The Left Isn’t Pro-Gay — It’s Pro-Power

brendan-eich-mozilla-firefox-squareLibertarians and liberal Republicans have been proposing a truce on social issues in order to be able to concentrate on fiscal issues, but there is no such thing as a truce on any issue with the left.

Brendan Eich offered the left a truce on gay marriage. He talked about tolerance and diversity and he got his head handed to him. His forced departure from the Mozilla Foundation, which is behind the Firefox browser, should be a wake up call to anyone on the right who still thinks that social issues can be taken off the table and that we can all agree to disagree.

Those on the right who insist that conservatism should be reduced to fiscal issues imagine that the culture war is a fight that the right picked with the left. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The left does not care about gay marriage. In most left-wing regimes, homosexuality was persecuted. It was illegal in the USSR. Gay men were locked up in Cuba and are still targeted in China. Nicolas Maduro, the current hero of the left, openly uses homophobic language without any criticism from his Western admirers. It goes without saying that homosexuality is criminalized throughout the Muslim world.

Engels viewed homosexuality as a perversion born out of the bourgeois way of life that would be eliminated under socialism. The Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States stated that homosexuality “is a product of the decay of capitalism” and vowed that once the revolution took place, a “struggle will be waged to eliminate it and reform homosexuals.”

The left’s shift on this issue, as on many issues, was purely tactical. The left’s leading lights were racists who jumped into civil rights. They were sexists who became feminists. They were advocates for the working class who despised the idea of working for a living.

The culture war does not emerge from the left’s deeply held beliefs. Its leaders could care less about the things that they pretend to care about. It emerges instead from the need to maintain a constant state of domestic conflict.

You can’t have a truce when the other side wants a war.

Did the activists who claimed Eich’s scalp care about him or his $1,000 donation to defend marriage? They’re already forgetting his name and moving on to the next target. Eich just happened to make a good target. The Mozilla Foundation is shaky, its board was insecure, and once an online dating company cynically came out with a publicity stunt to keep the news cycle churning, the scalp of the man behind Javascript was claimed. If he had hung on for another few days, the whole thing would have gone away.

Next week it will be someone else. And then the week after that.

Opting out of the conflict means standing by while men like Eich are torn down, not because they did anything wrong, but because destroying them allows the left to feel the thrill of its power over people.

Every gang needs to hurt and terrorize people in order to feel its power. Unlike a Chicago street gang which goes in for an honest mugging or beating, the online activists of the left do their dirty work in this way. Afterward there is no blood and there are no bruises, but lives are destroyed and its social justice activists chortle to themselves coming off an adrenaline high before going after someone else.

The purpose of these purges is not to make the country more tolerant, but to make it more afraid. The message of the Eich purge is not, “accept gay marriage,” it’s “don’t question us.” As many have pointed out, Eich had the same view of gay marriage at the time he made that donation as Obama and Hillary.

But Eich wasn’t “us.” He wasn’t a member of the club.

Members of the club can and do make racist jokes. They can oppose gay marriage. They can sexually harass female employees, pay them less and even kill them. They can do all these things because the “club” is not about gay marriage or equal rights for race or gender.

It’s about the supreme power of the club.

You can call the club, liberalism, progressivism or simply “the left.” You can call its members Marxists, Socialists or anything else you like. They go by many names, some real and some fake, but they are the “club”; a totalitarian organization dedicated to absolute power in the name of any available lie.

The left is a totalitarian movement that inverts everything it touches. It fights against poverty by making more men poor. It helps black people by keeping them down, and it promotes tolerance through displays of intolerance. Its endgame is simply raw power. It wants as much of it as it can get its hands on.

We can stand aside, but it will affect us sooner or later. Even if we don’t get picked to be the teachable moment of the day, we will find ourselves in a country that is less free and more oppressive every year.

The idea that any part of the left’s agenda can be delinked and ignored is wishful thinking. The left’s incessant accusations of racism show that the refusal to engage an issue does not take it off the table. It’s the left that determines the content and the context of the conflict. And that’s why the right is losing. It imagines that it can unilaterally retreat to more favorable ground.

That’s a strategy that has yet to work.

The left doesn’t do truces. If the right cedes gay marriage, all it will have won is the right to be called homophobes for the next hundred years. And the culture war will move on to the next issue and the one after that. The purges will continue and more criminals guilty of thought crimes will be paraded for the virtual cameras. Yesterday’s commonplace idea will be tomorrow’s act of unspeakable bigotry that prevents you from being employed, opening a business or even staying out of prison.

You may be in the clear today, but you won’t be tomorrow.

Wars aren’t won by constantly retreating. They’re won by taking a stand for what you believe in.

The left constantly takes stands, but it believes in nothing. Like all totalitarian movements, it worships at the feet of the bronze bull of power. It believes in the virtue of its outrage, the might of its rhetoric and the pleasure of trampling an enemy underfoot. Every one of its beliefs are baseless and expendable in the name of its true god of power.

The right has sold its moral birthright in the hopes of being tolerated by a movement with no morals or beliefs except in the virtue of its own intolerance. It strategically embraces the left’s ideas and hopes that this process will eventually lead to a truce.

It can’t and it won’t.

The left does not hate the right because of gay marriage. It does not hate the right because it thinks that the right is racist, sexist, transphobic, semaphoric or plasmatic. It hates the right because it is not of the left. The right stands in the way of its absolute power. These two things are enough to be hated.

Totalitarian movements are destructive. They feed off conflict and desire absolute power. They cannot be compromised with, reasoned with or appeased. Instead they have to be exposed for what they are.

The only way to beat a totalitarian movement is to expose the dirty little secret that it is not pro-black, pro-gay, pro-woman or pro anything except pro-power. It is a greedy, corrupt and selfish movement that does not stand for a better world tomorrow, but for unlimited abuses of power in the world today.

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  • laura r

    daniel greenfield @ his best.

  • truebearing

    Bravo, Daniel! This is a brilliant clarification of all of the Left’s motives and objectives. This is the map of the Left’s watershed…and a river of lies runs through it. They really only have one goal, power, and like an addiction to crack or heroin, it is a progressive disease (pun intended), requiring more and more power to sate their rapacious appetite.

    Like a biblical prophet, you have shown the Right its future. Go on the offensive or become the next human sacrifice on the alter of leftist powerlust. If the Right compromises with the immoral and amoral Left on morality, it has lost its cohesiveness, its meaning, and its survival code.

    The Left has used every popular movement imaginable to demonize the moral Right. While they have worked to supplant Judeo-Christian morality with political correctness, they have infiltrated the civil rights movement, gay rights movement, environmental movement, et al. Once in control, they have warped the agenda of each cause to serve their single pursuit: power. One could say that the Left’s primary revolutionary tool is political demonic possession.

    “Every gang needs to hurt and terrorize people in order to feel its power.”

    This is essential truth about the nature of the Left’s craving for power. The only way they feel the efficacy of their power is when people are being hurt, then killed. They want power over life, but not mere latent power. It has to be used compulsively to fatal effect. Islam seeks the same kind of power. To both the Left and Islam, power has a human appetite.

    • truebearing

      Daniel, this is one of your best, and that is saying something. Upon reading it again, it is a pleasure to see how you dissect the Left, turning each point into a tributary that becomes a torrent of truth. This is an organic polemic, fluid and clear. This is the kind of thinking that Americans desperately need to be exposed to.

      • Edward E

        China has taken steps to force immigrate and assimilate themselves into Tibet.

        This has routinely been labeled Genocide by the UN and “Anti-racist” groups.

        Yet you will never hear a peep about the clear and consistent Targeting
        of White Children to FORCE assimilate with non-Whites in their own

        FORCE flooding EVERY & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of
        non-Whites and force assimilating them to create a “blended humanity”
        is White geNOcide.

        Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White.

        • skf1999

          Correct me if I’m wrong but white folks started the process by invading, exploiting and enslaving the nations of the darker people of the world. Ya think?

          • A Z

            You are funny, ignorant and much, much more.

            You are forgetting 700 years of Spanish History.

          • skf1999

            What did I forget? The Spaniards were white.

          • A Z

            Please do not delete your post. I want your ignorance and shame to be on display for all to see.

            I have a screen print anyway.

          • skf1999

            Wait a minute. You mean that Balboa, Vespucci, Pizzaro, De Leon and De Soto were all black Muslims?????

