The Environmentalist World War

173042068The Saudi Monarchy and Putin aren’t afraid of Barack Obama or even of an F-35; they’re afraid of fracking.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal said that “North American shale gas production is an inevitable threat.” And Putin suddenly turned into an environmentalist when it came to fracking warning that it makes “black stuff comes out of the tap.”

The Russians and the Saudis are both threatened by American energy production for economic reasons and political reasons. America’s import of oil turned Saudi Arabia from a backward country of goat herders not that much more advanced than Afghanistan into a world power whose armies are the legions of Muslim settlers and terrorists spreading across the world.

Without Saudi oil, the Clash of Civilizations with Islam might not even be happening. Energy also allowed Putin to shore up a flailing government and put it back on the path to becoming an expanding empire. But it wasn’t really the KGB oligarchy or the Saudi monarchy that made those things happen.

It was our own environmentalists.

Islam is spreading terror worldwide fueled by oil and dreams of a global Caliphate. Asian countries face a war with China over oil in the South China Sea. Russia is rebuilding the Soviet Union at gunpoint and gaspoint. As Russia, China and Islamic groups gain more confidence; the scale of their conquests will only increase. And all three have become serious threats because of environmentalism.

Environmentalism drove Western nations to export dirty jobs and industries abroad. China gobbled up American manufacturing while Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE took up American energy production.  Putin arrived late to the party, but still managed to do to Europe what the Saudis had done to the US. Europe won’t do anything about Russia’s expansionism because it has come to depend on it.

US imports of crude oil quadrupled between 1970 and 1980 while domestic crude oil production continued to fall. Not that long ago the United States was importing 60 percent of its petroleum.  Among other economic and social factors, the rise in crude oil imports aligned neatly with the rise of the environmental movement. By the seventies, environmental fanaticism was written into Federal law.

The Saudi GDP went from 4.2 billion in 1968 to over a hundred billion by 1980 and to over half a trillion today. Some of that money went to yachts, prostitutes and palaces, but much of it went into the expansion of Saudi soft power through international Islamic institutions and equally international terror.

This period would also become known as the dawn of modern international terrorism.

Between 1978 and 1991, the Saudis gave Arafat’s terrorists almost a billion dollars. They couldn’t have been that generous in 1968, but by 1980, they could easily spare the money.

Saudi Arabia today is listed as the principal funder of Sunni terrorist groups worldwide, but it started small by funding the PLO, which helped pioneer many of the tactics that groups such as Al Qaeda make use of, before moving on to funding them. Even more significantly, the Saudis helped set up the cultural and political framework for the Islamization of the West.

Putin’s power and threat level likewise grew with the rising tide of environmentalism.  Production of European renewables increased by 70% from 2002 to 2010 while production of crude oil fell 40% and natural gas production fell by 24.9%. The only way to make up the shortfall between Green Energy and real energy without increasing domestic “dirty” energy production was through dirtier foreign imports.

Between 2000 and 2010, the UK went from an energy exporter to an energy importer. Europe went from importing less than half of its natural gas to importing 62 percent of it. While the Russian overall share dropped, the low production rates left Europe more dependent than ever. And the difference was made up by Qatar; another top funder of Islamic terrorism worldwide, responsible for, among other things, the Syrian Civil War.

Reagan had opposed the Trans-Siberian pipeline using everything from sanctions to sabotaged equipment to stop the Soviet Union from gaining energy leverage over Western Europe. His larger solution to the Soviet energy threat however was to rely on the Saudis and now Western Europe, faced with the threat of Putin, is repeating that mistake by turning to Qatar, which has become an even bigger terror state than Saudi Arabia.

There is some muted talk about nuclear power, but even though nuclear power has been endorsed by environmentalists from Gaia theorist James Lovelock to the late Paul Newman, the safer political option, is to throw more money at “renewables” while filling energy needs from some convenient enemy state.

