The Islamization of New York

Bill de Blasio has added two Muslim holidays to the school calendar, but isn’t on board with adding the Hindu festival of Diwali. As usual, this isn’t about diversity, it’s about Muslim Privilege.

A spokesman for the Indian community appealed to the mayor to recognize the Hindu holiday.

“We are disappointed. We’ve been trying for a long time … It’s very important for the community,” said Dr. Shashi Shah of the Association of Indians in America.

But he said he’d move forward with closing schools for Lunar New Year and for Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, Muslim holy days.

“It is complicated in terms of logistics and school calendar and budget. But it’s something I want to get done in a reasonable time frame,” he said.

So why two Muslim holidays and no Hindu holidays? Same reason Mayor William Wilhelm Jr. is ready to take apart New York City’s counterterrorism efforts. Here’s a snapshot of the Islamization of New York.


In the above photograph taken on McDonald Avenue in the heart of Brooklyn sits the community often referred to as “Little Bangladesh.”

What is not in photograph?  Women, little girls, nor is there an American in sight, male, female, Black, White, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, only Muslims.

A few blocks over is Coney Island Avenue where from Church Avenue down to until the middle of the Coney Island Avenue between Avenue J and K is another Muslim neighborhood or an extension of Little Bangladesh, I suppose.  This community although Muslim is a Pakistani and I suspect Afghani community.

In the center of Coney Island Avenue between Avenues H and I is a movie theater.  Just a few doors past this theater, a transformation of the neighborhood begins almost as if someone drew an imaginary line Coney Island Avenue transforms from a Muslim community to Jewish.

On the Jewish side of town, in addition to the yeshivas, synagogues, delis, bakeries and other Jewish businesses, one can find every ethnicity traveling, working and socializing in the area.  However, as with Little Bangladesh, the “Muslim” side of Coney Island Avenue does not appear to be as neighborly.  Just saying.

Last Friday, I went to a market to shop for Super Bowl Sunday.  It has been several months since I shopped there.  During my visit last summer, the owners were Dominican.  The new owners are Muslim.  Incredibly enough or not, after all this is a sanctuary city, the old management’s consisted of people from the Caribbean, Central and South America.  Today, the Caribbean, Central and South American staff with the exception of three or four no longer work at the market.   The Muslim owners replaced the staff with Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa all of whom wear these thick off-white gloves when handling food products at the butcher’s section, deli and cash register.

Surprisingly, today the Muslim owned supermarket sold pork chops, ribs and ham as did the butcher and the deli section of the supermarket.  Three months from now, there will not be a strip of pork on the premises.

While in the area, I decided to stop by the deli two blocks from the market to pick up a salad on my way home.  Imagine my shock when I realized that the deli is also under new management and its owners are two Muslims whom I noticed sell hookah pipes on the premises.

Not able to take much more, I headed home disappointed but not before I made the error of taking a route home that I rarely travel only to find out that seven blocks from my home, what was formerly a grocery store is now a mosque.

What is Bangladeshi immigration bringing to America? Aside from a plot to bomb the Federal Reserve by a Bangladeshi settler in Queens, there is the Bangladeshi emphasis on beating women.

About 87 per cent of Bangladeshi married women are abused by their husbands.

The survey found that domestic violence is present in most Bangladeshi households. Last year, 77 per cent of respondents admitted that they had been abused. Of these, 50 per cent had sustained serious injuries, but one in three women refused to go to hospital for fear of retaliation by the husband.

  • DogmaelJones1

    Farewell, New York. It was nice when I lived there. Now, I wouldn’t enter it except in a suit of armor and a plentiful supply of barf bags.

    • steve b


      • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

        Bloomberg the pro-Islam, anti-Israel kapo Jew.

      • haveittodayray

        Your welcome in Las Vegas, good weather, no storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes. Low cost of living for seniors. Low housing prices. Major airport.

    • BS77

      I grew up in NYC….I am in shock seeing how foolish the NY voters were in electing this lunatic. Feel sorry for the average New Yorker who has to put up with this insanity.

      • Boots

        Sorry to inform you but it was the average New Yorker who elected this clown (no offense to honest hard working clowns) mayor. Foolish… yes… and with de Blasio they’re on their way to becoming Detroit east if the financial sector ever bails (and possible even if they don’t bail).