          • A Z

            Actually most Portuguese are black by the one drop rule. Portuguese are about as black as African Americans are white (or about as Indo-European as Huns & Turks).

            You forget that it was Arabs, Berbers and Africans that invaded Spain.

            Scratch that. you didn’t forget. You never knew it.

          • skf1999

            You’re a total idiot. Portuguese are European Caucasions. Please answer my question. Are you saying the Spanish explorers and colonialists of the New World were not white men? Queen Isabella was not white?

          • A Z

            Currently, Portuguese are about 9 or 10% African by blood. It was not that way during the Reconquista but it is now.

            African did invade Spain between AD700 and AD 1400.

            You might want to consider who is knowledgeable and who is not.

          • skf1999

            Keep dodging the question clown. You don’t fool anyone.

          • American Patriot

            You are the real racist clown, Stokely Carmichael II/uptowndork.

          • Americanish

            Go back to the start of the thread. Consider the Late Roman Empire and the condition that existed at the time. Consider the teachings of the early church and the Roman Catholic Church.

            I am not seeing a lot of slaving until the Muslim conquest and then it is tit for tat. Read what the church had to say about the matter. Without the Muslim conquest slavery would have been dead.

          • American Patriot

            You mean like they way that you deny the fact that our radical president is 50% white?

          • skf1999

            Who denied that Obama is mixed race? He’s still a ni88er to racists like you. And you just hate that he has the support of most of black America so you want to make him something different to us.

          • American Patriot

            Actually, you do with your racist “one drop” rule mentality. And you think that all presidents before the Radical-in-Chief are “crackers”. More and more people, regardless of characteristics, are tired of this failed president. Hopefully, in 2016, Herman Cain or another patriot would be elected president.

          • skf1999

            Failed President? The economy is recovering briskly and the ACA reached it’s sign up goal. If Obama was a white Republican you’d be trying to blow him.

          • A Z

            You have to wonder about how slavery would have evolved or died out if it had not been for the invasion of Visigothic Spain in 711 by the Muslims or the subsequent Muslim re-invasions by the Almovorids or the Almohads.

            The Catholic Church might have had slavery stamped out if not for the Muslim invasions. Just something you should think about.

          • BagLady

            Were they?

          • Revnant Dream

            Where the Egyptians white? The Babylonians? Persians? Mongol hordes? How about the Sumerian city States?The Huns where Asians. Islam enslaved all North Africa by invasion as well as Asia Minor which was conquered by none white Turks. Muslims with a bloody path, got to Paris before being stopped by Charles Martel. How about Islam’s invasion of India?
            Read some history dude. Its only been 500 years that Europeans had any Empire ever. For 8 thousand years of recorded civilization they where the third world.
            In even those Empires most people where poor peasants.
            In Canada the only people who owned slaves where Natives.
            Africans sold their own Countrymen to Muslim slavers to sell to the US.
            Nice to have people to blame ally our screw ups on isn’t it. Particularly the personnel screw ups.

          • Drakken

            If it wasn’t for us white folks bringing civilization to you people, you would still be in living in mud huts, chucking spears at each other, your welcome.

          • BagLady

            I’m sure all those ‘of colour’ are eternally grateful for your enslavement of their people.

            Oh, and by the way, most Africans are still living in adobe huts with tin roofs while you caring white folk dig up their diamonds.

            You, Drakken could never bring civilization to your own children.

          • carstairs

            Now that you are civilised you can join us white folks who use bombs, machine guns, rockets, poisonous gas etc to settle our differences. Civilized? I think not.

          • Jim Pills

            And what’s your point? Apply some logic instead of laying out a whine under the guise of contributing…

          • Jim Pills

            And what’s your point? Apply some logic instead of laying out a whine under the guise of contributing…

    • JacksonPearson

      This is what gay power is all about. They’re acting like Nazis..:

      • James Lovelace

        Greenfield, as a jew, you are a disgrace allowing this sort of comparison to be made. Whenever people claim that Israelis are the new Nazis, or that Bolshevism was a jewish plot, I take people to task. Clearly, you see no reason to moderate the scum who comment here.

        • Bklyn Farmer

          Lovelace, as a Jew and as the son of 2 holocaust survivors (since we’re comparing our pedigree) I find your name calling (“scum”) post is what should be moderated especially considering you’ve taken it apon yourself to speak “as a Jew”. Don’t worry I understand that at HP conservative opinions are ” moderated” to your liking.

        • BagLady

          It’s true, it gets a bit rugged with no moderation but, hey James, we can deal with scum.

    • BagLady

      They really only have one goal, power, and like an addiction to crack or heroin, it is a progressive disease (pun intended),

      Sorry to appear pedantic, but where exactly is the pun?

      • truebearing

        Addiction is a progressive disease. Progressives are addicted to power. Would you like a tutor?

    • BagLady

      Like a Biblical prophet, you have shown the Right its future. Go on the
      offensive or become the next human sacrifice on the alter of leftist
      powerlust. If the Right compromises with the immoral and amoral Left on
      morality, it has lost its cohesiveness, its meaning, and its survival

      So let’s get it straight. You advocate violence as an answer to what you call the immorality of the Left. Weirdo.

      • truebearing

        Where did I advocate violence? Learn to read, dim wit.

  • Moa

    Great writing Daniel.

    Here’s a prediction for you all. The Left will sell out gays to Muslims. It is already starting to. Several gays have attempted mass murder of gays by burning down nightclubs but the media is nearly silent about it, as it doesn’t fit their “Narrative”. Once the Left really gets that the Muslims produce far more future voters than gays (who produce none) then it will be fatal for gays.

    Anyone want to place a bet that this will come to pass?

    • A Z

      Joe My God blog covered it and dismissed it.

      To them it was a one off and not representative of Islam.

      However, they have their old fall back position tat Christianity, Islam & Judaism are all Abrahamic religions and thus more or less the same and perverse.

      • Moa

        Actually, Islam claims to be Abrahamic but it turns out that this claim, like many others, is logically false.

        You see YHWH (The personal name of the God of Abraham) *cannot* be the same as “Allah” (the title of the chief idol of Mecca) – because their attributes are mostly opposite. For example, the Torah/Bible states that YHWH cannot lie. The Qur’an mentions numerous times that Allah is the “Greatest of Deceivers”. Logically, they cannot be the same (if they even exist at all).

        Allah is closer to the Biblical Satan than to YHWH, according to the attributes and Commandments of the Qur’an itself. Similarly, whatever Christ preached Mohammed preached the opposite: forgiveness vs harsh punishment; peace vs jihad; chasity vs lust; service vs conquest. Mohammed can be considered “anti-Christ” in nature; and the Islamic Medhi fits the role of “The Anti-Christ” ‘to a tee’.

        For a more in-depth analysis you can check out:

        My point is not about the superstitions. It is simply to point out that according to the Islamic Qur’an itself that Allah cannot be the God of Abraham (as understood by the Torah/Bible : although the Muslims do make the claim that the Jews and Christians corrupted the message of Allah – despite Islam coming six centuries after Christ was supposed to have lived).

        • A Z

          It is widely considered that Judaism, Christianity & Islam are Abrahamic religions. Of course commons sense is oft not good sense. So you comment is much appreciated and I am copying the information for future use.

          I know how to spell YHWH going back a decade or two. Also I can see that it would be impossible for a legit linguist to equate YHWH and Allah. They will just say that is the Arab name for G-D and leave it at that and get huffy if a person persists. Yet, they really get hudffy is Malaysian Christan used the Arabic name Allah.

          The Arabs do trace their lineage back through Esau if i remember correctly.

          All your points are good. I’ll remember it if I want tangle with the heathen @ JMG.

          • Moa

            > “It is widely considered ”

            Yeah, the point I was trying to refine was that what is claimed does not match a critical examination.

            Thank you for your comment. I’m pleased mine had some benefit for you.

            > “They will just say that is the Arab name for G-D and leave it at that and get huffy if a person persists.”

            What is interesting is that Mohammed’s tribe had 365 idols in Mecca (one for each day). Il Illah (The “Allah”) was merely the chief of these pagan idols. Mohammed (who was illiterate, so could not study the Torah nor Bible) seemed to have overhead Christian Arian heretics preaching the Oneness of God. He plagiarised that (badly, as he copied many things wrong), fused his tribe’s chief pagan god, added in some banditry and terror, and voila! The “Islam” (submission) to Allah.

