiernonymous

        The first time I was stationed in Germany, my landlady had read about a woman who’d been raped the night before. She looked at me and lamented “When Hitler was in power, a girl could walk the streets at midnight and not be afraid.”

        I reckon the ’50s were very orderly and idyllic, if you weren’t too dark.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Godwin phoned.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Godwin phoned.

          America in the 1950s. Just like Hitler’s Germany.

          • hiernonymous

            “Godwin phoned.”

            Did he want to talk to you about eugenics?

            “America in the 1950s. Just like Hitler’s Germany.”

            Just like? Nope. Nothing about my post remotely suggests “just like.”

            Some uncomfortable similarities? Yes.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            “Just like? Nope. Nothing about my post remotely suggests “just like.”

            ” “When Hitler was in power, a girl could walk the streets at midnight and not be afraid.”

            “I reckon the ’50s were very orderly and idyllic, if you weren’t too dark”

            You missed netting the whole bag of lefty cliches by mentioning something about the trains running on time..

          • hiernonymous

            The art of reading an analogy intelligently, of course, is to find the applicable points of similarity and evaluate them.

            That you’ve heard an argument or comment made before says nothing for or against its validity. Presumably, you understand the underlying point – that the 1950s, that little slice of heaven for which you were just waxing so nostalgic, was, in fact, a pretty awful time for those not in the dominant culture. It was still the time of segregated schools, transportation, dining, and lodging; and outbursts of racially motivated violence so appalling that Harry Truman, hardly a stranger to racial bias himself, found himself shocked into action.

            The applicable points of similarity, obviously, are that both Germany in the early 1930s and the U.S. in the 1950s enjoyed a reputation for orderliness and social stability, while the government engaged in formal, institutional oppression of the state’s minorities.

            Of course it’s not “just like.” We put our black citizens in substandard schools and housing; we didn’t put them in concentration camps. There was the occasional lynching, but no pogroms on the scale of, say, Krystallnacht. A useful analogy doesn’t require that every facet of the two situations be identical; it merely need highlight a similarity that’s relevant to the conversation.

            You missed netting the whole bag of lefty cliches by mentioning something about the trains running on time.


            Are you disputing the institutional nature of the mistreatment of our own minorities? Or simply grousing about the style because you have no answer to the substance?

  • bleedinell

    Thank you, Mr. Greenfield. Bravo!

  • Well Done

    Putin is doing this for two reasons: 1) he has wanted to secure the Crimean peninsula for years, justifiably not trusting Ukrainians; 2) he is royally miffed at the sight of 0bama repeatedly supporting Islamists. Libya, Egypt, Sudan, he didn’t care. But when 0bama was stupid enough to side with Islamists against Putin’s man, Assad, enough was enough. Putin is not calling any bluff, he’s simply taking legitimate actions to fight Islamist imperialism. 0bama is merely stupid enough to be on the wrong side. Odd, that, since the U.S. and Russia would have been powerful allies against Islamism, and China would quite likely have joined.

    • onecornpone



      Obama & Co are rogue elements whose actions can’t be predicted with any measure of certainty. What’s an old Cold Warrior to do when his former rival, the world’s lone superpower begins an obvious campaign of unprovoked surrender? Vlad is probably having tingles down his leg unmatched by Chris M @ MSNBC.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Assad is backed by Iran which is as Islamist as it gets

      Both sides ally with Islamists

  • Simon Timothy

    After electing Obama (Twice that too!), when all is gone, this article opens the eyes to see the disaster only.

  • TheDoc

    The US lost its international status because it kept siding with Islamists and the very enemies of humanity and indeed western civilization. The US became a self-hating country hell-bent on destroying themselves and their western civilization by supporting radical muslim groups that seek the very destruction of Europe and the rest of the free world.

    Should anyone be surprised at America’s loss of reputation?

    Rather be ruled by the Tsar of Russia than the Islamist Turko-Mongol invaders (Tatars) who are trying to recapture Crimea so they can join it up with Turkey.

    Rather the Tsar than the Caliph/Khan.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Russia will be Islamic faster than America or even the EU

      • Texas Patriot

        That’s the most ridiculous thing you have ever said. Fear has a way of distorting the thoughts of the most rational of men, and it has obviously gotten the best of you. Far from becoming Islamic, the resurgent Christianity of Russia will lead the way in crushing the rising tide of international jihad now enveloping the world.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Look at the demographics.

          • Texas Patriot

            If demographics were the only consideration, we would all be wasting our time. But they’re not. The issue is whether the ideals of individual freedom, human rights, and constitutional democracy will survive the onslaught of Islamic jihad.

            It’s not the first time that Islam has sought to destroy Western civilization and impose sharia law on all the people of the world, and it will probably not be the last time. The current tsunami of Islamic jihad has been steadily gathering strength and momentum at least since the Munich Olympics in 1972, and it now represents a truly global phenomenon. Responding to that threat is the great challenge of our time, and it is the responsibility of all freedom loving individuals everywhere to work together to meet and overcome the threat, whatever it takes, so as to make sure that all future generations have the same opportunities for individual freedom and the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that we do. Frankly, I see America and Israel on the same side in this battle, but we cannot win it alone. We’re going to need all of the civilized nations of the world fighting together with us, and that includes most notably Russia and China.

            The time to start forming all of the necessary strategic alliances is now, and there is really not a moment to lose. The sooner we recognize the threat, and the sooner we organize to meet the threat, the sooner we will be able to overcome the threat, and that’s all that really matters in the larger scheme of things at this point in time on the planet earth.

