The Forgotten Child Victims of Hamas and ISIS

Hadeel Al-HaddadWhile furious mobs of leftists draped in Keffiyahs and corn syrup were shrieking about Gaza in the public squares of every major city, ISIS was continuing its genocidal advance on Baghdad. In the last 24 hours, the Yazidis, a non-Muslim minority, fled ISIS to a mountaintop where their children are dying of thirst.

The stark reality of their plight, caught between thirst and a genocidal army, is in sharp contrast to the phony claims made about Gaza where truckloads of goods continue passing from Israel during wartime, where the malls have iPhones and the five star hotels offer cakes so tall they can only be cut from a crane.

The dead Yazidi children won’t inspire any protests or much in the way of outrage. The hysterical rallies for Gaza won’t suddenly turn into anti-ISIS rallies. If any of the angry white hipsters with dead baby posters are asked about it, they will offer some variation on, “It’s Bush’s fault” or “It’s Tony Blair’s fault.”

And they had been out there in the early part of the century denouncing any move to remove Saddam Hussein from power. The dead children gassed by Saddam, along with the children in his prisons, were unfortunately created less equal than the photogenic, oddly blonde children of Gaza’s Hamaswood.

Anna, a two-year-old girl whose feet were crushed by Saddam’s torturers, never mattered to them.  It isn’t the children that they care about, not the dying Yazidi children in Iraq, the tortured children in Saddam Hussein’s prisons, or even the dead children of Gaza, used as human shields by Hamas in life and then brandished at rallies after their deaths as cardboard propaganda shields by furious Marxists.

When they thought that Israel had bombed a playground near the al-Shati refugee camp killing nine children, they went into murderous paroxysm of outrage. When it turned out that a misfired Hamas rocket was responsible, they fell silent.

They have equally little interest in the 3-year-old Gazan girl killed by a Hamas rocket in the early days of the war.

The same thing had happened in 2012 when a dead 11-month old baby, formerly an iconic front page photo, vanished into obscurity once the death turned out to have been caused by a Hamas rocket. The same thing happened to Hadil al-Haddad, a 2-year-old girl in Gaza, who went from iconic photo to yesterday’s news once it turned out that a Hamas rocket had been responsible for her death.

However the photos of those dead and wounded children, along with the dead children of Syria and perhaps soon the dead children of the Yazidi, will go on showing up at spitefully angry anti-Israel rallies.

If they genuinely cared about children, they would be at least as outraged, moved and pained by the death of a child at the hands of Saddam Hussein, as they were by ISIS terrorists dying at the hands of American and British soldiers. Instead dead Iraqi children inspired apathy and dead Al Qaeda outrage.

If it was the children that they cared about, then the death of an Israeli child or a Muslim child at the hands of Hamas would matter as much to them as the ones on the bloody placards they now brandish.

But they don’t and they never did.

They don’t love children or anyone else for that matter. They only hate. The dead children are only pieces of photographic paper to them which they use to shamelessly assault their ideological enemies.

Once Israel pulled out of Gaza, a report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs found a striking increase in the amount of internal violence as the majority of deaths were now being caused by clan feuds.

During 2007’s battles between Israel and Hamas, as many Palestinian Arab children died in clan feuds as they did in Israeli air strikes. And unlike air strikes, children killed in clan feuds aren’t accidents.

The dirty little secret is that while Palestinian identity is as phony as a three dollar bill, clan identity is a powerful and defining force. Furthermore it is often hard to tell whether Hamas and Fatah terrorists are aligned with a movement because of personal belief or because their clan is aligned with a movement.

Hamas and Fatah aren’t just ideologies. They are also large extended clan families which fight over land, honor and economic control.

The origins of Israel’s struggle with terrorism go back to the roots of the al-Husayni clan which arrived in Jerusalem after the Crusades and has been trying to control the city and everything else ever since.

Prominent members and associates of the clan include Hitler’s Mufti, Hajj Amin al-Husayni, and Yasser Arafat. (Arafat however was more directly associated with the Al-Qudwas, a clan which extends from Iraq to Egypt. Both clans considered themselves to be a sort of titled aristocracy, yet another fact which makes their post-colonial posturing as oppressed peoples ridiculously hypocritical and laughable.)

Muslim children being killed in clan feuds between huge families whose local branches claim to be the leaders of the Palestinian people even as they fight with equal ferocity for control over Syria and Iraq is not a subject that any of the placard wavers are interested in. Open that door a crack and their whole self-righteous campaign collapses into incoherent bleating as they struggle to justify the primacy of one terrorist group over another based on the claims of descent from Mohammed by its leading clans.

There are stories that are simply not told.