The Trans-Siberian pipeline that allows the Greens to play at self-righteous ecology with renewables while their actual needs are taken care of by Russia and Qatar was built with slave labor.

The Sakharov Committee’s hearing, chaired by a former assistant prosecutor at the Nuremburg Trials, reported that prisoners in pipeline labor camps went hungry and experienced outbreaks of disease; women were forced to work on the pipeline and were sexually assaulted by guards.

The workers, some of them political dissidents, ate lichens out of hunger. The writer Julia Vosnessenskaya testified that due to the lack of nutrition, “most of us left the camps infertile.”

This was the pipeline that Reagan tried to stop, that European countries financed and fought for and are now chained by.  Europe can choose Qatar over Russia, but Qatar also bases its economy on slave labor.

Europe is desperately searching for a moral energy policy, but the only truly moral energy policy is domestic production. Environmentalists have made that impossible by hijacking domestic energy production into the so-called renewables which are expensive, unreliable and whose worthlessness creates a dependency on foreign energy.

And even Green Energy often directly relies on equipment from China or investments from Qatar.

Green Energy only means that actual energy has to come from countries less finicky about pollution and human rights leading to slave labor, repression, terror and war. Environmentalism has brought us to the edge of world war by turning over manufacturing to China and energy to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

China and Islam became major threats due to policies that took hold in the sixties and seventies. Russia became a major threat because of policies from the nineties and oughts. It may take a decade for the consequences of environmental policies to begin kicking in, but when they do, they are horrific.

Energy and manufacturing outsourcing don’t make the world cleaner. China and Russia are fantastically dirty. The Gulf War and various other conflicts involving oil countries have spewed more pollution into the atmosphere than all the cars of Los Angeles.

Nor can it be said that they make the world a better place when Islam, Russia and China are dragging the world into war.

Green Energy doesn’t lead to energy independence. Instead it puts money into the pockets of tyrants and terrorists. A new century has become clotted with wars because of the environmental activists perversely campaigning for a cleaner world.

Instead of a greener world, they have given us a Green World War.

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  • Adam

    To say it was environmentalism alone is somewhat simplistic. Also have to take into account the progressive agenda and its complete ignorance of world politics. We could have a peaceful world where the House of Saud and Russia are contained even with the US entirely dependent on their oil and gas reserves. Also the current energy revolution in the US required the kind of dynamics we have today to ensure high energy prices and the motivation for development that comes with it. I work in the oil industry designing the tools used for exploration of these deposits, and it is DAMN expensive work and these reserves are very hard to get to. Tools and electronics have to tolerate pressures of >30,000 psi and 400 deg F. When I’m designing and building prototypes, its not uncommon for me to have $100,000+ worth of hardware and components in my bench drawers. These are very specialized designs.

    The high cost of exploiting tight gas and oil is one reason gas is always more than $3 a gallon. If it wasn’t development of our domestic energy would be unfeasible. Its sort of one of those interesting paradoxes: without the lefts energy and foreign policy follies, our domestic energy would have taken longer to come into being.

    • Judahlevi

      “We could have a peaceful world where the House of Saud and Russia are contained even with the US entirely dependent on their oil and gas reserves.”

      You missed the point of the article. All of those billions of dollars in oil money is helping to fund the instability of the world. If we were “entirely dependent” on Russia and Saudi Arabia, we would be in very big trouble indeed.

      • A Z

        Interesting that they post anonymously as possible.

        • bigjulie

          Agree! “Guest” posts I now assume have something significant to hide and are now taken by me with a generous dose of salts.

        • Adam

          F*cking unbelievable… And your profile? Oh, look at that, its PRIVATE. Location? Nyeht. Profile pic? Nada. And who’s hiding something? Me, the casual poster, or you, the post-ahaulic with NO avatar, no profile, nothing…

          • A Z

            I post under a PERSISTENT SCREEN NAME. So yes it is anonymous, but there is a difference.