          • Daniel Greenfield

            Russia has little freedom or human rights. Less point in talking about democracy.

            More relevantly Russia has fatal Muslim demographics and its leaders are not leading the Christian crusade you imagine, but working toward a multi-ethnic and multi-religious empire.

            Russia and China are playing the same imperial game that we are. They fight some Muslims and ally with others and incorporate still others into their empire.

            That’s something you really need to understand.

          • Texas Patriot

            DG: “Russia and China are playing the same imperial game that we are. They fight some Muslims and ally with others and incorporate still others into their empire. That’s something you really need to understand.”

            I understand what you’re saying, and I don’t disagree with that. As you say, we’re doing the same thing, and our close relationship with Saudi Arabia probably strikes them as ludicrous and suicidal as Russia’s and China’s relationship with Iran strikes us. As I have stated elsewhere, it is my view that WWIII is already well underway, but the major powers (and many of their critics) still have long memories and a lot of baggage left over from the Cold War and even WWII. Nevertheless, as we go forward day by day, week by week, and month by month into this year and beyond, it will be increasingly clear to all the major players that the paramount concern of the entire civilized world will be to eradicate the current tsunami of Islamic jihad, and that is what I think we will do. Then it will be back to business as usual with all the major powers jockeying for position for purposes of gaining political and/or economic dominance in the 21st Century.

  • edlancey

    Well there are two cruel realities:

    1) Americans voted twice for this Radical Chic third-worlder.

    2) The Republicans put up two worthless candidates against him. In fact I’m still not sure that John McCain (FFS) wouldn’t have been even worse than Obama.

    You did it to yourselves – and the rest of us at the same time.

    • Freedom Call

      I sometimes wonder if the two parties don’t fix the contest to begin with.

      Did anyone really expect Kerry to win against bush? McCain against obama as well…

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    “American might allowed the advocates of international law to live in an imaginary world in which their doctrines actually matter. And now that they have finally succeeded in tearing down American strength and ushering in a post-American world, their own world will end.”

    Brilliant commentary, most noteworthy for its understanding of those who would appease. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

  • Tanks-a-lot

    For there is nothing supreme Deity, who governs the entire world that they live in earth is more acceptable than those assemblages of men united by Law, which we call States.


  • CM

    Daniel for president!

  • Jagatheesan Chandrasekharan

    5 ) اللغة العربية الفصحى

    BSP يحتفل Manyawar Kandgram جي الذكرى الميلاد في حرية PARK ، بنغالور في الساعة 11 من صباح يوم 15-3-2014

    الآلاف من يحيي من قبل الآلاف من الناس إلى القائد العظيم … دادا الصاحب
    الكرام Kanshram جي ل له الشاهقة و الجهود الدؤوبة ، التي غيرت المعادلات
    الاجتماعية و _POLITICAL في اتجاه هذا البلد ، في القرن 21 الحالي …
    الغنية تم دفع جزية ل هذه دولة عظيم له على ذكرى ولادة الرئيس Marasandra
    Muniappa ، السيد Mohanraj ، Dr.Jayaprakash ، Koramangala Muniappa

    “لقد أعلن بالفعل في المسيرة لكناو أن ماياواتي هو بلدي الوريث السياسي الذي تم اختياره. ” – Kanshiram جي

    “لا يمكنني مواجهة كتيبتين ولكن ليس اثنين الكتبة ” قال نابليون . بخلاف بلدنا الكتبة في جميع أنحاء العالم يجرؤ الشياطين . هنا أيضا فإنه يحدث ببطء. أعطى الكتبة الكثير من الأهمية ل Baniya AAP . ولكن نفس Baniya يهاجم الكتبة . انها ليست سوى باز natak ( دراما) . هؤلاء
    الناس يؤمنون ” Badhnaam لي ثنائية أي النعام Hothaa هاي ” ، وهناك اسم في
    سمعة سيئة. هدفها هو فقط ل منع السيدة ماياواتي لتصبح PM على حد سواء
    الكونغرس و الشبح عبادة RSS ل Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا )
    على يقين من أن يخسر في 2014
    انتخابات لوك سابها . الكتبة الأكثر فسادا هي على بينة من حقيقة صحيح أن
    بعد براهمة و مدراء المشاريع للخلف الذي فشل فشلا ذريعا مع الحكم في كفاءة ،
    و أنه هو بدوره من السيدة ماياواتي الذي تقاسم الثروة من الحكومة UP
    بالتساوي بين جميع
    قطاعات المجتمع ( سارفا ساماج ) بما في ذلك SC / ST / OBC / الأقليات،
    البراهمة الفقراء، بني ياس ، و kshatriyas عن السعادة رفاهيتهم والسلام ،
    وكذلك بالنسبة لهم في نهاية المطاف لتحقيق النعيم الأبدي باعتباره هدفهم
    النهائي . السيدة ماياواتي و ايقظ احد هو
    على بينة من حقيقة أن Dukkha ( البؤس والمعاناة ) موجود ، وحقيقة أن
    Dukkha Nirodha (نهاية البؤس و المعاناة ) أيضا موجود ولهذا المفتاح
    الرئيسي أمر لا بد منه بحيث أنه سيتم فتح جميع أبواب التنمية للتقدم. الآن ببطء قوم من الكتبة قد بدأت أيضا تحقيق هذه الحقيقة .