When UN inspector and anti-war activist Scott Ritter visited Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, he encountered a prison which, in his own words, “appeared to be a prison for children — toddlers up to pre-adolescents — whose only crime was to be the offspring of those who have spoken out politically against the regime of Saddam Hussein. It was a horrific scene.”

Ritter refused to discuss it any further, “because what I saw was so horrible that it can be used by those who would want to promote war with Iraq, and right now I’m waging peace.”

Scott Ritter, who was later arrested for soliciting underage girls on the internet, wasn’t waging peace. No more than the placard wavers in London, Sydney and Montreal are waging peace. He was fighting to keep Saddam Hussein power. And he was willing to sacrifice a prison full of children to do that.

He was willing to sacrifice little girls like Anna, who had her feet crushed in a torture chamber, to keep Saddam Hussein in power. Ritter was willing to do it because he had the same morals as Saddam.

That is the same attitude that the placard wavers have toward the children of Gaza, of Iraq and of countless other places. They use them to wage war in the name of peace when they come in handy.

And when they die of Hamas rockets and clan feuds, when they are killed by ISIS and the entire murderous alphabet soup of Islamic terrorism, they drop them like yesterday’s garbage.

For Hamas and its supporters screaming “Free Gaza” at the top of their lungs, children, dead or alive, are just another propaganda weapon in the arsenal of terrorist theocracy.

They are eager and willing to let Hamas go on killing Jewish and Muslim children in the name of its war.

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  • DogmaelJones1

    Thank you, Daniel, for bringing to light the murderous Muslim clan feuds. I doubt very much if the likes of Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the MSM want to know about that aspect of the Islamic “culture.”

    • Daniel Greenfield

      A lot of Muslim terrorist groups, especially in the ME, overlap with clans. That makes sense if you remember that Mohammed’s early followers were his own family members. Ideology is tribal in Islam.

      • Habbgun

        Was the Shia – Sunni split tribal?

        • DogmaelJones1

          No, it was over doctrinal differences, chiefly, I think, about who was the REAL successor of Mohammad. And then a bunch of piddly little issues, too.

          • Habbgun

            That was what I read but successor might really mean tribal. After all they would be “leaders:” and who their followers were is the question I was asking.

          • DogmaelJones1

            It was very likely tribal, as well, but we’ll never know the truth of the actual reasons for the Sunnyside-Shi’ithouse split because the Koran and Hadith and related documents are about was credible and trustworthy as “Hard Choices.”

          • truebearing

            It is probably best to take their doctrinal differences with a grain of salt. The entire religion of Islam is a fabrication, so fabricating ties to Mohammed would be a logical method for a clan to establish religious dominance. The whole thing is one lie piled on top of another. It’s all about power and not at all about truth.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Very much tribal. Succession is as tribal as it gets.

  • justsayin

    “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.” ~ Barack Obama


    • Keith

      Whether the US or any other western nation is or is not Christian is really irrelevant. What I am sure about over 99 percent of non Muslims in the western countries, China, and other non aligned countries really want to live under sharia law imposed on them by violent extremists like ISIS or useful idiots like Obama.

  • Yehuda Levi

    We need to remember that nearly 80% of America supports Israel (in spite of the leftist loons) and 86% of Israelis supported Netanyahu’s ground attack against Hamas. In fact, if he had not gone into Gaza and found those tunnels, there could have been an even worst terrorist attack on Israeli civilians in coming months.

    For the leftist haters, they would have handed out candy if Hamas was able to murder more Israeli civilians. And yet they don’t want us to call them anti-Semites just because they find delight when Jews are murdered.

    As one person indicated, this whole episode has clearly demonstrated whose side many people are on. We know where Obama and the US State Department are as well. Nonetheless, the vast majority of Americans and Israelis oppose them and will support the civilized man over the savages every time.

    • Evermyrtle

      If only Hamas people knew it is impossible to kill all of GOD’S chosen people, then maybe they would start using their brains and give up their eternal fight, that has been lost, from the very beginning. They should accept the fact that, “man cannot win against GOD!”

    • GSWSyndicate

      I am a “leftist loon” who supports Israel 100% and am in great hopes they wipe Hamas out. I’ve supported Israel all my life and will continue. I think if you dig a bit further, it is the extremists (on both the left and right) who hate Israel. It’s nothing personal. Extremists hate. That’s what they do. Hamas, ISIS et al are all extremists. They contribute nothing to society and are only here for themselves. Thanks.

      • keyesforpres

        Hamas and ISIS are extremists to the civilized man, but in Islam….they are simply good muslims following the Koran and Mohammad.
        We must stop with this extremist nonsense.
        Wherever islam takes root….freedom dies. Period.
        ALL muslims are wired for terrorism….it’s in the Koran.

