The Left’s War on Horses

1280px-Horse_closeupAt Grand Army Plaza, beneath the golden equestrian statue of General Sherman, the horses stand, lazily flicking their ears, and occasionally glancing around as a yellow taxi driven by an angry Pakistani wheels around past the Plaza Hotel, brakes squealing, an Al Qaeda friendly Nasheed blaring through the open window.

Feathered plumes, scarlet red, sapphire blue, electric purple, matching the colors of the plush linings of their carriages, stir faintly in the wind. The drivers, wearing black top hats and colorful suits, chat with each other while waiting for a tourist from Baltimore or Beijing to take a ride. The horses stir, shaking their heads, as the Chinese artists sketch caricatures for 5 bucks a piece and the African vendors lugging sacks of fake Rolexes or pirated Fendi handbags look around suspiciously for the cops.

Like true New Yorkers, the horses of Central Park pay little attention to what is going on around them. No matter what happens, they yawn, showing their teeth and showing how little it moves them. But though the bored urban equines do not know it, their world is about to change. The horse is not ordinarily an endangered animal, but if New York’s new progressive mayor has his way, the horses of Central Park will be extinct and the only equine in sight will be General Sherman’s golden horse sneering down at the parvenu jewelry shoppers of Fifth Avenue.

On the other side, at Columbus Circle, beneath the looming tower of Time Warner Center where CNN personalities chatter endlessly, pedicabs offer rides for three dollars a minute. One enterprising competitor has even cut his fare down to a measly two dollars.

The drivers, mainly Nigerians, who have taken over much of the tourist trade in the city, hassle tourists, urgently calling them over. “Hey guy.” “Madam, madam, come here.”

There are no proposals to ban the pedicabs. The only animal they exploit is the human animal, and it isn’t always clear who is exploiting whom.

Turkish pedicab driver Savas Avci was caught ripping off tourists by offering them a $1 a block ride with a $100 per person minimum written in fine print on the card. Surprised Irish and Asian visitors completed a 10 block ride and were hit with a $400 bill. The pedicab scam wasn’t illegal, but it was typical of a new tourist trade dominated by foreign scam artists, who unlike the carriage horse drivers, have no roots in the city and no sense of tradition.

Meanwhile a twenty minute horse carriage ride, complete with warm blankets and cocoa, runs to fifty bucks.

Though the horses huffing clouds of warm breath into the cold air of a March morning may not know it, they have long been the targets of an urban predator that their instincts, wired for warning them of cougars and rattlesnakes, had not prepared them to detect. While the horses grew complacent in a city whose predator food chain culminates in the rare coyote that crosses the George Washington Bridge, they were being stalked by the city’s true predator.

Homo progressivus’ hunting call is a whine emitted through a megaphone at a rally and he marks his kills with regulations.

Horses have long been the chosen prey of Homo progressivus and this election, PETA, an animal rights organization that killed 2,000 cats and dogs in one year, and NYCLASS, a wealthy anti-horse group dominated by a real estate tycoon who appears more interested in seizing the stables where the horses live, than in their welfare, finally got their way.

Bill de Blasio, who had picked fights with such New York traditions as the Columbus Day Parade and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, vowed to get rid of the horses in his first week in office.

The week passed and the horses stayed.

Bill de Blasio and the new progressive City Council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito glutted themselves on NYCLASS’ dirty money, but in between kicking black kids out of charter schools and paying back neighborhoods that voted Republican by seeing to it that they didn’t get plowed, the progressive politicians have yet to land the killing blow on the horses of Central Park.

Chicago however is moving faster.

Alderman Ed Burke, an Obama and Blagojevich ally, and the godfather of Chicago politics, dubbed its real mayor, has put a hit out on the horses of Chicago.

Burke said that, “Carriage rides have outlived their usefulness in Chicago.” That is usually Democratic machine politician slang for not enough money changing hands.

Animal rights activists and their real estate backers have more money than horse carriage drivers. The modest stable buildings are no match for the liberal real estate developers seeking to put up pricey hotels and progressive animal rights activists easily overwhelm drivers who may get only eight fares a day.

The anti-horse activists of Homo progressivus spent $1.3 million on Bill de Blasio. The drivers bring their own coffee with them in a thermos because a Starbucks coffee is too pricy for their budgets.

Bill de Blasio refused to visit the stables where the horses are kept. The money has changed hands, his mind is made up and he doesn’t want to be confronted with the anger and suffering of the working men whose jobs he is taking away.

“We are in the biggest, densest urban area in North America. It is not a place for horses,” Bill de Blasio said at a NYCLASS press conference.

But Central Park was designed for horses. The cars came later.

Manhattan streets run on a straight and narrow grid, but Central Park is full of curving lanes. Individual riders pass under the arching fairy tale Gothic Bridge along a dirt path while puffins dive in the reservoir, herons land in secluded watercourses and turtles sun themselves on rocks near hidden waterfalls.

Unlike the noisy and cramped urban hunting grounds of Homo progressivus, where activists shriek through megaphones, council members pass regulations that no one needs and inspectors take bribes not to implement them, where blighted towers of housing projects rise above troubled streets and Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo yell at each at dueling press conferences; the park is a natural environment. It is a place for animals and people, for tall trees and quiet paths.