    الناس ليست سوى FED UP مع الكونغرس ، أطراف إقليمية أخرى (AAP ) و حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا !
    وبالتالي الحصول على المفتاح الرئيسي !
    FOR THE فيل BSP !

    لن يكون هناك أي خيار بين أي شخص و ماياواتي ل رئيس الوزراء ، فإن الناخبين يكون في صالحها .

    الناخبون استيقظ مع الوعي Baniya الإعلام Kejri ( مجنون ) revol (
    الاصدار ) ‘ق Natak باز ( دراما) من اسورا بمساعدة Paapis (AAP ) بما في
    ذلك Bahuth Jiyadha Paapis ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) و

    و صوت الفيل BSP و السيدة ماياواتي سيكون أكبر بنسبة 100٪ من شأنها أن تثير هذه المناقشات وتوجيه الرأي العام. هذا ما نحتاج التي خلف قادة الجماعة الأحزاب السياسية الإقليمية it.Different ‘ حملة ضد كل من الكونغرس و الشبح عبادة RSS ل
    ( Bahuth Jiyadha Paapis ) حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا . يقولون أن كلا الطرفين يجب أن يهزم . الآن
    كل ما عليك فعله هو أن تصبح اسع الأفق مثل شعب الأمريكي الذي انتخب أوباما
    رئيسا للمرة الثانية و على نحو مماثل ل دعم السيدة ماياواتي ليصبح رئيس
    الوزراء وتصبح شركاء حقيقيين لتوزيع ثروات البلاد بالتساوي بين جميع قطاعات
    المجتمع ‘ سارفا ساماج ‘ بما في ذلك SC / ST / OBC / الأقليات، البراهمة
    الفقراء، و بني ياس kshatrias لرعاية ولي العهد والسعادة و السلام، هذه
    الحركة هي مساوية ل حركة نيلسون مانديلا.

    لعدم قيام لجنة الانتخابات المتعمد من مسؤوليتها ل تشمل جميع المواطنين
    المؤهلين كناخبين و استراتيجيا أسماء إزالتها من قائمة الناخبين كل هذه
    السنوات عن طريق الذهاب من الباب إلى الباب لصالح الشبح عبادة RSS ل Bahuth
    Jiyadha Paapis ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) . فيديو يظهر لجنة الانتخابات المركزية في الملابس البلدية الهندوتفا يثبت هذا .

    لقائه مجموعة من مديري الصناديق و سطاء الأوراق المالية في مومباي يوم
    الأربعاء، أنيل سنغفي ، مصرفي الاستثمار والعضو المنتدب السابق ل AMBUJA
    الإسمنت ، حضره ما يقرب من 50 مديري الصناديق والوسطاء ، وعقدت في باجاج
    بهافان في Nairman نقطة . وقد أدرك سوق الأوراق المالية Ramdeo أغراوال بالفعل أن لن يكون هناك أي
    خيار بين أي شخص و ماياواتي ل رئيس الوزراء ، للناخبين سيكون في صالحها .

    في سياق التفاعل مع ممثلي السوق المالية ، وقال مرارا ان الانتخابات العامة 2014 ينتج في ولاية كسور .

    المقبلة عام 2014 هي أمر بالغ الأهمية لبقاء الديمقراطية لدينا، كما هو
    الحال في هذه الانتخابات ، حزب المعارضة الرئيسي ، و الشبح عبادة RSS ل
    Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) أعلنت بالفعل مرشح لرئاسة
    الوزراء لها. هناك ضجة كبيرة حول إعلان المرشح لرئاسة الوزراء من قبل حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا . وتعارض هذا بكثير جدا ل نظامنا الديمقراطية ، حيث يتم انتخاب أول أعضاء البرلمان الذين ينتخبون بدورهم رئيس الوزراء. حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا يريد أن يأخذ الأمور في اتجاه النظام الرئاسي لل
    انتخابات ، والتي لديها مجموعات مختلفة من المشاكل و غير مناسب بالنسبة
    لبلد مثل بلدنا مع التنوع .

    عبادة RSS ل Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) الذي يتوقع قسم
    كبير من وسائل الإعلام ، ووسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية و قسم من الطبقات
    الاجتماعية ؛ الطبقات الوسطى بشكل خاص على خلق جو كما لو حزب بهاراتيا
    جاناتا هو الحل ل مشاكلنا . ويتم تدريب الدائرة الداخلية براهمة جنى الشعب ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) سوايام sevaks من الشبح عبادة RSS . بخلاف بعض البراهمة bakharas ( سكاب الماعز ) وترد في مستوى الخارجي، باعتبار Pracharaks و أمينين المنظمة في حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا . بعد
    استخدامها في عبادة الشبح RSS poojari ستقودهم إلى بالي بييت و ذبح مثل
    Yediyurappa و إلى الوراء أخرى مثل مودي الخ، الخ ، وكان موفد ليصبح رئيس
    وزراء ولاية غوجارات. عندما تولى منصب رئيس الوزراء ، و آفاق حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا و انخفاض في ولاية غوجارات . هذا
    هو بالضبط في هذا الوقت ان الحادث وقع جودهرا ، وجعل القطار حرق جودهرا
    كما أطلق العنان ل ذريعة العنف الطائفي واسعة النطاق ، والتي كانت الدولة
    بقيادة مودي متواطئة ، على أقل تقدير . وقد استقطب هذا المجتمع ولاية غوجارات و بسبب هذا الاستقطاب ، وقد مودي الفائز الجمعية ولاية غوجارات.
    بعد المذبحة ، لم تعط الضحايا و إعادة التأهيل اللازمة والنضال من أجل الحصول عليها العدالة لا يزال على و صعب للغاية. تم انزالها الأقليات في المواطنة من الدرجة الثانية ، وحالة SC / المنبوذة والنساء و الأديفاسيس هو في غاية السوء. في
    نفس الوقت دعاية ضخمة ، مع مساعدة من التحيز الطبقي ، ووسائط الإعلام
    المجتمعية و كالات الإعلان و بدعم من أجنحة مختلفة من الشبح عبادة سانغ
    باريفار تم إطلاقها أنه لا يوجد شيء من هذا القبيل ” ما يسمى نموذج غوجارات
    ” للتنمية. و الآن أصبح هذا جزءا من ‘ بالمعنى الاجتماعي المشترك . وقد اشتعلت هذه الدعاية على أن الواقع مختلف تماما . ليس ذلك فحسب، ولاية اوتار براديش تحت قيادة السيدة ماياواتي كان التقدم أفضل بكثير. المؤشرات الاجتماعية في ولاية غوجارات ، بطريقة ما، ليست جيدة جدا. تغذية الأطفال، و مستويات الدم ( الهيموغلوبين ) من النساء الحوامل ، فإن معدل توليد فرص العمل كلها سيئة للغاية في ولاية غوجارات .