    • gerry

      The left is the left and has lots of blood on its hand.By the way,where are the “moderate”muslims?Absent once again and as usual.

  • camp7

    Pictures are worth a thousand words. This article expresses the real essence of evil and the exposed apathy of immoral secular propaganda. Children are the symbol of innocence and trust. To will them to suffer, to violate this trust, is to fail humaneness and advance savage tribalism. To publicize it for political strategy is to advance savage idealism. They both suck.

    Painful to read, along with the links, but I appreciate Daniel Greenfield’s effort to light another candle.

    Children In The Name:

    What precious stars make glow our lives,
    so innocent, new rays of light.
    Young with dreams to make arise,
    grow so fast, from crib to kite.

    Love them long, well earn their trust.
    Keep them near for evermore.
    Safe they know; a parents must.
    Child’s wonder, memories to store.

    How cruel is fate that dims the light;
    what for, dear God, a child’s plight?
    To tear the joy of gift then gone,
    the helpless ones, so young.

    You need to show your love this day.
    What stars of bright will take away,
    the pain as deep as known?
    Bring them close forever now,
    in skies for them you own.

  • Riley

    Islam is the definition of genocide.
    Islamophiles will be prosecuted as accessories to genocide.

  • virginia

    What is going n in Sinjar is genocide. The same genocide that is focused on Jews and Christians world wide. I work with Yazidi refugees in Germany. I admire them for taking to the streets peacefully to speak up for their folk and speak out clearly against who is to blame — Islam. The Yazidi have always stood wtih their Christian and Jewish neighbors in the face of Muslim oppression. Now it is our turn to help. For more information and info about sending donations to help on site, go to the Ezidische Akademie websit:,

    This is a human tragedy of immense proportions. Who is helping?!

  • JuneUSA

    It seems like the only reason they have children is to kill them in the worst ways possible and our president gives them money to kill more. How this goes on in the world and no one stands up and says, No More, I will never understand.

  • kate5778b

    Yes, I have just contacted my MP/F.O with the same info, as there will be no lobbying, screaming, shouting, dramatic leaving of the cabinet, placquard waving, intimidation and general carrying on from the clones.

    • Allah is Dead

      islam a sick cult

  • Evermyrtle

    We are speaking of unspeakable evil in Gaza and her leaders, evil which is cast onto Israel every possible chance. Hamas attacks Israel with rockets, with anything at hand, thousands of helpless, innocent children are killed. In our part of the world, perhaps all over the world, people see Hamas, shooting rockets at Israel, and say, “Look a the evil that Israel is doing, while she is in defense against this evil rocket shooting neighbor.The sad part, “The world won’t change.” It has been in this hate filled, Hamas waging warbound trend, for too many years, from one scirimish to another. If it is not controlled the world will be at a full scaled fierce war soon, with Hamas leading out and Israel fighting to defend her own. I am so afraid that many other countries will be sucked into the center of in including the United States of Obama.

  • Dyer’s Eve

    Let Islam devour its own children. Then we’ll finally be rid of them. Let ‘em die! I’m so damned sick of hearing about those moon-god worshippers. F**k ‘em!!!

  • Arnoldr

    Hmm? “The dead children are only pieces of photographic paper to them which they use to shamelessly assault their ideological enemies.” And such is our abortion culture. Pieces of paper. That’s all. Shredded and discarded as dirt so that the living can enjoy their pleasures. God help us.

  • TNT

    I wonder why the UN doesn’t pay every Muslim family in Gaza to leave and migrate to a neighbouring Islamic hell-hole. How much would the final cost be? Several billion? How much has the world squandered on these carpetbaggers so far?

    • Freedom Call

      More than it does on actually improvished peoples.

  • Lanna

    I believe that Israel was right when they said that they fired at terrorists outside the UNRWA run school which was serving as a shelter during the ongoing hostilities for 3,000 Gazans, and it did not strike the school directly. It also appears that some of the dead bodies shown on television were placed there by Hamas after the event and may not have killed by the Israeli actions at all. We need to investigate this further…Hamas continually uses its civilians in every way possible to get by with terrorist acts!

  • El Cid

    There is so much effort spent in public discourse telling us that the Arabs are “just like us” instead of exposing how they are different and working to influence them to change. America’s freedom culture is it’s best and most valuable export. We need leadership that understands and believes that message.

  • truebearing

    Bravo, Daniel! I hope it was cathartic to destroy the Left’s incomprehensible, vile hypocrisy. This is the truth unvarnished and it needs to become mandatory reading in every school in America, from junior high to college. Regrettably, it won’t. The minions of evil running our schools recoil at truth like vampires to sunlight.