            The pagan origin of Islam is also why the Muslims pray to the pagan temple called the “Kaaba” in Mecca instead of where Abraham’s God had his seat, on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. You can see Muslims praying to the Kaaba on Temple Mount with their butt in the air facing where Abraham’s God is supposed to be !!!!! the Islamic claim is pure bs – but most Muslims are totally unaware of this!

            > “All your points are good. I’ll remember it if I want tangle with the heathen @ JMG”

            I’m such a heathen (FWIW, I’m a “rationalist”, which means I’m now atheist). However, I am a “secularist” first and foremost – which means I try defend Christianity against Islamic falsehood and slander, and point out that while Judeo-Christianity have merit in aligning with Universal Human Rights, Islam is completely incompatible with them. Hence, Islam is my enemy – and the enemy of anyone who believes in secularism (which allows all religions) and Free Speech.

            Edit: here’s a picture for you:

            For an “Abrahamic Religion” the Muslims surely show the God of Abraham incredible disrespect. Their claim is false (like pretty much all their claims !).

            Peace (through Strength :) ).

    • carpe diem 36

      which has the bigger numbers:: gays or moslems? I think there are fewer Moslems than gays right now, but not for long.

    • BagLady

      Several gays have attempted mass murder of gays by burning down
      nightclubs but the media is nearly silent about it, as it doesn’t fit
      their “Narrative”.


      • Moa

        Learn about how Matthew Sheppard’s death was manipulated by gays for their ends, yet it was his gay drug-dealing lover killed him in gruesome fashion – but the story continues to be told as if it is the general community who was a fault:

        Check the facts. The Media are always lying to you!

      • Moa

        Thanks for pointing the typographical error out. Now fixed. Thank you.

      • 1stworlder

        No it was muslims.

  • mhojai

    dovetails brilliantly with the discussion on Glazov Gang with Nonie Darwish

    she makes the point that Arabic doesn’t have a word, therefore little opportunity to even consider “compromise.”
    Seems like liberals are trying to eliminate it from discourse as well.

  • goodbuddy

    No offense, but you’ve swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. You’ve identified what the left is doing, i.e. it’s all about power for them. And their entry point is morality, that they use like a hammer against their enemies, but exempt themselves. But there is no culture war. The left doesn’t care about culture, or anything but power, as you’ve identified. The entire activity of the left is to prevent only one thing from taking place.

    And that is to ask what is, and what is not, the job of the government.

    Ask this and the left melts like any wet witch. Stay on this topic and their lust for power, their phony issues are irrelevant.

    Endless bickering over so called cultural issues and this never takes place.

    We already have an instruction manual for deciding what’s in a proper government’s purview, the US constitution.


      You’re mistaken – in order to obtain power, the Left must obliterate the free social order, which means tearing down Western civilization. Marriage is one of our key institutions, and the Left is destroying it by attacking it indirectly: once same-sex unions and polygamy (which will follow) are legalized as “marriage,” real marriage (the union of one man and one woman) will be so diminished that fewer young couples will choose it.

      Yes, the Left is assaulting the Constitution as well, but politics is downstream of culture because it is downstream of values. We either fight for our values or we lose the political struggle, and this is why Libertarianism has failed as a political movement.

      • carpe diem 36

        marriage will never change for most people. they will try to make it what it is not but in the end people will just look at it as just another youthful folly, a momentary idea but it will not take hold for many. the pendulum has swung probably as far left as it can, and it will slowly swing back to the right because the facts on the ground show that the left has the power to impoverish and most young people do not wish to live poor. marriage is the basis for economic success, as they say that two can live as cheaply as one.

        • NAHALKIDES

          Let’s hope you’re right – but that means Republicans have got to start fighting and fighting hard on this issue and against the Left generally in ideological terms, and the current Establishment “leadership” just doesn’t have the belly – or the brains – for it.

          • lyndaaquarius

            Keep your eyes on Governor Sarah Palin. Putin called her “the Huntress”. Very shrewd Patriot is Sarah Palin.

    • Gylippus

      Nahalkides is right, the effects of leftist cultural policies are destructive and real.
      Besides, different people will answer your question differently. You need to able to make your case in a convincing way for a range of listeners across many different issues. It’s true, you have to be careful not to get too drawn down into the weeds, and yes, you should always be able to bring it back to your key question, but you need to be able to pose it in a thousand different ways.

  • Naresh Krishnamoorti

    I think you could have perfected the argument in this essay by combining it with the idea behind your gun control essay: Progressives are not only animated by the lust for power, but more importantly, by a hatred of the individual’s free moral agency. They hate man, just as their Master hates him, because man is created free and in the image of God.

    The whole point of gay marriage has nothing to do with gay rights. It’s all about forcing people — like bakers, photographers, clergy, etc. — to violate their conscience. This is not really about power in the sense that a dictator wields it. What kind of power is it to force some unknown baker in some unknown village to do something against his conscience? The animating principle of the Progressive here is hatred of free moral agency. This is something far beyond what historical totalitarians have sought.

    • truebearing

      Well said. The minions reflect the Master.

      The forcing of a Christian baker to violate his conscience by serving a gay wedding is identical to Muslims forcing people into dhimmitude, or sexual slavery. There is a sadistic element to the thrill they get with the arbitrary exercise of power. This is the essence of political evil.

      • BagLady

        The so-called ‘Christian’ baker (with obviously no Christian soul) is not ‘forced’ to serve anyone. What absolute rubbish you spout.

        • 1stworlder

          Q)Do you know why muslims stone gays to death, and mutilate little girls genitals?
          A) One day moo ham mads oldest wife hit puberty and he realized that the gays where right about his willy being smaller than what is not cut off little girls.

        • IvanRider

          Tell that to the one in Colorado, where the judge went so far as to require him to right down a tally of every order, with fines imposed if he ever were to refuse an order again. That includes pro-pedophilia cakes, even though that is also technically illegal in the increasingly pederast-friendly state of Colorado.

    • The March Hare

      As well as serve as an example to others to come over to the dark side.


      Very good point. For another example, see Kathleen Sebelius and her master, Barry Obama going out of their way to force people who oppose abortion to fund it as employers. They even waged war on The Little Sisters of the Poor to force them to support abortions!

    • BagLady

      This is not really about power in the sense that a dictator wields it.
      What kind of power is it to force some unknown baker in some unknown
      village to do something against his conscience?

      Lost me there Naresh. How exactly is the unknown baker being forced to do something against his conscience? Is he being forced to marry a man, a woman, a tree? Do explain

      • 1stworlder

        I guess you would force a muslim baker to put bacon on a cake that says Moohamad is a little b!7ch?

      • IvanRider

        Being forced to endorse the idea that marriage can mean something other than what it does. On top of that, these Crooked Pseudomarriage advocates are full-tilt divas. You can’t simply bake them a cake. You have to write your full endorsement and company name on it as well. Lights, fireworks, rainbow flags, the whole she-bang. If you refuse any part of their over-the-top celebration, they wring your neck for it.

  • UCSPanther

    The simplest explanations are often the best for trying to explain the seeming schizophrenia of the left, such as the various conflicts between many things that they supposedly hold dear (IE multiculturalism vs feminism, gay rights, tolerance, etc).

    Many of these leftists don’t care about the causes they supposedly champion. It is all about power, money and control.

    Just look at Leland Yee for one of the most egregious examples of corruption and hypocrisy all rolled into one.

  • Joey

    “Yesterday’s commonplace idea will be tomorrow’s act of unspeakable bigotry that prevents you from being employed, opening a business or even staying out of prison.”

    How true, how true.

    • kikorikid

      …or being put against a wall…

    • carpe diem 36

      only if we let them and do not fight back. there are more of us, i think, than of them. we have to fight them every time and push back and especially teach our children how bad the left is and make them strong believers in freedom, they way america used to be.

      • BagLady

        Brainwashing your own kids should put you on the list of ‘dodgy parents’ who need watching.

    • skf1999

      Such as?

  • Carlos_Perera

    Mr. Greenfiled has written an excellent essay, as is his wont. His thesis is right on the money, of course, it is about power: “. . . a boot stamping on a human face–forever,” as Orwell put it so powerfully. However, we should keep in mind that the Left has chosen the cultural battleground–as opposed to the economic one on which they originally fought–deliberately. The sociocultural institutions that predate the modern state–church, school, beneficent societies, family–allow people to have an existence independent of the state. That is especially true of the family. Hence, it must be destroyed if totalitarian governance is to succeed. So, yes, it is about power, but, from the Left’s standpoint the destruction of independent (from government) sociocultural institutions is _bonum per se_. We cannot hope to prevent the totalitarian boot from stamping on our faces if we continue to surrender them piecemeal to our would-be totalitarian overlords.