    أنفقت الحكومة الدولة كرور روبية في القضايا المعروضة على المحاكم لتجنب تعيين لوك Ayukta ، والذي هو خطوة نحو القضاء على الفساد . بقدر
    مودي يجري ‘ قوية ‘ قلقة ، ينبغي للمرء أن يلاحظ أن مودي هو المستبد ،
    الذي لا يذهب بها النموذج الديمقراطي من عمل ، وقال انه خصص كل الصلاحيات
    لنفسه في حكومة ولاية غوجارات، ليس هناك مجال للمعارضة في سياسات الحكومة. المعارضة والحوار هي السبيل ، وظائف الديمقراطية. يتم ذكر الكثير الذي مودي سوف تحل كل المشاكل المتعلقة بالأمن في المجتمع. وهذه
    النقطة هي في ولاية غوجارات نسبة الجنس و انخفض قليلا (2001 920 ، 2011 –
    918) قد زادت من الفظائع على الطوائف و الأديفاسيس المجدولة. حالات الاعتداء الجنسي على النساء متوفرة بكثرة .

    سكيب الماعز مودي يجهلون حقيقة أن ” يتم التضحية الماعز وليس ليونز ‘هو الجلاد من جدول أعمال الشبح عبادة RSS . قد مللي ماياواتي قال بحق أن هناك الصدع الداخلي بين مودي ، أدفاني و راجناث سينغ. الآن
    وقد انضم واحد من أصحاب الشبح عبادة RSS ل Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب
    بهاراتيا جاناتا ) جوشي، سوشما سوراج ، الجي تاندون ، وكذلك RSS نفسها
    المعركة. فقد بالفعل جانب تعقب رجل الطبقي للخلف كما أوراق الكاري الذي طرد بعد استخراج العصير من أجل الكاري . الآن أنهم قد أدركوا أن الناخبين في ولاية كارناتاكا مثل لا يمكن أبدا أن ينخدع كل الحيل بهم. RSS
    يريد السيطرة على كل جوانب الحياة الاجتماعية والسياسية التي تطفو منظمات
    مختلفة مثل Rashtra Sevika ساميتي ، ABVP ، حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ، VHP ،
    باجرانغ دال و Vanvasi كاليان الأشرم لتسمية بضعة بما في ذلك المحكمة
    العليا ، لجنة الانتخابات . وبالإضافة
    إلى ذلك طرحت عليه المنظمات للتأثير على التعليم ووسائل الإعلام و أجهزة
    الدولة من خلال تغلغلها في الشرطة والبيروقراطية و الجيش مع أكثر من 90 ٪
    البراهمة . فإنه لا يؤمن بالديمقراطية ، لا يحمل ل القومية . الهدف منه هو جلب الشبح عبادة الهندوتفا Rashtra بواسطة السيطرة على كل جوانب الحياة في البلد وفقا ل معايير براهمة النخبة. بينما
    يستند القومية على قيم الحرية والمساواة و الإخاء ، ويستند القومية لل RSS
    على القيم التي تعطي الأولوية لل تفوق الذكور و البراهمة . RSS هي منظمة حصرا من الذكور و التابعة لها Rashtra Sevika ساميتي ، ويظهر المكان الحقيقي للمرأة في نظام الأشياء من RSS . في كلمة Rashtra Sevika ساميتي ، الجناح النسائي ل RSS ، كلمة سوايام ( الذات) مفقود . وفقا ل جميع المنظمات الأصولية و الفاشية مكانة المرأة هو ثانوي. العديد
    من المنظمات و ، والتي هي تابعة ل RSS ، تملي قواعد اللباس و مدونة قواعد
    السلوك للفتيات والنساء ، ل تظل تسيطر عليها الرجال. فقد Smajik Samrasta مانش ، التي تتحدث ينبغي أن يكون هناك انسجام بين مختلف الطوائف ، وليس طبقي إبادة ، لا طبقي القضاء . ل الأديفاسيس ، فقد شكلت Vanvasi كاليان الأشرم . انها
    ترفض ان ندعو لهم الأديفاسيس و يعتبرهم جزءا من المجتمع الهندوتفا عبادة ،
    لذلك تحاول جلب قسرا إلى الهندوتفا عبادة أضعاف خلال تنظيم برامج Vapasi
    الغار ، و البرامج التي القسري ل تحويل الأديفاسيس الهندوتفا عبادة . من المقرر الطبقي فالميكي ، من أجل إرضاء الحاكم وكتب ملحمة رامايانا . وبالمثل الجدول القبيلة كتب Mahabaratha ملحمة . أصبح على الأبطال والبطلات الآلهة. على
    الرغم بنيت معابد هذه الآلهة من جانب العمال الثابت، بعد أن تقدم اللاعب
    المعابد إلى كائنات البراهمة لم يسمح أصحاب الملاحم داخل المعابد. الآن يتم أخذ الناس السذج لركوب كتبها RSSising الآلهة ل بنك تصويتهم.

    Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) ‘ق الموظفين الرئيسية هي عبادة الشبح RSS تدريب Swayamsevaks ، pracharaks . معظم الأمناء لها التنظيمية و موفد مباشرة عن طريق RSS . في أوقات حاسمة RSS يتدخل مباشرة مثل تعيين رئيس حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا أو المرشحين لرئاسة الوزراء لها. ويسترشد حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا من جدول الأعمال على المدى الطويل من الأمة الهندوتفا عبادة . فإنه يخفف جدول أعمالها عندما تكون في التحالف. لديها جدول أعمال على المدى القصير والتي قد لا تحدث مباشرة من الأمة الهندوتفا عبادة . وكان على جدول أعمالها على المدى القصير وضوحا عندما شكلت التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي و حكم البلاد لمدة ست سنوات 1998-2004 . لمجرد
    أن تأخذ فرصة حاولت تغيير الدستور الهندي ، و RSS يعتقد أن يستند الدستور
    الهندي على القيم البوذية و يجب تغيير ذلك وجعل ل تكون مبنية على الهندوتفا
    عبادة . التلميح
    هو مانو smirti ، التي يعتقدون أنها دعم التسلسل الهرمي الطبقي ( براهمة
    كما athmas معدل 1 (الروح ) بني ياس ، kshatriayas ، كما shudhras 2 ، 3 ، 4
    athmas معدل و اعتقادهم أن المنبوذين ( SC / ST ) ق وقال
    علاء إعادة المساواة) بين الجنسين و ليس لديهم الروح و thaey اسعد القيام
    whaterever الضرر الذي يمكن أن تفعله لهم. لكن بوذا يعتقد أبدا في أي
    الروح. هذا هو نفس الكتاب الذي أحرق من قبل الدكتور BR أمبيدكار . هو مسألة أخرى أن حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا فشلت في محاولتها لتغيير الدستور. ٪ المجهرية من السكان لا يمكن أبدا أن نحلم بتغيير الدستور التي تخدم جميع المواطنين المجتمع من البلد .

    الانتخابات البرلمانية الثلاثة الماضية كان هناك انخفاض تدريجي في نسبة من الأصوات في استطلاع أجرته حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا . الآن
    هذه الاستراتيجية هو المشروع قبل الميلاد على الرغم من أن ساماج ( جمعية
    لا تتبع إذا كان أحد يترك ساماج له . لديه للذهاب وحدها ) ، وانسحبت دينار (
    U) من التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي . داخل
    حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا أيضا هناك قسم للقيادة والذي هو غير مريح بسبب BC
    يجري المتوقع لذلك ، كما أنهم يعرفون مثل BCS ديهم ميول ديكتاتورية وأنه
    سوف تهميش الزعماء الآخرين ، كما فعل Yediyurappa في ولاية كارناتاكا
    وتدريجيا نوع من الدكتاتورية بتوجيه ودعم من قبل سيأتي Staeth عبادة RSS إلى الواجهة. حزب
    بهاراتيا جاناتا قد تضعف حتى الآن جدول الهندوتفا به عندما جاء إلى السلطة
    في تحالف مع أحزاب أخرى ويرجع ذلك إلى الدوافع من التحالف. إذا كان يحصل على الأغلبية البسيطة ، وسوف يتم الفرامل و الموانع ائتلاف بعيدا و سيتم كشف جدول الهندوتفا المجردة. لماذا الاحتياجات حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا إلى أن يتوقف هو واضح، حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا طرفا مع الفارق لأنه طفل من الشبح عبادة RSS .

    استخدمت Bakhara مودي آليات مختلفة للسيطرة على وسائل الإعلام و أقسام
    الاجتماعية من الطبقة المتوسطة والغناء peens بالنسبة له لأنها تعتقد أن
    هذا سيعطي الاستقرار الخ ويجري حاليا إنشاء العديد من الأساطير حول حزب
    بهاراتيا جاناتا كونها أفضل من الأطراف الأخرى ، وخاصة BSP كما يظن أن
    البراهمة هم
    الأكثر كفاءة وفعالية ، والناس جدارة على الأرض على الرغم من كتابة
    الدستور قبل Dr.BRAmbedkar المنبوذين و رامايانا الملاحم و Mahabaratha
    كانت مكتوبة من قبل SC / المنبوذة . على هذا النحو واحد هو التأكد من أن الكونغرس ليس ملاك العلمانية ، فقد تعثرت مرات وتكرارا في التنفيذ السليم لل سياسات العلمانية.