        • Drakken

          They are bailing faster than a rat leaving a sinking ship and the markets are jittery because of it.

          • Boots

            I suspect you’re right. I haven’t done the research but my understanding is the industry has restructured to where all the jobs once in New York don’t need to be and the employment replacement rates (for New York firms) from the recession is lagging behind other locations. My source, a CFO friend, tells me a lot of the financial industry has already relocated to Florida and he thinks more will be going if de Blasio gets his way on even a few of his initiatives. Since that’s only hearsay on my part I don’t usually reference it.

  • Softly Bob

    This is the very last city on U.S. soil, in fact the very last city on Earth, that should be welcoming Muslims after the atrocity of 9/11. If anything it should be as ‘Muslimrein’ as possible. Memories must be very short indeed!

    • A Z

      de Blasio has selective memory.

      He will never be a wise man just an acquisitive one.

    • Guest

      The fact that you would use the term “Muslimrein,” approvingly, says all I need to know about you. Nazi scum.

      • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

        You don’t have a problem with Judenrein in Palestine aka Judea and Samaria though now……do you? Nazi scum.

  • laura r

    right near my old neighborhood east 18th st & ave J.

  • steve b


  • Lizzie Basara

    As the little girl in Poltergeist said “They’re here”.

    • UCSPanther

      Their prophet could be like “The Beast” from that movie…

    • BS77

      The ORCS of planet earth….

    • Lizzie Basara

      We have our appeasing politicians here in Minnesota bending over backwards for those who refuse to assimilate to their chosen host country. Trumpeting diversity and tolerance every chance they get to guilt those that have a different/rational take on the situation. You shall be called a bigot &/or racist! The elephant in the room is the size of a mastodon and you shall greet/treat it as a small fluffy kitten. A small group of kittens are controlling where our tax dollars are being wasted. The link I posted above is from a Minneapolis caucus from Tuesday night where evidently parliamentary procedure isn’t a fine point in some circles.

      • Drakken

        Typical skinny rioting when they don’t get their way, and the dumb useless liberals helping them do it. Maybe we can wall off Mpls/St Paul and keep it out of the rest of MN and all would be much better.

  • IftikharA

    The Muslim community has been passing through a phase of
    fourth Crusades. The battleground is the field of education, where the young
    generation will be educated properly with the Holly Quran in one hand and
    Sciences in other hand to serve the British society and the world at large. A
    true Muslim is a citizen of the world, which has become a small global village.

    We are going to prepare our youth to achieve that
    objective in the long run. A true Muslim believes in Prophet Moses and the
    Prophet Jesus and without them one cannot be a Muslim. My suggestion is that in
    all state, independent and Christian based school special attention should be
    given to the teaching of Comparative Religion and Islam should be taught by
    qualified Muslim Teachers to make the children aware the closeness of Islam to
    Christianity and Judaism which will help them to think about Islam, as “A
    Pragmatic and Modern Way of Life,” during their life time.

    British schooling and the British society is the home of
    institutional racism. The result is that Muslim children are unable to develop
    self-confidence and self-esteem, therefore, majority of them leave schools with
    low grades. Racism is deeply rooted in British society. Every native child is
    born with a gene or virus of racism, therefore, no law could change the
    attitudes of racism towards those who are different. It is not only the common
    man, even member of the royal family is involved in racism. The father of a
    Pakistani office cadet who was called a “***” by Prince Harry has profoundly
    condemned his actions. He had felt proud when he met the Queen and the Prince of
    Wales at his son’s passing out parade at Sandhurst in 2006 but now felt upset
    after learning about the Prince’s comments. Queen Victoria invited an Imam from
    India to teach her Urdu language. He was highly respected by the Queen but other
    members of the royal family had no respect for him. He was forced to go back to
    India. His portrait is still in one of the royal places.


    • Omar

      You are wrong. First of all, we are talking about the Muslim community in the United States, or more specifically New York City, not in the United Kingdom. Second, you have it the other way around. It is the Islamists that are trying to transform Britain into an Islamist country. They have been trying to do this for a while. In parts of the UK, there has been a slight decrease in English-speaking population due to the rapid Islamist migration to Britain. About 2% of the combined population of England and Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland were excluded in the data) do not speak English. Regarding the royal family, when did you hear stories about Prince Harry making such comments, assuming that it is even a story and not a hoax?

      • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

        Prince Harry is a hero……he shoots Muslims with a gatling gun. Unlike his dhimmi arse-kissing father who wants to be a Muslim.

      • IftikharA

        Nearly half of California’s Muslim students say they have been subjected to some form of bias-based bullying, according to a
        first-ever report released Thursday. “Growing in Faith: California Muslim Youth Experiences with Bullying, Harassment and Religious Accommodation in Schools”
        was presented by the California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CA), whose Greater Los Angeles office is in Anaheim.

        “Being called ‘terrorist’ or ‘Bin laden’ is still a reality for many American Muslim students,” says CAIR-LA Civil Rights
        Manager Fatima Dadabhoy in a statement announcing the report.

        “Throughout the course of this study, we were
        alarmed to find that many Muslim students didn’t even deem this as a form of bullying. Through this report, we hope to show that a decision to dismiss mistreatment as a natural consequence of being Muslim in America, or simply part
        of growing up, is unacceptable and normalizes a toxic school

        Among the findings, based on a state wide survey
        of nearly 500 Muslim students ages 11 to 18:

        * One in five young women reported being bullied
        because they wore an Islamic headscarf (hijab) to school;
        * One in five youth reported they were unsure of participating in classroom discussions in which Islam or Muslims are discussed and were unsure of whether teachers respected
        their religion;
        * More than a third of bullying victims surveyed indicated
        that reporting harassment incidents to school administrators was not helpful.

        • Omar

          Really? You’re using CAIR as your primary source of the “rise” of “Islamophobia” in America? CAIR is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. You’re using a Muslim Brotherhood front organization to document lies.

        • haveittodayray

          Have you googled “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” speaks volumes on the intent to destroy us from within.

      • haveittodayray

        Well said.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Question. Which part of Islam is more modern and pragmatic, the stoning of women, the persecution of witches or the blasphemy trials?

      • SandyLester

        islamics to all of that
        What’s your point?

        • Defcon 4

          Ever heard of sarcasm?

    • Drakken

      Wait until you get a taste of the final Crusade coming haji, you will be running to any rat hole to hide from our collective infidel wrath, time for you and yours to get out of the west that you despise so much, for soon you will be fleeing in fear. Members of the Royal family especially William and Harry have a particular loathing of you muslims.

    • Softly Bob

      Jesus is the son of God. Do not refer to him as a mere prophet, you blasphemer. You have taken the Lord’s name in vain.

      • IftikharA

        According to the Holy Quran, Jesus(PBUH) is a prophet who was sent by Allah for the salvation of the Jews. He, himself was a Jew. He never preached Christianity.

  • Gamal

    Obama is fasttracking Muslim immigration into the U.S.. He knows they’ll vote Democrat and enable Democrats to pursue pro-Muslim policies.

  • oldtimer

    what was the name of that movie? Escape from NY….good people aren’t welcome according to gov.

  • Dan Mesa/AZ

    Remember when New York had that badass image, “those tough New Yorkers”, the rough and tumble type?
    Hell, that’s long gone. Bloomberg, Clinton, Weiner, Sharpton, de Blasio et al, are the face of NY now. We’re losing NY, and when we lose NY, it’s getting close.
    When I now think of New Yorkers, Pajama Boy comes to mind.

  • Omar

    Once again, Warren Wilhelm, Jr. never fails to disappoint us. I’m beginning to think that the mayor’s administration might be influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood. It is obvious that Wilhelm is a Marxist and a puppet of Nicaragua’s Sandinista strongman, Daniel Ortega. So, it is not surprising that Wilhelm may be trying to reach out to elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. Generally, the left in New York (as well as everywhere else) has been reaching out to elements of the global Islamist movement. In 2010, Tea Party activists were protesting the planned Park51 project (which was located near the World Trade Center site) that was created by an Islamist cleric (as well as his so-called “charity group”) and championed by politicians like then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg. With Mayor Wilhelm in charge, New York City would continue its downward spiral into the abyss. This time, the abyss is not only controlled by the nanny state, but also under the influence of the Brotherhood. This is yet another example of the Unholy Alliance between Radical Islam and the American Left. New Yorkers have to save their city in the 2017 elections. In fact, we must save America in 2016. This is a wake-up call.