    • BagLady

      That is especially true of the family. Hence, it must be destroyed if totalitarian governance is to succeed.”

      You see it as a purposeful step in the left’s move towards a ‘nanny state’, giving them credit for strategic planning.

      I think you overstate their ‘altruism’. From what I see of politicians on either side of the House, there is no ‘greater good’, just the same old rip-off failed second hand car dealer mentality that has no higher goal than to make as much money as possible from the tax funded system.

  • DaCoachK

    Great analysis. Homosexuals and their Left-Wing-Kook supporters with a (D) behind their names are nothing but bullies, and there is only one way to deal with a bully effectively–hit him in the mouth. Look at what Chick-Fil-A did. It refused to back down, and it had its biggest sales day ever, while the queers moped off to the corner, looking for another weaker opponent. Normal people are right on this issue of homosexuality. It is abnormal, unhealthy and unnatural for one man to bend another man over and sexually assault that man’s alimentary canal. Every biology book confirms this. Power is what these disgusting people want, and they want to use that power to eliminate religion in American life.

    • Nan

      Coach, your last sentence is what gives the left it’s ammunition. I agree that people should be free to serve or not serve homosexuals for religious and cultural reasons, and that the word “marriage” is reserved for the union of a man and woman, but to call homosexuals disgusting is just what the progressives want to hear. They are not, for the most part, disgusting. Do you know any homosexuals? I do. They are loving, smart, good people for the most part, just like “normal” people. I believe we should keep our fight in the arena of ideas rather than insulting and demoralizing those that are different.

      • DaCoachK

        Thank you for the comment. I respectfully disagree. The time for nice is over and done. We were nice all those years when homosexuals said, “Just leave us alone.” We did. Look what they and their supporters have done. These people declared war on normal people a long time ago. It is time to fight back hard, and that means in blunt (yet truthful) terms. I refuse to have anything to do with even one homosexual. If I have known any of them, they kept it to themselves, WHICH IS WHAT THEY SHOULD DO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Two men can only be friends. Period. No compromise on anything. That is how we have reached this point.

        • BagLady

          These people declared war on normal people a long time ago. It is time to fight back hard,”

          Not good enough. Kindly name the ‘war’, number of dead, injured, displaced etc.

          You are a disgrace. Sticking your nose into others people’s bedrooms is a sign of a pervert.

          “No compromise on anything. That is how we have reached this point.”

          and which point is that?

    • BagLady

      Were you that big fat bully I met in the playground when I was little? No brain but plenty of mouth and trousers.

      “Normal people are right on this issue of homosexuality. It is abnormal,
      unhealthy and unnatural for one man to bend another man over and
      sexually assault that man’s alimentary canal”.

      I believe this practice is quite popular between heterosexual couples also. Is that OK with you, or would you rather install cameras in every private bedroom and catch these ‘queer’ people?

      • DaCoachK

        I see that you are one of these emotion-driven fools moved by emotional appeals and false analogies, so there is no hope for you. I could refer you to information that debunks everything the homo-movement states, but it would do not one thing because you are so wedded to your ridiculous positions. You people need mental help. Homosexuality is like drug-addiction or alcoholism. While there is help for you, you have to first admit that there is a problem, which you, in your narcissistic zeal, won’t do it. Rather the entire world adapt because you “can’t help the way you feel.” Have a nice day in your delusions.

  • panola60

    Barack Obama: I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.
    Dim Sheeple: Hurray – Yippee – Good Move – We’re with you – You’re the man

    Barack Obama: I believe that marriage is the union between two consenting adults.
    Dim Sheeple: Hurray – Yippee – Good Move – We’re with you – You’re the man

  • Jason P

    Yes, of course but ….

    I had suggested that one could drive a wedge into the gay marriage issue by making a simple distinction. Propose “gay marriage” as a private right, not a civil right. A private right is between two people with no obligations on a third party. A civil right imposes obligations on all. The left was advocating a civil right and we see the consequences in Arizona where the “civil rights crowd” want to deny the choice and rights of a private individual “not to associate.” I tried to warn some people that this proposed “civil right” would result in coercion including mandates on religious institutions. They said that’s impossible: we have a first amendment. I said “civil rights” trumps freedom of speech, religion, and association.

    I couldn’t get anyone on the right to advocate “free association” for all and not a new “forced association” for some. It is a power struggle but it didn’t have to be. It could have been a freedom struggle. We needed conceptual clarity but we got a power struggle instead.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Jason, I’ve made the same proposals as you. I’ve even advocated for the government’s abandonment of any role in marriage, whatsoever (in spite of the fact that government’s being in the “marriage business” was intended to be an endorsement of, and encouragement for, the institution, with serious health considerations part of the process).

      The fact is, the Left wants the power struggle, and they intend to win it.


      The way to do that would have been to allow for some sort of legal partnership status to confer upon another person the sort of legal rights pertaining to property and illness that a spouse would have, without making it a marriage or a “civil union” (gay “marriage” under another name). We could still make that offer, and when it’s refused (as it will be), it would expose the militant determination of the left to normalize homosexuality in our society.

  • The Facts

    The rhetoric of this article was going well until the author tried to project the “secret cabal” paradigm onto the left. Then, the article turned into a ham-fisted attempt at transference and self-absolution. Feel free to use the angle over the next several days, describing the secret inner sanctum of illuminati leftism, using all the trappings of denuded antisemitic Fordism.

    • The March Hare

      This is a collection of vague, foggy terms trying to sound intellectual while smearing the article with innuendo completely devoid of facts. You got something to say then say it.


      What secret cabal? These people are right out in the open, and politically are now so brazen they’re actually telling the truth about wanting socialism. On the cultural side, of course, they’re still lying through their teeth, such as pretending that same-sex “marriage” is some kind of civil rights crusade. As usual, you’ve managed to amazingly miss the point.

  • Lanna

    They just lost a smart man, Brendan Eich…creator of Firefox browser, Java Script. This shows you how defunct the Left is at understanding talent and discriminating against real talent to suit their political agenda. Gays are only 1% of the population…not the majority or the lifestyle that millions of people want…and it is NOT going to change no matter how the government pushes this lifestyle or people are persecuted for not being moral!

  • ADM64

    “Wars aren’t won by constantly retreating. They’re won by taking a stand for what you believe in.” This is absolutely true. Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians need to fully understand this. So do the leaders (and donors) of universities, of businesses, and the military (long ago, under the guise of fairness, the military’s leaders accepted women in the ranks under the claim it would be just a little; now it has expanded and the men are still called sexists and rapists).

  • Lanna

    Yes, Good article Daniel….people are sick of the manipulation by the left to destroy the country through evil and not concentrating on jobs, the economy, debt, and national security..pushing a debased and immoral culture to further destroy America!


    Very good article, exposing the true nature of the gay “marriage” crusade and reminding all of us why the culture war cannot be abandoned as Libertarians and Establishment Republicans wish.

  • Robert_Fl

    Having worked with many gay people in my previous profession, I believe that most of them just want to be left alone to live their lives peacefully. The activists, in your face rabble-rousers, and flamers are merely useful idiots for the left in the war against American culture and values. They do not serve gays well, and they are in for a very rude awakening when they have served their purpose and are discarded by the left.

    • lyndaaquarius

      you are so so right!!! They are being used. My beloved cousin who died from AIDS understood all this in the early 90’s.He educated me about the “useful idiot” strategy.He despised the Left and they never fooled him.

    • skf1999

      So your gay associates don’t believe in their right to marry?

  • A Z

    “It emerges instead from the need to maintain a constant state of domestic conflict.”

    Mao & other well known communists stressed the need for constant revolution.