    نارندرا مودي هو محاولة للسيطرة على وسائل الإعلام ، وطباعة الاجتماعي و التلفزيون من خلال الدعاية له الآلات التي شيدت بعناية. مودي استخدمت صراحة كلمات مثل الجراء الموت تحت عجلة سيارة، في حين اشارة الى ضحايا المذبحة ولاية غوجارات عام 2002. كان قد أكد أيضا أنه هو ‘ القومية الهندوتفا عبادة ‘ . في
    حين أن معظم الحلفاء القديمة من التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي ، و التجمع
    الوطني الديمقراطي الفرار ، الشبح عبادة RSS- Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi حزب
    بهاراتيا جاناتا آمل انه سيكون قادرا على الفوز في الانتخابات على الرغم من
    2014 صورته من الفاسدين ، المدير غير الكفء الذي اتخذ غوجارات إلى أدنى من
    التنمية. في وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية وغيرها من المنصات قسم الاستقطاب من الهندوتفا عبادة وقسم من الطبقة الوسطى ممتنون جدا من مودي .
كل هذا هو في الغالب مجرد أضغاث أحلام . أحد
    يعرف أن مودي هو مكروه تماما من ضحايا العنف الطائفي ، معظم أقسام
    الأقليات الدينية أولئك الذين ذهبوا أعمق لمسألة نموذج التنمية غوجارات
    نشير إلى أنه من أكثر من الدعاية من الواقع . نشأت ” ظاهرة مودي ‘ الوحيد لوقف BSP الحصول على المفتاح الرئيسي.

    فإن سارفا ساماج أي و جميع الجمعيات بما في ذلك SC / ST / OBC / الأقليات و
    البراهمة الفقراء، بني ياس و kashatriyas التصويت لصالح البديل الوحيد و
    أمل الأمة الفيل BSP ل اكتساب KEY MASTER ل هذه الرفاهية والسعادة و السلام
    على النحو المنصوص عليه في الدستور المساواة في توزيع الثروة.

    ماياواتي ، السيدة الحديد هو الزعيم الوحيد الذي أعلن أن BSP سوف يضع كل
    جهوده لهزيمة الشبح عبادة RSS ل Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا
    جاناتا ) في الدفاع عن الديمقراطية . في
    هذا العالم من الآلهة و الرجال ، جنبا إلى جنب مع ماراس ، Brahmas ،
    والمجتمع من المعتكفون و البراهمة وأنا لا أرى أي شخص يمكن أن نخلط بين
    العقل BSP ، و أو تقسيم سارفا ساماج أي جميع الجمعيات بما في ذلك SC / ST /
    OBC / الأقليات و البراهمة الفقراء، و بني ياس kashatriyas القلب، أو التي اتخذتها أقدامهم قد رمى بها إلى الضفة الأخرى من النهر.

    تشكيل ائتلاف التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي كان لإسقاط جدول الأعمال الكبرى
    المتمثلة في رام معبد ، إلغاء المادة 370 و فرض القانون المدني الموحد . يجري في السلطة في مركز حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا لم أشياء كثيرة مفيدة ل جدول RSS . فإنه
    communalized الكتب المدرسية ، بل أدخلت على أساس الإيمان المناهج في شكل
    تقديم Paurohitya ، ( التدريب من أجل البراهمة ) Katmakand ( الطقوس
    الهندوتفا ) والتنجيم في الجامعات . أعطى تعيين لكثير من المتطوعين ل عبادة الشبح RSS للقيام بعمل الاجتماعية الأساسية وغيرها من المنظمات .

    خلال حكم حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا أيضا ارتفعت الأسعار بشكل كبير . وقد مزقها أيضا مع العديد من فضائح الفساد. أنه ذهب إلى قيام تفجيرات التجارب النووية في بوخران ، على ما يبدو إلى كش باكستان. باكستان بدورها استمر ل أكثر التفجيرات التجريبية . وقد ألغت الادعاء بأن هذه القنابل النووية سوف يزيد أمننا إلى الغبار كما يقابل أيضا باكستان و التفجيرات التجريبية . وفيما
    يتعلق بالأمن ، في حين فاز طبول القومية الزائفة ، باكستان المحتلة بهدوء و
    كارجيل في وقت لاحق أنه يمكن اجلاء على ضغط من الولايات المتحدة . فمن خلال هذه الفترة أن الهجوم المزعوم على البرلمان وقعت و انتقاما كان
    هناك انتشار واسعة النطاق و الإسراف في القوات على الحدود ، والتي تم سحبها

    2 . لم CEC لن تمر أوامر لثنى رمز HAND الكونغرس و زهرة الوطني لوتس من حزب
    بهاراتيا جاناتا و تماثيل زعماء الطائفة العلوية عندما ذهب دولهم حكمت
    للانتخابات كما فعلت مع رموز الفيل السيدة ماياواتي في BSP و SC التاريخية /
    ST / OBC ‘ ق الأيقونات والتماثيل .

    3 . فتح شفرة المصدر من EVMS التي لم يتم العبث بأدلة لا يزال يتعين على الملأ.

    EC الفساد الشبح عبادة RSS ل Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا
    ) التآمر ، أسود خارج BSP في سارفا ساماج (كل جمعية ) بما في ذلك
    SC / ST / OBC / الأقليات، ضعيف البراهمة ، و بني ياس في حملة kshatriya .