    The warped ideologues on the Left have become irreversibly infected by the very poison they employ to gain power…envy and hate. They have absorbed the toxic hate driven ideology and now, like Agent Orange strips vegetation, they are denuded of their humanity. They have no compassion, no decency, no mercy, no integrity. Just insensate hate and rage against anyone who opposes their unholy agenda. Children are nothing to them but a failed opportunity for an abortion or a political prop.

    • georgacollins

      Speaking of court ruling which forces the Ten Commandments to come down and the Cross on MT. Soledad:
      This is just wrong. The US is allowing it’s demise by decimating things which hold the traditional values of this country since the beginning. I charge they are acting like jihadists by forcing the removal of objects that I would equate with ancient churches, Assyrian antiquity and Buddhas. What’s the difference, really? A judge did it, not with a bomb but with a gavel. Disgusting and vile to take the freedom people fought for and use it to hang them with that very freedom. This is the way of the left and Islam.

  • StanleyT

    unveils technological breakthroughs.

    Invisible Hamas fighter and nuclear Gaza child
    amaze the world.

    The international community has long
    thought that Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a highly
    advanced technology sector. Today, Hamas made the surprise announcement that it
    has, in fact, perfected two very different technologies that it believes can
    give it the edge in any battle.

    The first is the invisible Hamas fighter.
    “Every Hamas fighter now uses this incredible technology” explained Mahmoud al
    Mohammed, chief scientist at the Hamas Institute of Technology (HIT). “You can
    watch any CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera program, read any NY Times or LA Times article,
    and you will never see or hear of a Hamas fighter. Even when the enemy manages
    to kill a Hamas fighter, the dead person is registered as either a child or a
    woman. It’s wonderful. It allows our fighters to do anything, anywhere. They
    can shoot from inside a school full of people and even if the enemy fires one
    shot and hits the fighter, poof, he’s gone and another innocent civilian is

    The second breakthrough is the nuclear Gaza
    child. “This is a very simple invention,” explains al Mohammed. “All we do is
    put a child on a gurney and push her through some doors, with people
    frantically rushing around near her. If we have to, we can stick a needle into
    the child’s arm while the cameras roll. This technology has never failed us.
    Every time we put it into use, the world goes nuclear on Israel.”

    HIT is extremely pleased with how its new
    technologies are working in the current battle between Hamas and Israel. They
    have also had limited success in exporting their technologies. “Our brothers in
    Fatah have found they both work wonderfully well in and around Ramallah,” says
    Mohammed. “Invisible Fighter Version 2.0 is superb in riots, turning rock and
    Molotov cocktail throwers into innocent children protesting peacefully. And if
    any of those children are shot by the enemy, they immediately become nuclear.
    However, there is something in the technology that prevents it working properly
    for our Palestinian people who are residing temporarily in Arab countries. We
    sold it to the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria and even though they
    had thousands of real, dead children, the world just would not go nuclear. We
    don’t understand it.”

    Asked if HIT was working on any other new
    developments, Mohammed was somewhat reticent, mentioning only “underground
    houses which require concrete for humanitarian purposes”. He was quickly
    silenced by his immediate superior and all cameras were confiscated.

    • Alja Gerschman-Meijer

      Excellent post, StanleyT. Did you come up with that yourself? It’s worth its own article on some satircal site. Kudos!!!

  • pfbonney

    Excellent, particularly poignant article, Daniel. We all appreciate your insights.

    I look forward to your new book.

    I bet you could write an awesome novel, a la James Michener. (And, no, this isn’t sarcasm.)

  • georgacollins

    Very good article, Daniel.
    Thank you.

  • slhancock

    All leftists claim to want everything changed, stopped or done for the children. Remember the Clintons? We have to do this or that for the children. Yeah, right! Once they get their way in public opinion, the children no longer matter. It is the same all over. People respond to the plight of “children” like nothing else. But in reality, the “children” are not really the concern of the left…other than for the convenience of props. In the meantime, not only are children butchered by ISIS, Hamas, etc., they are butchered in Chicago and other major cities where they use “the children” again for props for gun control. Be wary of “the children” cons. They care nothing about the children, but have learned that people can be moved by them. Shameful, despicable dirtbags every one.

  • gerry

    Where is Geraldo and the rest of the clique?

  • lumiss

    So true.

  • Dan Knight

    Par for the Left, Daniel. I wish it were not so, and I pray it will change, but that’s what they are about. Reminds me of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo, not to mention all the hot spots in Africa … not to mention everywhere we intervene and don’t intervene. If we can pick the wrong side, waste money, and destroy lives to advance the Left’s cause, we will. If we can ignore people who would be our allies and let our enemies destroy them and their children, we will. Seems to be a pattern.