    This is from yahoo answers, but it is pretty good. Read ammianus’s take

    “He wanted to be sure the Chinese Communist Party (and therefore he himself) remained in power long term. There was always the possibility that the Nationalists,safe on Taiwan, could regroup,rebuild, get US aid and start up the civil war again. Further, it was potential internal rivals to his leadership rather than capitalism that worried Mao most. So, a ‘Constant state of revolution’ was declared in order to keep the CCP hierarchy and Chinese population busy and thus unable to plot against Mao,rather than to root out capitalism or keep it at bay.Additionally, whipping up popular and Party prejudice against capitalism, capitalist powers, and their obvious (in CCP propaganda terms) lackeys the Nationalists in Taiwan made it far less likely that Mao’s leadership would be effectively challenged,internally or externally,by anyone Chinese. The point of a dictatorship system is to keep the ruling hierarchy in power,NOT to improve society or the lot of the average citizen. Thus the underlings and population at large have to be presented with an obvious enemy/threat (in this case the capitalist Nationalists on Taiwan) and kept busy with forwarding the ‘revolution’ so as to become indoctrinated with the value system presented by their leadership, and weed out ‘counter revolutionary’ (in reality, any threats to the CCP and Mao himself) elements in both the Party and society.

    So, Mao advocated a ‘Constant state of revolution’ not because he was afraid of capitalism, but to maintain both the position of the CCP, and his position as its leader, so he could continue to control China and exercise dictatorial power on a long term basis.”


  • Realist

    Finally someone who gets it right and will dare to put it into print. I believe you have it exactly right – The various victim groups and the myriad causes celebe are merely tactical positions used by libcult narcissists to aquire and maintain power – Nothing more. Libcultists need ersatz victims to “save” as their rationale for power even if they have to manufacture them, so their need for power naturally trumps any falsehood and any sense of reason or proportion or obligation. And even when the cultists succeed in one of their campaigns for supposed “fairness” like school desegregation (1950’s), their continuing need for additional rationales to aquire even more power leads to even higher levels of abstraction and they manufacture the new myth of “racial balance” as their rationale for power, so forced busing must be mandated! (1960’s)

    That the libcult isn’t pro gay but merely pro-power is a given. That also goes for all of the other groups who still live on the democRAT plantation. Once the democRATs see what they believe is a better, more secure voting block of victims, they will gladly dispense of their old groups without so much as a sniffle. You are about to see this happen in the case of Obamesiahcare. As the criminal enterprise known as Obamesiahcare is implemented, you will see the demonRAT libcultists forcefully jettison one of their most reliable identity groups, the old and retired. Most seniors do not realize it yet, but their demonRAT heroes have already decided to abandon them in favor of their newly imported and more reliable voting block, the Hispanics/illegals.

    Hurray for our self-serving criminal libcult saviors!

    • Lightbringer

      Very good points, but I must respectfully quibble about a minor example that you give. The Left was not in favor of school desegregation or any other things that might have benefited black people. In fact, the Democrat Party has always been and is still the party of the three S’s; slavery, succession, and segregation. With its militant wing, the Ku Klux Klan, the Democrat party ruled the South with an iron fist as it terrorized blacks and Republicans. It was Northern Republicans who insisted on school desegregation and a Republican president, Eisenhower, who sent federal troops into contested areas to support it.

      • skf1999

        Will you stop this nonsense. It was RIGHTWINGERS who opposed school desegregation and black progress in America. Today the GOP is the rightwing party and it is no accident that it is 95% white and totally racist. What party do you think the Klan supports today? The one that elected a black man President? Are you nuts?

        • bigfred41

          Stop lying, hatemongering deviant.

        • iluvisrael

          There are some far right fringe jerks for sure, but today they are, for the most part, shunned and marginalized by most Republicans and Conservatives. The far left fringe, on the other hand, is embraced and even admired by many democrats and the left. Racism has a new home – the left.

          • skf1999

            White supremacists recruit at Tea Party events. Outright racists speak at GOPAC rallies. Nothing comparable on the left. So stop it.

          • iluvisrael

            You’re a liar as well as an uniformed mental lightweight – tata stevie!

          • American Patriot

            Black supremacists recruit at Occupy Wall Street events. Outright black racists speak at DemocratPAC rallies. Nothing comparable on the right. See, it works both ways. The only difference is that you post lies about Republicans and the Tea Party.

        • MLCBLOG

          You don’t know what you don’t know.

        • American Patriot

          Obama is a mixed-race president (half-black and half-white) who is not directly related to the historical African diaspora in the Western Hemisphere (Obama’s father is from Kenya, which is located in East Africa, while the ancestors of most black people in the Western Hemisphere came from West Africa), you dunce. Also, the KKK wouldn’t support either party because both Democrats and Republicans hold the hate group in contempt. Both parties are diverse and it was classical liberal (modern conservatives) that supported civil rights reforms. Meanwhile, the Democrats today are run by those who were influenced by the New Left movement, you dunce. Learn from facts.

          • skf1999

            blah, blah, blah. Kenyans are black and Obama is a black man. In America, if you’re daddy is black, YOU’RE BLACK. And he identifies as a black man. That’s why you righties hate him. The GOP is about as diverse as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. All the modern icons of conservatism such as Reagan, Buckley, Goldwater and Thurmond were OPPONENTS of civil rights reform. The Tea Party is a meeting ground of white supremacists. The Democratic Party has elected blacks to the highest offices in the land. A black Republican can’t get elected dog catcher. So stop the bullsquat.

          • American Patriot

            You shut up, uptowndunce. First of all, Obama is a mixed-race president who is not directly related to the historical African diaspora in the Western Hemisphere. You ignore the fact that he is 50% white. He’s probably more closely related to JFK than to Al Sharpton, seeing as one of the Radical-in-Chief’s ancestors was an Irish immigrant who migrated to the United States to escape the potato famine in his homeland. You are obviously a supporter of the racist “one drop” rule that was a product of Jim Crow segregation in the U.S. South between the late nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century. Also, the classical liberals which played a key role in passing civil rights reforms in Congress are the modern conservatives by today’s standards. You also ignore the fact that Goldwater, as governor of Arizona, desegregated his State National Guard two years before President Harry Truman formally desegregated the U.S. Armed Forces by Executive Order. As for Reagan, he despised racism, created a larger middle class, particularly a larger black middle class, signed legislation establishing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a federal holiday, and strongly supported statehood for the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, an island populated mostly by 3.5 million minority American citizens. While Thurmond was indeed a bigot in his younger days, he eventually renounced racism and bigotry and made strong efforts to make a turnaround (Thurmond even voted in favor of confirming Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court Justice. Without Thurmond’s vote, Thomas might have not become a Justice in the High Court). Why don’t you denounce your beloved Jimmy Carter, who, while serving as governor of Georgia during the 1970s, had referred to his racist lieutenant governor, Lester Maddox, as the “essence of the Democratic Party”? Why don’t you denounce black racist groups like the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, you racist f**k? You are a supporter of black nationalism, Islamism and racism, uptownloser. Keep your ignorance to yourself, Stokely Carmichael II.


            American Patriot AKBAR!

        • Drakken

          You blacks keep throwing out that race card like it matters anymore, it doesn’t, but you whiny little bitches sure do try don’t you?

        • Lightbringer

          Are you so young and ill-informed that you do not know the history of this country? Child, I have lived it. And the records, if you care to look them up, describe it.

        • iluvisrael

          you haven’t been around much uppity steve – just let out of prison?

        • CDM

          Your tactics here are so transparent, straight out of the leftist playbook: Take the most extreme position, however minuscule, of the opposition and make it sound like it is the predominant position.

          BTW, did you know that the KKK was just as active in the north? Robert Caro in “The Power Broker” talks about the Suffolk County, NY chapter of the KKK. But I guess cracking open a book once in a while is a little too much to ask. While the Klan was once a power, these days it’s more of a joke and something told at bedtime to scare good little lefties into being good little drones.


      ..dare to put it in print…!!!

    • lyndaaquarius

      I’m quite sure that they won’t get away with that.Why? Because a growing segment of the American people are screaming out “no mas”!!!

  • BagLady

    Subject aside Daniel, I would nitpick a point of logical language:

    “Its leaders could care less about the things that they pretend to care about”

    What you mean is that the leaders could NOT care less. I find this American logic a little worrying. When the meaning implied is the complete opposite to it’s statement. If I could care less then obviously I have not reached the position of not caring one iota.

    • A Z

      The sentence makes perfect sense. There is no confusion about the what is meant.

      It neatly summarizes the outlook & tactics of the leader of the Left.

      • BagLady

        If you “could care less” you still have a fair way to go before you “couldn’t care less”. Logical my dear Watson.

        • A Z

          The author was writing like most Americans speak, colloquially. This is effective communication. At least that is what I learned in speech class. You tailor your message to the audience. 80% to 90% of the readers understood what the author meant.