            All the regular readers know where I stand on various issues, how I make my arguments and so forth.

            We saw from Sweden the good little socialist/communists bombed the residence of a person whose argument they disagreed with. They used a weakness in Gravatar to collate information and find email addresses and then physical addresses.

      • Adam

        And I think you missed what I was trying to convey with that portion of my post. I KNOW the money is being used to fund their activities, but to a good extent we not only buy the oil, but we allow them to build mosques unabated, ignore the prime motivators of terrorism, and allow russia to invade the Ukrane card blanche with no response other than some feeble sanctions. If the US was looking out for its interests, this would have never happened. Back in the early part of the 20th century the UK was dependent to a large extent on middle east oil, but they also exerted enough power and force on the ME to tamp down terrorism and Islam and secularize Turkey. It surprises me that everyone today forgets that today. The ME was a gold mine for the British Empire, and they where not about to let Islam get in the way of that. Now we have a doubly-damned situation. Giving them the rope is one thing, but my point is that we willingly stick our neck into it as well, appeasing all the way. The west didn’t used to run that way, and it kept Islam and Russia contained. We no longer have that.

        Second, my post was in regards to Russia fearing our fracking in the first portion of the article. If energy prices had remained cheap and the west had a sane foreign policy, russia would have had nothing to fear because we would still be doing most of our exploration abroad and importing the vast majority of our energy because its simply cheaper, even without environmentalism and unions. The technology and much of the exploration would have NEVER happened if it wasn’t for our own poor energy policies. The upshot of this is that we may now actually have the tools to at least partially de-fund the Islamic juggernaut if the US ever chooses to do so since we can now get to our OWN energy reserves, thanks to the lefts piss poor policies opening the doors to make the market good enough to lure start-ups with really good ideas that now make it possible.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    It’s quite possible that the Saudis themselves are funneling money into the environmental movement as a way of protecting their cartel. Perhaps they use a network of dummy organizations to fund “scientists” who do research purporting AGW.

    Look at the massive payout the Qataris made to Al Gore.

    • UCSPanther

      The Saudis have been accused of doing the same thing with the funding of anti-oil sands propaganda as well.

      Sun News Network has covered that story quite a bit a couple of years back.

      I wouldn’t put it past them either. The lust for wealth and power is a driving force with House Saud…

    • DogmaelJones1

      “It’s quite possible that the Saudis themselves are funneling money into
      the environmental movement as a way of protecting their cartel.” It worked for the Prohibition gangs in the 1930s. They backed politicians who wanted to keep Prohibition laws and advocated their tougher enforcement. This gave the gangs a monopoly on liquor consumption and protected their murderous rackets. It’s the same principle in operation here. The “virtuous” environmentalists hand oil production to dictators and funders of terrorism a near monopoly on oil production.

    • bigjulie

      You bet!! Look at the income they have to protect. They’d be fools not to put a generous amount into “Pot-of-Gold-at-end-of-the-Rainbow” foolishness such as wind, wave and sun energy sources, while funding “research” that has us all choking to death on air pollution unless we depend more on them as a source for the “dirty” energy without which we cannot exist or even defend ourselves.

    • truebearing

      Excellent point. I’m sure it goes for the Russians, too. In fact, China or any other enemy of America has an open conduit of influence through Obama and the environmental Left.

  • Larry Larkin

    Afghanistan was MORE advanced than Arabia before oil. The only difference between Arabian arabs now and then is trillions of dollars of western money, the mindset hasn’t changed since the 7thC.

    • Drakken

      It would be rather amusing to see every westerner leave the country overnight and watch oil production go to zero. They would be starving a few weeks after that.

  • herb benty

    The Commitee studying Canada’s Northern Gateway pipeline received submissions from all the Saudi -funded/Soros funded group, Sierra Club, ForestEthics, Tides-Canada, Pembina Institute, and of course, Venezuala!