    الانتخابات اوتار براديش الجمعية الماضي السيدة ماياواتي من BSP حكم ،
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    الجذع أثارت تلك (غير BSP الرمز ) جنبا إلى جنب مع جميع SC التاريخية /
    تماثيل ST / OBC الرموز ‘ ل متكافئة الأرضي . بعد ذلك العديد من الكونغرس، الشبح عبادة RSS ل Bahuth Jiyadha Paapi ( حزب بهاراتيا جاناتا ) حكمت ذهبت الدول ل استطلاعات الرأي . ولكن لجنة الانتخابات المركزية لم يكلفوا أنفسهم عناء لأجل اللف اليد و
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    كما آلات التصويت الالكترونية ليست غير قابلة للتزوير ، يجب على لجنة
    الانتخابات المركزية بنشر بهم SOURCE CODE و جعله مفتوح SOURCE CODE

    1 . فمن لجنة الانتخابات الفاسدة التي لم تسجل نفقات الحملة الانتخابية مودي
    نارندرا لل نفقات ذات صلة الإستطلاع الذي يكلف ما يصل الى Rs.50 كرور روبية
    ل Rs.100 في مسيرة تعبئة ما يصل الى مليون تكلفة crowdincluding من البث
    المباشر .

    2 . لم
    جنة الانتخابات لن توقف مسوح استطلاع غوجارات CM مودى كان الإسقاط – دون
    أي ذكر ل تنفيذ الدستور – كان ينبغي لجنة الانتخابات أنها تمتلك ‘ هذا
    ASSURACE ستة أشهر على الأقل مقدما ‘ يتم إدخال sothat الناخبين بالكامل ل
    سياسات الأطراف قبل الإدلاء بأصواتهم .

    3 . ليس هناك و التغطية الإعلامية من 35 كهس رالي MS ماياواتي ل في RAMABHAI أمبيدكار على أي قناة التلفزيون عند انتخاب
    اللجنة يجب ضمان ” تكافؤ الفرص ل جميع المرشحين “.

    4 . وإنما هو ” سوء السلوك الإجمالي من المفوضية الأوروبية لتقييد رئيس حزب
    مع أكثر من 3.5 مليون من أتباعه . ” من الواضح كان يجب التمييز
    بين التجمع الوطني BSP الرئيس و الحملة و المرشحين في دوائرهم الخاصة .

    5 . فمن الواضح أنه ‘ فضيحة الديمقراطية عندما الأطراف حملة من دون أي ذكر ل
    تنفيذ الدستور WHENELECTION اللجنة أن الإصرار على الأفكار السياسية كاملة
    من أيديولوجية الأحزاب المسجلة AT وقت التسجيل . ‘

    6 . وكان من المتوقع أن تشكل لجنة الانتخابات مقدما على قضاة المحكمة العليا
    بقيادة Pannels لرصد أكاذيب الأطراف و ضمان تصريف HONEST الأحزاب السياسية.

    الدامابادا مهرجان على 15،16 و 17 في جمعية ماهابودي ، بنغالور

    على 16 مارس 2014 الاحد في الملعب: احتفل مها جمعية بودي، جانديناجار ، بنغالور PHALGUNA بورنيما 9:30 حتي 8:00 في أسلوب ضخم . في
    الساعة 9:30 صباحا – بوجا في لوكا شانتي بوذا فيهارا الساعة 10:00 AM- كان
    هناك سانغا دانا – طرح الغداء التي كتبها upasakas و upasikas . في
    تمام الساعة 11:00 صباحا – تم كشف النقاب عن تمثال البرونز من بادا Bhante
    المكرم Dr.Acharya Buddharakkhita أمام Satipatthana بهافانا كوتي بواسطة
    المكرم Sanghasena Mahathera الرئيس، مركز ماهابودي الدولي للتأمل ، إضاءة
    مصباح ليه من قبل المكرم Kassapa ثيرا ، رئيس جمعية ماهابودي ، بنجلور
    في وجود أغسطس من المكرم Phrakhru Ghosit Bodhisat ، تايلاند ، المكرم
    Sumanasara ثيرو ، سري ل انكا، المكرم Sayadaw أوتاوا، بورما ، المكرم
    Bhikkhu Buddhapriya ، هيبو ، المكرم Seevali ثيرو ، MBSI ، كلكتا،
    VenerableBhikkhuMasaoIshitani ، اليابان ، المكرم Khemacara Bhikkhu ،
    حيدر أباد، و
    الرهبان الجليلة و المحبون الأخرى ضيوف الشرف مها Upasaka
    Wg.Cdr.S.Rangaswamy ، Dayaka Dr.Shivaprasad ، المستشارة ، جامعة سيدهارتا
    . التبرع بوذا الصور بواسطة المكرم Phrakhru Sitthivarakom ، تايلاند. الرئيس
    Thaddey Guests.Ms.Monica الخاصة ، ومؤسسة ماهابودي ميتا ، سويسرا و أعضاء
    المجموعة السويسرية ماهابودي الطرح من الجلباب إلى سانغا من قبل سمت
    …………… 01:30 – الغداء ل upasakas و upasikas ، تبرعت بها Upasaka
    JMCheluvaraju و عائلة

    02:00 – عرض وثائقي عن المكرم أشاريا Buddharakkhita

    3:00 حتي 05:30 – الدامابادا و يرددون Abhidhamma

    18:30 – صلى الرهبان و ديبا بوجا
    07:00 – البرنامج الثقافي – لعب على كيسا Gotami

  • 11bravo

    Great piece Dan. Depressing, yet eerily prescient for the day.
    It is so hard to understand how this elite mindset keeps its claws in all of our “advanced” societies.