          You also understood, but decided to nit pick or take umbrage. Your action seems more of a rear guard type of action. You complained about grammar to distract from the message. You are all but routing pell mell.

          ( I know that last sentence wasn’t quite grammatically perfect but deal with it sister.)

          • Bklyn Farmer

            Well said and I believe you have accurately analyze BagLady’s MO.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You are technically correct, but that’s how the phrase became transformed in the United States and has been standard usage for decades.

      The style here is conversational, rather than formal.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      The sentence construction he uses is an “Americanism”. The meaning of the sentence, in this country, is “the leaders could not care less”.

  • Rdlake

    great article. It covers all he bases. The Right & their fear of being branded Gay Bashers, racists etc have given the Liberals a green light to do whatever they want. The Gays historic plead for tolerance have been let out of the closet & Pandora’s box has been opened. Now they roam the streets like a pack of rabid dogs looking for the next prey to feast on.

  • Mevo

    This is the problem with liberals vs. conservatives; we have no equivalent to “We have no morals and we will attack you.” (Ethan Krupp a.k.a. Pajama Boy)

  • BagLady

    You can call the club, liberalism, progressivism or simply “the left.”

    or you could call them the Bilderbergs.

    Totalitarian movements are destructive. They feed off conflict and
    desire absolute power. They cannot be compromised with, reasoned with or
    appeased. Instead they have to be exposed for what they are.

    You have a duopoly paid for by your own ‘oligarchs’.

    Will you be exposing them?

    • A Z

      Yes, yes, … we all know Mao, Trotsky, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Bill ayers were all beholden to the Bilderbergers.

  • Gylippus

    Amen Daniel. Stand and fight on every issue, all the time. After a while, it will start to have an effect.

  • Painted Horse

    I love that analogy, “the right has sold it’s moral birthright…”. Sold for soup that they have now spilled on their smarty pants.

  • carpe diem 36

    eventually the left will destroy its own followers. you cannot divide power and use it only against your enemies. the young and those of the left who are not able to think and understand what they are supporting will be the ones who will be destroyed first, but with them this country is being destroyed bit by bit. Cry My Beloved Country!!!

    • lyndaaquarius

      There is a pendulum and it is starting to really swing. Have hope.

  • Hank Rearden

    The Left is also a free-rider. Liberalism cannot build a society, it can only liquidate one. What institutions, what accomplishments characterize the Left that other admire and want to emulate?

    What is “gay marriage?” It is not marriage. It is an effort to free-ride on the prestige of marriage. Why not have it be something else? What not call it, say, “contango:” just to pick a word.

    You would think that its adepts would want to highlight, to celebrate their participation in something new. No way. That would take YEARS, CENTURIES, MILLENNIA to accomplish. AND THEY WOULD BE JUDGED BY ITS FRUITS!! They want to appropriate the prestige of what is already there, not to build something new.

  • Alphamail

    Two percent of Americans call themselves gay and half of those don’t have a political agenda.

    So one percent – the deviant sexual political activists – are setting the agenda for 99% of America and they have redefined marriage, reprioritized and feminized the military, and have challenged and called into question whether or not we are or need to be a Judeo-Christian nation.

    Radical Muslims also number around 1%, as do the pompous energy-killing environmentalists, and the vocal and viral La Rasa secessionists who are a major impetus in the amnesty movement.

    So who is actually in charge of America’s future?

    A silent majority is useless if it remains silent and allows itself to be pushed around.

    Not only is Daniel’s overview poignant it is timely and needs to be manifestly reproduced across the country in a multitude of ways, not to create bigotry or prevent individuals from their right to privacy but to slap down the cocky political bullies and reestablish the rights and power of the majority.

    The massive negative feedback Mozilla received is a small example of what these craven sheeple should be receiving from the majority each and every time they cross the line and cave to the bullies by ignoring our basic values and spiritual heritage.

    Hopefully Daniel’s article encourages the sleeping giant to awaken.

    • skf1999

      2 percent? What smelly orifice did you pull this crap from?

      • Alphamail

        Fluent in gay-speak I see…
        Certainly not the crappy orifices you like to smell.

    • Veracious_one

      “…Radical Muslims also number around 1%,”

  • Infidel4Ever

    As usual, Daniel Greenfield cuts to chase and to the real issue. Power is what the left wants, and we on the right have to realize they will use all means at their disposal to seize and hold on to power. Discussing issues is almost irrelevant, they always move to the politics of personal destruction. The recent pogrom against Mr. Eich is merely the latest example.

    • GetYouSomeFUNK

      Sounds like you have some paranoia issues

      • Sam Sheepdog

        Sounds like you’ve got some cognitive dissonance issues…but probably you are a morally bankrupt paid shill for Acorn or OFA earning your .15 a post.

  • jtrollla

    George Orwell had it right decades ago. The Left is all about power and nothing but power. All else is window dressing.

  • dmreiter

    Rush Limbaugh had it right years ago. The Left’s mission is to obtain and maintain power any way it can. The ends justify’s the means. To that end, anything and anyone in it’s path is targeted for destruction. The R’s don’t get it, and may never. Know Thine Enemy.

  • Habbgun

    I’ve just finished reading Beyond Survival by Jerry Coffee. It is about his experience of being a POW in North Vietnam. As an excellent observer of and critic of Communism he said it perfect. What is public with Communists is what they DON’T believe and Don’t expect anyone to believe. It is the tool by which goals are met. What is secret is what is real. What the power structure really wants and who it wants it from is all decided behind closed doors and kept close. Once it becomes policy it gets translated into something else. A cause or a propaganda screed that makes the material goals possible.

    Take BDS for instance. Is it really about Israel or to get Jewish students off campus?

  • Mrlouis

    Frag em!

  • Servo1969

    When prison camps open homosexuals are always at the head of the line leading into them. First directing others inside. Then themselves being shoved inside the gates the second their usefulness ends.
    Every. Single. Time.

  • cacslewisfan

    Preach on! You are so right. I just read an article on Dispatch International about Leftist media hiring hackers to get into DISQUS and get the names and addresses of Swedes who criticized Swedish immigration. A television crew went to their houses to “expose the racists” on tv. A Swedish prosecutor wants an artist to be forced to have a psychiatric evaluation for artwork that criticizes Swedish immigration policies. Funny how the more the Left gets what it wants, the more totalitarian it becomes. Yes, the ultimate goal is absolute power.

  • Unc Remus

    The Pervert Party…

  • nomoretraitors

    As so succinctly stated in Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. (and the revolution is always about the left’s war on America)

    • lyndaaquarius

      It always goes back to “who will run the show?”

  • TioDon

    For the last 15 years I have voiced my opposition to any kind of gun control. I’m not a hunter, I don’t have guns, I’ve never had a gun. When my liberal friends, who know I don’t have any guns, ask how I can defend someone being able to buy a machine gun type gun (told you I don’t know about guns) or one that shoots large bullets, I explain that I don’t like all that BUT, historically, if you give a liberal one little concession (gays, homosexuality, school curriculum, school sports equality, etc.) it just encourages them to ask/demand more. LIBERALS ARE NEVER HAPPY AND WILL ALWAYS WANT MORE. If the Mozilla thing is allowed to stand, it will only give them more power over other companies.

    It stops here. Change your browser to Chrome today….now. Or Opera, I don’t care…..let Mozilla and the gays know….IT STOPS HERE!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Opera is pretty decent

      • TioDon

        my computer guy says the same thing…..let me choose b’tween Chrome or Opera. He said anything but Mozilla or IE

        • Daniel Greenfield

          IE is not that bad these days. Chrome is Google which means extensive monitoring. Google hoards data.

          • RevnantDream

            Its a bug magnet as well.

      • bigfred41

        Google put up their Rainbow banner during the Winter Olympics to protest the Russian law forbidding homsexuals from propagandizing to children. Chrome was invented to spy on people, so much so that the (SRWare) Iron browser was created – it was a version that deleted the spyware. Please tell people to avoid Chrome, dump FF and go with Opera for now (though they are likely the same as all the rest anyway, liberal to the core).

      • fiddler

        I just un-installed FF and am using Opera. Pretty quick. I moved all my favorites over.

  • Drakken

    Niceties and pleasantries with the left is over, the only way you win with the left is make them fear you, when they fear your , they respect you. There is no winning an argument with the left for the only language they understand is a mailed fist, a punch in the mouth and a swift kick. The time for the high moral so called ground is over for history is never kind to the weak and always without exception, favors the strong.