  • cxt

    I consider myself an environmentalist……and NOBODY wants dirty water and air.
    But some of these greens really scare me.
    To paraphrase smarter people than myself. :)
    For many of these people its a sort of druidic religion and if they had their way we would be back living in caves while they sacrificed human beings to their nature god.
    They do figuratively now—I’m pretty sure they would do so literally had they the power to do so.

    • vnamvet1969

      Well, let them. They could inhabit caves right now, who’s to stop them? Let them grow their own food, hunt, cloth themselves, etc.. But no fires, they say that smoke from wood is a pollutant.

    • Smoking Hamster

      I am an environmentalist too.

      I think it is outrageous that the deep greens oppose the very measures that make our world cleaner and more efficient.

      They oppose pesticides like DDT even though the benefits to human health have been innumerable (think of the money and resources wasted on malaria). They oppose nuclear and natural gas and instead of using unreliable wind and solar, countries use dirty coal. They oppose genetic modification even though they dramatically increase production and allow less land to be used for farmland and for better water management. My grandfather used RR corn for no-till agriculture. No-till is actually sustainable because it preserves the most valuable resource for farming, topsoil. The central Americans used “organic” farming but one hypothesis why their civilization collapsed was because they farmed the land to death by tilling and letting more topsoil wash away than is replenished. They support regulating CO2 in the developed world but that will just lead to more factory outsourcing to other countries with much much worse environmental records, including CO2 emissions.

      Eventually the crops simply wouldn’t grow.

    • Smoking Hamster

      This is one of the best videos I’ve seen on it.

      Energy is civilization. And the deep greens oppose that.

    • teq

      I consider myself an environmentalist too, but I refer to myself as a conservationist, to distinguish it from the neo-pagan religion you describe above. As for sacrificing human beings to the nature god, they’re already doing that with unborn children.

  • nimbii

    I’ve heard on FOX that there are some potential fracking areas in the Europe.
    Need to get that going to stave off the dependency on Russian energy.

    Bush family has long standing history of corruption with Sauds going back to Prescott Bush and John Foster Dulles. Bush senior is on a 1 million dollar annual retainer from Sauds. Lots of anti-American teachings in local Saud “private” schools around DC.

  • 2wotvet

    The solution to this is so easy, invest more money and research in renewables and stop outsourcing the production of the parts needed for renewables to China. If we put as much time and money into improving solar, wind, nuclear and tidal energy as we did into building smartphones and fighter jets, we would have had energy independence years ago.

  • mtnhikerdude

    They would still be washing their hair with camel urine had they not been sitting on the oil.

  • A Z

    “Many energy experts believe that nuclear fusion is the only serious, environmentally-friendly way of reliably producing “base-load” electricity 24/7. It is, they argue, the only way of generating industrial-scale quantities of electricity night and day without relying on carbon-intensive fossil fuels or dangerous and dirty conventional nuclear power.”

    • teq

      Nuclear fusion is the answer for the future. But thorium power is also pretty clean, safer than regular nuclear and could be developed even sooner — they say 15 years.

      In the meantime, God gave us those dinosaurs for a reason so let’s keep on using their fossils for fuel. I’m not going back to the horse and buggy, although I don’t care if the earth worshipers do. Oh wait — they couldn’t ride a horse and buggy — that’s cruel to the horse! On foot then.

      • A Z

        I have heard about thorium reactors. I am for them. I might have seen something in Popular Science and Bill Gates is for them (well a stopped clock is right twice a day).

        Can you believe there are already people saying that fission is dead because of “peak” uranium.

        I swear some people will not be happy until we obey the Georgia Guidestones. Of course their children will be the chosen.

        • teq

          “Peak Uranium” you say?! Already? Fission,- we hardly knew ye! ;-(
          The coolest thing about thorium reactors I’ve heard is that they run on nuclear waste. So all those nuclear waste sites the Greens are complaining about would become very valuable fuel and get eaten up by the thorium reactor. It’s Win-Win as far as I can see.

