The Hillary Death Star

planet hillary2

It’s a truer take on the New York Times Magazine cover of Planet Hillary.

  • Emily Post

    She should always be referred to by her proper and correct name, Mrs William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton.

  • Bill Cervetti

    I scanned this piece while in the bathtub last night.Knowing the NYT, it obviously was intended to boost her candidacy, with a sneaky (or maybe just clumsy) cognitive dissonance on display, which starts with the cover photo which makes her look like a balloon about to explode if she doesn’t get the nomination.A balloon “inflated ” by that depressing schematc which shows all her “planetary connectiions”, which are intended to impress both bitter-end Liberals and Low Information Voters alike that a Hillary nomination and a Hillary Presidency are not only feasible, but nearly inevitable.Not surprisingly, no real mention of the “problem” of Benghazi except to ride roughshod over it altogether with the provably false spin that by the end of her tenure as SoS last summer, both her approval ratings and press coverage “were at an all-time high”. That’s a fact about the media coverage, but the author conflates the two so that one equals thte other A.ll in all, a phenomenal amount of verbiage in this article, all of it ini. the service of turning what should be seen as vices into virtues, and another attempt at perfecting the image of American Politics as a Spectator Sport built on the foundations of Celebrity Worship and third-hand gossip passing as political punditry.This is where we are at right now, and George Orwell continues to spin in his grave.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Love the cover. Cue the Darth Vader march, and heavy Democratic breathing.

  • WillieJohn

    I’m all for electing Hillary Clinton–and I’m a Republican
    Why?–Because if you think a Republican at the helm is going to make sweeping changes you are kidding yourself. The Democrats will torpedo anything you attempt to do. Besides, we get a 2for with Bill Clinton and lets face it, He’s got talent–They didn’t pull him out of the back woods, stick shoes on him and put him up in the front office for nothing. He’s just what we need right now, let the Democrats do all the heavy lifting.