  • iluvisrael

    They absolutely want power and to be able to control the ‘masses’, but the homosexual stormtroopers want even more than that – they want not just tolerance but for their perverted agenda to be embraced and for the traditional family to disappear. It’s just so ‘oppressive’ to have a father and mother who are married and committed to each other and their family.

  • Geppetto

    A scathing commentary on the nature of the left but, unfortunately, it will not wipe the serene, smug smile off the faces of self righteous, pontificating leftists who truly believe that “their way or the highway” will make the world a better place. Most exude indifference to the right because they can, not because their political or social positions, that they deign to defend on an intelligent, intellectual level, are superior but because “the debate is over” is allowed to be a worthy, adequate and even courageous defense for the absurd.

    In group discussions, purposefully surrounded by sycophants and like minded others, they spout their socialist, Utopian views and all nod their heads in acknowledgement and awe, heralding the power and wisdom and wallowing in their good fortune that allows them to be associated with such a noble assemblage. Many in the “party of the people” are a bunch of elitist snobs who could give a crap for the average guy on the street and would openly display their contempt if not for the need to keep that grossly exorbitant revenue stream flowing in their direction. These would be the same hypocrites

    that hurl invective and criticism at those “evil corporate executives,” the much hated, no talent Capitalists, who earn “unconscionable” sums in salary and bonuses.

    The only way to end this nonsense is to take a long term view and fight fire with flame throwers, not compromise, appeasement and submission. The entire movement of the left is built on a mountain of hypocrisy and feel good emotion left over from the age of “sex, love, rock and roll and pot, the Woodstock generation of the sixties. It works because it sounds so good, so caring, so compassionate, so forward thinking, but is, in reality, naive, unrealistic and unworkable. Politics and the older, “paranoid” generation of strict disciplinarians was not the problem. It was the Vietnam war and, ultimately, human nature; the latter a fact that all leftist ideologies fail to come to grips with. But that’s a very hard case to make with a populace nurtured, educated, raised and spoon fed daily the leftist dogma. And many of its proponents number among those considered in the main as “the beautiful people.”

    If the reality of conservatism is to ever be successful its message must also emanate from an equally appealing facade and it must take back the ground it allowed the left to dominate; academia, the entertainment industry, the media and the political arena. It’s a work in progress.

  • bigfred41

    Add your condemnation of Mozilla at their feedback page:

  • bigfred41

    Horowitz thinks that Eich is a “hero”? Somebody clue him in, fast.

    Here is Eich’s blog:

    He kissed gay butt so much that his lips must still hurt: “A number of Mozillians, including LGBT individuals and allies, have stepped forward to offer guidance and assistance in this. I cannot thank you enough, and I ask for your ongoing help to make Mozilla a place of equality and welcome for all.” And on and on, including use of the catchword “privilege” — supporting programs for non-whites only.

  • bigfred41

    Also on Eich’s blog (… ), he brags about “Ascend Project” ( )

    “…specifically target participants who come from underemployed, LGBTQ, Latin@, and African American population”.

    Translation: no straight whites allowed. Notice that every comment pn Blakk’s blog is favorable. That’s because Mozilla has such as diverse culture, of
    course. The head of that is Lukas Blakk, who describes herself as
    “Mozilla Release Manager, queer/feminist activist” at

    That’s close to Bill Gates’ Millenium Scholarship, where the #1 rule is: no whites allowed:

    “Students are eligible to be considered for a GMS scholarship if they meet all of the following criteria:

    – Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native*, Asian & Pacific Islander American** or Hispanic American”

  • skf1999

    Another Greenfield whinefest about the right LOSING power. This country has changed and racism, sexism and homophobia no longer gets people elected. So Greenfield and the goons who cling to his every word whine that they are being discriminated against. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

    • bigfred41

      Now now.. crawl back under your rock, hatemongering gay boy.

    • UCSPanther

      Don’t worry. The cultures that you are importing through multiculturalism will give you a first hand lesson in how “tolerant” they are of feminists, gays and other cultures.

      • skf1999

        They couldn’t be any less tolerant than rightwingers who hate everyone but straight conservative white folks.

        • bigfred41

          If you weren’t so dull-witted, you’d know that he’s talking about the way that Muslims execute homosexuals like yourself. Now go flouncing your wy through an all black neighborhood and see what happens to you. Trayvon was a gaybasher, ignorant fool

          Then try a barrio. Or a reservation.

          • skf1999

            I live in an all black neighborhood where the median household income is in excess of $100,000 and there is at least one college graduate in most homes. We have goobers like you trimming our hedges.

          • bigfred41

            Your talking about a whitened neighborhood, moron, and all paid for with Affirmative Action jobs – like yours. Now go back to Field and be a good boy.

          • iluvisrael

            uptown sleaze is that you?

          • bigfred41

            You got it, Stevie is pretending to be gay.

          • bigfred41

            Uptown Steve always gets rattled when he gets outed and then he runs away. What was the name of that black lesbian who always said she’d beat him up if she ever met him? She rattled him, too. She’d always call him “beta male”.

        • UCSPanther

          I will gladly remind you that the penalty for homosexuality in Saudi Arabia is forfeiture of your head.

          Lots of cultures have laws on their books against homosexuality, and they go after them without mercy.

          • skf1999

            We ain’t in Saudi Arabia. Duh. This is supposed to be the land of freedom.

          • UCSPanther

            You’re bringing them over here, fruit.

            Why go over there to experience a medieval culture when it is in our own backyard.

          • skf1999

            Bringing WHO over here?

          • UCSPanther

            You know what I am talking about, fruitbowl.

            Don’t play stupid.

          • skf1999

            YOU don’t know what you’re talking about. You just HATE.

          • UCSPanther

            You’re fruitin’ up now.

            Best not to do that in the wrong neighborhood…

          • skf1999

            The “wrong” neighborhood? You mean one like yours where front teeth are a rarity and people pump up the tires on their homes?

          • UCSPanther

            Hah! You accuse me of hate, and here you are doing just that.

            Besides, there is no shame in doing your own mechanical work either.

          • bigfred41

            Hey, Stevie, remember the good old days with all the talk about you being flagrantly homosexual in the Coast Guard serving under Lt. Commander Johnson? What a doof you are.

          • iluvisrael

            It still is, despite the narcissistic tyrant occupying the WH. We should all be free from homosexual stormtroopers who want their perverse lifestyle rammed down everyone’s throats.

  • bigfred41

    In summary: this Mozilla incident is a excellent example of liberal bigotry for the world to see, as clear as a bell. There is even the further benefit that it happened to a collaborator of theirs, not to an actual conservative. The same was true for Obama campaigners George Zimmerman and Paula Deen. It’s wonderful irony.

    • skf1999

      Unbelieveable. Zimmerman kills an innocent black kid in cold blood and gets away with it. Deen hurls racial slurs profusely but somehow in the peabrains of the rightwing, THEY are the victims. LMAO!!!!

      • bigfred41

        Nobody believes your lies, deviant. Now I have to spray my computer with Lysol because I spoke to you.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        That’s not what the court found.

        • skf1999

          A court acquitted OJ too. Did you like that one as well?

          • American Patriot

            You support OJ and other criminals when they share your extremist agenda.

      • American Patriot

        What about your beloved OJ Simpson? He was acquitted because his attorneys used the race card, as well as used the ridiculous “If the glove doesn’t fit, you got to acquit” argument. Learn from facts.

        • UCSPanther

          It was said OJ was high on coke and covered in blood, and who forget the white bronco slow speed chase.

      • Drakken

        Poor stevie, whiny little bitch that you are, ole Tray Von got what he deserved and good riddance.

  • pfrady

    Stay strong and stand your ground no matter what the left says

  • bigfred41

    It looks like the negative feedback at has just hit a new daily high, maybe because people are even more angered at the way that Mozilla is trying to lie their way out of this with double speak: “we didn’t force him out, but we had to… because we believe so much in freedom on the internet that he needed to be sacrificed to please the helpless gay victims of oppression who hold all the power”.

  • Revnant Dream

    Very well said. For an old guy like me seeing the quality of this post. Its a real moral booster.
    To see the younger generations use rational thought, not emotional intuition to think again.
    After all the Marxist indoctrination (I should know it started with my generation) in schools. The sexual grooming under the auspicious of sex education.
    The lack of Western history or civics in class. replaced by third World socialism.The complete break down in learning of any kind for political ideology. The ascendency of academic Marxism in North America, not destroying some of these peoples mentality to observe with objectivity.