          • A Z

            They run on other than thorium as well?

            That would be a win win. I have to look it up.

            Cesium is a nuclear waste at it can be used in medicine and other products.

      • Tanks-a-lot

        Are you sure it’s fossil fuel?

        What if complex hydrocarbons are abiotic?

        wat do?

  • A Z

    The date is 2027.

    It does not take that long to manufacture a pieces of freaking steel!

    They are dragging their freaking feet on this one to be inclusive and to give out fat contracts (?). Nothing like a Manhattan Project with the slows (as Abraham Lincoln would put it.

    “Iter construction gathers momentum”

  • Kafir911

    The Democrats favorite environmentalist, Al Gorzeera, made @ $100m on his bogus global warming mission and then another $100m from his 20% interest in the sale of Clear Channel to Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Qatar. The environmentalists are nothing more than neo-Nazis who are more corrupt and dangerous than any terrorist organization. Where’s the msm on this?

    • darnellecheri

      “Al Gorzeera.” That is good. ;)

  • truebearing

    Brilliant article. This exposition of the historical effects of the environmental movement on both the US economy and world politics couldn’t be more timely. It is clear from the start that environmental issues have consistently acted like economic curare on the US, causing almost immediate and long lasting economic paralysis in whatever sector of the economy so afflicted.

    The natural response of businesses facing a blockage is to find a way around those blocks, which led to outsourcing American jobs and manufacturing. It also outsourced pollution to countries that have no environmental conscience, thereby defeating the ostensible purpose of the environmentalists. Once the Left discovered the potential for environmentally induced economic paralysis, the environmental movement was as doomed as our economy. World wide pollution has only gotten worse, but the environmental frauds on the Left got what they wanted: power.

    Now the Left has turned environmentalism into a religion of economic paralysis. They constantly hammer the drums of guilt and fear in an attempt to drive the human lemmings off the proverbial cliff. Inextricably intertwined with political correctness, the result is a paralysis of reason and an ominous suspension of the human survival instinct. They tell us it is to save the planet, but omit that saving us isn’t part of the plan.

  • teq

    Where do the Iranians fit into the picture?. Or do they? They have oil but apparently not the knowledge and technology to refine it,. didn’t realize until recently just how much the Saudis hate the Iranians. Much more than they hate Israelis and much much more than Israelis hate Iranians.I can’t help worrying that
    something is going to explode there.

    • Drakken

      It is coming one way or another and I for one say let it, the more these Islamic savages kill each other the better it is for us.

    • liberalism is a mental illness

      Don’t worry about it…. Celebrate it!! It’s the 1,400 year old battle between Shia and Sunni muslims.

  • Donald J DaCosta

    It is not the environmental activists that have created this mess, it is the politicos who put them in a position of inordinate, undeserved authority over large sectors of the American economy, including the energy industry, in this country.

    This idiocy continues to this day as the Keystone pipeline approval process remains in limbo, Fracking extraction technology innovation is viciously attacked based on trumped up evidence and manufactured hysteria, and California farmers experience a severe draught while the fresh water they need is dumped into the sea to protect a bait fish.

    What is even more galling is the proponents of all this idiocy point with pride to their “accomplishments” and their ability to thwart the juggernaut that is the American engine of prosperity and growth. That these sheltered, protected, cloistered individuals, wallowing in their bureaucratic bubble, have been given so much power and authority is not their fault. It is the fault of a feckless, inherently lazy, political class that is incapable of forcing these organizations to get involved in the work force they so callously disregard.

    As it stands now and since the environmental movement began, they have no incentive to get directly involved in the industries or with the hundreds of thousands of individuals who depend on the latter for a living wage. Their role, for which they are generously compensated, is obstruct, attack and thwart, regardless of the consequences. Their favored tactic relies on prognostications of pending global disaster and/or species annihilation should their ever more restrictive rulings and regulations be ignored. Dissenters are demonized as Neanderthals incapable of understanding the esoteric science which only these clowns and their supporters are intelligent enough to comprehend.

