The Left’s Mental State Captured in a Salon Screenshot

Don’t let the voices in your head make you miserable while you’re obsessing about Chris Christie’s bridge and how racist the GOP is.

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  • A Z

    If Salon starts exclusively or mainly featuring Alternet, they might as well pack up shop and close.

  • frodo

    Not so different from any other opinion-driven site, really. Pots and kettles and glass houses.

    • Olórin

      Turnaround and walk half-way back. Turn right. It would have been Left on your original course.

      Keep going After a while you will find your destination, Mount Doom.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I don’t recall any Front Page articles on fighting the voices in your head.

      • frodo

        Oh, but it’s okay to have endless ones engaging in the same kind of bogus psychobabble because it’s redeemed by being about the “crazy Left”? Moreover, that article looks to have been a badly titled bit of (foolish) self-help (like a number of columns over on that site).

  • wileyvet

    I like the headline for the Paul Ryan article. How about How the Democratic Party re-wrote history to make them the champions of blacks after 100 years of segregation. How it was Southern Democrats that insisted on the extension of slavery in the ante bellum years. The paternalistic attitude of the plantation aristocracy is not much different than the liberal elite of today in their views of blacks and the need for a government overseer to direct these peoples lives. Feed, clothe and house them and they will be eternally grateful. Keep them ignorant and unlearned and they will be even more grateful for the things the Master gives them. Step off the plantation, however and see what calumnies come your way. Know your place, because we know best sums it up.

    • frodo

      Yes, the Southern Democrats were supporters of slavery. But, the party changed over the course of time and became supporters of civil rights. The Southern pro-segregation Democrats left the party, some became Dixiecrats and others became Republicans (Strom Thurmond, for example, who became a Republican in 1964).

      No one pretends that that part of the Democratic party’s history isn’t there.

      And to conflate the ideology of the slave-holding elites of the South to that of contemporary liberals is laughable.

      • A Z

        Why so magnanimous. Why didn’t you say all the southern Democrats became Republicans. Most liberals do.

        There has been so many southerner going north in the 1st half of the 20th century and so many northerns going to the sun belt to escape the rust belt. So how does the slur work that Republicans are now the party of Jim Crow?

        The Plantation comparison of the modern Democrat party still works. The oligarchs take the fruit of everyone’s labor and give them back just enough so they won’t revolt.

        • frodo

          I’m making an historical point, one that eludes the original poster above. I’m not making any statement about the modern Republican party being the party of Jim Crow.

          Parties change as times do–and to pretend that the Democratic party of today is somehow tainted by a past that it’s moved pretty definitively away from isn’t useful except to engage in the calumny that wileyvet complains about.

          The plantation comparison doesn’t work at any level. Nor does it make sense to simply conflate the “oligarchs” with the Democratic Party–oligarchs seem to belong to both parties, and it’s simply inaccurate to pretend otherwise.

          The slaveholder was in fundamentally different relationship to the enslaved than any political party to any constituency.

          • A Z

            “And to conflate the ideology of the slave-holding elites of the South to that of contemporary liberals is laughable.”

            Sounds pretty close to liberals and progs saying that Nixon’s southern strategy proves that the Republicans are inheritors of all the evils of Jim Crow. I have heard it too much in FoxNEws, Yahoo and other forums. My ears are calloused.

            Where I live in the North there are plenty of transplants form the south. For a while in my youth you did not see black people on the wrong side of the river. Then in the 1980s my father and I were going fishing one day driving through one of these redneck towns and we saw a black boy about 8 to 11 years old unconcernedly bicycling. After all the received knowledge that this red town in a red district, which was supposedly racist, this made no sense.

            I am sick and tired of hearing that Republicans are racist, that states rights is racist that the southern strategy was a dog whistle, etc.

          • frodo

            Actually, no, it doesn’t. Nor is it true that there’s consensus on the so-called left that the current GOP is heir to the evils of Jim Crow, especially if you set aside the shouters.

            Nixon’s southern strategy proves that he was an opportunist willing to take advantage of Southern racism at the time. You can be tired of it, but it’s a pretty clear historical fact about Nixon and his advisors, if likely not the current party.

            I’m not sure what the point of your anecdote is nor how it relates to your “red state” comment–even the bogus idea that red districts are racist (which I certainly don’t believe) doesn’t suggest that there can’t be nonwhites in them.

          • A Z

            Trust me there were no blacks on the other side of the river in the 1960s & 1970s. Now there are a few but there was only one allegation of racism., which everyone took with a grain of salt. White single mother on welfare with bi-racials kids who couldn’t cross her legs after 2 kids.

            Saying anecdote is no different than applying Godfrey’s law. It is stupid. A person’s life experience can be every bit as good or bad a a scientific study. Too many of the are outright faked other data is tortured until the sought conclusion is obtained.

            ” if likely not the current party.” Yup, you went there.

          • frodo

            I’m not sure what you mean by Godfrey’s Law, unless you’re referring to Godwin’s law, which isn’t relevant here. It surely has nothing to do with the relevance or lack thereof of your anecdote. Sure, the North has racial problems–Boston’s a deeply divided city, as is New York, but that’s not relevant to the existence of racism in the South. Both are bad.

            “Likely not” is the right locution.

          • frodo

            Listen to Atwater’s comments posted in full at the site below and then argue that the Southern Strategy wasn’t a dog whistle. I’m arguing anything about the current GOP.


  • tagalog

    The culture wars continue. Ho hum.

    • UCSPanther

      And as always, the left is ultimately on the losing side.

      Truth always wins in the end. Hyperbole and lies do not.