    It seems to me like Daniel Greenfield with many of his generation have escaped the liberal loony bin for reality.
    Which in turn makes folks like me more optimistic about the future.
    Great post.

  • F.R. Duplantier

    If you’d like to hang onto your job,
    Not be branded a “bigot” or “snob,”
    Then remember the truth
    Is considered uncouth
    And enrages the lavender mob.

  • Nabukuduriuzhur

    Exceptional article!

    From National Wave of Foolishness:

    As long as I’ve lived, there have been groups in the U.S. that have actively attacked this or that other group— or society in general— in the media, in rhetoric. Some groups have even used physical violence. Then those groups turn around and claim to be “victims.” They want what they want for themselves, usually claiming something violates their rights,” but they have no concern for the rights of others, or the rights of those they attack, or for the
    majority of United States Citizens as a whole.

    One such group used to be the Communists. Now the Communists are a large
    component of the Democrat establishment. Feminists, some racial “advocate” groups and a number of other groups have done the same: to go on the attack and then to claim to be the “victims” of those they attack.

    That type of hypocrisy needs a name. Call such hypocritical victimizers “Nymfitses” (Nymfitsa, singular), from the Greek for weasel, νυμφίτσα. Vicious, nasty, relentless when they attack, weasels typically attack animals weaker (or at least less aggressive) than themselves. Call a group of Nymfitsas a “Nymfitsa group.” Nymfitsa groups thrive because their victims usually won’t defend themselves.

    Both the attacks and “victim” claims made by attacking Nymfitsa groups were given greater “legitimacy” under the “divide, conquer and bribe” method of getting elected by the Democrats that became the norm during the Clinton Administration. The Democrats found that they could get votes by commiserating with Nymfitsa groups, by giving out special treatment under the law or special treatment when adjudicating the law (i.e. Democrat judges giving
    rulings benefiting a person or persons in a group because they belong to a group, rather than the legal merits of a case), giving special recognition under the law, and by endorsing Nymfitsa “causes.” It’s about buying votes. The Democrats have found it’s a trap, though: by doing so in order to get votes, the Democrat politicians have increasingly created for themselves the choice between moral evil in their actions or doing what is best for America. So far,
    Democrat politicians have leaned toward the former. The results— Socialism, theft from those who work, preferences, “hate crimes,” minority status or the desire thereof for reasons no prior generation could even imagine, the rule of law breaking down, judicial “activism” and so on.”

  • crosscop

    “The culture war does not emerge from the left’s deeply held beliefs. Its leaders could care less about the things that they pretend to care about.”
    No, actually they couldn’t care less.

  • dukas

    I was very disappointed and found it strange that you rejected my statement on this site the other day. I didn’t curse and my words were not full of anger and hate. Were my words too strong? What gives?

  • BagLady

    What is this obsession with you guys to label people so specifically by left/right. The suggestion is that no-one has a personal opinion outside his party political view. I find this extremely insulting to the American people.

    • Rob Hobart

      Concern troll. Go away.

      • BagLady

        Is that really the sum total of your input to the conversation? Very sad.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Indeed. I, myself, am a (Christian) communitarian instead of a conservative, because I agree with conservatives on everything except for their death’s embrace on capitalism. I support distributism instead, and I could possibly support social democracy if we had a direct-democratic government.

  • BagLady

    The left is a totalitarian movement that inverts everything it touches.
    It fights against poverty by making more men poor. It helps black people
    by keeping them down, and it promotes tolerance through displays of
    intolerance. Its endgame is simply raw power. It wants as much of it as
    it can get its hands on.”

    If this is true then it fits with your strange American logic where debt equals wealth and the ultra-rich are the ones working for the benefit of the ‘country’.

    Won’t be long now when the baton changes hands and you can all put your money where your mouth is.

  • aizeta

    Mr. Greenfield: We, the people, understand your call:
    ‘You may be in the clear today, but you won’t be tomorrow.’

    Thank you for your shared insight

  • lyndaaquarius

    this amazing article,if read by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, will alter the destiny of our world.That’s how important Daniel Greenfield’s work is.He perceives evil and alerts us to it with clear and moving prose.He splashes the antiseptic of exposure all over the Left.He’s pulling back the curtain on Obama and his ilk throughout history.The Left cannot survive scrutiny.Daniel has got their number.The sheer thrill of exerting power over others. Everyone knows that feeling to some extent in our own lives. Goethe wrote that if every person swept their own doorway every day,the whole world would be so much cleaner.I believe we need to challenge our own authoritative impulses and get politically involved in voting out the Left.

  • American Patriot

    skf1999/uptownsteve is a black nationalist, a supremacist and a supporter of Islamist militants. He is the modern-day Stokely Carmichael and admires both Carmichael and his buddy H. Rap Brown, as well as that racist a**hole Elijah Muhammad and his followers like Louis Farrakhan. I wonder if he is paid by radical left-wing hate groups to post their propaganda.

  • mickey

    In the past 10 ten years or so, my views have changed about the gays. Way back I thought ,”Live and let Live”. But now I’m (ANTI-GAY), why you ask? Because they became too unruly when they came out of the closet, trying to push their way of life as being OK onto the rest of us. I have no tolerance for gays, if they want to live together fine, but I don’t like them flaunting their way of life on the rest of us straights. Down with Gays.

  • Melvin_Udall

    Excellent piece. Thank you!

    “The left doesn’t do truces. […] And the culture war will move on to the next issue and the one after that.”

    Wisdom of the ages. See Conscience of a Conservative, Chapter 10, “Soviet Menace”. The exact same observation about weakness facing the Left is made.

  • bigfred41

    Here’s one for you Daniel: a radical gay bigot actually claiming that gays weren’t really much involved in forcing Eich out:

    Meanwhile, while Mozilla heartily apologized in its “News” for not purging Eich quickly enough, they are ignoring the throngs that are leaving negative feedback at: Total hypocrisy.

  • bleedinell

    The right can only survive if we continue to call a fag-a-fag, a spade-a-spade, and Marxism for what it really is.
    We SHALL remain free.

  • lhfry

    If there are any homosexuals who actually desire a permanent, monogamous and exclusive legal relationship, they are being used by more powerful forces to achieve other ends. Same sex marriage is a convenient bludgeon with which to attack the best defense against an overambitious state: the kinship structure created out of the union of one man and one woman.
    While Marx, Engels, and their 19th century associates may have condemned homosexuality, they led libertine lives themselves and argued for the only way available at the time to limit the consequences of sexual liberation – having the state raise the children. Today we have reliable birth control and freely available abortion should that fail. Divorce is easy. I guess that wasn’t enough to get the job done, so a highly elastic definition of marriage is promoted while hiding behind sentimental arguments for “love” and “equality.”
    Conservatives cannot avoid this fight, as the author points out, yet those who wish to speak for conservatives don’t seem ready for it. It will require a “long march through the institutions” just as the left engaged in over the last – what? – 70 or 80 years? Do we have the stomach for it?

  • RJLigier

    Try to understand that progressives/libertarians/national socialists/communists are only a white collar minority of criminally insane homosexuals and bisexuals no different than their predecessors of nearly eighty years ago. After a massive propaganda effort by the APAs and the ABA in the USA for over fifty years, they only constitute 2-3% of the population. Do not be intimidated, know your adversary. They can never abrogate the COTUS or the Bill of Rights as they are numerically inferior.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    The right (paleoconservatives) have the moral high ground in every aspect… but *one*: It exasperates me that they are inexcusably devoted to laissez-faire capitalism, the evil system (or lack of one) of Greed that has turned our government into a plutocracy and a tyranny of minorities with no representation for Joe American, and which has created such an immorally huge wealth gap between our working poor and middle class versus our CEOs and politicians (and other 1%ers and 10%ers). Marxism, embraced by the left, is an equal evil and a huge mistake, but you guys sure do give them the high ground on the wealth-gap and class warfare issues. That keeps a lot of people from being all-out conservatives, including myself. (I define myself instead as a Christian communitarian.)

    But, did you know that there are “third-ways” besides (laissez-faire) capitalism and Marxism? The economic system in particular that I promote is called “distributism”; it’s a modification upon capitalism to make it more fair to *all* hard workers, and it’s *Christian*. I’d love to see it tested and established in the U.S.; it has been succeeding well in other countries. Google it.