  • Richie

    BLASIO wont last much longer in NY, lmao the people will kill him

  • popseal

    New York’s Cordoba Mosque, a stone’s throw from the WTC memorial, symbolizes the victory of jihadist in ancient Spain. DHIMMI politicians are acknowledging Islamic victory in the West. Islam is nothing but pagan moon worship directed at a deity incapable of hearing prayers unless a devotee’s magic carpet is properly aligned toward Mecca. Started by a known killer and propagated by the sword, Islam is a cult of death.

    • SandyLester

      Known killer and pediphile

  • SandyLester

    Merry Christmas bad
    kill the infadel good

    • Defcon 4

      That’s the ACLU’s stance in the 21st century in a nutshell

  • dghealy

    another reason to stay out of NYC,

  • GeeGee

    Whose money bought this favor? (Sunni or Shia)

  • Gail O”No Muslims have no rights under our Constitution. So do not allow current morons to hold a constitutional convention it is meant to destroy our Christian Foundations and nothing more which will allow this barbaric culture to grow in the USA.

  • Larry Jackson

    America needs to be declared a “Muslim Free Zone” and all Mosque closed and ALL Muslims deported! They are a vile, filthy, murderous people who rape young children, male and female, and have a desire to kill anyone who will not join their cult! That is a FACT Jack!

    • Marla Hughes

      That would be unconstitutional and I would oppose it. We are to have NO religious tests. Religious bigotry is not isolated to those who oppose Christianity. I agree radicalism needs to be addressed and eliminated where possible, but your statement mirrors the radicals’ pronouncements that you decry.

      • Larry Jackson

        You are confusing the murderous, child molesting, woman hating, war mongering cult if Islam with a religion. They deserve nothing but disdain! If you think differently you are either misinformed or willfully ignorant!

      • haveittodayray

        Have you googled “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” speaks volumes.

      • Betty Bryant

        Islam is not a religion. It is a system of government (Sharia) with a religious component. It is totally incompatible with any other governments or religions and can not exist side by side. They must take over to fulfill their duties as a Muslim. They are all “radical” and you just don’t know it yet..

    • haveittodayray

      I agree.

    • ToreEiriksen

      Holy fuck, you need to get your brain checked.

  • Drakken

    Well muzaloid, maybe it is time for you to go live in the Islamic paradise of your choice then.

  • Richard Fontaine

    New Yorkers voted for this fool, now live with it. Should be funny to watch them get the full incompetence and communist treatment.

  • jude newman

    Wrong name. You are not a guest, you are an unwanted intruder

  • jude newman

    You wrote
    Under the law of Islam, the punishment for rapist is “stoned to death”
    in public by public — no matter what religion the criminal is
    affiliated. Rape is considered as a serious offense in Islam warranting
    death to offenders, more than just “illegal sexual intercourse” commonly
    known as adultery.
    Tell me why it is the woman who is stoned to death, why also she must have 4 witnesses to the rape assuring that rape can never be proven.

  • Marla Hughes

    We have secular laws governing rape, incest and murder, we don’t need Islamic law to do so. We also have secular reasons for limiting sexual contact/conduct in children, we don’t need religious reasons, whether Christian, Muslim or Hindu. We know the Quran is a law book pertaining to Muslims. However, we are not nor will we ever become a Muslim nation ruled by lslamic laws. As Jefferson so carefully wrote to Tripoli after the Barbary Wars, we are not a religious nation but a secular one. However, we are a nation that can and does share religious values expressed in secular ways for governing.

  • Nelson Stanley

    Moslems are animals no matter where they live !!