  • fred

    Among the other illusions of international law is that created by passing out recognition of nationhood like gold stars in a kindergarten. A multitude of “nations” today cannot defend their borders or control bandits and pirates within them, yet we declare their “sovereignty” as though saying it made it so.

    As Bierce said, “war loves to come like a thief in the night, professions of eternal amity provide the night.”

  • Fed Up

    “The end of war really meant the beginning of a self-righteous appeasement in which decadent states besotted with their own moral high ground sacrificed the weak to the strong in exchange for maintaining the moral illusion of their peacemaking.”

    “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” – Winston Churchill, 1938

    He could’ve been speaking to the Obama admin.

  • American1969

    I love the paragraph about how Leftists and others always want the world to work in their fairy tale, magical thinking way. That if everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya, we’ll all get along and it will be peaceful and wonderful and there will be rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and lollipops for everyone….
    It’s that kind of naïve and wishful thinking that gets us into these messes to begin with. Obviously, the ideals from the 1960’s about living in some utopian dream world have failed—–and failed abysmally.
    Pretending that evil doesn’t exist in the world isn’t going to change the fact that it does. The problem with Regressive Leftist thinking is that it is totally unrealistic, yet they somehow believe that they can make it work because it just hasn’t been done right.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Gary Dickson


      Utopias have failed miserably time after time.

      In addition, their attempts at implementation, mostly forced, have cost the lives of millions of people, including those still in the womb.

      Liberalism and its theory of collectivism have continually denied reality – thus the mental disorder – and continues to hit smack head on with it time after time after time, but blaming others for the consequences.

  • poetcomic1

    Yes, all true and yet Crimea was and is part of Russia, is vital to Russian interests and security and is overwhelmingly pro-Russian. When the U.S. created a massive power vacuum, it would be remiss of Russia not to ‘harden’ its borders.

  • CrossWinds

    Putin sensed the effeminate leadership in America today, and pounced like a lion to the prey……

  • BagLady

    International Law? I was under the impression it had failed to keep up with the times, and that nobody had ever complied with it anyway.

    Those that make these laws do so from above.

  • The Billster

    Daniel is right, and today most recognized that the United Nations has been a repetition of the toothless League of Nations before it, and for precisely the same reason. (The one exception is the UN’s limited success in repelling the Communist invasion of South Korea.)

    Today, we find ourselves in a place similar to Europe in 1937-1939. NATO is now a hollow, wasted fiction of what it was when the USSR threatened Western Europe. It has little military strength or utility. America, the backer of the West since 1945 is now bankrupt, weak, and planning for even deeper cuts in its military. America’s resolve, military might, and its strong alliances have kept the West free for more than half a century.

    But no more: the resolve has gone both from America’s leadership and its people. It is militarily and financially weak, and the alliances it forged in Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and the Middle East have dissipated and are toothless. The Russians, the Chinese and the Islamic world have become emboldened and there is little resolve to stand up to them. How long will it be before Taiwan becomes one with China, and Israel loses its almost 70 year battle for survival?

  • Gary

    Japan? Stripping British subjects? Never heard of that.


  • nimbii

    Agree Daniel, Somehow, this reminds me of the Manhattan cultural elites in the 1990’s who said people must sooner or later realize that the art museum is just as important as the fire department. Sure it is…until the art museum is on fire…

  • Branko Dodig

    You don’t have to be a tyrant to pursue an expansionist agenda, to “flip the bird at international law” (or subvert international law to fit your goals), and militarily “intervene” in other countries. It’s often enough done just as well by either democratically elected leaders, and was done by leaders acting with public consent before democracies were the norm.

    The idea that “legal” war (or as it’s called, “intervention”) is somehow just and “illegal” war is evil is based on magical thinking, just like international law itself is. Russia is just reasoning realistically: should they put their interests first, or the interests of “international law” first, when they can get away with it?

    Same story, Iran wants to acquire nuclear weapons. It’s “wrong” because international law doesn’t allow it? From their point of view, it’s a question of “do we uphold international law (which allows others to have nuclear weapons but not us), or get the only weapons which are effective protection against anyone”. It would be treasonous to, instead of pursuing an effective self-defence, opt for magical thinking. Their only question is “can we do it”?

    In many ways, international law and other fallacies hurt western interests, as well. That’s why we can’t win the joke “war on terror”, or why a nuclear Iran is such a worry.

    You can’t win “the war on terror” if you insist on upholding that borders must not be changed (because international law says so), and that sovereign countries have legal rights. That’s why terrorists win, you see.

    You can bomb them, and you can even temporarily invade, but they know that even if you do – you won’t rule the place and you’ll just go away. It wouldn’t be legal to take the territory, rob them of their “right” to be a sovereign nation and treat them like a colony. We’re not in the 19th, 18th, or any century before that when provoking a stronger country meant yours gets taken over, after all. That has only worked throughout entire human history, but we legally abolished it away. So they know, even if we do invade, they can retreat elsewhere and come back in force when we go away. Besides, they know that, when we do invade, we won’t change anything because if we would not let themselves govern their countries, we would be in violation of “international law”.

    If we went strictly by international law, then policies like MAD – which have saved our collective asses, most likely – are illegal, because they openly advertise that we would attack civilian populations. This is very much against international law, yet it’s the only thing which works. If the cold-war US went by “magical thinking” which international law is, then the only response to an all-out nuclear attack would be attacking military targets. Think on how absurd this is.

    The question is not what is “right” but what “works”. If it doesn’t work, it’s just wishful thinking, and we shouldn’t let wishful thinking guide us.