    The solution is deceptively simple. Stop funding the radical environmentalist, hate America crowd with tax dollars extorted from the American worker. Force them to seek employment elsewhere or get intimately involved with the industries financially impacted by their activities. The environmental movement, as it is now constituted, has outlived its usefulness.

    • Eunice

      Well said Sir. Thank you for laying it out dry clearly. Kudos!

  • Don Laird

    Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird….

    All around the world the Saudi’s are plowing billions into investment in other multinational oil companies and hydrocarbon mega-projects.

    Look at the mega-project oil sands in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada and you will see the presence of extremely militant, borderline violent Muslims as well as massive investment into the local industrial efforts by the Saudi’s.

    As said, symbolism is not lost on the Muslims, and is of paramount importance to the Saudi’s.

    Consider the Saudi’s and their funding and promotion of terrorism, Islam, Salafism Wahhabism around the globe. The Saudi funding of mosques is simply a part of that. FACT,

    Not strange then in Fort McMurray, essentially a project sitting on the tip of an oil iceberg estimated to be in the trillions and trillions of barrels in oil reserves, that the local Muslim’s estimated to number about 400 to 600 (mostly illiterate Somalians and other Africans) have decided to build a 40 million dollar mosque.

    Think about that for a minute…….400 fast food workers and a 40 million dollar mosque in the heart of North America`s energy independence.


    Saudi Arabian’s are shitting their pants. They sit on the verge of losing control of world oil markets and will either control them with the boardroom or the carbomb……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  • Suzanne

    Wonderful article. There has never been enough said about this.

  • justquitnow

    Wow I never imagined that the exporting of jobs and the exploitation of middle east oil is all the fault of environmentalists. It’s all so clear to me now. Derp. Green world war….double derp. I hope the pay is good at least for you soulless tools.

    • Reader

      How soulless it is for a tool supporting abortions on demand, deindustrialization, destruction of healthcare, eugenics revival, workers dislocation, subversion of the republic, curbing of free speech and rise of lawless dictatorship to call other people soulless?

      • justquitnow

        Er…no…you can keep your creepy grab bag of ideals, I’m not interested.

        • Reader

          Of course you are. Why would you vote for and support a commie? Perhaps, you’re one of those drones that wouldn’t know what they really got for their efforts even in the middle of a rice field they’re supposed to harvest for the cause. What’s sad it’s that it’s not the first time. A sucker is born every minute is a mildly put, eh? Tool indeed. Soulless and mindless.

  • tim1

    Wow, now there’s a misplaced paranoia. Once the new US O&G runs out, not too far in the future, the rest of the world will just be starting to frack, and perhaps having the last laugh. The US will have dumped its remaining liquid fuels and green energy programs, and then find itself much more dependent on foreign energy than it was over the last three decades. If we were really smart we’d keep our precious fuel in the ground and consume everyone else’s while world prices are still super low.

  • retired

    I am not so sure that these enviornmentalist are the half crazy fanatics they appear to be!
    Most of the projects they concoct are speculative ventures that have not been tried before.They seem to be hairbrained schemes that private investors won’t touch.Think about it…..if you are well connected to important people,in & out of government, & can pull a crazy idea out the air you may have something worth a lot of money!Suppose you imaginatively promote this scheme which superficially seems worthwhile,call it environmentally friendly,& can’t get it funded privately,what do you do?Simple,you take the deal to to your well connected friends,who for a piece of the action,will get you funded with taxpayer money from the government for your concocted project.Whether it is global warming,carbon footprints,or windmills doesn’t really matter,what counts are the hundreds of millions of dollars your friends in government give you.You can fool around for awhile & pretend that you are working hard on your project(which you know won’t work) & with the help of top-notch lawyers & accountants you can siphon off all of the money you received from Washington,close down the shop & disappear from site as a billionaire!