  • haveittodayray

    Enough is enough. America, wake up over 500,000
    Muslim/Refugee/immigrants our being relocated to the United States. It’s time
    to turn back this trend. Did you vote for that? No one voted on this? For the
    real truth Google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” it is their secret doctrine to destroy America from within. Guess what they are succeeding folks. One
    only has to look at England, Belgium, France, Germany, and the rest of Europe
    today, It is sad what Paris has become, mainly due to the Muslim immigration;
    take a good look at Europe and that is America in 25 years, unless something is
    done to prevent “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” from making further inroads into
    America, our cities, schools, universities and textbooks and yes, even our own government. Multiculturalism is literally destroying
    Europe. You give them one inch and they will eventually erode our American
    culture. There are now over 700 “Islamic
    no go Muslim Zones” within England, France and Germany. Islam is not a religion
    but a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. Take a look
    at Dearborn, Michigan,, Tennessee, New York, Indiana, S. Dakota, California and
    Colorado have so far most of the immigrants what State next? I have no problem with the “peaceful
    Muslim” that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that they want to
    dominate and force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Awareness is the issue, put the word out
    folks, most families are just trying to survive and pay their bills, working
    two jobs, raising their children. They just don’t have the time to keep up with
    what is really taking place across America today and the mainstream news will
    not carry it due to political correctness. Just not acceptable here in America
    folks Stand up and be counted. “When good men and woman our quiet evil
    always wins” Forget about be labeled a racist, or being politically
    correct, multiculturalism is not good for America. Let them adapt to our
    culture, period Amen. Why should we
    adapt to their culture America?Again for facts and truth Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood”
    speaks volumes on the intent to destroy us from within. Who will stop this
    “insanity” from becoming a reality in America?
    Jews, Christians, Priests and infidels are being slaughtered and Christian churches are being burned to the ground,
    enough is enough folks. Where is the
    condemnation of these acts from all the Muslims that are here? There are
    nearly 3 million here already yet you barely hear any of them condemn the
    atrocities. What you do will affect your
    children and grandchildren and future generations of America yet to come. Stand up and be counted to defeat this real
    threat upon America. Europe is losing the battle already, and America will
    be next. Forget about being labeled and do what is right America. We need a solution,
    time is running out.

  • SFCPat

    Good for you…… Now please just take your 4th Century ideas and baby-raping males and go back to the desert where you should stay until someone decides to nuke your butt off the face of the earth!

  • Betty Bryant

    Muslims should live in Muslim countries. Why are they coming to England, Norway, Sweden, and the United States? Why don’t they stay in the hell holes they have created and work to improve them instead of expecting us to accommodate their needs here? Would a Muslim country accommodate my children’s needs if I moved there? Would I be able to practice my religion freely there? I think not.

    • IftikharA

      You better teach your children in your own schools and let migrant communities teach their children according to their needs and demands. British Establishment and
      society should concentrate on the evils of their own society and stop trying to change the way of life of Muslims. Muslim community does not want to integrate
      with the British society, indulging in incivility, anti-social behaviour, drug and knife culture, binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and abortion. Prince
      Charles, while visiting the first grant maintained Muslim school in north London, said that the pupils would be the future ambassadors of Islam. But what about thousands of others, who attend state schools deemed to be “sink schools”? In education, there should be a choice and at present it is denied to the Muslim community. In the late 80s and early 90s, when I floated the idea of Muslim
      community schools, I was declared a “school hijacker” by an editorial in the Newham Recorder newspaper in east London. This clearly shows that the British media does not believe in choice and diversity in the field of education and has no respect for those who are different. Muslim schools, in spite of meager resources, have excelled to a further extent this year, with couple of schools achieving 100% A-C grades for five or more GCSEs. They beat well resourced state and independent schools in Birmingham and Hackney. Muslim schools are doing better because a majority of the teachers are Muslim. The pupils are not exposed to the pressures of racism, multiculturalism and bullying.

      There are hundreds of state primary and secondary schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be opted out to become Muslim Academies. This mean the Muslim children will get a decent education. Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism. Muslim schools give young people confidence in who they are and an understanding of Islam’s teaching of tolerance and
      respect which prepares them for a positive and fulfilling role in society. Muslim schools are attractive to Muslim parents because they have better discipline and teaching Islamic values. Children like discipline, structure and
      boundaries. Bilingual Muslim children need Bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods, who understand their needs and
      London School of Islamics Trust

  • marvin nubwaxer

    more raging paranoid BS.

  • rick

    Can’t wait for this far-left over-accommodating, anti-majority loon is out of office. And yes, mooslims have done alot for NYC – especially our skyline and keeping funeral parlors busy. They do NOT belong here.