The new post-human progressives however see humanity as a blot on nature.

PETA kills cats and dogs to remove the “taint” of human bred species from the environment. The anti-horse campaigns follow the same ideology. The carriage horses, like the cats and dogs, have been tainted by human exploitation. They must be destroyed.

The left’s war on horses is part of its war on humans.

A horse infected with rabies, as described by William Youatt, the English veterinary surgeon, “will furiously seize and bite other horses, and even his attendants… will level with the ground every thing before him, himself sweating and snorting, and foaming amidst the ruins.”

Homo sapiens, when infected with the mental virus that transforms him into Homo progressivus, insists that he is making the world a better place even as he lashes out, foaming at the mouth, and destroying everything around him.

At Grand Army Plaza, the horses stand waiting for their next trot through the park, occasionally glancing at the tourists who come too close, but while the cougar is easily distinguishable from the cat and the wolf from the dog, both horses and men find it difficult to look into the milling crowds and distinguish Homo sapiens from Homo progressives.


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  • Judahlevi

    As conservatives, the only thing we can hope for with people like BdB is that their leadership matches their ideology. When NYC becomes another Detroit by using socialist policies, only then will people who live there truly understand how harmful his ideology is.

    Only if one experiences the consequences of their actions will they ever learn to discriminate between good ideas and bad.

    • Odin

      I hope you are right, but they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. They will probably just blame everything on Bush.

    • Inane Rambler

      NYC has a lot of business, is a center of a lot of trade. Bolshevik Bill cannot do enough damage to NYC to teach people a lesson.

    • Lightbringer

      Unfortunately, most of the fools who voted for DeBlasio don’t remember what life in New York was like pre-Giulliani or, if they do, have enough money to shield themselves from the consequences of their stupidity. Under the liberal administrations in those days, the city was a cesspool, with filth, crime, and public annoyances everywhere. And so it will become again, perhaps not right away, but sooner or later. And the misery will affect the many good, not-rich people who live in New York, since the rich progressives can afford to insulate themselves as they did in the days of Lindsay and Dinkins.

    • Bill Powell

      Has it caused the people of Detroit to seek other leadership? No, like dogs, they return to the same progressive-liberal Democrat vomit time after time.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Unless there’s some fairy-horse-godmother that takes care of all unwanted horses, liberals will be sending these beautiful animals to the glue factory …to save them.

    • A Z

      You mean like how PETA saved pets by euthanizing them and illegally disposing them in dumpsters meant for regular garbage to save $$$$?

      “PETA employees’ prosecution exposed a shocking (and deadly) practice”

      • MarilynA

        Euthanizing them is not as bad as sending them to that “shelter” in Detroit where people are lined up at the door to get first pick on days the trucks arrive. Our local paper said it as because the people in Detroit are such good stewards that they spay their animals and therefore Detroit has no stray animal problems. My observation has been that where you find no stray animals you will find people who will eat anything and Detroit has a large population of Vietnamese “refugees” who included cats, dogs and anything else that moved in their diets back home in Nam. What you want to bet that they would eat those horses destined for the glue factories if someone could figure out how to get them to Detroit and give them away free.

        • A Z

          Your 1st sentence threw me. I was not thinking along those lines.

  • tagalog

    New York City is no place for horses, is it?

    New York City is no place for human beings, although liberals I suppose are able to live there.

    • Sharps Rifle

      Who ever said liberals were human?

      • pfbonney

        Yeah. They’re monsters.

  • Ohbama Binlyin

    Now horses are the victims of the extreme radical fascist left wing party of death demoncrat’s hate and intolerance? Is there anything the extreme radical leftist like other than bigger and more intrusive government?

  • poetcomic1

    I hate, hate hate this man.

  • rbla

    The following shows how the NYC government really works. And this in the nation that’s supposed to stand up to Putin.

  • A Z

    “Homo progressivus’ hunting call is a whine ”

    What an apt & funny description. He is a slightly different version of their whine.

  • pfbonney

    “Burke said that, “Carriage rides have outlived their usefulness in Chicago.” That is usually Democratic machine politician slang for not enough money changing hands.”


    The American political left is as corrupt as any leftists in the third world. They only appear to be more honest, on the average, because of rules that the right has put into place. (Yes, we on the right sin too, but it is nowhere near as wholesale as it is on the left.)

    Just take a look at Obama’s shenanigans, flaunting the laws and standard protocols with impunity and no leftists even appear upset. The mainstream leftists proudly and vigorously pronounced Obamacare now being the law of the land. Not that they had any affinity for the law, but just to shut up the right, who normally respects the law. But when Obama started unconstitutionally making exceptions to the law, there was silence from the left.

    (Congress – the “lawmakers”, makes the laws, the Administration administers and enforces them – high school civics.)

    I could bring up countless more examples, but I’ve gone on plenty long enough. (One day, I may learn to become concise.)

    • NCMountainGirl

      Google 1410 N Orleans Chicago and look at how the stables are located on super prime real estate. They date from the 1870s. The area was once full of stables as some of the earliest phone service in the nation allowed the more forward thinking of the wealthy residents of the Gold Coast to install their coachmen and horses -along with the manure and flies- some four blocks west of their mansions.

    • Inane Rambler

      Obama’s game with Obamacare has been standard since FDR. Under FDR a lot of laws started to become mere lists of regulations. The PPACA gives the Director of Health and Human Services broad power in determining the implementation of the law.

  • NCMountainGirl

    The horses in both cities are mixed breed geldings purchased from Amish communities. (I lived near the carriage stands in Chicago for years and never saw a mare.) The Amish have the knowledge to train a carriage horse not to panic around cars and they keep the mares for their own use and to breed replacements. Mares also tend to be more skittish because of their reproductive hormones. An Amish farmer will only keep the very best males entire for breeding, Nor can they afford to be sentimental. Excess males would almost certainly be sold for slaughter if there was no market for urban carriage animals.

    New York already has strict animal welfare rules. This is all about the land on which the stables sit. . The same applies in Chicago, where the stable are on the edge of the fashionable Old Town neighborhood only a couple of blocks from Lincoln Park.

  • martin

    One of the most beautiful sights in Manhattan–especially at twilight, is looking north at the line of carriages along 59th St with the south end of Central Park in the background.

  • Bill Cervetti

    “The Left’s war on Horses is part of its war on Humans” Indeed, and that says it all.The INTENDED consequences are to put horses,humans, and a small industry out of work,and thus, expand the powers of city government and create more dependency, which will probably be UNMET. Putting these horses out of work is the most inhumane thing anyone could do for them, but if BdB gets his way he will be tasked with doing something with them, like selling them back to the Amish. But of course he could make a “grand gesture” and GIVE them back. I can almost visualize a press conference with him saying just that.Ultimately this is all about the real estate, the money and power benefits that will accrue to NYClass and BdB in their overall project of consolidating their power through this little pilot project, which so far, happily ,is helping the Mayor’s approval ratings plummet quicker than you can say “Barack Obama”.

  • truebearing

    One would think de Blasio would want to preserve the tradition of the horse drawn carriage. The south end of a horse going north is an enduring reminder of de Blasio.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      … and the entire progressive movement …

    • Inane Rambler

      Yeah, but in all seriousness anything that even hints at tradition to Bolshevik Bill is an evil that needs to be destroyed.

  • Andy_Lewis

    Maybe their aim will go bad and they’ll shoot John Kerry by mistake. That would be a vast comtragedy.

  • A Z

    “real estate developers seeking to put up pricey hotels”

    Is not New York City office market overbuilt?

  • herb benty

    God ordained that mankind would be stewards of the earth and it’s animals. Progs want that connection to nature eliminated. See why it’s so easy for communism to thrive in cities, every natural use of nature is discouraged and the Left’s love of money makes right-wing businesspeople look like Mother Tereasa!

  • UCSPanther

    Considering what New York will turn into if this keeps up, a horse-drawn carriage ride would not be a relaxing experience, but rather like one of those scenes in Western flicks where a stagecoach comes under attack from bandits…

  • rt90k

    Is this the same crowd that outlawed horse slaughterhouses some years back?
    Some consequences of this action included lost jobs and the regretful abandonment of horses due to old age and economic hardship.

  • Anamah

    How many horses are there?
    Progressive mafia must be stopped.
    Horses had been so indispensable friends in the building of this nation… how comes now this ambitious communist to destroy them because his dirty deals.

  • Lanna

    DeBlasio already has a low approval rating, 38 or 39% after several months in office. New York is on the decline, far from the much improved city it became under Rudy Giuliani, who cut crime and was a friend to the police departments. These magnificent animals are part of our culture, that’s why the left wants to destroy them…Not one positive thing going on where these loony ideologies are elected.

  • Karen Garriott

    This isnt a “left” issue, it could just as easily be argued a “right” issue as the real estate developers want to squeeze out the horses for monetary gains they see the stables property yielding with apartments and the expansion of the Hudson Yards project. This is a dirty politician issue and those are being bred daily on BOTH sides of the isle. Whats most important to this saga is what it ISN’T and that is a horse issue. This ban has nothing to do with the well cared for, well loved, and cherished by the owners and handlers carriage horses.

  • Martin

    Unlike other jobs that have been eliminated due to social concerns, the horses will be occupationally retrained to become computer programmers.

  • wyatt12

    The article would do better to dig deeper than play the simplistic is a left issue.
    NYClass (the group who funded De Blasio) are made up of real estate and classism abounds. They own and show animals according to their personal agendas, and fronted money to win an election to keep that agenda, remove carriages and snatch up the real estate.
    Animal rights based on thinking children are equal to a rat, dog, and pig COMBINING with people who are fairly certain they are privileged and should be the sole inheritors of what is right and wrong with animals.
    De Blasio took the money.
    Sick combination ALL around, imo.

  • 20pizzapies

    Don’t look now , but I hear tell the squirrels are next . Leftists REEEAAALLY hate squirrels , and those pidgeons ….oh man , they’ll be in your chicken nuggets soon .